Hey guys, I came up with an idea. I was thinking about GateMasterGreen's fanfic "Bloodstained Chessboard". In the beginning, Yang takes Ruby's diary. I started to think to myself, "What lengths would Ruby go to, just to get her diary back?" This is a story about that

This was made as of episode 10

Disclaimer: I would love to own RWBY, but sadly I don't *a single tear comes from my eye as I look away sadly*

It was a typical Saturday for Team RWBY. Everyone slowly got up at eight, except for Yang who sleeps in. Everyone made their own breakfast and went about their day. Blake would go to her hiding place to read. Weiss went to the library to study. Ruby, then had the difficult task of waking Yang up. They would all go through their day and come back for dinner. Then they would relax in their dorms. This was the time Ruby would write in her diary, which gives us one problem.

"GUYS HELP ME!" Ruby yelled, causing her teammates to jump out of their beds and activate their respective weapons.

"Ruby, what's wrong?" Yang asked, after seeing no imminent threat.

Ruby looked down from her bunk frantic. "I can't find my diary!" she cried.

"Oh come on!" Weiss exclaimed sheathing her weapon and heading back to her textbook. Blake simply rolled her eyes before doing the same.

Yang on the other hand, rolled her eyes and asked, "Did you check under your pillow?"

Ruby nodded and said, "Yes. I checked under my pillow, under my bed, in my clothes, in my bag, in the kitchen cabinets," Ruby took a deep breath before finishing. "But I can't find it anywhere."

Yang was about to respond, when the door burst open.

"Where's the danger!" Jaune said, his shield up to block an attack and his sword ready. Ren came in behind him with his Jade Dragons raised at head height, scanning the room. All four girls stared at the two would-be heroes.

"Oh. Ruby just lost her diary," Yang said with a smile.

"Oh. Um. Well then," Jaune said embarrassed. "I guess we'll be going then. See ya later." Jaune said as he left and closed the door.

"So what are we going to do about my diary?" Ruby asked, bringing back the conversation to where it started.

"Ruby, you're diary is the black one with red sidings and a red rose on the front, right?" Blake asked.

"Yes," Ruby said delighted. "Did you see it?"

"Yeah, I saw it at a table in the library today," Blake said.

"Can you show me?" Ruby asked. Ruby saw Blake start to shake her head. "Pleeeeease?" Ruby said, clasping her hands together and giving Blake her best puppy eyes.

Blake looked at Ruby for a moment before sighing. "Fine," she said.

"Yay! Thank you Blake," Ruby said. "Now come on. Let's go," she continued, dragging Blake from her bed.

"I'm pretty sure it was on this table," said Blake pointing.

Ruby saw that her diary wasn't on the table, or any of the others for that matter. She was going to go ask the librarian if she saw her diary when Ruby felt something just wasn't right. She looked under the table and gasped. Under the table was a taped note. Ruby ripped off the tape and took the paper.

"What's that," Blake asked.

"Dunno," Ruby replied. "Let's find out." She read the paper out loud. "'If you're reading this, then I have your diary Ruby Rose.' Someone stole it? They're going to pay dearly when I find them. 'If you want to get you're diary back, then you're going to have to work hard and solve the mystery. Here's your first clue:

I was full and green

Until someone burnt my knee

Look around my corpse

That's all burned and scorched

When we meet

You may fine a sheet

You'll remember this isn't a joke

For that sheet will be a note

Solve the riddle and you'll find the next clue.' What the hell is wrong with this guy?" Ruby said. "Who does he think he is? Taking my diary like that. What should I do Blake?" Ruby asked the black haired girl.

"It seems as though you need to solve the mystery," Blake answer, allowing a little excitement to creep into her voice. Blake always liked mystery stories, and now it was happening to her in real life.

"But who would do such a thing?" Ruby asked.

"I don't know," Blake replied.

"Well Blake, looks like we have a diary to find," Ruby said.

I think this could become pretty good. I'll probably update this along with Yang's Mission. Also I think this is one of the only mystery fanfics for RWBY right? Hopefully I can set a good example. By the way, I'm going to check with BlackenHearts to see if I can use his format in A Spot of Red where the stories will be in the same timeline but not in chronological order. Well now that I think about it, it's going to probably be resolved by the time this story is up.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed. I will write the next chapter soon but I won't release it until someone solves the riddle (it's in the the show).