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"You've got me in your game, your love it drives me insane. You pull me in again." -Brittany Underwood

Pull Me In Again

I shove him backwards, straight into the wall.

"What is this to you? Is this just the sick little game? Am I nothing more than a game piece?!" I shout at him.

"Clove, I-"

"No! You don't get to explain yourself! You don't get another chance! Don't you tell me 'There's only you.' or 'How could I love anyone else?' or 'You're perfect, babe. Why would I want anyone else?' because it's just a load of crap! It's just more lies! It's always been lies! You don't love me! You couldn't love me if you tried!" I yell.

"I do love you Clove! I never meant to-"

"You never meant to hurt me? Well that worked out great, didn't it?!"

"I didn't mean it, baby," He says. He tries to take a hold of my hand but I pull it back quickly.

"Don't you call me that. You don't get to call me that. You never loved me Cato! You loved her!" I scream.

"I don't love her-" He starts.

"Oh, so you don't love Glitter?" I say.

"Glimmer." He corrects.

"I don't care!" Actually, I know her name. But I've called her that forever.

"Clove, I love you."


"She's nothing but boobs and a butt. Nothing but a pretty face. Something to look at. You're so much more then that, Clove." He says.

"Well I must not be enough, Cato."

"Clove, don't you see? Yeah, she's hot, and all the boys drool over her, but if you don't see everyone staring at you then you're blind. Clove, you're beautiful. Everyone knows it. Everything about you. The way you walk, the sound of your voice, the way your hair falls perfectly, the color of your eyes, everything Clo. You don't even have to try. When Glimmer walks she tries to sift her hips, she tries to talk higher pitched, She spends hours on her hair, and her face is purely makeup. She's fake. You're perfect, babe, and you don't even see it."

I try to run out but Cato grabs my wrist and spins me around. Cato pulls my body closer to his and wraps his arms around my waist. I try to push him away put he just pulls me closer to him. Cato looks back and forth from my eyes to my lips. He slowly leans in before stopping his lips inches away from my own. This boy, he drives me crazy, his love drives me insane, but his lips are just so damn kissable.

Every word, every touch, pulls me in again.

So, I close the gap between our lips.

"I love you Clo."

"I love you too Cato."