A mirage or a wishful dream?

At the bottom of the crack in the ice, where Pitch left him to rot, Jack sits still. Reviving the memories of his human life.

"Did you see that!?" he asked, excited about the memory. Baby Tooth tweeted. She couldn't see into his memory, "I had a sister!" "I saved her!." He contemplates the revelations, and looked up to see the moon peeking out. "That's why you chose me," he whispered to the Man in the Moon. "I'm a Guardian." And the moon shone a little brighter.

Happy yet, feeling a little nagging in the back of his head. Like someone tugging a strand of hair. He lowered his head and, in with blurry eyes filled with pain and exhaustion mumble something, so slow, so low,

"..he… s….r..ht"

That not even baby tooth, who had already climbed to his hood near his ear, could hear.

And they took off, to help the guardians, to save the children, to defeat Pitch.

To make his purpose worth…

A/N: Okay my first try in fanfic in general, and what better way that with my favorite fandom, after reading more than 100 fics (no kidding) a bunny plot kick me in the head and I listen to it.

A have no beta reader (yet) so there must be some errors and etc… if you know of someone and you think can help me…