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Eren ran out of the car first, throwing off his shoes and shirt and feeling the sand between his toes. He was all wide eyes. He was too excited to be tired, even with long flight.

A flight from California to Hawaii.

It had all been Levi's idea. Eren had never seen the beach and Levi figured the best way to see the beach would be in Hawaii. Eren had no objections; neither did Armin or Mikasa when they agreed to come with them.

Mikasa sat down their bag, filled with sunblock and towels, while Armin helped Levi set up the umbrella. Eren was too much in awe to help. Crystal clear waters, white sands and a blue sky overhead. He sat down at the water's edge, letting the waves get his swimsuit wet. He dug his toes into the wet sand and relished in the feel of the cool mud.

It was all too perfect.

"Oi, Eren," Levi called, catching Eren's attention. "Mikasa and I are going to go get drinks. What do you want?"


"Eren, put on sunblock," Mikasa ordered as she trailed after Levi. Eren brushed her off as they walked away but he was soon joined by a grinning Armin.

"Here," Armin hummed, dropping the sunscreen bottle into Eren's lap.

"You're happy," Eren laughed.

"I'm just excited," Armin said. Eren glanced at him and saw how big of a smile he wore. "We're here. In Hawaii. At the ocean. Anything could happen."

"You don't mean sharks, do you?"

"What? No!" Armin cried. "You're so ridiculous at times."

"Just making sure!"

They laughed and Eren conceded to putting on the sunscreen before Mikasa retuned with pina coladas for everyone. Levi took his spot under the umbrella, with his drink, but Mikasa sat down with Eren and Armin. She handed them their drinks and smiled—a big, teary-eyed smile that made Eren raise his brows at her.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm good," Mikasa said, resting her head on his shoulder. "I'm just…I'm really happy we're all here together." She half-laughed and half-choked down what sounded like a little sob. "I'm just really happy."

Armin reached across Eren's lap to pat her on the hand. Eren laughed, wrapping his arms around them as they looked out over the ocean. They were all smiles and happy sobs (more so Mikasa and Armin than Eren and he still couldn't understand why they were so incredibly choked up). Eren glanced over his shoulder to Levi, who has busy with a book, but the black haired man looked up and smiled in Eren's direction.

Eren was determined to stay on the beach the entire day. He was determined to see the sunset, no matter how hard sleep pulled at his eyes.

But seeing the ocean painted red and orange was worth the wait. Mikasa and Armin weren't interested in walking along the beach like Levi was. They were already packing up to go back to the hotel. Levi grabbed Eren's hand with a little tug.

"Let's walk," he said. "Instead of sitting here. You'll fucking fall asleep and end up washing away."

Eren had no objections. He interlocked their fingers and let Levi guide him down the beach's shore. The water splashed at their feet and the mist was cool on their faces. Eren happily hummed, stealing a kiss from Levi whenever he could.

"It's beautiful, Levi," Eren sighed. "This is all so amazing."

"I'm glad you're happy with it."

"How could I not be? This is perfect," Eren said. He ran in front of Levi, kicking at the water to watch the droplets glitter. "Nothing could make this trip any better."

Eren felt a tug on his hand and he turned as Levi pulled him back. Eren smiled, draping his arms over Levi's shoulders. Levi let his hands fall to Eren's waist, firmly keeping him in place.

"The trip isn't that perfect."

Eren shook his head. "I think it is. So far. I don't know what could make it any better."

Levi smiled and pulled away, taking Eren's hands in his own. He slowly kissed Eren's fingers.

"I have a question."


"Something I've been thinking about for a while now. Something I've talked to Mikasa and Armin about."

Eren's heartbeat sped up. Surely…surely Levi wasn't…?

"And they've given me their blessing," he continued, shoving his hand into his pocket. His hand shook as he tried to hold on to Eren's hand. He was nervous. Levi was genuinely nervous. So Eren gripped his hand in return because he already knew his answer.

And Eren was sure Levi knew it too.

Levi pulled out a platinum band with small sparkling diamonds embedded in it. It wasn't gaudy; it didn't have to be. It was simplistic in its design and that made it beautiful. That made the ring perfect.

Eren immediately stretched out his fingers as tears started to swell in his eyes.

"Eren, when I told you I wanted you to stay around in my life a little longer, you know that I meant a lot longer. I don't want you for just ten years, I want you for the rest of my life, Eren. And I hope you'll consider spending the rest of your life at my side. With me."

"Levi…you already know that there's nothing to consider," Eren said, his voice quivering with his own words. "My answer is yes. And it's always been yes."

"Even when I left you in the desert?"

Eren laughed and nodded as Levi slipped the ring on. He threw his arms around Levi's neck in a tight hug, tears streaming down his cheeks. Levi held him tight.

"Will you—"

"Yes, Levi. Yes, I will marry you. And I'll spend the rest of my life at your side."

Levi smiled, unable to hold back tears. Eren laughed excitedly into his hair and he realized Levi had been right. The trip wasn't perfect then.

But it sure as hell was perfect now.