Summary: The last thing Harry Potter expected when he went on his Las Vegas vacation was to wake up married to a girl he only met the night before, but he's in for a big surprise if he thinks that's the only twist he has in his future. Despite what he thinks, his destiny isn't over. It's only just begun.

Pairing: Harry Potter/Dinah Lance (Black Canary)

Warnings: This story is rated M for the most part, but there will be MA scenes in it. Before and after each scene, I will put up warnings in case someone wishes to skip them.

Notes: Refer to the author's note at the bottom of the chapter. It would be too long to put before the chapter. Long story short, this is my response to Blood Brandy's Vegas Vacation Challenge and is slightly AU.

1. Consequences of a Vegas Vacation

Over the last seven years, Harry Potter had experienced things that prepared him for a variety of situations. But his current situation was not one of them.

Groggily waking up with a pounding headache in an unfamiliar room with no recollection of how he got there was not something he had ever experienced before.

Looking around as best as he could without actually sitting up, he saw what he appeared to be a very nice hotel room. Very nice seemed to be a bit of an understatement, actually. Above five star seemed more appropriate.

It definitely was not the hotel room that Remus had booked for him.

In celebration of his eighteenth birthday, Remus had decided to take him on a vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada. He had claimed that it was what Sirius had planned on doing, though he could not exactly do it after he died.

Though Remus said that he was taking Harry away to honor Sirius, Harry had known better.

After Voldemort's death, Harry had been plagued with problems. He never really had a childhood thanks to the dark wizard, and the majority of his time at Hogwarts was spent preparing him to deal with Voldemort. With that chapter of his life closed, he honestly had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, yet the wizarding population of England still looked to him to fix their problems.

While Harry was more than willing to save someone that was in need, the wizarding world did not need him. No, they were just trying to find someone else to solve their problems. As it was, Voldemort was the product of their problems, and he had no doubt that another like him would rise up and take his place if people did not at least try to change.

But it was not Harry's responsibility to change everyone's perceptions. As far as he was concerned, they needed to stand on their own two feet.

As a result of that, Harry had become somewhat of a recluse in the nearly three months since the Battle of Hogwarts. It did not help that Hermione and Ron had left England to find the former's parents in Australia, Ginny had apparently moved on while he was hunting the horcruxes down, and most of the people that he encountered since the battle only saw him as the Man-Who-Conquered. He was reminded how horrible fangirls were because of that.

Closing his eyes, he tried to remember what exactly had happened since he arrived in Las Vegas.

Something serious must have happened the previous night.

After all, he had just woken with blurry memories of the previous night and a pounding hangover in an unfamiliar room. To make matters worse, he was completely naked with the sole exception of a simple wedding ring on his finger.

In addition to that, he could hear the sound of the shower running.

Looking around more intently, he saw his socks, jeans, boxers, and t-shirt strewn across the floor. Quickly slipping out of bed, he started to get dressed in his clothes from the night before. The smell of alcohol on his clothes was surprisingly strong, and it jogged his memory to some extent.

He could remember going to a casino with Remus and Tonks after they arrived in Vegas. He had a little luck with the slot machines and won a couple thousand dollars, but it was not too much fun, so he had made his way to the bar. Thanks to the Confundus Charm on his ID, the bartender had not realized that he was only eighteen years old.

While at the bar, he had met an attractive brunette by the name if Dinah. Apparently she was an out-of-work journalist.

After that, his memory was incredibly blurry again.

Once he finished getting dressed, Harry took his mokeskin pouch out of his picket and pulled his wand out of it. With a non-verbal spell, he removed the scent of alcohol from his clothes and made them look as though they had just been cleaned. With the task done, he stowed his wand away in the pouch and hung it around his neck before slipping it under his shirt.

At that moment, Harry was very glad that he had put some effort into learning Occlumency. It made headaches, and apparently hangovers, much easier to deal with, though that was not what the art was meant for.

Now that he was dressed and somewhat clean, Harry started looking for some sign of how he had gotten there. An envelope on the nearby table caught his attention rather quickly.

Opening it and removing its contents, a feeling of dread washed over him. It was a marriage certificate. According to it, Harry James Potter and Dinah Laurel Lance were married.

"Bloody hell," he muttered under his breath.

"It's good to see you're awake."

The voice brought his attention to the bathroom door. He had not even realized that the shower had stopped running. Clad in a bathrobe, Harry saw the brunette he had met the previous night, who was also apparently his wife.

Harry could not help but look nervous at that moment, earning a smile from the woman. While he might not have liked that he woke up and found out that he was married to a woman he had only met the day before, it was definitely not one of the worst situations he had ever found himself in. Really, he felt more embarrassed than anything.

"I'm amazed you woke up today. Most people would have gotten alcohol poison from the number of beers you drank last night."

"I can't remember anything after meeting you," Harry said, looking rather sheepish.

"I can believe that. I've never seen a single person drink that much before," she said, shaking her head. "You were mostly sober when we met, though, and you were only a little intoxicated when we got married."

"We really did get married?" Harry asked, looking at the marriage certificate again. Surprisingly, he noticed Remus Lupin's signature on the certificate. Apparently, he had been a witness.

Why exactly Lupin, the most logical of the Marauders, decided to help him have a Vegas wedding was a little beyond him.

"You were charming, fun to be around, and made me feel a little more complete just by being around. I don't think I could have said no even if I wanted to," Dinah told him honestly. "We had a traditional Vegas wedding too, Elvis impersonator and all." She let out a small laugh at the memory, not that Harry could blame her. The thought of being married by an Elvis impersonator was almost enough to make him laugh as well.

He could not deny that he was flatter by what she said, in addition to being somewhat amused, but had a serious question that he felt needed to be answered. "Was that really enough to make you want to marry me?"

"It was a in the heat of the moment type of thing, to be honest," she told him, looking a little embarrassed. "I'll admit that I panicked when I woke up in bed with you and remembered what happened, but I don't actually regret it. I enjoyed our time together and think that things could work out between us."

Hearing her admit to that actually made Harry feel more relaxed than he had been since he first woke up. It really did seem like it was pretty innocent. He must have drank enough to lose some of his inhibitions, while set the whole thing in motion.

Thinking back on the unlikelihood of finding someone that was interested in him for who he was rather than for his role in the conflict with Voldemort, he was starting to think that it might not be that bad of a situation after all.

"I'm willing to give it a try too then," Harry told her, making her let out a soft sigh. Apparently, she had been a little nervous about it.

She did not address that as she began to speak, however.

"After we got married, we went back to the casino where we met, and you started playing blackjack. After you won something like ten million dollars, they kicked us out, not that it mattered. You just took my hand and led me to another casino, where the same thing happened after you won twenty million. The casino after that didn't kick us out though. Instead, they just gave us a complementary room and asked us to retire for the night. You were pretty drunk at that point, though you were definitely able to give me a wedding night."

She actually seemed to shudder as she finished speaking, a barely noticeable blush on her cheeks.

"I wish I could remember all of that," Harry said, shaking his head. From the sounds of it, he had enjoyed himself. He had only really had one girlfriend in the past, unless the single date with Cho counted, but nothing too serious had happened between him and Ginny. He thought he might have come to love her, though the reverse was apparently not true.

"Maybe if you're lucky, you'll get an encore tonight," she told him with a mischievous look in her eyes that sent a shiver down his spine.

"If you're going to be my wife, there are a few things I need to talk to you about first," Harry said, growing serious. If he was going to go along with the situation, it seemed only fair that he talk things over with her.

His words seemed to surprise her. "I wasn't even tipsy when I agreed to marry you. It might have been a sudden decision, but I knew what I was doing and am willing to give it a shot."

Harry could not read a person's mind. The only minds he had ever seen in such a way belonged to Voldemort and Snape. The former had been a result of the horcrux that linked them, while the latter happened in his Occumency lessons with the professor.

That said, he was able to tell if someone was behind honest by looking them in the eyes. He had always been good at making analytical observations, after all.

After looking her in the eyes, he honestly believed that she was telling the truth.

"You say that now, but there are a lot of things you don't know about me," Harry told her.

"Are you married? After last night's performance, I highly doubt you're gay," Dinah asked, making him sputter.

"Before I got married to you, I didn't even have a girlfriend, and I can assure you I am in no way attracted to anyone but girls," Harry told her, shaking his head vehemently. "No, I was referring to something that you'd never guess. I'm a wizard."

Those words made Dinah arch an eyebrow in a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

"A wizard?"

Rather than answer her with words, he reached into his shirt and removed his wand from his mokeskin pouch again.

With a simple swish and flick of his wand, he lifted her into the air with the Levitation Charm.

"You're not kidding," she said in surprise as she was lifted a few feet into the air. She definitely looked nervous at that experience, but she stayed calm at the same time. "I don't know what I'm so surprised to find out that magic's real. I should have expected it, really."

It was a more mild reaction than he had expected, though that was not necessarily a bad thing.

"Why's that?" he asked curiously as he gently set her down and canceled the spell.

"I've met super-powered humans and a couple aliens. Magic doesn't seem so farfetched when you think about that."

Now it was Harry's turn to quirk an eyebrow. "Aliens and super-powered humans?"

"I'd tell you more, but those aren't really my secrets to tell. Well, most of them aren't. I can tell you about me though," she told him. "I'm a super-powered human, or metahuman I suppose. I'm a second generation metahuman, actually. I inherited my ability from my mother."

"Can you show me?" Harry asked curiously. "Not that I don't believe you. I'd just like to see it."

"This isn't the best place for me to use it," she told him with a slight frown. "I'd show you mine since you showed me yours, but I'd hate to make you have to pay to have the room fixed. My ability can be a little destructive."

"I can fix whatever you break if you want to show me," Harry told her. "I can do that with a spell."

That seemed to please Dinah.

"Watch this then," she told him as she faced one of the windows and cleared her throat. Suddenly, she let out a screeching noise, and he actually saw waves of air rush from her mouth to the window. They hit the window and shattered it.

"I can produce subsonic screams just as easily as most people can yell," she told him, smirking a little at his shocked expression.

"Sound waves that can shatter glass," Harry said, letting out a little whistle. He removed his wand and repaired the shattered window once he regained his wits.

"I call it my Canary Cry," she told him. "It can destroy arrows, shatter windows, and even render a man unconscious. I'm still not as good with it as my mother was though."

"My abilities come from my parents too," Harry told her in return. "If you want to learn more about the Wizarding World, I should probably get a hold of Remus though. He was my professor one year and he could probably explain everything you could ever want to know without too much difficulty."

"Remus… I remember him. He was the one that you brought with us to the chapel last night. He was pretty drunk by the time we got married. I didn't see him after that though."

"I think I know how to get a hold of him," Harry said before slipping his hand inside his mokeskin pouch and removing his communicator mirror from it. It was created by Remus shortly after the Second Wizarding War ended so that they could keep in contact. Harry was Moony's last connection to James and Sirius, while he was Harry's last connection to the same people, so having another way to communicate was useful.

After a couple minutes, Harry saw Remus appear in the mirror looking worse for wear.

"Harry, it's good to see you," Remus said with a tone of distinct relief. "When I woke up earlier with no memory of where I had been last night and couldn't find you, I got worried. From what I can piece together, I drank a little too much last night and blacked out. It looks like Dora's the one that took me back to the hotel room, actually. She apparently wanted to surprise me by showing up unexpected.

"You're not the only one who can't fully remember it," Harry told him. "Anyways, I'll fill you in on everything when we get back to the hotel."

"We?" Remus asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, apparently I got married last night. I'll tell you about it in a little bit," Harry said before deactivating the mirror and putting it away in his mokeskin pouch before Remus could try to call him back.

"Nice way to break the news," Dinah said with a hint of amusement in her voice.

"I figured it wouldn't be very nice to wait until we got there before I told him anything," Harry told her innocently, earning a small laugh from her. "Let's get everything together and head out of here so I can introduce you to Remus and Tonks."

She decided not to mention the fact that she already met Remus since he was so drunk when they actually met. There was no point in arguing about it, after all.

It did not take long to pack up and leave the casino resort where Harry got the complimentary room. The only belongings that they had taken with them there were the clothes they had been wearing, the marriage certificate, and a number of large duffel bags that contained a total of fifty million dollars.

Thankfully, magic enabled Harry to put all of the money in a single bag, shrink the bag, and then put it inside his mokeskin pouch.

Dinah had actually been surprised to see how he did not even react to learning that he had won so much money, and his explanation surprised her even more. While he actually was surprised that he won so much, he did not react simply because money was not something he gave much thought to. Even after he lost half of his fortune paying Gringotts reparations for forcefully breaking out of the bank with a dragon, he was still a billionaire in the Wizarding World. Last he heard, the exchange rate from Galleons to dollars meant that he was roughly ten times as rich in the muggle world.

But now the pair were entering the hotel room where Remus had books for them previously. It was a nice two bedroom suite, though not nearly as nice as the room where they had woken up earlier.

"Wotcher Harry," Tonks greeted as she opened the door to let them in. She seemed to be in a good mood if her pink hair and cheerful disposition were taken in account.

"Good to see you Tonks," Harry greeted, giving her a hug. "Tonks, this is Dinah. Apparently, we got married last night."

"I heard about that," she told him, looking a little too amused. She turned to Dinah with a smile. "It's nice to meet you. You can call me Dora or Tonks. I'm married to Remus and Harry is my son's godfather."

Dinah's posture grew more relaxed upon hearing that, a fact that did not escape Harry's attention.

"How old is he?" she asked curiously, making Tonks smile brightly.

"He'll be four months old this month," Tonks answered before taking a picture out of her pocket and showing it to her. Apparently, it was taken using a muggle camera and had not been developed in the solution that would cause the picture to move, which made it ideal to show to people that either did not know about magic or were unfamiliar with it.

"So Tonks, what brought you to Vegas?" Harry asked, distracting the former auror for a moment.

"Mum agreed to watch Teddy for me and said I should join you and Remus on your little vacation. I decided to do just that. Plus, I think she needed some one-on-one time with her grandson," she explained before pausing. "Oh and Harry, Remus asked me to send you to the other room when you showed up. I'm just going to get to know your wife in the meantime."

"I better go talk to him then," Harry said, making his way to the other room. He was definitely glad to see that Dinah and Tonks were starting to get along already.

Upon entering the other room, Harry saw that Remus did not even look as though he had been drunk the previous night. There was no sign of a hangover or other telltale markers of anything out of the ordinary on him. Harry knew that he recovered quickly though. One of the few perks to being a werewolf.

"Married?" Remus asked once he shot the door. Unlike Tonks, he did not seem very amused at all. "I can't believe you actually got married last night."

"Apparently, I wasn't even drunk at the time. I only drank a little bit from what Dinah says, though you were another story. You were pretty drunk at the wedding. It doesn't really matter though. We decided to give it a shot."

"It's a bit more serious than you think," Remus said as he walked over to him and took the marriage certificate out of his hands. "You don't know this because you weren't raised by magical parents, but in the Wizarding World, the only ways out of a marriage are death and a breach of contract. And I'm experienced enough with magic to recognize that this marriage certificate is actually a magical contract."

Those were not words that Harry wanted to hear.

"A magical contract?" he asked nervously. The last one of those that he was involved in resulted in him having to out fly a dragon, grow gills, fight his way through a maze of monsters, and then watch as a Voldemort regained his body. As a result, magical contracts were not something I generally liked.

"I should have warned you ahead of time, but I didn't think you'd actually do it. You just had to go to the only chapel in Las Vegas that is run by a wizard. It is where wizards who want to elope in Vegas go to get married at. Like the Leaky Cauldron, only wizards and witches can actually find it, so they always use magical contracts. Fortunately, this one is pretty mild. But at the same time, it is the most difficult one to break. Simply put, all this contract ensures is that you will take her as your wife until one of you dies. There is nothing that could be done to cause a breach of contract."

Apparently, they had no choice but to try to make their relationship work after all. It was a good thing that they already decided to try.

"But if it's a magical contract, wouldn't I be the only one bound by it?" Harry asked suddenly.

"That isn't how magical contracts work. The contract will draw upon the magic of both parties to ensure that it upheld. If only one person has magic, that person's magic binds both to the contract. Your magic will ensure that neither of you can break the contract. If you try to think about getting divorced, you'll find that you are plagued with doubts about the very idea. You will be compelled to stay as her husband because of the magic. That being said, it will not make you two love, or even like, each other. You don't even have to see her ever again and the contract will still be fulfilled so long as your are together officially."

"Didn't you say that they can be ended by a breach of contract? But if the contract compels you to obey it…." He really did not like the idea of being compelled to do something against his wishes, but it seemed that he did not have a choice. The only good thing was that he had already made his decision before finding that out, and he did not feel compelled to do anything when he made the decision to try to make things work.

"A contract has to be written with the provisions that if something happens or doesn't happen, the marriage is to be dissolved. Yours has no such terms."

"Then I guess I have to make the best of it," Harry said as he took the piece of paper back from Remus, eyeing it warily.

"I'm sorry for getting carried away. If I had stayed sober and actually tried to be a proper chaperone, this wouldn't have happened," Remus apologized.

"Don't worry about it. I'm not as bothered as you think. I never really considered divorce in the first place. Besides, this might be for the best. Nothing happens without a reason, right?"

Remus nodded his head in agreement, though he still had a guilty look in his eyes.

"Anyways, I was hoping you could tell Dinah about the Wizarding World. You're a little better at teaching than I am. I do alright at practical lessons, but that isn't what she needs right now."

"I can do that," Remus said, straightening up. "What does she know so far?"

"Just that I'm a wizard, use a wand, and can levitate people," Harry answered. "The Statute of Secrecy doesn't apply to her since she's my wife, right?"

"The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy doesn't apply at all on this continent," Remus corrected. "But even if we were in England, you could still tell her all about the Wizarding World since she is married to a wizard."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked suddenly, confused.

Remus knew what he was asking about the instant he opened his mouth.

"The International Statute of Secrecy is part of the charter that must be followed by every nation that is part of the International Confederation of Wizards. If they refuse to enforce the ICW's laws, a nation can be fined or even removed from the organization. In the grand scheme of things, being removed from the ICW would not really harm a nation, but it is considered to be very shameful all the same.

"That said, the ICW only has a presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The other continents have nothing to do with the ICW and never have. For the most part, they do not even forbid the usage of magic in front of mundane, as they prefer to call muggles. That is not to say that they openly show their true selves, however. It is a widely accepted fact that all wizards and witches should do their best not to expose their true nature to the public, but action is only taken under dire circumstances. Such as a wizard attempting to reveal the existence of the wizarding world."

That was rather surprising news to hear for him. It was odd to think that he could reveal that he was a wizard to the public as long as he did not reveal anything that truly put the Wizarding World in danger.

Not that he had any intention of revealing that he was a wizard to the public. The last thing he needed was that kind of attention.

"Anyways, I should go and talk to your wife before Dora gets carried away. I'll try to keep my explanations brief for now."

It was apparently a good thing that they decided to go into the other room when they did. As they walked in, they heard Tonks starting to ask how her wedding night went, though she thankfully stopped mid-question when she saw Harry.

Apparently, Remus considered a four hour conversation as a brief explanation. That was how long he spoke with Dinah, at least.

By the end of it, she knew the basics when it came to the Wizarding World, some recent history (though Remus managed to avoid saying who defeated Voldemort), and the details about their marriage certificate being a magical contract.

Like Harry, she was not pleased at the thought of being magically compelled to do anything, but she did not blame him for it. Seeing as how she was quite sober when they got married, she recognized that it was just as much her fault as his and that their rash decision was bound to have some consequences.

All things considered, she took the news rather well.

Once the explanations were over with, the two couples went their separate ways. The Vegas vacation was, for the most part, over. There were no plans for them to meet up again. Tonks had bluntly told them that she was considering the rest of the Vegas vacation as the honeymoon she never had, while Harry and Dinah wanted to get to know each other a little better.

Though Remus and Tonks planned on staying in Vegas for a week and then heading back to London, Harry and Dinah currently did not have any concrete plans.

But in life, things could change in a heartbeat.

Author's Note: This story is in response to Blood Brandy's Vegas Vacation Challenge.

Unlike the other examples of the challenge I've seen, the Second Wizarding War is over at the start of the story and Sirius Black did not fake his death. It suited my purposes better if Voldemort was already defeated and if Harry was a legal adult in the wizarding and muggles worlds.

In addition to that, this story is a crossover between Harry Potter and Smallville, but both of those two worlds are AU to an extent.

The Harry Potter series is pretty much canon up to Chapter 36 of the Deathly Hallows, meaning that the biggest changes are that I am disregarding the Epilogue and will not necessarily listen to content from Pottermore. Prior to Chapter 36 of the Deathly Hallows, there are only three real changes.

The first is that the timeline had been pushed forward by ten years. Every event in the Harry Potter universe (with the exception of real life events, like WWII) happened ten years later in this story. Thus, The First Wizard War started in 1980, Harry Potter was born in 1990, and The Second Wizarding War ran from 2005 to 2008. More information on the timeline can be found on the blog I set up for this story. A link can be found on my profile.

The second and third changes are, respectively, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks surviving the final battle.

Smallville is almost completely canon up to the end of Season 8, Episode 1. There are a couple really minor changes that I've made, though those are to fix plot holes and continuity errors. After the story starts, things won't necessarily happen as they did in the canon series, but no one reads fanfiction to see things happen exactly as they did in canon.

Anyways, thanks for reading.