Chapter 7: Curse of the Leprechaun: Part 2

"So let me get this straight," Danny said as she stood in the living room in front of everyone. Turning to the twins, he pointed at them. "You two are leprechauns?"

"Yep," Riley said as she floated near the ceiling.

"And leprechauns are actually just ghosts?"

"Born and raised on the Rainbow Isle," Bain said as he nonchalantly walked along the wall.

"Rainbow Isle? Never heard of it," Youngblood said as he sat next to Danielle on the couch. Her back was turned toward her mother who sat behind her. Danielle's hat sat in her lap while she held her ponytail away from her neck.

"Ow! Careful, Mom," Danielle said as she flinched forward away from her mother's glowing green hands. "That really hurts."

"Sorry, sorry, I know," Sam said, easing her hands back onto the back of Danielle's neck. Calling upon her powers again, her hands began to glow green once again as she slowly moved over Danielle's wound. "I'm still trying to get the hang of this new power, and it's hard to use concentrated Aloe Vera. It'd be easier if you could heal like you normally do."

"So where exactly is the Rainbow Isle and who is this Shamus guy?" Danny asked.

"A serious jackass who apparently doesn't know the difference between a cane and a baseball bat," Danielle said, only to cry out as Sam smacked her burn. "Ow! Mom!?"

"Maybe that'll teach you to watch your mouth. Oh, and you and I are gonna have a little talk about you taking my credit card, you little thief," Sam said as she gave Danielle's ponytail a hard yank to emphasize her point.

"Ow! I told you I was taking it!"

"Guys, focus! We've got a serious problem," Danny said before turning back to the twins. "So where is this Rainbow Isle?"

"It's in the same place as Ireland, but in the Ghost Zone. And to be fair, Danielle's right. Shamus is a bit of a jackass," Bain said.

"Ok, well is there anything you guys can do to break this curse on them?"

"Nope," Riley said uncaringly. "Only one who can break the curse is the one who cast it. Though, if you ask me, it sounds like the little thief deserves it."

"You got something to say to me? You wanna go?" Danielle challenged.

"Enough, Danielle," Danny said. With a sigh, he quickly turned to Youngblood who still wore a slightly guilty look. "Alright. Start talking. Where's the gold buried?"

"Yeah, about that…" Youngblood said, nodding his head a little as he tried to think of a good way to say this. "It's not exactly going to be the easiest to get the gold back."

"Why not?"

"Because of where it's buried."

"And where is it buried?" Danny asked again as his frustration began to reach it's limit.

"I'll tell you where it is on two conditions: 1.) you can't tell Ember. If she finds out, she'll destroy me. 2.) you can't get pissed at me either."

"Is it really that bad?"

"Bad enough that I need to ensure that I'm not going to get my butt kicked if I tell you."

"Ugh, fine, whatever. I mean, there's only one place that I can think of that's that bad, and-" Danny paused as his eyes grew wide. Looking Youngblood in the eye, Danny began to shake his head back and forth in disbelief. "No. No, no, no, no, no…"

"Yes, Phantom. There."

"What's going on? What are you two talking about?" Riley asked.

"Skulker's Island," Youngblood said in full seriousness. "He's a psycho hunter, bent on catching rare and unique creatures. His island is full of booby traps and crazy monsters, which made it the perfect place to hide stolen treasure."

"Jake…" Danielle said slowly as she watched her father closely for any reaction he might have. "Please tell me you're kidding right now."

"I'm not. I brought it there back when he and Ember were dating. I found this really awesome cave at the far side of the island, and knew no one would find it. But just to be safe, I've got a bunch of my pirates to guard it," Youngblood said, feeling a bit of pride at his ingenuity and the show of his pirate skills. That is, until Danielle hit him in the back of the head. "Ow! What was that for?"

"You idiot! Do you not understand how screwed we are now?" she said. The sound of snickering caught her attention as she looked back at Bain and Riley. "And just what is so funny? Why are you two even still here?"

"Oh, nothing. We just forgot to mention that the curse makes you have a pretty serious case of bad luck," Riley said.

"Oh please. You expect us to believe in bad luck when him burying the treasure was his own stupidity?"

"Hey, it's not stupidity, it-" Youngblood paused as a low beeping sound caught his attention. His eyes drifted to the cushions between him and Danielle before his hand started digging. Danielle watched him in confusion before he pulled his hand out, a small silver ball in his hand. Her eyes grew wide in horror as he preceded to press flashing button on top. "Hey, what's this?"

"Jake, don't-"

Danielle only had enough time to grab his hand before the beeping stopped and a strong electric pulse coursed through the both of them. The two shrieked before falling to the ground, painfully twitching. The small ball rolled out of their hands and up to Danny who picked it up carefully as he examined the small device.

"This is one of Mom and Dad's pellet charges," he said. "They told me that they cleaned all of them up months ago."

"I guess it was a bit of bad luck that you just found it now, huh?" Bain said with a smirk.

"Ok…maybe we are cursed," Youngblood said as he slowly sat up. His body continued to twitch every few seconds. "At least it can't get-"

"DO NOT FINISH THAT SENTENCE!" Danielle shouted as she picked up her hat and put it on her head. "Bad things happen when people say things like that."

"Like the fact that you two didn't notice that you've both changed. Again."

The two friends looked down and shrieked in surprise at the site of their clothes having changed. Youngblood's normal socks had been replaced with white knee high ones while Danielle's normal black sneakers had turned into black clogs with gold buckles.

"We need to do something, now!" Danielle said, looking at Danny who nodded his head solemnly.

"As much as I hate the idea of doing this, we need to go to Skulker's Island and get that gold," Danny said.

"So, you're not gonna kill me?" Youngblood asked, just to clarify.

"Nope. Though I can't say the same for Ember."

"Hold it, Phantom. You promised you weren't gonna tell her about us going to Skulker's Island. Do you even understand how bad she would kick my butt if she knew I was sneaking around her ex-boyfriend's realm?"

"No, but I can imagine based on the pissed off look on her face," Danny said, pointing behind him. Youngblood raised an eyebrow, turning around to see an extremely pissed off Ember standing behind him. Her normally blue flaming hair now burned a hot white color as her eyes narrowed and her fist shook. The sound of teeth grinding made Youngblood's skin turn paler then anyone had ever seen.

"Oh crap," Youngblood whispered.

"There it is," Danny said as they all floated above the island. Danielle held on tightly to Sam's neck as she piggybacked her. After the first change, apparently her flight was the first of her powers to vanish, though Youngblood still had his, a fact that would have pissed her off more had it not been for the fact she was extremely afraid of plummeting into the infinite depths of the Ghost Zone.

Floating next to them were Ember, who had her arms crossed and a deep glare on her face, Youngblood, whose body was covered in burns that Sam had healed as best as she could, and lastly, Bain and Riley.

"So what's the plan, dipstick?" Ember asked.

"We need someone to distract Skulker while the rest of us go to get the gold," Danny said. "Seeing as he has a sick habit of wanting my hide on his wall, I'll be the distraction."

"Don't be ridiculous, Danny," Sam said. "There's no way you're fighting Skulker alone on an island that he designed and has dominion over. I'll go with you."

"One of us has to stay with Danielle and Youngblood in case their powers go out."

"I'll stick with the runts," Ember said. "If I go anywhere near that metal idiot, I'll burn this whole island to the ground, including the gold."

"Don't forget about us," Bain said.

"Why would we trust you?" Youngblood accused.

"Because so long as we're in contact with you, all the bad luck you get from the curse is negated," Riley said. "It won't stop the curse from changing you, but it'll be safer."

"And you just decided to tell us this now!?" Danielle growled out.

"Yes. Now, are we going to do this or not? Time's a wasting."

"She's right," Danny said. With a nod to his girlfriend, Danny began his descent toward the base of his nemesis. Sam carefully pulled Danielle off of her back, hugging her.

"You be careful. As soon as you guys have the gold, call us on your Fenton Phones," she said.

"Got it. You guys be careful too," Danielle said. Sam nodded her head, carefully passing her daughter over to Bain who held her bridal style in his arms. Danielle instantly swung her arms around his neck, turning away from his grin and hoping to all the Realms that she wasn't blushing.

Sam turned to Bain, a serious look on her face as she looked him in the eye. "You protect my little girl, got it?"

"Of course," Bain said with a nod of his head. "You can trust in the power of a leprechaun."

"I hope so," Sam replied. Wasting no time, she quickly followed behind Danny and headed straight for the base.

With a nod of her head, Ember began her decent toward the jungle. Riley rushed over to Youngblood, a smile on her face as she grabbed his hand and dragged him after Ember. Bain smiled at Danielle before dive bombing head first into the brush. Danielle's grip tighten on his neck as she was startled by his sudden dropping into the jungle. Her pure white locks whipped around her face as everyone flew through the thick leaves.

"Which way is it, Jake?" Danielle yelled over the wind.

"I'm not sure. Everything is starting to look the same in here," he called back.

"Do you remember anything distinguishing?" Riley asked.


"Anything that could keep that pea sized brain of your's focused," Ember yelled as she shook her head. "This never would have happened if you had just hidden the stupid treasure on Earth like I had told you to do before."

"Ok, sorry, my bad, get over it already!" He yelled at her. "I remember this really weird giant plant in the middle of the island. I don't really remember why it was so weird, but I remember we had to take a left at it."

Everyone nodded their heads as they continued to fly, dodging tree branches and other various projectiles. The sound of the wind was slightly relaxing to Danielle, but even that couldn't distract her from the fact that she was being carried by a guy like Bain. Though he wasn't very muscular, he had a nice physique for a kid their age. However, just because he looked good didn't mean she wasn't curious about him or his annoying sister.

"So why are you guys helping us?" she asked Bain.

"What do you mean?" Bain asked back.

"I mean, you guys just showed up after Shamus did and voluntarily came with us. Not that we don't appreciate it, but what gives?"

"To be honest, we were sent here by our Mum."

"Your mom?"

"Yep. She's the head of our clan back on the Rainbow Isle, and sent us after Shamus."

"So Shamus is part of your clan?"

"Not just a part of it," Riley said. "He's our uncle."

"Your uncle!?" Youngblood shouted as he looked at her in shock.

"That's right. Mum used to tell us stories all the time of how Uncle Shamus used to get into trouble and how his big sister had to get him out of it. But now that she's busier with all the clan business, she's put us in charge of keeping him out of the fire. So when we found out he was coming here, we thought it best to keep him from doing anything too stupid while confronting a Phantom, even one as young and naive as you."

"Oh, right, because you're just so high and mighty over there, aren't you?" Danielle shouted at her.

"Don't take it too personally," Bain said. "She's like that with all the girls who can hold my attention. She's just being overprotective, is all. Though I wish she'd let me be since I don't say anything about the boys she likes. Including that bloke over there."

"Wait, you mean Jake?" Danielle asked, a bit surprised.

"Yep. She fancies him quite a lot which is why she's going along with this and helping. Though I can't blame her."

"How come?"

"I've got my own reasons for helping, and they're not too different from hers," Bain said with a grin as he looked her in the eyes. Danielle couldn't help it this time as a full on blush took over her face, and she knew she couldn't hide it. She silently thanked the realms that her father wasn't there and wouldn't ever know about this.

"What are you smiling about?" Danny asked as he and Sam walked up to Skulker's front door.

"Just the irony of this moment. I bet Skulker never once thought that you'd literally just walk up to his door like this," Sam said.

"Yeah, no kidding. And I'm not exactly happy about this either," he said, pounding his fist against the door. "Hey, tin head! Get out here so I can beat you into scrap metal!"

"Yeah, well you're really not gonna be happy when I tell you that your daughter has an admirer. By the way, provoking the hunter. Smart, Danny."

"Wait, what admirer?" Danny asked as he pounded harder on the door, his fatherly instincts peaking at the thought that some boy was interested in his daughter. Danny continued to pound on it, never noticing the door opening or the large metal chest he was hitting.

"Can't a hunter take a bath in peace," Skulker shouted in irritation as he stood in the doorway, a pink towel wrapped around his waist. Looking down at the person knocking on his chest, Skulker raised his eyebrow in confusion. "Whelp? What are you doing here?"

"Ahhhhh!" Sam screamed, covering her eyes as her face turned a bright red. "My eyes! I did not need to see that! It burns so much!"

"Uh…we came here to fight, but we can come back later when you're less busy," Danny said, hands over his eyes as he turned his head away from the scantily clad iron man.

"Oh, sorry. Today was relaxation day. Give me a minute, and then we can proceed with me taking your pelt," Skulker said. He quickly closed the door, leaving Danny and Sam outside.

"Is it safe to look?" she asked.

"I think so," Danny said, peeking through his fingers. Seeing that Skulker was no longer standing there, he sighed in relief. "Ok, it's safe."

"So…we just wait here from him to get dressed, and then what?"

"I guess we just keep him busy until the others get back," Danny said. There was a pause as they waited, not really sure how to approach this. "So…who's this little punk that's got his eyes on my daughter?"

"She's almost thirteen, Danny. I'm sure a lot of guys are interested in her."

"That's not what I asked, Sam. What I asked is who's ass I'm gonna have to kick to keep them away from my daughter."

"Oh grow up, Danny!" Sam said with a roll of her eyes as the door opened up again with Skulker standing there, full dressed. "Ready now?"

"Yes. Now, how do you want to proceed?" The metal hunter asked.

"How about we knock on the door again, and when you open it, we'll hit you with our Ghost Rays. Then, we'll turn and head into the jungle while you declare how you're going to catch us and take our pelts. Sound good?" Danny asked.

"Alright," Skulker said, closing the door. Danny quickly knocked on the door once again before pulling his hand back to charge a Ghost Ray. Sam followed suit as they waited for Skulker to open the door. The sound of the tumblers turning was quick as Skulker opened the door for the third time. "Who dares to come to-" The two Phantoms blasted him, sending him flying into the back wall with a loud crash.

"Knock, knock, metal head!" Danny taunted.

"Just wanted to let you know, we're making a house call," Sam added on as they turned around and headed into the jungle. "Catch us if you can!"

"You whelps will be mine! Your pelts will adorn the mantle over my fireplace and the rug under my feet!" Skulker called out as he activated his jetpack and shot after them. Raising his fist, a large ray gun popped out from his wrist, charging up and shooting bolts of energy at them.

"Wow. This has definitely been the weirdest chase we've ever had with him," Sam said.

"How do you figure?"

"Well, for one, we actually came to him for it."

"I guess that's true. So back to the kid who's life is about to end in a horrifically painful way if he touches my daughter."

"Oh my god!"

"Here it is," Youngblood said as they all walked up to a giant purple floor. After more than an hour of travelling, they had finally found the clearing that the plant was in. Unfortunately, they were all a little worse for wear after having avoided many of the traps that Skulker had set. Between the pit falls, poison paralysis darts, and electrical fence, everyone was a bit pissed off. Danielle didn't think it could get much worse until her pants changed into a pair of tight green leggings while Youngblood's changed into a pair of green slacks.

"Great. So which way do we go?" she asked as she twitched, her body still sluggish from the shock after she and Bain flew head first into the fence. Her hair was now frizzed and sticking out even more than normal, and based on the fact that Bain was in a similar condition, she was starting to wonder if this luck of the Irish stuff was even remotely true.

"Um…I don't remember…" he said sluggish as he wobbled side to side. The effects of the dart that had hit him in the butt were still going strong as he tried to get his mind to catch up to what they were looking for.

"Jacob, for the love of all that is decent and good, if you don't start remembering where this stupid cave is, I'm going to dump you into an active volcano!" Ember shouted as she pulled more and more sticks from her clothes. Riley stood next to her, lifting the torn shoulder of her green tank-top back onto her shoulder as she tried to figure out how exactly she and Ember had gotten sucked into the pit fall, but he hadn't.

"I'm trying but I can't really remember. All I know is that this plant is really dangerous for some reason and that we have to get around it."

"Wait, I've seen this before," Bain said as he examined the flower. "It's a Uranian Dust Plant."

"Ok, so what's the big deal about this stupid thing?" Ember asked.

"A side from the fact that it shoots a nasty smelling dust in your face, nothing I think."

"Then let's just go," Danielle said. Everyone agreed as they started to walk past it, but stopped as a large fist made out of leaves slammed down in front of them. Their eyes travelled up it before falling upon a giant monster with the flower's head on top. A loud roar came from its mouth and it looked upon them with hungry eyes. "Oh you've got to be fu-"

"Oh yeah, now I remember," Youngblood said as he stared at it. "It turns into a giant monster when it's provoked."

"Really? What was your first clue!?" Riley shouted.

"Ok, that's it! I've had it with this place!" Ember yelled as her hair shot out in a blaze of angry glory. The four kids slowing started to back away as the rocker slung her guitar around and into her hands. "I'm gonna burn this jungle to the ground!"

"And this is when we make our exit," Youngblood said as Riley grabbed his hand and charged through the brush. Bain grabbed Danielle's hand and followed after them, just barely making it before a giant wave of fire shot across the ground. The kids screamed as they raced past tree after tree with the fire licking at their heels.

"I really hope my parents are doing better than we are!" Danielle yelled.

"I really hope the kids are doing better than we are!" Sam shouted as she turned around and hit another ghost with her whip. "Where do these guys keep coming from!?"

"Skulker's got to have a whole army of ghosts he's caught. We could be at this all day!" Danny said, blasting yet another ghost into a tree.

"Well what the hell are we gonna do, stand here and get ambushed all day!?"

"This way!" Danny quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her away. The two ran, dodging blasts and weapons that flew past their heads.

"Oh, this is so much better. Great thinking, Daniel," Sam said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"You got a better idea, Samantha!?" Danny retorted, ducking as an axe passed over head, a few hairs coming off. "Hey! Watch it, buddy!"

"I've got an idea," Sam said, stopping in her tracks. Danny was about to yell at her for it, but stopped as he watched Sam wave her hands around before slamming them together. The ground began to rumble as all the trees behind them shifted together to form a large wall. None of the ghosts had time to stop as they shrieked before painfully slamming into it. The trees around them soon closed in to form a large cage that kept them all contained. Sam heaved a few large breathes of air as she fell to her knees. "Man, that takes a lot of power."

"Don't worry. You can rest up and you'll be charged up again in no time," Danny said as he helped her to her feet. A loud buzzing sound caught their attention as they looked around. Sam's head whipped around and she quickly grabbed Danny, yanking him to the ground as a buzz saw cut through the air. Looking up, the two weren't surprised at all to find Skulker grinning down at them. "Or not! Come on!" Scooping up his girlfriend into his arms, Danny shot off into the wild once more, praying that they could hide out until the others found the treasure. "I hope they're at least close to the treasure!"

"Youngblood is leading the way, Danny," Sam said, firing a Ghost Ray at Skulker.

"Well, in that case, we're screwed!"

"We're screwed!" Danielle said as they trekked through the thick leaves. "We are totally and completely lost and the times almost up! I mean look at me!" She declared as she did a sweep across her body. Her shirt had changed to a bright green t-shirt, while her gloves had vanished and been replaced with green nail polish that she did have to admit was cute. However, the scariest thing that had started to happen was the changing of her white hair to red, though thankfully it had only recently started, only going up the length of her ponytail. Youngblood, on the other hand, was almost out of time as almost all his hair was red, and according to the twins, the only thing that was left was a hat. "I don't want to be a leprechaun!"

"And what's so bad about being a leprechaun?" Riley asked in an accusatory tone.

"Oh, don't even start with me! I've lost most of my powers, been burned, smacked with a cane-"

"Shillelagh," Bain corrected.

"And electrocuted! Twice! So you'll excuse me if I'm not in the best mood right now and don't care to deal with your crap, Riley!"

"Um, guys?" Youngblood said.

"Well it hasn't exactly been a fine ride for us either, Danielle!" Riley yelled back.


"Oh please! I could-"


"What!?" The two girls yelled at the same time.

"We're here," he said, pulling back a large leaf to reveal a guarded cave with undead pirates standing at the entrance.

"Finally!" Danielle yelled in excitement. The four quickly ran out of the jungle and toward the clearing. Four guards stood at the mouth of the cave, matching emotionless faces on all of them. Danielle could feel her joy growing at the thought of this nightmarish day being almost over. As soon as she was done, she was going to take the longest bath she had ever taken in her short life, perhaps even just pass out in the tub.

"Ahoy, men!" Youngblood said as he walked up to them. "Stand aside, matte's. The captain needs to retrieve his treasure."

The guards looked at each other, confusion on their faces before turning back to the kids in front of them. Youngblood's smile remained proud as he waited for his men to reply. However, Danielle, Riley and Bain could tell that something wasn't right. Their thoughts were confirmed when one of the pirates drew his swords and held it out toward him threateningly. Youngblood gulped, backing away from him.

"What's the meaning of this!?" he declared. "You dare to go against your captain!? This is mutiny!"

"Nay, it not be mutiny," the first one said. "We have no captain."

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Sorry, he's not quite in the right," a second one said. "That big plant over yander sprayed him with this weird dust and wiped part of his memory."

"Oh yeah. That's right. I forgot all about that," Youngblood said. "Parrot had told me about that before. That's why I had a hard time remembering where it was. We all got sprayed with it after we buried it."

"That's great and all, but can we just get this gold so we can go home already?" Danielle said as she headed for the cave, but stopped as the other pirates drew their swords to her as well. "What the hell is your problem?"

"No one shall be allowed to enter," one of the pirates said.

"Jake, can you do something about this?"

"Stand down men," Youngblood ordered as me moved forward, but was stopped when the swords were turned on him.

"Sorry, captain, but not even ye shall be allowed to enter."

"And why not?"

"Well, as it turns out, we've thought about it, and figure it'd be a better investment to keep the gold for ourselves. Skulker even agreed to help us protect it so long as we give him a share of the gold. Nothing personal, but ye understand."

Danielle could feel her right eye twitching as her face slowly started to turn a bright red color, travelling from below her neck and all the way up her face to her ears. The other three kids backed away as smoke started to come from her ears.

"Um…is she ok?" Riley asked. "She looks like a bomb about to explode."

"Yeah, that's about right," Youngblood said as he watched carefully. "Get ready because it's about to get ugly."

Danielle eyes glowed a bright green color, but all she could see was red as she gazed angrily at the pirate ghosts. Opening her mouth, a scream of pure anger rumbled from the back of her throat, echoing as it bounced off the trees and across the island. Before they could even blink, the pirates found a very angry twelve your old standing before them, fist pulled back before it arched across the air toward them.

"Oh, this can't be good," the pirate said before her fist slammed into his face.

"Oh, that can't be good," Ember said as she stood on the now charred remains of the aggressive flower that had tried to attack them. Slinging her guitar unto her back, Ember took to the skies, heading toward the direction that the kids had gone and where the screaming had started.

"Oh, that's not good," Danny said as he stood on top of Skulker's empty shell of a body while he held the real Skulker upside down in his hand.

"What was that horrific noise?" The high-pitched voice of Skulker asked.

"That would be the sound of our daughter, and guessing by the shrillness of that scream, I'm guessing that she's really pissed off for whatever reason," Sam said as she stood next to Danny.

"Better go stop her before she destroys the entire island," Danny said as the two took to the skies and followed the screaming.

Danielle panted heavily as she stood over the beaten and bloodied bodies of the formally menacing pirates. Youngblood's mouth hung open as he looked at his former men, badly beaten by a twelve year old girl none the less. Maybe it was a good thing they weren't part of his crew anymore.

"What the hell happened to them?" Ember asked as she touched down on the ground next to him.

"Um…the best way I can describe it would be like watching a rabies infested wolf rip a baby rabbit apart," He said. The twins could only nod their heads at his description.

"Wow. She must have been pissed."

"JACOB!" Danielle yelled, turning around to stare at him. "Get in there, get that gold, NOW!"

"Um, right," he said, walking forward, carefully tiptoeing around her and into the mouth of the cave. However, the second he entered the cave, he was stopped as a green shield glowed brightly in front of him.

"Looks like there's a barrier over it," he said.

"WHAT!?" she yelled.

"It's ok, we'll take care of it," Bain said as he and Riley walked forward. Holding hands, the two channeled their energy together and placed their intertwined hands on the front of the shield. A large shamrock shaped opening formed on the front, allowing them all entrance. Youngblood quickly ran in, digging the small chest out of the ground easily before rushing back out. The twins dropped their hands, restoring the barrier while Youngblood held the chest out to Danielle in fright. The angry girl snatched the box from his hand, opening it to be sure it was what it was supposed to be before slamming it shut, satisfied.

"Good. Now how do we contact Shamus?" she asked.

"No need. I've been here the whole time," Shamus said as he stepped out from the brush with a smirk on his face. "Bravo, young ones. I have to be honest, I didn't expect you to actually get the gold. Though I also didn't expect my niece and nephew to assist you."

"Can it!" Danielle yelled, tossing the gold to him. "You have your gold, now break this curse and give me back my friends."

Shamus opened the chest before giving a nod of approval. "Very good. Except I can't break the curse or give you your friends."

"WHAT!?" Danielle said. Shamus opened his mouth to speak, but never got the chance to as Danielle began to relentlessly beat him like she had the pirates. Everyone cringed as Shamus screamed in pain. Danny and Sam touched down, both their mouths hanging open in shock as they watched their daughter attack the leprechaun like a feral beast.

"Wow. Just…wow…" Sam said.

"I know this is probably not the best time to bring this, but that's kinda how you look when you're pissed Sam. Only angrier," Danny said. He had expected to get smacked for the comment, but Sam was too lost in thought to hit him. Skulker cringed as he looked away from the gruesome scene.

"I've seen some disturbing things in my day, but this is just downright sickening," he said.

Eventually, Danielle had calmed down enough for her father to yank her off of the man, though Danny had to hold her in a reverse bear hug as she panted relentlessly from over exhaustion. Bain and Riley walked over to their uncle as he twitched on the ground. Shamus mumbled something to them. Riley nodded her head as she turned to the other.

"He said that he can't give you your friends because he dumped them in the park back in town and that the curse will fade at midnight tonight, and that your powers will fully return by morning," she said.

"He also should have said he was sorry that he put you through all of that, and that he's a gigantic idiot for messing with you all," Bain said.

"Well we wanna apologize for Danielle kinda going nuts like that," Sam said.

"And for taking your gold in the first place," Youngblood said as Ember glared at him. "Sorry."

"It's ok. All is forgiven. And as a show of appreciation, we'd like to give you guys something," Riley said. The twins walked up to them as Danny placed Danielle back on the ground, allowing her to walk up next to Youngblood. Riley smirked, pulling Youngblood close and placing a kiss on his cheek. Sam and Danny we shocked while Ember on grinned at the stunned look on her brother's face. Riley quickly slipped a piece of paper into his hand. "Call me some time."

Bain winked at Danielle before kissing her on the cheek as well as he too handed her a piece of paper with his number on it. Danielle's face turned bright red once more as she blushed at him and placed a hand on her cheek. She quickly cleared her throat before mumbling to him.

"You shouldn't have done that."

"You can't fool a leprechaun, love," he said with a smile.

"No, I meant because my dad is right there, and he looks like he's about to kill you." Bain looked up and too could see the murderous look in Danny's eye but paid it no mind as he and his sister walked over to their uncle's body. With a wave, the two each grabbed a hand, vanishing into thin air. "Thank god that's over."

"Aye. I do believe that this calls for a bit of the Irish celebration, it does," Youngblood said before slapping a hand over his mouth. Danielle's eye twitched, and before she could stop herself, she went to punch him, only to activate yet another trap. A small pressure plate activated as a metal cage sprung up from the ground, trapping the two.

"What the heck is this?" she asked as she walked up to the bars. Reaching out, she quickly grabbed the bars, activating the security system as the entire cage lit up with electricity, shocking the two for the third time that day. As the trap deactivated, Danielle watched as Youngblood fell to the ground next to her. "I HATE ST. PATRICK'S DAY!" she screamed before collapsing next to him.

Looks like the luck of the Irish decided to take a day off.

Danielle just can't win, can she? Lol.

Anyway, I am so sorry. I meant to have this done on Monday so that it could go with the actual holiday, but I had to work and by the time I got off, I would have had to rush through it, and I don't like doing that. And then I was too tired yesterday. So I finished it today and it ended up being longer then I thought it'd be. Hope you guys enjoyed it, and I'll see you guys later!