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Elena sat at her desk in silence, nothing could be heard except the occasional scratching of her pencil against paper. Elena had been writing in her journal, until A knock at her door caused her to jump out of her thoughts. "Just a sec!" Elena called to the unknown visitor as she quickly closed her diary and shoved it on the window seat behind her. Elena took a deep breath and looked at the door, "Come in!" she said, smiling with false enthusiasm.

The door opened and standing there was a young woman roughly the same height as Elena, but the comparisons stopped there, her eyes were green, and her hair was much lighter and curlier than Elena's was, though today it looked like the curls were done with a curling iron instead of naturally. She smiled and stepped in Elena's room, "Hey Elena, I was wondering if-" She broke off, looking behind Elena, she noticed a corner of a book peaking out from under a pillow as if it were hidden there, "Have I come at a bad time?" She frowned, knowing the book was Elena's diary.

Elena seemed to know what her sister was getting at, and sighed, taking a look at her diary and back to her sister, "No, don't be silly Angie, what were you going to ask?"

Angela nodded and gave a half smile, "Oh good, because I'd hate to intrude." She paused, looking pointedly at the diary. When Elena said nothing she continued, "I was just going to ask if I could borrow one of your jackets for today, all of mine seem to be missing. They must be in the laundry room or something."

Elena had to laugh at that, her sister always tried to look her best on the first day of school, but she was so disorganized. She didn't know how she found anything in that closet of hers. "Sure thing Angela, borrow whatever you need, but not the black jacket, I'm wearing that today. Anything else is fine."

Angela nodded and started walking towards the closet, Elena watched, and upon inspecting her sister's outfit, had a sudden idea, "Actually, I think I have something that will match your shoes almost exactly." Elena got up,walked over to her closet and pulled out a red leather jacket. Angela had been wearing a green dress and red flats,"See? It's the same color as your shoes and it will go well with the dress too." Elena handed her the jacket with a small smile.

Angela grinned, and inspected the jacket, "Thank you Elena, it's perfect. Although with all this red and green I'm sure to look like a walking Christmas card!" Angela laughed and put on the jacket and looked in the mirror, "All I need is some glitter and one of those necklaces that light up and say 'Hello December thank you for coming early this year!' I wonder If Lauren has one of those necklaces, I'll ask her at school." She chucked amused at the prospect. Angela took one last look in the mirror and pulled her hair out from under the jacket.

She looked up at Elena and paused, she didn't know what it was, but Elena seemed different today, she knew how hard it was for her sister these past few months. Ever since their mom and dad died Elena lost that.. Fire, her passion for life she once held. Elena didn't just change, the whole family changed. Jenna went from party-loving, college-girl to responsible parent figure, in a split second. Poor Jenna still doesn't know what she was doing, but she was trying her hardest to provide for them. Jeremy used to love drawing, he drew in his sketchbook every day, now he won't even pick it up. He used to study all the time, he cared about his grades, but now he spends every moment he can, attempting to get high or wasted. As for her, well.. She didn't care much for academics as she did now. Before their parents died, she was a mix of Jeremy and Elena combined. A bit of a rebel, tired of all the pressure being a founding family member gave her.

Go here, take a picture there. Smile at all the events. Her parents painted them to the town as the all American, perfect family, and in some ways they were, but she just needed a release from all the structure. So, over time she acted dumber than she was, which annoyed her teachers to no end, but she was tired of all the attention. One day after class a group of her and her friends went to the mall and she stole some lip gloss. From there, she began to take bigger and more highly price items. She was always careful not to get caught and she never did. Being a founding family member did have some perks, no one would expect Angela Gilbert of doing anything wrong. At Lockwood parties, Tyler would give her alcohol, which she saved and brought to school later on whenever she could. She never thought she'd get in trouble. I mean her parents were close to the Sheriff! Her and Elena were good friends with the Sheriff's daughter. It was perfect. Back then, she didn't think there were consequences to her actions, but ever since her parents died she found out how wrong she was.

When her parents died, she decided to change, no more shoplifting, no more trouble making of any kind. That's why, over the summer she went to Sheriff Forbes and told her everything she did. The Sheriff didn't want to punish her, but she insisted. She always had an interest in animals so the Sheriff gave her community service at the veterinary office. Happy to do some good, she accepted, though she told everyone she was interning there. She was still a founding family member after all, and didn't want to disappoint her parents with the town finding out her misdeeds. She hated working at first, but over time she grew to love it and she desperately wanted to continue working there during the school year. Later today she's going to try to actually get a job there, now that community service for the summer is over.

Angela only hoped things would get better for the rest of her family. Elena didn't do much over the summer, she just stayed in her room mostly. Angela tried to take her out to the grill sometimes, but Elena never wanted to go. Instead, Angela made popcorn and ordered pizza and Elena and Angie had a movie night at least once a week. Elena appreciated her sister trying and they ended up growing closer than they were. This morning Elena seemed to be in a better mood. Not completely better, but she was getting there, Angela was just happy to see a glimpse of her old sister, whether Elena was faking it or not she didn't know, she did know Elena was trying and that brought a smile to her face.

Elena stared at her grinning sister, she didn't understand what she was so happy about, it was just a jacket after all. She pretended not to hear the Christmas card remark, even thinking about Christmas gave her shivers. This Christmas would be the first Christmas without her parents. Elena gulped and willed herself not to think about it. She knew her sister meant well, and she appreciates her trying to put her in a better mood, but she sometimes doesn't think before she speaks. Elena smiles anyway, knowing that with time they would get through this.

She thought back to last year how everything was different, how she and her sister barely talked. Not for lack of trying they just didn't have many of the same things in common. Elena had her cheer leading and Angela had... what did Angela have? Elena thought. She kept racking her brain for answers, she knew Angela had a close group of friends, but didn't know what she liked to do! Besides, getting in trouble like she used to, hanging around her ex boyfriend and watching Harry Potter, Elena didn't know what her sisters hobbies were. Elena felt horrible, that's how self-absorbed she had been last year, everything was partying, cheering, and Matt. She never spared time for her siblings, though she loved them. She vowed this year would be different, well it already was wasn't it? She had gotten to know her sister more in these few months than in the years they'd grown up together.

Thanks to their weekly movie nights, Elena and Angela found they surprisingly had things in common. They both liked Oreos dipped in peanut butter and preferred dark chocolate to milk chocolate. The both like sleeping on their left side and they both know every word to breakfast at Tiffany's, sure those were just frivolous things, but its things they share and finding that out about each other made them happy. Why didn't Elena want to hang out with her sister before? She didn't know, she guessed she had always just been closer to Jeremy, and since Jeremy and Angela were really close Elena felt out of the loop sometimes. So, when she got a chance to spend time with Jer, she took it, which unintentionally left Angela out.

"Elena? Are you okay?" Angela asked as she gently touched Elena's arm.

Elena is once again pulled out of her thoughts "Oh my god I'm sorry I did it again, didn't I? I didn't mean to space out on you." Elena sighed, rubbing her forehead, she really needed to stop doing that.

"It's okay, don't worry I kind of spaced out too, but are you sure you're OK? If you need to talk, about anything I'm here, okay?" Angela squinted her eyes and sat down next to her sister, putting a reassuring arm around her, trying to show Elena she understood.

Elena nodded, though she really didn't want to get into this conversation now, so instead she changed the subject "Bonnie is picking me up and driving me to school, do you want to come with us?"

Angela rolled her eyes at the change of conversation, but decided not to push it. "Oh no thanks, I actually have to go to work first and drop off some papers so, I'm going to be a little late to school today." Angela had worked everything out with Sheriff Forbes to get the proper paperwork to apply for a part time position even though she was underage. Her birthday was coming up soon so she didn't think it would be a problem. She crossed her fingers, praying her boss, Mrs. Banks would consider hiring her.

"Oh, okay, well Bonnie could maybe drive you home? If you want?" Elena asked hopefully, she was really weary of the roads and just wanted to make sure her sister was safe.

Angela knew what Elena was doing and nodded "Yeah, okay If I see her."

Elena smiled and looked over to her diary, she hadn't finished writing in it, but she would feel rude if she asked her sister to leave. Angela seems to get the point asked Elena if she wanted to come downstairs with her. Knowing Elena would politely decline. Elena shook her head no and Angela got up and walked towards the door.

"Okay, take your time" Angela smiled, glanced at the diary and walked downstairs to find Jenna. She didn't understand why Elena felt the need to hide the diary from her. Jeremy, she understood, given how he's been lately, and his choice words bashing the diary a few weeks ago, calling it a 'waste of time.' Angela huffed, she was getting sick of his attitude lately.

If what Jeremy said had caused Elena to feel ashamed about writing in her diary, then Angela was going to kill him. 'Or better yet she'll go out to the store and buy gallons of bright pink paint and splash it all over his walls, lets see how he likes sleeping in a cotton candy room!' Angela laughed just thinking about it.

Busy plotting revenge for Elena against Jeremy, Angela wasn't looking in front of her and slammed into the solid figure in front of her."Whoops!"

Angela looked up and gasped. She accidentally walked right into Aunt Jenna and caused her to drop her books. "Oh god Aunt Jenna! I'm so sorry I didn't see you!" Angela rushed to pick up all the books.

Jenna laughed "It's okay sweetie, I got them." Jenna ducked down, grabbed the books and put them on the counter. "So, how are you doing? Excited for your first day back?" Jenna asked, trying to act like the parent type, a role she had no idea how to handle, but Angela loved her for it, if Jenna hadn't taken her and her siblings in who knows what would have happened.

"Excited? Well.. I don't think excited is the word I'd use, I'm happy to be going back ,but there's just certain people I'd rather not see you know?" Grimacing thinking of her ex boyfriend Wesley. "And I'm fine, Aunt Jenna don't worry about me, it's Jeremy and Elena I'm worried about."

Jenna nodded in understanding, though she didn't know exactly what happened with her and her ex she knew Angela didn't like to talk about him. Jenna sighed, she and Angela were the most alike out of the family. Thinking of her own situation with Logan. "How are Elena and Jeremy doing?"

"Jeremy is.. Well, I don't know. We used to be so close, you know? Inseparable. But now he hardly talks to me anymore.." tearing up Angela switched siblings "and Elena, she's doing better than she has in a while." Angela smiled wiping away a stray tear that had fallen.

"And what about you Angie? Be honest, you can tell me." Jenna knew Angela was always focused on her siblings more than herself, and she truly didn't know how Angela was dealing with the sudden change in her life.

"I... Jenna, it's hard you know? But we all grieve in our own way, we all find our own things to make us better, and now what will make me better is helping Elena and Jeremy." Angie said on the verge of tears, she knew she didn't have any time to grieve properly with helping Jenna get settled, and dealing with the funeral, and trying (and failing) to get Jeremy out of trouble. She had just barely gotten Elena out of her funk, with everything going on she never thought about herself and she realized that if she thought about it now, after months of not thinking about it she would break. "So, really Aunt Jenna I'm fine. Or I will be after I know Elena and Jeremy are okay"

Jenna looked worried "You don't always have to take the back seat, I know Elena is older than you, and you are the "older" twin, but that doesn't make you the middle child, You are only an hour older than Jeremy after all. It's sweet that you're worried about them, but you have to take care of yourself too."

Angie laughed at that, she loves being older than Jeremy- if only by an hour, and she loves bragging about it to him and seeing him get so annoyed. Well, he used to... Maybe she should mention it later at school to see how he reacts. She walked over to Jenna and hugged her. "Thank you Aunt Jenna, I promise if I need to talk about it, or about anything at all I'll come to you."

Jenna grinned, happy that she at least got the talking thing down. Suddenly she hears two pairs of footsteps coming downstairs. "Oh hey, are you guys hungry? Toast! I can make toast!" Jenna found herself panicking, what would Miranda do on the kids first day of school? Come on. Think!

"It's all about the coffee Aunt Jenna." Elena couldn't find it in herself to eat anything this morning, that and she didn't want to add emphasis to her overly stressed out Aunt, coffee would be fine and they could eat at school if needed.

"Is there coffee?" Jeremy obnoxiously pushed passed Elena in search of coffee. "Oh hey Jer, yeah, there's coffee right here, let me-" Angela walked over to the coffee pot and began to pour a cup, but Jeremy ignored every word she said and instead grabbed Elena's coffee out of her hands. "Hey!" Elena exclaimed. Angela smiled slightly, and gave Elena the cup of coffee she had poured for Jeremy.

Jenna was running around trying to think of how she could help the kids before they went to school. "Your first day of school and I'm totally unprepared. Lunch money?" it wasn't much, but she was happy to give them whatever they needed, she really didn't want to fail at this.

"I'm good" Elena said, taking a sip of the coffee Angela had given her.

Jenna nodded and turned to Angela holding out her wallet, "What about you Angie? Lunch money?"

Angie just shook her head and mumbled a "no thanks" Angela was still reeling from how Jeremy behaved towards her, he had no problem stealing Elena's coffee, but he didn't acknowledge her offer to make him coffee, he didn't even look at her! And steeling coffee was normal sibling bickering for him. So, why was he blatantly ignoring her? Had she done something wrong? All she knew is that she would get to the bottom of this before the end of the day.

Jeremy walked over and took the money from Jenna, Elena glared at him and Angela just looked.. Lost. "Anything else? A number two pencil? What am I missing?" Jenna asked, handing Jeremy the money.

"Don't you have a big presentation today?" Elena asked, worried, not wanted her Aunt to be late because of them.

"Presentation what presentation?" Jenna said, mostly to herself. Then it clicked ,"I'm meeting with my thesis adviser at.. Now. Crap!"

"Then go. We'll be fine." Elena insisted.

Jenna nodded her head and smiled slightly, how was Elena able to make everything look so easy? She must have gotten that from Miranda, she thought.

"Yeah, Aunt Jenna don't worry about us! Sorry again for making you drop your books" Angela looked down embarrassed

"No problem." Came Jenna's hasty reply as she rushed off to get her car keys.

"Hey, you okay?" Elena turned to look at her brother. Jeremy instantly became annoyed

"Don't start." He huffed and walked away from Elena. Tired of her mother hen attitude all the time.

"Hey!" Angela called. "Hey Jeremy wait! Jeremy wait up! Jeremy please!" Angela ran after him.

Jeremy sighed. "What do you want Angela?" Jeremy crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame.

"What do I want? What do you mean? I just want to talk to you. What's going on with you? Why did you ignore me earlier? And why are you acting like that with Elena? She's just worried about you, we both are." Angie told him. Confused. How could he not know what she wanted?

"Yeah, well, great Angie, that's just great, you guys are worried about me, well I'm fine, thanks." Jeremy made to move past her.

"Jeremy! Hey, why are you acting like this?" Angela rubbed her temple, unsure of what was going on. Over the summer she would get one.. Maybe two words out of Jeremy, She chalked it up to grief. But this, this was something different and she didn't know what to do.

Jeremy grabbed his backpack and put his headphones in his ears, he knew what he really wanted to say to her, but was in no mood for argument, at least not this early. So, he simply blasted his music and pushed Angela out of the way. As he was walking out of the door, he turned to her and growled "I'm not acting like anything, maybe you're just the one with the problem."

Angela was momentarily stunned. Watching Jeremy walk away, what just happened? How was she the problem? Angela thought, shaking her head in disbelief as she grabbed her things. "Well, today got off to a good start." She mumbled as she set off on her walk alone.