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Prompt: Notepad

A knock on the door broke my focus on Edward. With a glance I could see Alice's smiling face. "Are you ready to commit fraud?" she asked, her entire body dancing with excitement.

It took all my will-power to keep from rolling my eyes at her. "Really, Alice?

"We need to make him legal," she said, strolling in the room with a stack of papers. "I just printed these, maybe we can have him get a green card, then apply for citizenship." She looked at Edward. "Where were you born?"

"Virginia. Why do I need a card that is green? Does the color signify something of importance?" Both Alice and I started to laugh, causing Edward's eyebrows to draw together over a frown. "Did I say something amusing?"

I patted his arm. "Not intentionally."

He looked down at my hand on his arm as his eyes grew big, turned to look at Alice and then back at me. "I know we agreed to attempt a relationship, but are you sure you wish to announce our commitment quite yet?"

"'Announce our commitment?' I'm only touching your arm," I said, pulling my hand away.

"Exactly, you are touching me." He looked at me, and then again at Alice who looked as confused as I felt. "I presume that touching another person is no longer tantamount to a betrothal?"

Alice snorted. "You could have sex in the streets and people would just tell you to get a room, not expect you to get married."

When she mentioned sex, Edward's mouth dropped open and his face flushed. "Do ladies of today use such language?"

I patted his arm again, better get him used to it soon. "Trust me, that's nothing."

He shook his head. "I'm afraid to ask what else has changed."

"I'll get my laptop," Alice said, dropping the papers and bounding out of the room.

Edward watched her go. "Is it also normal for women to dress like men?"

"She's not dressed like a man," I said. "Those were girl's clothes."

"But she wears trousers." He rubbed a spot between his eyes. "I did not mention them because I did not wish to offend. You are in a dress, although oddly styled."

"Yea, this was her great-grandmother's," I said, picking at the puffy sleeve. "I normally wear jeans and a t-shirt." Alice bounded back into the room, followed by Carlisle. "Let's show you what has changed in the time since your death. What was the last thing you remember?"

"The Americans were at war with the British. The French and Spanish were getting involved, and reports of skirmishes all over the world reached our papers," he said as he watched Alice open her computer and push the power button. When it lit up, he started. "You can create light from a box?"

Alice snorted. "Just wait." After booting it up, she opened youtube. "Let's start with music. This first video shows the history of music starting in ancient times, it only takes about seven minutes."

"The complete history of music in seven minutes? How is such a thing possible?" Edward asked.

"Alice, this might not be the best way," Carlisle said. "Perhaps we should start with electricity? Something he might know?"

"He knows music, don't you Edward?" Alice asked as she started a video, one of my favorites, Historia de la Musica. "Now, you probably know Mozart, but not Beethoven, so watch closely."

When it started Edward jumped back, toppling his chair. "How did a man's arm get inside the box?"

"Told you we should start with electricity," Carlisle said, closing the laptop and handing Edward a notepad and a pen. "These are so you can take notes. You don't have to trim or dip the pen in ink, it will flow from the tip on its own."

"You do need to take the cap off, though," I said, reaching over and removing it.

"What is this material? It feels so odd," Edward asked, examining the pen closely. "How did you get the ink inside, and how does it come out?"

"That'll come later, let's start with what you know. Did you ever read Franklin's treatises on electricity?" Carlisle asked.

Edward nodded. "Yes, he said that it was what made up lightening, and believed that one day we could harness its power."

"We have done that and more. We know electricity is actually the movement of electrons down rows of atoms in a conductive material."

Edward tilted his head to the side and rubbed the spot between his eyes again. "What are electrons, atoms and conductive?"

Carlisle sighed as Alice laughed. "Told you we should start with music," she said.

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Anyway, I should be filling in my outline to write from, and continuing to edit my second book, not to mention preparing my garden for winter, but felt bad about deserting all of you. As a result, you get an update. If my plotting and editing goes well, I'll try to post again this week. Just in time for NaNoWriMo, and serious novel writing. Please be patient!