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Somnolent Nights: Part 2

Sleep is always a welcoming solace for any wary soul. A time of repose spent in the gentle caress of fleeting dreams and the wandering subconscious. The only true difficulty is finding it peacefully within trying emotional turmoil and the distress harsh reality can create. Slumbering in tranquillity when one has lost something valuable, something irreplaceable, becomes near impossible. And when dreams and reality collide, it becomes utterly forbidden to find true rest. But sometimes, outside help from odd sources...just this once...might allow a true and well deserved rest filled with utter bliss...

'...you still need to accept us...all of us...not just one, back into yourself...' Ichigo moaned softly, arching against stray fingertips tracing against the skin of his bound hands. He was not really grasping onto the situation, but the touches and whispers of pleasure they streaked across his skin was undeniably arousing as he found his world spinning in circles of confusion around him. It was near impossible for him to understand just what was going on, what they were expecting of him and the riddles present in their words but—.

'Relax, King, just enjoy yourself. We won't push you beyond what you can handle.' Katsu whispered against the shell of a dainty ear reassuringly, sharp canines tugging softly at the warmed cartilage as long orange locks fell forward over his pale shoulder to tease the tanned skin of Ichigo's sensitized neck and sensually reddened cheeks as he smirked triumphantly at the effect his words seemed to be having on his powerless counterpart. The humid puffs of his soft exhalations alone caused that same dainty ear to redden in sheer embarrassment as Ichigo finally began to identify and associate his hitched breaths and moans of enjoyment with the mortified spread of over stimulation burning heatedly and incessantly through his very veins.

It was near impossible for the powerless Ichigo not to harden beneath the tender ministrations of warm tanned and gloved fingertips stroking against his clothed skin, tracing up and down his sensitive sides teasingly as gentle murmurs of sweet endearments and encouragement spilled tenderly from Mugetsu's lips and directly into his left ear. Or to feel an undeniable warmth curling in the pit of his stomach at the sly clawed fingers that leisurely slid and stoked against the clothed flesh of his inner thigh. Pale palms parting his legs slyly and willingly for Kei to settle himself between comfortably as a lazy tongue pressed directly and unexpectedly into the canal of Ichigo's right ear. Katsu's unexpected purr at the action leaving the spiky haired orangette to jerk back in surprise against the odd twist inside his abdomen it created and the inside-out sensation it gifted him with instead.

'No, please...it feels strange!' Ichigo whined, allowing a low and needy noise of rapture to spill, unbidden of his permission, from petal pink lips as Ichigo abruptly turned his head to the side to break away from the odd press of that tongue. Resting his flaming cheek against a warm, grey bandage wrapped chest shyly after hearing the resounding moan that he had just produced all by himself. Shifting a bit in the restrictive embrace Mugetsu had wound him up in; Ichigo closed his brown eyes behind hooded black lashes. It wasn't like him to voice his pleasure so much, not even when he gave into the solo exploration of his own fingertips like any normal teenager did. But he was quick to realize that with three warm, sensual, bodies pressing so close to him...seeking to melt into his form; he was rapidly losing control over his mind.

The rising rapture racing through him, burning affection and love into his skin...it was utterly insane and completely overwhelming. They hadn't even started yet and Ichigo was already panting for breath, thighs trembling in the straining need for more...his body bowing sensually into exploring fingertips in search of the ultimate pleasure their subtle teasing actions were promising him was to come...

'Please no...don't...don't stop...' Ichigo pleaded shamelessly and in rising embarrassment when those hands exploring his clothed skin and trembling limbs seemed to halt for a collective moment of rest. Kei leaning upwards from his position between Ichigo's legs, to tip the older of their form's head forward to press his lips against a furrowed forehead tenderly, soothing out the wrinkle that was present there with the tip of his tongue as he pulled Ichigo more firmly into his chest. Cradling an orange head and a soft nose against the skin peeking out from the low neckline of his Bankai cloak gently, almost protectively, as he hummed soothingly for several moments to give the orangette time to collect himself again. 'I'm not going to, Ichigo. We're not letting you go until you have learned to allow yourself to experience the pleasure and love you have been denying yourself for years. But you need to remember to keep breathing first, okay? Things are going to get intense.' The scruffy orange haired doppelganger said tenderly to his two year older counterpart, placing one last kiss atop the crown of Ichigo's head in reassurance before he moved away.

Shifting sensually down Ichigo's chest with a sway of his black hakama clad hips and a teasing smile to his petal pink lips, Kei pushed Ichigo back against the pillar of support that a warm body wrapped around him presented. Leaving Ichigo to lean back against Mugetsu's chest, having been rearranged like a bound marionette at their mercy a few minutes ago, as an undeniably hardened arousal dug into the small of his back that brought reality back into the situation the moment that lips attacked the side of his neck. Strong thighs entrapped Ichigo's form against another's headily as his head suddenly rolled back against a warm shoulder and he arched into Kei's sly gloved fingertips that were tracing against the skin of his abdomen.

Slipping boldly beneath his long-sleeved cotton shirt, the scruffy orange haired being pushed the soft teasing material up Ichigo's torso to expose his hardening nipples to the cold of the outside air. Leaving the quivering flesh of a sculpted, lithe abdomen, for all eyes to observe appreciatively. Ichigo was only left alone for a brief moment of reprieve before a heady cry of bliss was tugged from his lips. His mind screaming at him for the impossible rush of sensation a pair of soft, moist lips suddenly and unexpectedly trailing down the middle of his chest to tease the little hardened pebbles of pink with a sly tongue, caused. The long orange haired Katsu however, suddenly invaded Ichigo's lidded vision as he joined Kei between Ichigo's parted legs. Straddling one of Ichigo's thighs, his tugging teeth, settled in complete contrast to Kei's gentleness, around the other nub of straining pleasure with a deep and teasing smirk curling at his pale lips. Smiling triumphantly at the sounds he was now tugging from Ichigo's constantly parted lips as the orangette wildly tensed into their joint caress with a breathy cry that pleaded so sweetly for more.

Kei's warm chocolate brown eyes, on the other hand, were gazing sensually up at Ichigo from behind half-lowered lids and a sprawl of messy orange locks that were brushing and feathering across the pink tints of his cheeks in order to hide the subtle pleasure building in his system as a mirror to Ichigo's own dark red and flushed cheeks. As Kei left Katsu to his new found treat and the subtle torture it would create for Ichigo, the scruffy orange haired being traced his way erotically down Ichigo's chest. The tip of his nose digging tenderly into the skin of Ichigo's abdomen, teeth biting softly against quivering flesh before he boldly pressed his tongue into a neat little navel.

Watching carefully and with rising delight as his charge jerked against Zangetsu's black chain restraints that wound around both of Ichigo's forearms to tie him to the sword's deadly black form standing upright in the side of the building. Zangetsu itself, only a few centimetres away from Ichigo's left side, restricting the range of movement Ichigo could take away from the Zanpactō's form. He had those long tanned fingers, trembling and uncertain, curled around a fistful of Mugetsu's pitch black, hip length hair as a way to ground himself against the ragging onslaught...but it didn't seem to be working very well.

'Hn...oh god...' Ichigo keened lowly, his own fingernails digging into the palms of his hands as he clenched them around black hair against the rush the small actions of pleasure caused. Whining softly when Katsu moved his lips away from Ichigo's nipples and suddenly shifted out of the way, coming to rest just behind Ichigo's left shoulder as he attacked the side of Ichigo's neck instead. Long orange locks tickling Ichigo's cheeks and skin as Ichigo eagerly barred his neck for an exploring tongue before he suddenly tugged at his bound wrists that were being held to his chest by a pale, clawed hand.

Untangling his fingers from Mugetsu's hair as he sought to break himself free from Zangetsu's long black chain, Ichigo found the long black haired being whispering soothingly in his ear instead, guiding his bound hands to rest them atop of Kei's head as the still fully dressed, semi-long orangette worked his way down Ichigo's rapidly dishevelling form with expert nips and sucks to his tanned supple flesh.

'It's useless, Ichigo. Only Kei can control that chain. Tensa Zangetsu only listen's to his voice. But if you want to ground yourself, keep your hands where they are.' Mugetsu soothed softly, brushing his fingertips through the sticky strands of messy orange locks that were starting to stick to Ichigo's forehead at the gathering of little beads of sweat. Still fully dressed and settled between his parted legs to bring him more pleasure than he ever thought possible, Ichigo wound his fingertips through soft orange locks to ground himself against the onslaught that was rapidly throwing a haze of pleasure over his mind.

He was crying out in utter bliss when sly, clawed fingertips suddenly curled around his chin again and turned his head to the side so that Katsu could lean over Mugetsu's shoulder to gift Ichigo with another passionate entanglement of tongues and tugging teeth that made Ichigo's very breath hitch painfully within his chest. Jerking back at the impatient hand at the back of his neck that pulled his mouth away from Katsu though, Ichigo was forced to the other side so that Mugetsu could replace Katsu's tongue inside of Ichigo's mouth with his own. Saliva soon slipped past Ichigo's lips, a tongue tangling sensually with his as his black haired counterpart completely distracted him from everything but the eroticism present in the entanglement of their tongues and the sly nips of teeth to his rapidly reddening and swelling lips.

Ichigo was barely even aware of Kei sliding his dark sleep pants over his hips and started pushing the material to the side, fully exposing the rising evidence of his enjoyment to three pairs of gentle eyes as they all purred appreciatively against Ichigo's warming skin. The powerless orangette caught in the middle of it all, found his cry of rapture muffled against Mugetsu's lips when sly fingers curled around the base of his straining arousal and slowly dragged a pattern of pleasure up the throbbing erection. Up and down, a slow torturous pace that was not nearly enough to give Ichigo what he truly wanted but left him hanging in the balance of screaming and begging for more.

'Mmmfff!' Ichigo intoned deeply, deep brown eyes fluttering shut as he melted bonelessly against Mugetsu's supporting chest. Tugging at those orange locks that his fingers were wound within rather harshly until Kei moved them away, handing them over to Katsu's clawed fingertips instead as he pulled his hand away from Ichigo's straining arousal with a soft murmur of apology against the skin of a tanned thigh. Laying his forehead there, he smiled up at Ichigo. Gazing interestedly at the tongue that Mugetsu pulled from between Ichigo's saliva drenched lips, trailing it teasingly against the orangette's cheek when a solitary tear of frustration slipped past long black lashes to sooth away the internal frustration Ichigo must be facing all on his own.

Kei smirked to himself, dragging his own lazy tongue against warm flesh as he worked his way up to Ichigo's arousal now, knowing exactly what he had to do before he stopped. Hovering mere inches away from slipping his lips over a mushroomed head that was weeping pre-come already, pressing his nose against a tensed abdomen instead as he chuckled softly at the shiver his actions produced. He practically heard Ichigo's cry of sheer and utter frustration to his denied pleasure, a deep reverberating moan begging sweetly for more as those brown eyes were clenched shut in debauched strain.

'Does it feel good, Ichigo?' Kei asked softly, a lazy tongue swiping against the trembling flesh of Ichigo's stomach, pressing into a navel when he allowed his warm breaths to trace teasingly against the trail of his saliva had just left behind, just to watch Ichigo throw his back against Mugetsu's shoulder at the sensation. 'If you so desperately want to hold onto something, Ichi. Then hold onto Zangetsu. But be careful that you don't lose yourself, his blade is very sharp.' He warned sternly, but Ichigo barely even heard him. His long tanned fingers curling around the bare black blade, which lacked a hilt above the expansion of those prongs, just to get something to ground himself against the ragging rapture.

Ichigo was startled by the sheer comfort and familiarity he felt pouring into his fingertips from the blade itself, feeling his previous misgivings of this situations and all the doubts and tortures that had entered his mind, leave through every beat of his heart as Ichigo relaxed back against Mugetsu's warm chest. Sighing softly when exceptionally pale arms wound around his waist in comfort and Katsu chuckled in his ear at Ichigo's reaction to Zangetsu's familiar presence; forcing Ichigo to close his eyes with clawed fingertips...Ichigo automatically braced himself for what was to come, because something told him he was going to need it soon.

'Open your mouth, King,' Katsu whispered commandingly within Ichigo's ear, pressing a warming kiss to a warm temple as he curled his clawed fingers over Ichigo's that were clutched tightly against Zangetsu's blade. 'I want you to get Mugetsu's fingers as wet as you can, King. I want to see a string of your saliva sticking to them.' He purred lewdly and Ichigo flushed deeply at the suggestion, suddenly finding himself having to make it come true as warm fingertips suddenly traced against his lips reassuringly. Mugetsu nodding encouragingly against the skin of his neck before he slipped them inside the orangette's mouth, imploring Ichigo to slick them up one for one. Ichigo didn't know why he was doing this anymore, but he didn't care. Not when Kei suddenly made good on his previous promise and slipped his warm lips over the head of Ichigo's arousal. Creating a triple attack of pleasure when warm lips pressed against the side of his neck as Katsu nibbled at the skin and Mugetsu pressed his tongue into Ichigo's ear promisingly.

A loud and wailing cry of rapture was tugged deeply from within Ichigo's lungs, even when it was completely muffled against Mugetsu's fingers as Ichigo felt his entire being start to rearrange itself from the inside. It was almost too much, the pleasure that he was being granted, and that tongue pressing almost deeply into the slit of his arousal had Ichigo throwing his head back...heeding the double warning of not biting down or clenching his fingers too hard around Zangetsu's black blade. But it was difficult, he couldn't think anymore...barely even breathe as everything became centred around the three beings curled so perfectly around him. Ichigo swore that his mind was beginning to spin from the sheer bliss he was being granted so freely.

He was startled though, when Kei pulled away from his arousal with a soft 'pop' after several long minutes of torturous licentious sucks that had left Ichigo hanging on the edge of falling from a precipice of sheer rapture. But instead, he leaned upwards to pull Mugetsu's saliva coated fingertips from Ichigo's mouth as Katsu suddenly guided his form to kneel in front of them instead. Mugetsu moving a little bit away from Ichigo to drape his chest across Ichigo's back. Leaning a warm chin against Ichigo's shoulder as he murmured against a dainty ear, trailing his wet fingers down an arching spine before pressing a single of his slicked digits inside of his powerless counterpart. Silently thanking Kei for distracting the seventeen-year-old and muffling his shout of surprise when warm lips suddenly sealed over Ichigo's and scruffy orange locks tickled reddened cheeks and he felt himself trembling against the new position. Katsu, not one to be left out, curled his fingers around Ichigo's hips to help steady his swaying form, slyly curling his free hand around Ichigo's arousal to offer the pleasure the scruffy orange haired being had left behind mere moments before as a distraction.

'Relax, Ichigo. You need to relax a lot more; you'll only make this harder on yourself if you don't.' Kei whispered soothingly. Kneeling in front of Ichigo before he laid a warm temple against his chest, stroking his fingers through messy orange locks that were as soft as silk and tenderly teased the tips of his fingers as Ichigo whined against him. Seeking to help cool Ichigo's ragging pleasure as they entered the much more difficult part of their sublime act. He needed to get Ichigo to relax, had to get him to breathe normally as Mugetsu worked his way through stretching Ichigo's entrance for something much bigger and ultimately more pleasure giving if he could control himself that night. Because Kei knew Katsu was not going to let Mugetsu have Ichigo on his own. They were going to have to share, but for that, Ichigo needed to be comfortable first and much more calm now than the heady rush of his breaths that were racing against Kei's exposed skin were.


'Shhh, Ichigo. Let it come to you, remember what I said?' Kei whispered tenderly, carding his gloved fingers through spiky orange locks to sooth away Ichigo's rising discomfort. His heart cringing in sympathy at the muffled sob of pain that echoed against his chest when Mugetsu added a third finger to his already two stretching fingers. Suddenly curving them at an angle inside of the teen to offer Ichigo a brush of blinding rapture for a brief second in time as the spiky haired orangette arched desperately against Kei's form curled so protectively around him. Katsu chuckled headily in mirth at the reaction though, trailing soothing clawed-fingertips up and down the orangette's wavering arousal to bring the ragging sensation of pleasure and need for more back into Ichigo's drifting mind when it started to fade.

And he was just in time too, a cry of pain erupting from petal pink lips when the black haired counterpart to the seventeen-year-old's soul added a fourth slicked finger inside of him mere moments later. Ichigo could literally feel his mind starting to snap under the brush of pain and overwhelming climb of pleasure his very soul seemed to be taking. It was almost as if these three beings were breaking and shattering him into pieces, only to rebuild and mould him into something else that was entirely different to anything he had ever been before or hoped to experience again. And no matter how much the stretch inside of him seemed to become, there was always a ragging rapture that offset it and grounded his fading mind in the need for more.

'Oh god please...I can't...please...' Ichigo breathed through a ragging, strained sob. Feeling several tears falling from his clenched eyelids as an undeniable sensation of both fear and pleasure began to spread through his veins, coiling a spring of need within his abdomen as he dragged one struggling breath after the other into his straining and heaving lungs. Ichigo was leaning forward into Kei's warmth, trying to drag the more gentler of the creatures back into himself with a distracting clumsy kiss as he suddenly felt those fingers retracting away from inside of him. Leaving him feeling undeniably empty of sensation and hollow from the mere experience they had given him mere moments before. But, Mugetsu didn't seem to be fazed by Ichigo's noise of disappointment, merely pressing a kiss against the back of Ichigo's neck, trailing a scorching tongue in praise across the top of his spine as he chuckled headily at the messy orangette's rocking form though sought to bring him closer to his black haired counterpart.

'Please!' A muffled whine spilled forth from his throat as Ichigo found himself missing the fullness inside of him, needing it to come back to distract him from the rising sensation of losing absolute control. He didn't have to wait long though, before something much larger sought to replace those fingers deep inside of him. Kei's teeth suddenly digging deeply into Ichigo's tongue in a single moment of diversion as something much bigger and hotter pressed inside of him in a single, heady thrust. Leaving Ichigo to pull back from the burning pain pooling blood in his mouth from Kei's bite and he lost his balance to fall back against Mugetsu's chest, shifting that hardness inside of him so that a flicker of sheer white danced in front of widened brown eyes that were gazing at his scruffy orange haired counterpart in disbelief.


'Shush, Ichigo.' Mugetsu murmured soothingly, pressing his lips against a sweaty temple as Ichigo shuddered deeply at the fullness now stretching him open. He hadn't even been given a chance to let out a scream before Kei had moved closer to Ichigo, kneeling before him with a soft smile as warm lips whispered across Ichigo's forehead to calm him tenderly against the rush of pain as gloved fingers brushed through the scruffy orange hair at the base of Ichigo's neck gently. Leaving Ichigo to catch his breath against the new invasion as Mugetsu whispered continuous words of praise and sweet nothings in his ear, resting those long, grey wrapped fingers on Ichigo's thighs in attempt to urge the teen to relax his tensed muscles. Stroking the flesh tenderly as his lips pressed against the side of Ichigo's neck in tandem to Kei's comforts, his long black locks slipping over both their shoulders to fall against Ichigo's dishevelled shirt and the tanned skin that peeked out from beneath it. Creating a contrasting sensation that left Ichigo shuddering in the black haired, transcendent being's arms as his very world seemed to come to a standstill.

'Kei...I d-don't think I can...' Ichigo whispered in mortification, forced to trail off in startled thought though, when Katsu suddenly pressed reassuring against his side to curl his pale fingers around Ichigo's straining arousal, reminding him that there was another that was close to him, not just Mugetsu and Kei. He was stroking and teasing the flesh there tenderly, seeking to chase away the burning ache shooting and curling up Ichigo's spine headily. And Ichigo moaned lowly at the action, curving his back to press himself more firmly into those encircling fingers as Kei's black gloved fingertips cupped his rose red cheek in consolation mere moments later.

'Yes you can, Ichigo. You only need to relax.' Kei noted tenderly. 'Let us take care of you, please. Let go of your pain, of your regrets, Ichigo. You are much stronger than you think, can take much more than what is possible because your heart is always pure, no matter what form you take. So let it come, Ichigo. Let the sensations come to you...' He calmed Ichigo's racing heart with his soft whispers in mere moments as the powerless of the four felt his mind crumbling under those words, suddenly overwhelmed when Katsu pushed Kei to the side slyly, taking his place in front of Ichigo with a lingering smirk as he brought his free hand up to cup a warmed red cheek in reflection to the scruffy orange haired being before him. Grinning at Ichigo's cry of surprise when Katsu's movement inspired Mugetsu to pull back slowly before pressing forward again, just to test Ichigo's comfort around him.

'Kei always whispers such pretty words, Ichigo,' Katsu leered, his tongue tracing away at the pleasured tear that slipped past Ichigo's notice and trailed down the cold tracks many of them before had already carved deeply into his cheeks. 'But he cannot distract you from the pain and pleasure of what's to come completely. You see, we're not done yet, King.' The long orange haired hollowfied form noted seriously, brushing sticky orange locks away from Ichigo's forehead as he settled his free hand around Ichigo's that were tightly clenched around Zangetsu's hilt. Seeking to uncurl them a bit to relieve the pressure Ichigo was gripping the sword with before the blood could start flowing in his desperation as he swayed his hip in the need for Mugetsu to start moving.

'We're only halfway there, because Mugetsu will soon start stretching you for more.' Ichigo, whose mind had settled into a more carnal state of need at the gentle rocking thrusts brushing into him at a slow pace, jerked to a halt at that. His hands frantically tugging away from the hilt of Zangetsu's blade as a breath of pain lodged itself in his chest. No! No, that was impossible it was—. Bloodied hands gripped at long, hip length orange locks as he tugged on the strands in panic rather harshly. His mind was screaming at him, seeking to implode as he felt Mugetsu nod in affirmation behind him, his black locks tickling the back of Ichigo's neck as he felt something start to shift within him. Apparently it wasn't as impossible as he thought it was, because just as Katsu said, pressing a kiss against Ichigo's forehead to calm his ragging panic, Mugetsu added a single finger alongside his own ragging arousal already. Ready to tear Ichigo open from the stretch and managing to drag a deep reverberating cry of sheer panic from petal pink lips as Ichigo squirmed to get away.

'NO! P-please! I can't! Two...it's too much—.' Ichigo whined pitifully, feeling a sob lodging itself in his throat at the action and the new intensity of pain spreading deeply through his veins. They were breaking him. He wouldn't be able to take much more...one was enough...it was too much...he was going to die...it was sheer and utter madness—.

'What're you afraid of, Ichigo?' Katsu whispered challengingly, his long orange locks falling over his shoulder to brushing against Ichigo's hardened nipples as he pushed the fallen long sleeved shirt up his powerless counterpart's torso again. Pale lips wrapping around one of them as he curled his clawed fingertips around Ichigo's waning arousal once more to bring it up to full hardness again. 'I told you, King, that we would not push you past what you can handle. No one knows us better than you, and no one knows that the fear you feel inside of you is from rejecting the acceptance itself rather than the loss of your powers. But that doesn't matter.' Katsu said sorrowfully, his golden eyes taking on a serious tint as he shared a glance over Ichigo's shoulder with his black haired twin, twining Ichigo's fingers with Kei's black gloved hand before pressing a kiss to the middle of Ichigo's chest. Murmuring soothingly against his skin as he enveloped Ichigo's being from the front.

'You see these claws of mine, Ichigo?' Katsu asked softly, dragging one down Ichigo's nose teasingly as he grinned insanely. Completely captivating Ichigo's attention as Mugetsu added another finger after having made sure that Ichigo was well adjusted to his current stretch. Ichigo only let out a brief whimper against it as he tightened his grip around Kei's fingers, feeling a slow trickle of blood left behind from Zangetsu's biting blade as they traced rivulets of blood across his palms from the harshness in which he had grabbed a hold of the blade. Leaning into the teeth that were tugging at the shell of his ear, Kei whispering against the skin of his neck as three being all sought his attention at once. But it was only Katsu that seemed to captivate Ichigo's attention the most, because those clawed fingers would not have it any other way.

'Concentrate, King.' Katsu scolded, dragging the sharpened tip of a nail across Ichigo's hardened flesh of his arousal from his other hand. 'You see, they're no good when helping Mugetsu in his task, I'd only hurt you if I were to prepare you myself. But, do you know, Ichigo, that it'll only take a single of my fingernails to blow your mind in an instant?' Katsu asked with a leer, glad for once that Ichigo was concentrating fully on him as a haze of rising lust seemed to have completely drained those dazed brown eyes of everything but a subtle flicker of fear present within their depthless orbs and the mind numbing pleasure he was soon to experience.

Ichigo wasn't even flinching and squirming against Mugetsu's immense self control to keep himself still and working his way around opening Ichigo wider for more. His entire being seemed to have entered a trance-like state that left him as still as a marionette awaiting his next instruction. And when Katsu inquired his soft words again, seeking acknowledgement from the teen, Ichigo shook his head numbly in the negative. He had no idea what the older being was talking about, he didn't care either. He was completely lost, overwhelmed and drowning in something he couldn't describe anymore other than utter and deep seated bliss that was scorching fire rapidly through his veins.

'Watch carefully, Ichigo.' The long orange haired doppelganger murmured against a warm temple, the edges of his white bone mask scratching against Ichigo's cheek as his tongue eagerly caught the droplets of sweat and strain that were starting to trace down Ichigo's skin as he panted for breath. His every exhalation of breath tainted with an erotic sound of enjoyment when Mugetsu rocked forward into him, softly, a gentle slow pace that was streaking through his veins as Ichigo was only vaguely aware of Kei settling beside him to brush his gloved fingers through his hair again, soothing away his current fears as he gazed pleadingly at his scruffy orange haired doppelganger. But those lingering sensations were pulled away when he watch fascinated as those clawed fingers Katsu presented to his eyes, seemed to grow in length and tapered off to a thin, long point that was near three inches long and pitch black...


'Watch, Ichigo.' Katsu said again, engrossing his audience so much that Ichigo didn't even feel Mugetsu retracting his fingers again and Katsu moved to his side instead, resting his chin against Ichigo's shoulder as Kei moved into Ichigo's field of vision again. Settling himself between Ichigo's kneeling legs, laying his forehead against Ichigo's just as the powerless of the four was forced to look down as those long clawed fingertips, now dipped in black that seemed to taper off into a three inch tubular nails that weren't even a few millimetres in circumference, wrapped around his straining erection before he felt something blunt and much bigger press alongside Mugetsu's length already buried inside of him. It only took a second, a single moment spent in bated breath before Ichigo experienced something he had never in his life felt before as his back arched deeply and his soul shattered into a thousand pieces in an instant.

A single long and straight, curricular black nail pressed deeply into the slit of his erection, the sheer sensation it exploded through his being had Ichigo screaming in utter bliss. It was burning him up from the inside, it was painful but it felt so good...it was insane...it was dizzyingly rapturous and Ichigo was losing his grip on reality as that rightful pleasurable crashed needily through him and something completely and utterly unexpected had him arching and squirming wildly against the two bodies now pressed against his back. He had barely even felt Katsu's cock sliding deeply inside of him next to Mugetsu's, was barely even aware of the new and mostly painful stretch exploding through him as everything seemed to come to a shuddering halt around him.

Ichigo's entire soul was completely shattered, his heart beating a painful rhythm against his chest as a ragging howl was pulled from his lips as he felt his very soul fracturing beneath their touch. His body breaking into pieces and he didn't even have a second to think anymore. His mouth suddenly plundered by a tongue, no two as Mugetsu and Kei forced him into a strange three-way kiss before Kei leaned forward, leaving Ichigo to bask in the slightly painful but blissful sensation of Katsu's odd and headily arousing technique before the long orange haired being pulled his hand away. Showing Ichigo the long string of pearly white liquid that was curling and dripping from his long clawed fingernail as he brought it up to Ichigo's mouth, smearing it across petal pink lips before slipping it inside his mouth to taste.

'Feels good doesn't it, King?' He leered in a flushed ear, slipping another of his nails inside the slit again just to hear a litany of curses and cries for more as Ichigo begged for something more substantial, raised his hips to try and force those two to move inside of him. But that wasn't all, Ichigo was hanging on a precipice of release, Katsu retracting his nail as he chuckled, turning Ichigo towards him for a brief kiss before he turned the orangette's attention to Kei who was now kneeling before him with a gentle smile of promise. Rocking forward suddenly to bring two hardened cocks together, sliding them together sensually only for a moment before Ichigo realized Kei's objective, that long black hakama had fallen down his hips to his knees with a simple tug at the white sash with gloved fingers before he grinned slyly and Ichigo felt his very blood freeze within his mind.

He couldn't seriously be...

'NO! No, no, no! OH FUCK!' It was all Ichigo was able to get out before a warm, scorching tightness encircled his cock and Kei sunk himself down on Ichigo's erection fully. Both of them arching back against the touch with simultaneous moans before Kei completely silenced Ichigo's rapidly out of control cries for more. Ichigo felt his mind starting to blacken at the sheer and overwhelming sensation burning and chasing through his veins. He couldn't take, in front, in the back and the slow sensual rocks of his own hips became headily impatient as he lost himself in the sheer vividness of his pleasure. He knew nothing more, his bound hands somehow managing to curl in the fabric of a black and red Bankai cloak just to gain something to hold onto.

And that heated coil that had been cooling, tightening and heating up since the beginning of the night started to tighten so irrevocably that Ichigo was sure that he was dying in these three beings' arms. And he was...he lost complete sense of the world around him, complete and utter rapture chasing hotly through his blood and racing against his skin. His climax roared through him at such an intensity that it burned itself into Ichigo's very veins as the image that he himself made was seared into the back of his eyelids forever. It was impossible, never in his life had he ever experienced something like this...never ever would he get any pleasure like this and he was sobbing through his cries.

Screaming himself hoarse until he was sure his throat was bleeding as it went on and on and never seemed to stop. Warm wetness painted deep inside of him, darkness swam into his vision, his named called out so erotically against his skin teasing that Ichigo found himself drifting through a new and heady ambrosia he had never experienced before...something he would never ever forget again and never stop seeking out now that he had been given a rapturous taste of it.

His chest was heaving up and down, his world imploding in on itself as Ichigo felt his consciousness slipping away from him. Only vaguely aware of three simultaneous endearments of love burning into his ears as Ichigo felt himself being shattered and swallowed up by a heady and all consuming oblivion. He knew nothing more, nothing more that the strange comforted pleasure Kei had gifted him, the pain and sheer clawing rapture Katsu's claws could present him with and Mugetsu strong but steady presence that had never wavered an inch that entire night as they had pushed Ichigo's entire soul into new uncontrollable heights. Ichigo was sure that he had come home, was so sure that he never ever wanted to leave this place again.

It was heaven, it was hell and only he himself could push his soul and body into new eternal heights as long as he never showed an inkling of fear ever again.

Dazed chocolate brown eyes fluttered open indolently against the gentle pull that his waking consciousness was settling across a pleasure hazed mind. Ichigo had no idea how long it had been, how long since he had been floating through an eternal darkness that was warming and comforting to his very soul. But it had settled a definite form of acceptance within his very veins as he entered a more awakened state of self. His mind, slowly but surely, making more sense of the world around him again as his heart beat a slow and calmed rhythm against his chest. There was warmth curled all around him, his limbs no longer trembling from the intense release that had ripped through his very soul mere moments before, allowed Ichigo to sigh contentedly. Only frowning slightly against the burn of emotion that was pushing against the back of his throat.

He was blinking rapidly against the streaming sunlight that was sneaking into his Inner World to tease his skin, burrowing himself further into the warm chest he was curled against. Soft, scruffy orange locks were tickling his cheeks as a black and red Bankai cloak partially curled around his form and Kei shifted sleepily against him. Their foreheads that had been resting together tenderly, shifting closer together as Ichigo jerked at the feeling of a strong chest pressing closer to his back and a chin rested against his shoulder tenderly. Pitch black, hip length locks spilling over Ichigo and Kei's twined forms as Mugetsu threw a lazy arm around Ichigo's waist soothingly and whispered against the skin of his neck welcomingly.

Warm fingers turning Ichigo's head towards him as his lips sought out the orangette's for a lazy entanglement of tongues just as Ichigo took note of Katsu's pale arms curled possessively around Kei's waist, his long orange locks spilling over Ichigo's scruffy orange haired doppelganger's shoulder and form as he rested his nose against the back of a tanned neck in semblance to the way he and Mugetsu were curled together. Zangetsu's long black chain had been unwound from Ichigo's forearms though, and had settled in their rightful place. Tracing along Kei's bare right arm where Zangetsu's sharp blade was settled between the two of them, Ichigo having unconsciously curled the fingers of his right hand around the blade just as Kei had done around the hilt above those menacingly expanded prongs.

'Do you feel better now, Ichigo?' Mugetsu asked softly, the arm curled around Ichigo's waist tightening as Ichigo nodded softly, leaning upwards into the soft exploration of tongues when he leaned over Ichigo again and a deep and welcoming comfort seemed to invade Ichigo's entire being headily. He didn't want to move from where he was, didn't think he could find it in himself to shift away from the pleasure and comfort of before. The powerless of the four was a bit put out though, at the stickiness tracing down his thighs that had been redressed in his black sleep pants and the sweat that was rapidly drying against his skin. But somehow he didn't care anymore. He was utterly content where he was, deeply affected by the events that had transpired within this abandoned world within him. That if he left it behind now, to Ichigo, it felt like he would be returning to a harsh reality he was not ready to quite yet.

'Then why are you crying, Ichigo?' Mugetsu asked tenderly, a fingertip coming up to swipe away at the tear that had snuck past Ichigo's notice to trace sorrowfully against his cheek. A soft press of lips swiping away at its trail as Ichigo felt a deep shuddering breath leaving his lungs. He shook his head softly, it wasn't that he felt sad or anything, it was just that whatever had happened within him in the last few hours...it had shifted something deep inside of him and it was so overwhelming, not only with comfort, but relief as well, that he had no idea how to deal with it at the moment.

'It's not like I'm sad,' Ichigo said softly, clenching his eyes shut as he reluctantly unwound his fingers from Zangetsu's black blade before pulling away from Kei to turn on his side and press his forehead against a grey bandage wrapped form, chocolate brown eyes gazing interestedly at the dark twining and twisting mark that traced down Mugetsu's right arm like a tattoo. He didn't get to say much more as warm arms pulled their forms closer together and a warm kiss was placed atop his head and long, pitch black locks fell around their entwined forms. Shielding them from the world and shrouding Ichigo's sadness of letting go from the world as the orangette was surrounded in an all consuming warmth that encircled his entire being as Mugetsu offered him the soothing touch of consolation that Ichigo felt he needed the most. Needed the reassurance of that he was still alive ever since it had felt as if his world had been ripped away from him seventeen months ago.

'I just—.' A long finger pressed against his lips, sealing of his words before they could escape Ichigo's mouth in a tumble of regrets.

'I know. You don't need to say anything, Ichigo. You need never lie to me.' Mugetsu said softly, twining his legs with Ichigo's and winding the powerless teen in his embrace further, reassuring him that he was still there. 'Just sleep, Ichigo. Get your rest, you're exhausted and whatever happens from here on out...know that we're not going anywhere. We're always here, waiting for you.'

'We've never left you in the first place, little King. It's only your mind and reckless imagination that's been torturing you, Ichigo. Your soul may be weighed down with emotional pain and regrets but none of us will ever leave you, remember that, our sweet Ichigo. When you need us, just call. This world is always open to you and you don't need a shady pervert's help in getting here.' Ichigo, floored by those words, felt the lump of emotion in his throat suddenly seeking to overwhelm him completely. He sobbed softly, feeling the fracture within his heart starting to melt away as an inherent warmth began seeping deeply through his veins. This was what he had wanted, only someone to tell him that what he was feeling, the numbness that had entered his heart so long ago, was nothing more than a fluke to his depressing thoughts and the contentment he had felt with his Shinigami powers. It wasn't something that he should have been ashamed of, never was.

It was only natural that he should feel like this, his Shinigami powers had been his pride and it had been stripped away from him because he hadn't been strong enough to protect those that he loved without having to make the ultimate sacrifice. And, just this once, he did not have to pretend to his very soul that he wasn't in pain or that he was content with what life had dealt for him...

He could find comfort right here if he wanted, by accepting those parts of himself that had been kept sealed away as punishment unto himself.

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