I don't usually do this, I don't split my one-shots into two-shots but I just felt that with this one, I'm going to have to do. Not only because of length growing too long in the next part but because of the controversial content that it contains. I know many will hate me for this, but I'm late in my works and I thought I'd gift you with the beginning of this story before finishing it on Saturday or Sunday. Now, this story will have some very important notes, some that I need you guys to understand completely before reading onwards.

The three forms of himself that Ichigo will be meeting in his dream (yes, this will be one hell of a realistic, and very erotic dream) all have different names. So listen carefully:

Kei, Katsu and Mugetsu are not OC's in this story. They are Ichigo, just different forms of himself. I've only given them different names to make writing them easier so that both me and you can identify which form of Ichigo I am talking about.

The reasoning behind those specific names are also important, because they were chosen for a reason as each name represents a different stage in Ichigo's 'evolution'. So please note the following:


Katsu (which means victory) is assigned to the broken masked form that fought against Ulquiorra, he represents Ichigo's most needed triumph over an enemy, the source of both his despair and the pinnacle of his 'body' and strength.

Kei (which means wise) is assigned to the form that Ichigo faced Aizen in, before using the Final Getsuga. He represents the calm, the control...the unwavering resolve present within Ichigo's heart once he has set his mind on something. He is the pinnacle of Ichigo's 'mind' shall we say.

Mugetsu 無月(which means Moonless Sky, as everyone knows) is the form that Ichigo adopted when using the Final Getsuga Tensho. He's the most the obvious one, his name and both his form represents the pinnacle of Ichigo's very 'soul', the final 'protector' of sorts.


Anyways, I think that I covered it all. Except for the warnings so please heed them now! I'll include the warnings for Part 2 as well. This is true self-cest, M/M lemons, drugging in the first part (not to harm Ichigo or persuade him into doing anything), a foursome in the next part, an abrupt ending to Part 1 and god forbid, yes there will be double penetration in the next part because I need to practice somewhere for the coming chapter in Consort to the Three Kings.

This story is very controversial! So if any of the warnings have put you off, then do not proceed forward. I'll not be held responsible for you after you continue past this point. But for those who enjoy things like these, like me, please enjoy and continue onwards.

Somnolent Nights: Part 1

Sleep is always a welcoming solace for any wary soul. A time of repose spent in the gentle caress of fleeting dreams and the wandering subconscious. The only true difficulty is finding it peacefully within trying emotional turmoil and the distress harsh reality can create. Slumbering in tranquillity when one has lost something valuable, something irreplaceable, becomes near impossible. And when dreams and reality collide, it becomes utterly forbidden to find true rest. But sometimes, outside help from odd sources...just this once...might allow a true and well deserved rest filled with utter bliss...

A deep and dark midnight, one moonless night, was fast approaching the vast labyrinth of pavements and streets present within Karakura Town. Bathing the entirety of the world in a seemingly darkened despair. Where the subtle warmth of spring, still shaking off the lingering after affects of winter's chill, opened up to draw attention to the late night lights flickering on in the quiet and seemingly deserted Urahara Shoten. The front door, sliding open for only a brief moment, allowed a late night visitor inside before shutting once more. A tall, familiar blonde haired man guiding his surprise orange haired guest deeper and deeper into his home and towards a traditional tearoom.

Where sharp grey eyes, hidden in the shadows of a green and white striped bucket hat, narrowed in clear concern as they noticed the indistinctive tremor present within long tanned fingers that gratefully curled around a glass of orange juice he had presented his caller mere moments before. It was something that Urahara Kisuke had been noticing a lot lately; especially with the large amount of months that had gone by since his guest seemed to have found any form of true happiness for his wary soul. Even experienced a time of true and well deserved rest. And by merely observing the subtle movements of the bright orange juice trembling against the sides of a clear cut glass, it became apparent that one Kurosaki Ichigo was perhaps not as emotionally and physically stable as one might think or hope for.

The dark circles drawn rather attractively beneath dazed chocolate brown eyes, almost constantly hidden beneath a sprawl of slightly longer and messier spiky orange bangs, spoke volumes of the turmoil still curling and twisting within the teen's anguished soul. Told the older of the two beings clearly of the sheer pain and uncertainty that tainted Ichigo's heart as he settled himself on his knees by the familiar low table in Urahara-san's tearoom gratefully. Crossing his long legs underneath him mere moments later when Ichigo felt no pressing need for formality around the older shopkeeper and the comfort of his home. For this place had become a brief escapade of escape that the orange haired seventeen-year-old found himself returning to at least once a month, just to quell the darkness within his heart and to resolve the lingering touch of despair his loss of powers during his clash with Aizen had born within him.

Something, that Ichigo was still finding difficulty in dealing with, even after the long and hard seventeen months that had already passed him by. He was only too grateful that the blonde haired shopkeeper was only too happy to oblige his strange and often times selfish whimsies. Always offering sweet tea or orange juice when his guest arrived late at night, sometimes early in the mornings, at his doorstep with confused chocolate brown eyes from lack of sleep or merely in need of the quiet company that his heart called out for when his father's antics got too much or his friends' concerned stares grew far too pitiful for his frailer state of mind.

It was understandable to all but Ichigo himself, that his transition from a densely powerful spiritual being to the powerless, human that he was now, was painful and filled with unspoken misery, trials and tribulations and many, many sleepless nights. And even after surviving a terrifying clash against Soul Societies' worst threat to date and all of the other Arrancar present within Hueco Mundo at the time of his infiltration to save Inoue, there were times where Ichigo found himself needing to surround himself in the mere presence of the older male. A mentor of sorts, as Urahara had become. In coming here, even when he felt guilty for it being so late at night, the orangette constantly found just a touch of comfort to settle the dark reminders of living through the excruciating pain the loss of his Shinigami powers had instilled within his heart.

And sometimes the quiet, if not thoughtful company of the blonde haired exile, became a soothing balm for Ichigo's true weariness. Urahara never asked questions, never forced Ichigo to talk when he wanted to stay silent and most of the time, just his company was enough to sooth away the constant nerves and fears within the teen's heart. Something that Ichigo would be eternally grateful for, especially on nights like tonight where he had snuck out of their family home to knock blindly on the blonde shopkeeper's door in confusion to the curl and twist of anxiety in the pit of his stomach.

His heart seeking out the little sliver of comfort Kisuke could offer his sleepless soul that was often kept up by horribly remembered memories and the left over traumatic stress that the incident almost two years ago had created. Dressed in loose black sleeping pants, a long sleeved light-blue shirt to ward off some of the colder air of spring and a hastily thrown on jumper, Ichigo had secretly crept from his bed in search of the blonde haired man that always seemed to open his door for the troubled seventeen-year-old. Seeming to know secretly just when he would drop by for a visit even when it was in the early hours of the morning and they only shared a cup of tea peacefully before Ichigo disappeared back to his home without a word again.

'Trouble sleeping again, Kurosaki-san?' Urahara Kisuke asked in clear concern, coming to a halt in the threshold of the room as he settled himself in front of the orange haired teen seated at the low table. Presenting an array of sweets and late night treats on a tray with his own cup of warm green tea clutched protectively in his hands. Leaving the younger of the two to his orange juice when Ichigo nodded in response to his question, brown eyes averted from the sharpness within grey orbs as Ichigo shuddered beneath the gaze. Knowing that if he were to look into their depths he would see the same touch of pity that his friends and family looked at him with these days, something that Ichigo was starting to really hate. But he supposed that it was normal, even he himself could see the sometimes dark emotions swirling within the depths of his eyes when he reluctantly glanced in the mirror in the mornings.

'I'm sorry it's so late again, I just—.' Ichigo's apology was quickly waved aside as the blonde haired shopkeeper pushed the plate of treats towards his guest with a shake of his head, his features suddenly losing the playfulness present within grey orbs as he rested his cup of tea on the tabletop with a soft clack. 'It's fine, Ichigo-kun. How many times do I have to tell you that you are welcome here, no matter what time it is, no matter what the situation. If I can help you even a little to settle your insomnia then I don't mind. In fact, I've been working on something that might help you get some rest. I can get it for you if you want; it'll become something I'm sure you'll appreciate.' Ichigo, lost in the depths of his orange juice, frowning at the unusually bitter taste that was present in his drink that night, felt his running thoughts halting at the words the older Shinigami had spoken to him.

Shyly reaching his hand across the table for a freshly made Onigiri, Ichigo internally weighed his options. Grimacing slightly at the suggestion of taking something to help him sleep, especially from this man. In no offense to the older male, but the last time that Ichigo had accepted any form of help from him willingly, his chain of fate had been severed and he'd been turned into a Viazard without his consent. However, Urahara had also shown his true colours in the fight against Aizen, a true sincerity that Ichigo had not seen since. It was understandable that he was reluctant. But in saying that, there was also so much that the orange haired teen would give up just for a night of restful sleep rather than the bloodied recalls of his time spent as a Shinigami and the darkness that could quickly drag him into harsh and unrelenting nightmares that often left him trembling near constantly in distress.

It was what had awoken him earlier after all...the reason why he had not even informed his father where he was going when the clinic lights were still on and he had left through the back door.

'I don't know, Urahara-san.' Ichigo noted with a linger scowl. Gazing at the blonde haired man from beneath his sprawl of messy orange locks as he turned back to the welcoming and sour taste of his orange juice, which was only starting to taste better the more that he drank of it. Uncurling his legs from under him and leaning back on one of his palms, Ichigo closed his eyes in thought; clearly troubled by the suggestion. 'A remedy that you've been working on? I'm not a Shinigami anymore, Urahara-san. I don't even possess a lick of reiatsu within me and you probably created it for them, it won't work on me.' Ichigo pointed out rather calmly for the twinge in his soul when he admitted those words. Because sometimes, even just saying it out loud was enough to make him shudder in the heady press of reality, not drifting through the dream-like state that he lived through most of the time.

'It won't work, he says.' Urahara leered with a smirk, hiding his chuckle behind a white fan as he waved the argument aside with warm laughter. 'Just who do you think I am, Ichigo-kun. I'll never sell anything bad to a valued customer and—.' Urahara was interrupted by the slam of an empty glass on the table as Ichigo glared at him fully, defiant arms crossed over his chest as he sneered deeply. Such a reaction was not uncommon for him these days, feeling the left over frustration and anger from his bitterly remembered dreams that chased hotly through his veins, especially so late at night, Ichigo was quick to anger...more so than normal.

'You mean you want to use me as a test subject?' Ichigo asked with a scowl. Not in the mood for what he was sure was another of the older man's games that night. 'Forget it, I'll just go home myself and—.'

'My, my but aren't we testy tonight, Kurosaki-san.' Urahara sing-songed playfully, interrupting his guest's sudden anger and dispelling it with a few words of comfort. 'Your lack of sleep must be getting worse. I'm not asking you to do or be anything, Ichigo. After what you have done for us...everything from my shop is free to you, whether it's company you seek or just some rest, I can provide it all. We can never repay you for the sacrifice you have gifted all of us with. And I wasn't lying when I said I created it for you, reiatsu or not...it won't matter. Not everything is centred around power, Ichigo. It'll only help you sleep, that and nothing more. Perhaps even give you dreams that are not as dark and dangerous than those I know you try to hide from your family.' Ichigo, too tired to actually keep up his climbing anger, sighed in defeat as he relaxed his shoulder and closed his eyes, leaning against the table as a sudden and unexpected wash of exhaustion rushed through his veins.

'Fine, I'd be grateful for the help, Urahara-san. But don't think I won't pay you back, eventually. I'm not someone that takes your hospitality for granted no matter what I did.' Ichigo warned softly. He was suddenly alarmed though, when he noticed the dark leer pulling at the shopkeeper's lips as he nodded sagely and snapped his fan shut. Those greys gaining a darkened tint as they gazed far too wisely at Ichigo's now seemingly exhausted form.

'Good, good, Kurosaki-san. Because I've already given it to you.' Now it was Ichigo's turn to frown in confusion, feeling an abrupt and new form of heaviness invading his limbs and mind as his breath struggled to be drawn into his lungs properly in surprise. Already given it to him? When? Where? Ichigo hadn't even agreed until now, damn it...so how? See, this was why Ichigo sometimes questioned his own sanity when he came to this place when he could no longer stay calm in his family home. There was always a damn mystery as to what feat the blond haired shopkeeper would achieve next and he was always the next plausible test subject.

Agh! Fuck...why did this always happen to him?

'W-what're you talking about?' Ichigo asked with a stutter, brown eyes widening in realization when a sly fan pointed towards the empty glass of orange juice he had put down a few minutes ago. Where at the bottom of the glass a strange powdery residue was left behind with heady implications. Tanned fingers clenched into fists, grabbing at the fabric of his loose sleep pants as Ichigo suddenly jumped up in distress and the need to protect himself. A heady rush of dizziness rushing into his mind as he glared as deeply as he could at the suddenly swimming room and he began to lose his balance. Warm arms quickly wound around his waist though, before he could fall to the floor and hurt himself as Ichigo began to fight the tightened grip around him when he was pushed to floor with his head resting against a floor cushion and fingers buried in his hair in a calming brush.

'Just relax, Ichigo-kun and sleep.' A soothing voice whispered in his ear and Ichigo whined irritably, feeling his form starting to respond to the natural tiredness tugging at his heart.

'Y-you BASTARD! YOU DRUGGED ME!' Ichigo yelled in pure rage, the only words he was able to get out before he was forced to cry out in panic when darkness began to swim into his vision and his eyelids became far too heavy to keep open. It was frightening, completely overwhelming and Ichigo wanted nothing more than to cry out in despair and spit in the man's face but he knew nothing more than the all consuming darkness that abruptly descended into his mind and buried him in a strange and oddly welcoming fuzziness that curled in his mind like warm cotton wool and a deep, welcoming warmth that began to spread through his veins and rapidly forced his panicked heart into a slower rhythm.


'No, not drugged, Ichigo...just helping you. But oh my, that worked a little too fast.' Urahara noted to himself curiously, gazing at the clock on the wall as the minute hand drifted ten minutes past midnight as he absently measured the even breaths now spilling past pink lips onto the skin on the back of his hand. Watching quietly at the flicker of eyes behind two closed pale lids, a smile tugging at his lips as he set about gathering the treats and the empty glass. He was forced to frown though when he noticed the colour of the residue at the bottom of Ichigo's glass. Urahara's hand freezing in realization as grey eyes widened in surprise and tugged his eyebrows up his forehead; a deep shudder of trepidation streaking through his veins when a low needy whine suddenly spilled into the room from the direction where he had laid Ichigo on the floor to rest for the next few minutes.

Oh shit...the powder at the bottom of the glass was the wrong colour...the reactions way too fast and those low sounds of contended pleasure...oh dear.

It seemed that Urahara had made a mistake when grabbing a sachet of his self-created sleep remedies.

'Oh my, oh my~ now this could get interisting. I didn't mean to give you that specific one, Ichigo-kun. But, heaven's knows you'll be enjoying it.' The blonde haired man said with a snicker as he headed towards the hallway in search of the phone. 'I should probably tell Isshin to come get you, waking here after that, well...you'll probably panic.' Now, Urahara Kisuke just had to talk his way out of what was to come. Because surely Isshin was not going to react well when he saw his son passed out on the floor from a drug he had administered. Well at least the older being could grant Ichigo a little rest, perhaps a rest that was much more pleasurable than any of the others he had ever experienced.

It would be a shame that he would miss his reactions in the next eight hours. But, he sure as hell would see Isshin blushing that night. Some blackmail this time didn't seem like a bad idea.


Ichigo moaned softly, rolling the back of his head against something warm and soft as he felt his head spinning at the sheer and rapid descent his consciousness had taken seconds before. God, it felt like someone had pulled him backwards at startling speeds before dropping him from the sky defenceless against all sensations before he had suddenly come to a frightening and terrifying halt. His world was still bathed in an eternal darkness, his mind unstable, and Ichigo was so sure that there were warm fingers carding through his hair tenderly and the gentle beat of a heart right beneath his ear. Even when he absentmindedly thought it should be impossible, it was still there. Repeating the same calm thumping rhythm that Ichigo soon found his own heart slowing to follow.

As he shifted against the warmth surrounding him, a noise of contentment spilling from his lips without his consent, Ichigo felt the perpetual scowl that usually tainted his brow, begin to fall away under the splay of his orange locks as he was bathed in a tender and all consuming comfort. Why did he feel like this? So completely at ease, so completely relaxed around another person as he allowed those fingers brushing through his spiky and messy orange locks tenderly to continue their petting... It was a complete mystery as the orangette had not let anyone this close to him since his mother's death, had not dared to let a single soul offer him the consolation that his heart had been screaming for but his rationality had never allowed him the chance to indulge in all the same.

The soothing timbre of a gentle voice was humming tenderly above him, creating an almost welcoming sensation to the teen as a sweet scent curled around his nose from the fabric it was buried within. Promoting Ichigo to open his closed eyes just as he felt something familiar beginning to settle in the pit of his stomach. An indiscernible light of colours and sounds dancing in front of hazed brown orbs before everything began to blur and his partially opened lids almost instantly fell shut at the tug of lingering exhaustion again. Ichigo felt warm, inherently warm and strangely alive after the deep and dark numbness that had been affecting him since his clash with Aizen. The now deeply comforting sensations that he experienced, which Ichigo was sure should have been panicked instead, seemed to stem from a haze that had placed an emotional block of sorts inside of him. Something he could not chase away himself, but was nice to experience for once.

'Be nice, Katsu, Mugetsu...wake him gently, don't startle him.' The gentle humming voice said suddenly and Ichigo froze internally and externally, brown eyes flying open at the startling feeling of fingertips curling around each of his wrists mere seconds before three warm kisses were placed simultaneously against the back of both his hands and the top of his head all at once. One, two...three mouths and subsequently three people boxing him in, pressing close to him, as Ichigo suddenly felt that block settled within his veins snapping open under the intense and overwhelming flood of sheer panic. Spilling into his trembling limbs coldly as his mind was dragged unwillingly into wavering reality.

'Wha—?!' Ichigo cried in alarm, deep chocolate brown orbs blinking several times to discern if what he was seeing was real. All around him, beneath him was a world he had thought he had been forced to leave behind that day and now...it was back and it was all too overwhelming for his mind as the sudden rapid influx of information screamed into Ichigo's very soul. Three people...an impossible world spread around him, intimate touches...

Oh god, that wasn't the worst of it. Ichigo was nestled comfortably between two strong and lithe black hakama clad thighs, a warm chin resting atop his head with two arms curled around his waist protectively. The right arm, tanned and wound in a splay of black chains as the menacing black form of Tensa Zangetsu, as Ichigo remember him just before using the Final Getsuga, stood upright in the side of the building right next to his arm. The flutter of a red and black Bankai cloak teasing the skin of his cheek as warm breaths puffed against the top of his head. A black gloved hand of that right arm sneaking up his stomach and chest tenderly to tip Ichigo's chin backwards, forcing a clash of two sets of identical chocolate brown eyes to erupt between the two of them before Ichigo was gifted a teasing but gentle smile.

A hauntingly strong gaze from behind a splay of messy orange locks that were much longer and scruffier than his, bore deeply and dangerously into Ichigo's very soul...

'Welcome home, Ichigo.'

'Where are ya looking, King?' A slightly distorted voice breathed in his left ear, the abrupt tightening of fingertips against his wrist suddenly forcing the bewildered orangette to shift his increasingly panicked attention towards the being on the left side of him. Panicked brown eyes encountering long, hip length flowing orange locks, fluttering and swaying in the gentle whimsies of the currents from the ocean his Inner World had been sunk beneath. The broken masked figure, with the rough edges of a broken horn resting over his left eye, gazing at Ichigo with a deadly leer of promise in gold and black eyes as clawed fingertips suddenly reached forward to stroke the skin of his cheek gently. The action instantly lodging a cry of surprise in Ichigo's throat when it hitched painfully within his chest. Brown eyes widening in alarm when he felt another hand tugging at his wrist, seeking his attention too, almost as if say 'don't forget that I'm here too'...

'W-what...what the fuck is this?! Why are you...why am I...what—!' Ichigo yelled in ragging panic, jerking back against a warm chest in fright when an overwhelmingly powerful presence suddenly leaned over him from his right side. The press of warm lips tickling the side of his temple as long, pitch black locks brushed against his cheeks tenderly. Where Ichigo now found himself staring up at three forms of himself, not just the two that he had first thought. He was utterly perplexed, almost frightened but where he was...everything felt so right...so welcoming...gentle...soothing...and why couldn't he seem to grasp a hold of his panic that wanted to overwhelm him completely? Ichigo should be trying to get away from them, squirming against the restrictive embrace in order to break himself lose before something bad happened and either he was hurt or they were—.

'What're you afraid of?' The black haired version of himself asked, his locks of pitch falling into stubborn red-brown eyes as he twined his long fingers wrapped in grey with Ichigo's hand that had been trying to pull away from the being behind him's arms. Even when those strong arms only tightened into a firmer grip to keep him further in place. 'That we're you, or that you have returned to your Inner World? Just because you lost your powers, Ichigo, doesn't mean that this world within you was destroyed as well. As long as you are alive, it'll live on. With or without residents.'

The voice speaking so reassuringly to him, Ichigo found was startlingly soothing as it washed over him in welcoming waves. Feeling his struggling form suddenly stilling as his head was tipped back by tugging fingers in his messy orange locks so that he could gaze up at the being he was currently leaning against. Black hakama clad thighs tightening around his hips, as sharp brown eyes gazed down at him from a messy sprawl of orange locks that were much messier and ruffled than Ichigo's was at the moment. And in those eyes, Ichigo found himself shivering at the heady intensity streaking against his skin...chasing a flush of fire across the bridge of his nose. It was almost too much, the sensation...the comfort...Ichigo didn't know what to do anymore...what to expect next...what—.

'We're not going anywhere anytime soon, Ichigo. We're only here because your heart desires this, something that we will fulfil because we cannot stand to see the suffering that you are putting yourself through.' He said, startling the orange haired teen when lips suddenly pressed against his forehead and a small whimper of fear left his lips without his knowledge. Ichigo didn't know what was going on, why he felt so comforted where he was. And the slow spread of relief and something that he could not name quite yet was chasing through his veins wildly when the broken masked version of himself let go of his hand.

Soft furred additions of red curled around a pale wrist brushing against the sensitive skin of Ichigo's arm as he suddenly clutched a deadly claw-like forefinger and thumb around Ichigo's chin to force chocolate brown eyes and gold set upon a sea of black sclera to collide before Ichigo suddenly jerked back against a warm chest when the long orange haired being leaned forward and sharpened canines suddenly dug deeply into his bottom lip. The action unconsciously causing Ichigo to part his lips in a startled cry before a warm mouth was forced over his bleeding lip and the powerless of the four felt his soul and world suddenly shattering against the rough and deeply pleasurable touch of the intimate kiss. He had never before tasted something like this, it was heady, overwhelming and completely wrong as a slick tongue forced itself into his mouth. And still, Ichigo found himself moaning at the oddly pleasurable feeling spreading through his veins, colouring his nose a deep and dark red despite his mind telling him fiercely that he should not be enjoying this at all.

Should not be submitting to the kiss so easily...

'Nggh...' Ichigo moaned softly, his noise of pleasure muffled against pale lips as he completely melted against a strong embrace as another pair of lips suddenly descended from behind him to press against the skin at the back of his neck and teeth tugged almost painfully against the shell of his ear. Ichigo now finding himself completely drowning in the tender brush of welcoming pain and sheer clawing pleasure that was slowly starting to twist through his gut and settled against the pit of his stomach. He was breathing heavily through his nose, brown eyes suddenly falling half-mast as he gazed into the lowered lids of the gold and black eyed being completely silencing all his protests, chasing away his misgivings and offering a pleasure Ichigo had never experienced before.

'What're you afraid of?' The broken masked form of himself asked with a deep frown, pulling away and leaving the orangette to pant for breath as dazed brown eyes gazed longingly at the string of saliva that still connected their tongues before it was snapped when the long orange haired hollowfied form settled himself back against the building with a pink tongue swiping against his lips erotically. Those sharpened claws, yet to let go of Ichigo's chin, pulled Ichigo forward to rest a cool forehead against the powerless Ichigo's despite the painful touch of the masked edges digging into his cheek and skin. A small but comforting smile tugged at pale lips when those golden eyes dug just as deeply into Ichigo's soul.

'Mugetsu won't hurt you, he's the protector.' He said promisingly, long clawed fingers moving away to point to the dark haired being at Ichigo's right before reaching for the scruffy orange haired teen behind Ichigo to run his clawed fingertips through the semi-long orange locks tenderly. 'Kei here is gentle but strong, Ichigo.' He whispered in a fast reddening ear, drawing Ichigo's attention back to his form that had faced Aizen with such determination before he reached for Ichigo's hand itself. Pulling it forwards to lay a tanned palm against one of the black marks tracing against uncommonly pale skin and around the hollow hole in his chest. 'I'm your despair, your victory. But also only I can grant you contentment. That's why, you should abandon your fears.'

'Why are so afraid of your dreams, Ichigo? Are you so afraid to grant yourself pleasure and comfort even in your rest? Punishing yourself for losing your power? No more, King.' The long orange haired being said. Lips pressing against Ichigo's forehead as he suddenly pulled Ichigo from the lap he had been reclining against for the longest of time with strong arms and a deadly leer. 'We are you, but at the same time not. Tonight, we shall gift you with the pleasure you have been denying yourself...'

'Fill you up with the love that you lock away from yourself,' Kei whispered, suddenly pulling Zangetsu's form from the side of the building as he pushed Ichigo down onto the ground. 'Katsu is right, Ichigo. If only for one night, we'll show you what you've been locking away from yourself...'

'There is nothing to fear in this plane, Ichigo.' Mugetsu noted softly, settling beside Ichigo's side before suddenly leaning over him in order to capture those pink lips in a daring and bold entanglement of tongues and teeth that caused warm fingers to curl around his wrist and pin them to the side of the building. A slick tongue suddenly forcing its way into Ichigo's mouth as he shivered and moaned under the touch. He didn't know what was going on anymore, his mind just couldn't keep up, his cheeks couldn't have become anymore tinted. But no matter how Ichigo looked at it, they were all parts of himself right? How could he find such pleasure in their arms, why was he back in his Inner World and why the hell was he not fighting this?

He was just taking as it came, parting his lips for the being that called itself Kei then, shuddering under the heady press of clawed fingertips trailing down his still clothed form to slip beneath his long sleeved shirt to tease and stroke the skin of his abdomen sensually. Digging fingers into his flesh, chasing pleasure through his veins...Ichigo was sure that he was completely losing his mind.

'Oh...' Ichigo trailed off in a low whine, finally allowed to breathe as felt his heart rate suddenly spiking and a raging pleasure began to spread through his veins in deep and dark amounts that were threatening to overwhelm him completely. That haze within his mind hadn't faded, the fear within him, was slowly draining away at the comforting touches as Ichigo relaxed back against the ground, feeling his breath being stolen from his lungs as two pairs of lips suddenly pressed against the skin of his neck and Kei suddenly caught his wrists in one hand before hovering over Ichigo tenderly. Not at all fazed by his companions' invasion of his space as the dark black chain suddenly unwound from his bicep before he pressed warm lips against Ichigo's forehead tenderly.

'Bind, Zangetsu.' He whispered against the skin of Ichigo's forehead, leaving the black chain to suddenly replace his hands around Ichigo's wrists before he pressed the deadly sharp, black tip into the building to pin Ichigo in place. 'I know it's selfish of me to bind you like this, Ichigo. But you must learn to accept things as they come, learn to accept the pleasure we gift you tonight. Because love like ours you will not find anywhere else in the world until you have come to accept us back into yourself. If you want your power, Ichigo, if you want your life back, you'll have to learn that even when it feels like all of us are gone...that everything is a dream you are living through, you still need to accept us...all of us...not just one, back into yourself.'

I'll be hiding away now, because I know the rain of bullets that'll be coming in a moment for ending it there, but please know that I needed to post this part first, to see its reception before continuing onto the next part. So I'll say and very warm thank you to everyone who has read this and I hope that you enjoyed my introduction part to the characters and the content.

I'll be posting Part 2 in 2-3 days from now and I hope that it'll not put you off from continuing to enjoy this story. Any questions, comments I'll be happy to accept and answer as soon as I can. For now though, I'll be going.

Thanks for always reading my works.

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