Cast list

Aligorna: Male Alicorn, leader of the nation of Aquilonia. A proud Prince and former pirate. Controls the oceans. Madly in love with Princess Luna for over 1000 years, and hoping to woo her.

Princess Luna: The dark coated younger sister of Princess Celestia. Raises and lowers the moon.

Strife: Draconequus. Older brother to Discord. Has power over...well...strife. Worshiped in Aquilonia as a war god, but unknown to the Equestrians.

Princess Celestia: With Luna, the defeater of Discord. Alicorn. Crowned princess and ruler of Equestria and teacher to Princess Twilight Sparkle and adopted aunt to Princess Cadence. Raises and lowers the sun.

Discord: Draconequus. Younger brother to Strife. The "Spirit of Chaos". Recently reformed thanks to a friendship with Fluttershy, which has started to develop into something more, and now Celestia's adviser instead of her sword enemy.

Princess Twilight Sparkle: Recently ascended Alicorn and student of Princess Celestia. Princess of Friendship. Talented young sorceress and avid nerd. The baby dragon Spike is her faithful assistant.

Spike: Baby dragon. Twilight's assistant, able to curry messages with his fire breath almost instantaneously. Has a monster crush on Rarity.

Fluttershy: Shy, soft spoken pegasus. Generally shies away from contact with others, preferring to nurture the woodland creatures she takes in, but is extremely loyal when she warms to others. Despite being a pegasus, she's not a great flyer and acts as more of a nurturing earth mother figure to her friends. Occasionally prone to violent rages, especially when her friends are hurt.

Rainbow Dash: Pegasus. Excellent flyer who aspires to join the stunt flying team, the Wonderbolts. A fighter by nature, she has trouble containing her energy and is always looking for adventure. Only pony currently living to ever fly fast enough to generate a Sonic Rainboom.

Rarity: Hoity-toity fashion designer unicorn. Prissy, valuing her appearance at all times to her friends' eternal consternation. Can be extremely obsessive-compulsive. Sometimes seems greedy because she's from a wealthy background with aspirations to become the most famous fashion designer in Equestria, but is in fact quite generous. Mildly aware of Spike's crush and occasionally flirts with him.

Pinkie Pie: An earth pony baker and comedian. Flighty, absent-minded, hyperactive, even borderline manic. Wants nothing more than to make life one big joke so that no one ever has to cry again.

Applejack: Earth pony and part of the Apple family, who run the Sweet Apple Acres farm and apple orchard. Loyal and dependable to a fault, and makes up for lack of flight and magic with great athletic skills and a kick that could bend steel. Sweethearted, family oriented, a secondary earth mother to Fluttershy. Coming from a farm family, she speaks with a country dialect.

Dr. Whooves: aka Time Turner. A dimension flung Time Lord stuck in Equestria for reasons not quite sure to himself. Has become one of Princess Celestia's most important allies. Largely working behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly, he and his assistant have even stopped a Dalek invasion without many noticing it.

Ditzy Doo: The Doctor's faithful assistant/lover. Pegasus, whose official occupation is as a mail pony. She has a sweet, inviting personality, but most ponies look down on her because she's very absent minded and accident prone. Her defining physical characteristic is being wall eyed. It's frankly a little disorienting, which is a good reflection of her disoriented mindset. Pulls through for her friends when needed though. Some ponies think she's mentally retarded, but chances are that her issues are something else as she is in fact rather bright, just with an extremely short attention span. Has an almost fetish like obsession with muffins.

Princess Cadence: Full name is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Is married to Twilight's brother, Shining Armor, who is the head of Princess Celestia's Royal Guard. Together they rule the Crystal Empire. Alicorn, whose power is love and compassion. Capable of using her love as a powerful weapon, especially with the aid of Shining Armor or certain magical talismans like the Heart Spell Crystal.

Shining Armor: Princess Cadence's husband and leader of the Royal Guard. Twilight's older brother. Legendary soldier with a compassionate nature and extreme reserves of perseverance. Co-ruler of the Crystal Empire.