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The funny and the most unexpected thing is that the fallen angel hates showering. No one knows what the real reason is. Is it because Cas feels lazy? Or is it because a kitten is his spirit animal and, like all cats, he hates water?

At first it'd been bearable, and not that noticeable, but after a few days of not seeing Castiel showering, Dean had started to scrunch his nose, and had started grumbling something about the smell of dead rats. The fallen angel had not paid any attention to the complaints, sitting quietly on the couch and watching some stupid movie.

It reaches its culmination after they return from a hunt bloody, dirty, and in torn clothes. Castiel plops down on the couch, closing his eyes and stretching his aching limbs with a small sigh. He looks like he's gonna fall asleep any minute. And that's when Dean loses it. He drops his bag on the floor and pads over to Castiel.

"Get up!" he demands angrily.

The ex-angel opens his eyes in surprise. "Is there something wrong, Dean?" he asks quietly.

"Yes! I can't take it anymore!" Dean yells and grabs Castiel's arm, tugging him forward violently. Castiel manages to make a small "oompff" sound and nothing more, as he finds himself thrown over Dean's shoulder. The hunter drags him into the bathroom.

The god-awful noises coming from the bathroom draw the younger Winchester's attention and he comes out of the kitchen, where he's been cooking a dinner. Due to his injured leg, Dean refused to take him on a hunt with them.

Sam gets closer to the bathroom and this is what he hears:

"Cas, for fuck's sake, stop wriggling!"

"Dean, put me down! No, I do not want to get into the shower cabin!"

"No way in hell! You reek, dude! And close your mouth if you don't want it full of water!"

"I don't think… blaalfkbslfbakvfavfv…"

"Told you to close your mouth!"

Sam just giggles like a child and tiptoes to the kitchen, while Castiel keeps gurgling and splashing, making Dean curse like a drunk sailor.