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A fewhours after leaving Elena's room at her request, Angela went over to her phone, and saw no new messages, the screen only saying the date, November 24th 2009. Angela sighed, and put her phone down, deciding to go downstairs to make coffee for her sister, knowing she had to be tired, when she reached the bottom of the stairs she was surprised to see Elena already there, with a cup in hand. "Elena?" Angela asked, confused as she walked further into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. "How are you doing?" Angela asked after she took a sip and placed the cup down on the counter.

Elena stirred and looked downwards at her cup awkwardly, "I don't... I'm not sure." Elena said as she picked up her cup and drank it to the point where it was empty. Elena sighed and walked across the room and stood in front of the sink before turning to Angela, "There's just so much I don't know, and I'm.. Frustrated. I just don't see why Jenna didn't tell me!" Elena burst and she dropped the coffee cup in the sink, angrily, causing a loud clashing sound. Elena looked startled and checked to see if the cup was broken. When she saw it wasn't she gave her sister a half smile and crossed her arms, "I think I need to get out of here for a bit." Elena whispered as she walked past Angela and grabbed her jacket from the top of the couch.

"Elena... where are you going? You, Can't you.. You- just got back! Besides, it's getting dark." Angela stuttered, staring at her sister with wide eyes as she walked forward and grabbed her arm.

Elena sighed and gave her sister a quick hug before she grabbed her car keys, "I'm just going to Stefan's. I promise, I'll be back tonight." Elena assured and she made to open the front door.

"What about Jenna? You need to talk to her." Angela sighed, knowing her sister was just trying to avoid the situation.

Elena closed her eyes as she held on to the door handle, "Tell Jenna... just tell her that- no. You know what? Don't tell her anything." Elena said coldly as she opened the front door and went outside, slamming it slightly behind her. Elena let out a heavy breath of frustration the second Angela was out of sight and started walking to her car.

Stefan watched her and cleared his throat, "Bad time?" He asked carefully as he walked toward Elena.

"Stefan.." Elena sighed as she ran and hugged him, "I was just going to come over." Elena told him as the hug ended.

"Looks like I beat you to it." Stefan smiled, and held up a box he had been carrying, "Can we go inside? There's something I have to show you."

"Where's Elena?" Jenna asked sadly, as she walked down the steps toward her younger niece.

Angela shrugged as she sat down on the couch and pointed to the front door, "She stormed out."

"She what?" Jenna asked, with wide eyes, worry etched in her features.

Angela shook her head and immediately tried to soothe her Aunts worrying, "Not like that, I'm sorry. I only meant, that she went to see Stefan." Angela corrected and Jenna began to relax.

Jenna nodded as she held her bag closer to her, "Okay, well, I'm going out for a bit, will you guys be okay with pizza for dinner?" Jenna asked as she searched through her bag for money to give to Angela.

"Mhm, yeah, pizza sounds fine... Are you okay aunt Jenna?" Angela asked, as Jenna kept opening and closing the same zipper on her purse.

"No, I'm not.. I'm failing at everything, Elena hates me and now I- I can't even find the money I set aside for you guys tonight.." Jenna said, as she let out a few shaky breaths and sat down on the couch next to her niece. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be talking to you about this." Jenna said as she closed her eyes and sighed.

"You aren't a failure, and Elena doesn't hate you... she just needs time to cool off, and then you'll talk and everything will be fine." Angela assured her worrying Aunt.

Jenna smiled tiredly at her niece as she began searching through her purse for the money, "I hope you're right... I would just hate for us to be in a bad place when I-" Jenna paused as she found the money and handed it to Angela, "Aha! Here you go, I knew I'd find it." Jenna said triumphantly.

Angela smiled and walked her aunt to the doorway, "You'd hate to be fighting when what, Jenna?" Angela asked.

"Well.. I didn't want to make a big deal... especially since I've never done it before, but I'm cooking a turkey. I found a recipe I can follow and everything." Jenna whispered softly.

"A turkey? What's the occasion?" Angela asked, and then she remembered what the date was and gasped. "Today's the 24th... that means.."

"Thanksgiving is in two days." Jenna finished for her, and looked at her niece sadly. "I didn't want to make a big deal, I know you all have had other things going on... I just thought it would be nice, as long as I don't burn the house down." Jenna added jokingly.

Angela smiled at her Aunt, seeing past her facade and gave her a quick hug, "It will be nice. Elena will come around." Angela promised as Jenna nodded and squeezed her hand before going outside.

Angela closed the door behind her Aunt and started walking back to the living room, until she heard a noise come from upstairs and stilled. Knowing she was alone in the house, Angela ran up the stairs and into her room as quietly as she could, to get her phone to call Elena.

Elena and Stefan are lying on Elena's bed together, talking about the previous day's events, "Stefan, who was that man in the road?" Elena asked as she leaned against Stefan.

"I don't know. Do you remember anything else about him?" Stefan asked softly.

Elena shook her head and shivered, "I wish. I never really saw his face. He was wearing a hoodie. All I can remember is that there were these black boots coming towards me." Elena told him as her phone began to ring. Elena groaned and turned her phone off, not bothering to see who was calling.

Stefan waited until she was finished and cleared his throat to catch her attention, "I brought some vervain for, um—for you and Jenna." Stefan pauses as he grabs a box from the end of the bed. Elena sits up straight and watched Stefan open the box up. "And, um, I made this bracelet for Jeremy, Angela already has one, so- um.." Stefan cleared his throat again,"There's also a few extra ones for friends." Stefan hands Elena a bracelet. She takes it and observes it., "You can put it in jewelry, or you can even put it in food or drink, but as long as it's in you or on you, a vampire cannot control you." Stefan finishes as he hands Elena a small vial of liquid vervain.

Elena picks up a dried up branch of vervain from the box with wide eyes, "Wow. So much to remember."

"I know, but there's other vampires in town... The one you hit, and the one who killed Mrs. Banks. So, until we find out who they are and what they want, we have to be careful." Stefan reminds her, Elena nods understandingly as she continues to look at the vervain.

Angela walked to Elena's room cautiously after hearing Elena's phone ring and knocked on the door. Angela stood there for what felt like hours when in reality it was only seconds when Elena had finally opened the door. "Hey, you okay?" Elena asked when she saw her sister staring at her with wide eyes.

Angela breathed out a sigh of relief as she pushed her sister playfully, "I thought you left! And then i- heard your phone and..." Angela looked past Elena and saw Stefan lying in her bed. "Oh.."

Stefan got up and looked at Angela sheepishly, "Sorry, I just came by to drop off this." Stefan said as he showed her all the vervain.

"Stefan brought it so we could give it to our friends." Elena smiled as she picked up a bracelet and showed it to her, "Do you think Jeremy would wear this?"

Angela shrugged as she picked up a necklace she knew Lauren would love, "Anything's possible... can I have this one?" She asked, turning to Stefan.

"You can take whatever you'd like." Stefan smiled warmly at her.

Angela nodded as she began going through the box, "Oh! Before I forget, we're ordering pizza. So, here's the pizza money." Angela said as she handed it to Elena, not wanting to worry about misplacing it.

Later, Angela went in her room to take a nap, Jeremy was sketching at the dining room table when the doorbell rings, Jeremy sighs when he see's he is the only one downstairs and he gets up to answer it. He opens the door to see a man in a pizza delivery uniform.

"Hey. It's twenty two dollars." He says as he pulls the pizza out of the bag.

Jeremy nods and turns toward the stairs, "Elena, I need the money!" He yells before turning to the man with the pizza and smiling slightly, "Uh, here. Come in. Just put it on the table." Jeremy walks back into the dining room as the man stands on the front porch for a moment longer before crossing the threshold into the house. He places the pizza on the table and waits.

Hearing her brother's obnoxious yelling Angela heads downstairs and sees the pizza man waiting. "Oh.. Uh.. Hey.." Angela says awkwardly as she stays on the stairs wearily. "Did he just leave you here alone?" Angela asked, silently cursing her brother for being so rude.

The man chuckled, "It's alright, it's all in the job."

"Right.. So, what's your name?" Angela asked as Elena walked past her on the stairs, with her wallet in hand.

"Hi. Um, keep the change." Elena smiled as she handed him the money.

"Thanks. And you have yourself a good night." He says as he starts to head out of the house, before he pauses and smiles at Angela, "I'm Noah." He says as he leaves. Elena smiles and shuts the door. Noah turns around, pulls the hood of his sweater over his head, and walks down the steps of the front porch.

"What was that?" Elena asked playfully as the sister's went to get pizza for themselves.

"What was what?" Angela asked, confused as she grabbed them some napkins.

"Oh, you know.. The whole "I'm Noah" Thing. Were you two flirting?" Elena joked as she sat down.

"Don't be ridiculous, I was being polite.. Besides.. Was it just me or did that guy give you the creeps?" Angela asked as she took a bite of pizza.

"I think it was just you, but hey! No judgments here, I mean.. I'm dating a vampire." Elena whispered once Jeremy was out of sight.

Angela rolled her eyes as she continued to eat her pizza, but she couldn't shake the bad feeling she had.

After her third slice of pizza Angela decided to call it a night. Unfortunately for her, she didn't get a second of proper sleep. Mrs. Banks attack playing on repeat in her mind all night.

Angela walked up the stairs, branch in hand as she opened the door, "Mrs. Banks?" Angela whispered as she walked further inside the building. Angela groaned in her sleep, trying to wake herself up, knowing what was coming next. "I thought I told you to stay away from here." Angela turned around, to see Mrs. Banks and grabbed her hand, "Come on! We have to get out of here!" Angela tried to pull her forward but she wouldn't budge.

"You need to hide, Go into my office, and close the door behind you." Mrs. Banks said, as she pushed Angela along, further down the hallway where there was no light.

"No, no! Stop, what are you doing? I'm trying to save you. Why won't you let me save you?" Angela screamed until she felt hoarse. Mrs. Banks didn't even seem to notice, she just stood there, looking right through her until the man appeared and snapped Angela's neck.

Angela gasped as she bolted upright with beads of sweat dripping down her forehead as she looked around, realizing she had been dreaming. "Are you alright?" Lauren asked concerned.

Angela looked beside her and almost screamed, "Jesus! What are you doing here?" Angela croaked as she jumped out of bed and held a hand to her neck and took several breaths as stared at her friend with an annoyed expression.

Lauren stood up and walked over to her friend with a guilty expression, "Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you.. Jeremy let me in." Angela nodded as she sat back down and tried to clear her dream from her mind.

"So... nightmares huh? You can tell me about them, if you want." Lauren said quietly as she held Angela's hand.

Angela shifted uncomfortably and she squeezed Lauren's hand and gave her a stiff smile, "Thanks.. But I don't really want to talk about it."

Lauren nodded as she got up and recovered a bag from the side of Angela's bed, "Well, this is why I'm here! That, and to take you to school. Bummer, what happened to your car huh? Thank god Elena's alright." Lauren had said changing the subject as she handed the bag to Angela.

"What's all this? And school? I was thinking of skipping. Just today!" Angela clarified once she saw the disapproving look her friend sent her.

"Just open it up! And you're going! I need you! Besides, I thought I was the one who was supposed to cause trouble." Lauren joked as she began to go through the bag with Angela.

Angela rolled her eyes as she grabbed a silky fabric out of the bag and groaned, "No. Absolutely not. Is this for the dance tonight?" Angela asked once she had pulled the long blue skirt out of the bag.

Lauren laughed, "No, I just wanted you to wear a poodle skirt to class.. Not that I'm against that! But of course it's for the dance! You have to go. You haven't gone out in ages!" Lauren exclaimed as she took the skirt from Angela and turned it around, showing her the poodle.

Angela grimaced as she looked at the light blue poodle skirt, "I... I don't know Lauren I'm not really up to it."

Lauren looked at her sympathetically, but shook her head, insisting, "You can't stay cooped up in this house forever, besides... do you think that's what she'd want?" Lauren whispered, as she placed the skirt on the bed and watched her friend carefully.

Angela narrowed her eyes, and scoffed, beginning to feel angry, "You didn't know her."

"That's not true! I may not have known her as well as you did, but I did know her, and I know she loved you. And I know that she wanted you to have fun in your life. Come on, she wouldn't want you to be like this!" Lauren said, refusing to back down.

Angela sighed, knowing Lauren was right, as she had grown closer to Mrs banks she had tried her hardest to cheer her up after her parents died. She had constantly told her "your parents wouldn't want this for you." Mrs. banks had been right then, and Lauren was right, now. You aren't supposed to stop living your life just because death happens. That didn't mean Angela suddenly wanted to dress up in a costume and go to a dance.

"I'll think about it Lauren, but... no promises." Angela whispered, and Lauren knew it was the best she would get.

"Great! Now lets go to school. Get dressed." Lauren told her as she threw an outfit she'd found in the closet on Angela's bed.

Angela discarded the outfit, Lauren had laid out for her, not feeling in the mood to put on jeans and instead put on a pair of black leggings and Jeremy's Halo T-shirt she'd stolen from him. When she was finished, she quickly slipped on her boots and brushed her teeth. As she walked down the stairs with her bag she put her hair in a pony tail.

"Now, I know for sure, that is not what I picked out." Lauren pouted as they walked to her car. Angela shrugged, feeling comfortable as she got in the passenger seat and set her bag on the floor. "Fine! But at least.. I don't know, here take my purse." Lauren said as she handed it to Angela as she started the car.

Angela laughed as she began taking makeup out of Lauren's purse and applying the minimum effort to appease her.

"Excellent, so, did I tell you, Wes called me?" Lauren asked as she drove.

"What did he say?" Angela asked cautiously as she carefully put on eyeliner.

"Nothing really, we just caught up a bit.." Lauren trailed off nervously.

"That's great.." Angela mumbled as she was half paying attention.

"-And he asked me to the dance.. I said yes.. Is that stupid?" Lauren asked worriedly as she glanced at her friend.

Angela sighed as she turned to Lauren, not knowing what to say, "Look.. I don't.. Just be careful, you know what happened the last time." Angela warned and Lauren nodded.

"Sorry, I know this is weird to talk about with you... but he seems like he's sorry, I don't know where he disappeared off too for those days he was gone, but I think things are really starting to turn around." Lauren said smiling. Angela nodded and hoped she was right.

"That reminds me.. Uh.. Here." Angela fumbled through her bag until she had found the necklace she had taken from Stefan's vervain stash.

Lauren had pulled into the school parking lot just as Angela found the necklace, "What's this?" Lauren asked as she turned the engine off.

"It's a gift." Angela smiled as Lauren held the star pendant in her hands.

"It's so pretty! Does it open?" She asked curiously as she tried to pry it open at the hedge on the side.

"No! It doesn't." Angela exclaimed quickly with wide eyes, afraid that she would open it, and the vervain would fall out.

Lauren laughed at her reaction as she put the necklace on, "OK just wondering. I can't believe you got me this! Now I feel extra bad about your birthday present being late!"

"What birthday present?" Angela asked as she opened the car door to get out.

"Well.. First, I bought you a sweater, but then I returned it, thinking you'd never wear it, and then when I found out you got a car, I ordered you one of those license plate frames? Harry potter themed, obviously." Lauren laughed as she got out of the car and locked it. "But the one I ordered was sold out! So I had to wait until it was in stock." Lauren sighed as she fell into pace walking next to Angela toward the school, "It's shipping now, should show up within the following couple of days, perfect present right? Especially since you don't have a car.. Why did Elena have to crash it? I'm glad she's okay! But what a pain! Now I have this great necklace and ugh, you know what? I'm getting you something else, especially with the holidays coming up and all. I'll find something good." Lauren rambled and she played with her new necklace.

Angela grinned and hugged her friend happily, "I can't believe you went through all that trouble! Don't get me anything else, I can't wait to see it! And I totally would've worn the sweater."

Lauren shook her head and laughed, "Don't lie. You're terrible at it."

Angela laughed nervously and played along, even though she had been lying to her friend about the existence of vampires for weeks. "You're right, I'm awful at lying." Angela shrugged as they went to class.

After school Angela and Lauren went to the grill to get something to eat. "God, I'm starving." Lauren said once she got to the car.

Angela nodded in agreement as she got In the passenger seat, "Yeah, but I have so much work to get caught up on..." Angela whispered as she opened her bag to see it several books heavier than when she'd arrived at school.

Lauren laughed, you can do that all at the grill! Come on lets go." She said as she started the car.

When they arrived at the grill they immediately sat at a booth so Angela would have enough room to work."Hello, and what would you ladies like?" The waitress asked.

"Uh, I'll have a burger, medium rare, with American cheese, and fries." Angela said as she looked at Lauren.

"And I'll have the chicken sandwich, with no mayonnaise and some onion rings." Lauren said as the waitress smiled and took their menus.

"And to drink?"

"Just water's fine." Both girls said as the waitress nodded and walked off.

A few minutes afterwords, the waitress had come back with their drinks and Angela was in her homework, mode "Okay, so, if an electric motor makes 3,000 revolutions per minutes. How many degrees does it rotate in one second?" Angela paused as she reread the page, "Wait.. What?" Angela sighed as she took a sip of her water.

"Here. Give it to me." Lauren said as she took the paper and filled in the answer.

Angela wanted to be annoyed, but she just laughed, "Thanks."

"No problem." Lauren said as she noticed Wes enter the grill.

"Hey girls, here's your food." The waitress said as she put the plates down.

The girls smiled as they began to eat, "Hey, want to come over tomorrow?" Angela asked as she took a bite of her burger.

"Can't, it's Thanksgiving tomorrow.. Did you forget?" Lauren asked as she took some of Angela's fries and replaced them with some of her onion rings.

"Oh.. Right.. I guess I spaced." Angela said, feeling awful, since she knew Jenna was excited about it.

"So, what about this weekend? We could stay in.. Watch movies.. Order take out, maybe?" Angela asked as she gnawed on one of her fries.

Lauren nodded distractedly as she took the last bite of her sandwich, "uh huh."

"Lauren? What..You ate fast!" Angela turned around to see what she was looking at, to see Wes waving in their direction. Angela nodded at him and turned back to Lauren, "So that's why you've been so distracted?"

"Would you kill me if I ditched you?" Lauren asked as she glanced in Wes's direction.

Angela shook her head, "No, it's fine. Go color coordinate or whatever for tonight." Angela joked as she nudged Lauren in wes's direction.

"Speaking of tonight, please come!" Lauren begged as she grabbed Angela's hand.

"Uh..." Angela sighed, not wanting to disappoint her friend.

"Wait! Don't even answer, I'll come by later before the dance and see how you feel about it then." Lauren said as she opened her wallet and put enough money on the table to pay for both of them before she walked toward Wes.

"That's basically blackmail!" Angela called after her as she put the money together, and took out her own for the tip.

When Lauren left Angela was going to sit next to Bonnie and Elena when she saw Matt sitting alone, and decided to keep him company. Grabbing her half eaten burger and fries Angela walked across the room and placed her food on the bar next to Matt as she sat down.

Matt smiled when he saw her, "You know you're not old enough to sit here." he teased as he took one of her fries.

Angela laughed and poked at him playfully, "Oh yeah, and how old are you?"

"Old enough to work in a bar." Matt answered as he took another fry.

Angela looked at him, and noticed he had a bunch of papers, "Are you filling out an application?"

Matt hung his head low, slightly embarrassed, "Yeah.. Gotta work somewhere."

"That's very cool of you Matt. Let me know if you need any help, I embellished a lot on my work application. Mrs. Banks said I was very eloquent." Angela chuckled for a moment, before realizing what she'd said. Settling into a quick silence, she took a giant bite of her burger as a distraction.

Matt knew what she was doing, but didn't say anything, "Yeah.. I forgot you had a job. Thanks, I'll let you know if I need help." Matt smiled sincerely as he went back to writing, occasionally stealing a fry or two.

After about ten minutes the bartender walks over to them from the other side of the bar and places a tray of glasses down.

"Matt Donovan. What do you know?"

"Ben McKittrick. What's up, man?" Matt said as he dropped his pencil.

Angela snorted at the exchange, and then looked up, hoping they would ignore her.

Ben looked at her curiously before leaning toward Matt, "Rough season, bud."

"Yeah. It's kind of hard to recover when you have to forfeit half your games." Matt nodded.

"You gonna be working here?" Ben asked as he dried the glasses.

"Yep, following' in your footsteps, minus the state championship." Matt sighed.

"You could still go to state." Angela told Matt encouragingly.

"Well, we can't all be Football Gods." Ben grinned.

"Yeah." Matt agreed.

Angela glared at Ben, for being so cocky, he seemed to notice and cleared his throat, "So what's the plan? Cook line?" Ben asked, changing the subject.

"Busboy." Matt cringed.

"Oh.. Well, you know in time you could-"

"Excuse me?" A man had walked in between Angela and Matt and tapped Ben's shoulder, "Can you fix me up a bloody Mary?"

Ben's eyes widened once he saw who it was and then broke out into a smirk, as if getting an inside joke, "I'm sorry sir we don't serve for another ten minutes."

The man nodded and turned to Angela, "Can you believe the service in here? Oh- it's you."

Angela squinted her eyes, trying to recognize him, "I'm sorry.. I don't.. wait! You're the pizza guy right?"

"And you're Angela! Yes, yes, I'm the pizza guy, I prefer the name Noah though." He smiled as he took her hand.

"Hey Ben?" Angela cut him off, feeling uncomfortable as she took her hand back and turned toward Ben.

"Yes?" He asked, giving her his widest smile.

"Can you take this? I'm finished." Angela said as she pushed her plate closer to him.

"Oh... yeah.. Sure, be back in a minute." Ben said as he grabbed the plate and walked away.

"God, could that guy be any more of a jerk?" Angela asked as she turned to Matt and Noah, before realizing Noah was gone.

Matt laughed, "He wasn't that bad. You didn't have to do that." as he patted Angela on the shoulder.

Angela grinned, "oh come on, what about that "Not all of us can be football gods" Crap? Seriously?"

"Yeah.. Well..." Matt trailed off, realizing she was right.

"And the whole first and last name thing? Ha." Angela laughed as she sees Elena walking away from Bonnie and jumps out of her seat to meet her, "Sorry Matt Donovan, I'll see you later!" Angela calls as she runs after Elena. Matt rolls his eyes, "Bye Angela Gilbert." Matt laughs and shakes his head as he goes back to filling out his application.

Outside of the Grill, Elena is walking through the parking lot. Her cell phone starts ringing and she retrieves it from her purse. Elena answers the phone, and holds up to ear, as she continues walking her car, "Hello?"

"Hello, Elena." A mysterious voice responded.

"Hey, who's this?" Elena asked as she reached the car and retrieved her keys.

"Hey Elena! Drive me with you?" Angela asked as she finally caught up to her sister. Elena nodded as she held a finger to her lips indicating she was on the phone.

"You hit me with your car." The deep voice stated.

Elena freezes on the spot as she begins to look around, "Elena.. you okay?" Angela asks as she stands next to her sister.

"Is that a new one? I see you aren't alone... a real treat, your sister is." Elena's mouth hung open, as she looked behind her and saw the man in the hoodie approaching her. "You got away from me. You won't next time." The man threatened.

"Angie.. we need to leave.. NOW." Elena yelled as she quickly unlocked the car ans waited for Angela to get in the backseat before she got in herself and ignited the engine and speed off down the road, right past the man, who chuckled as he crossed the road, watching them.

"Elena slow down! What the hell is going on?" Angela yelled as she held on to her seat as Elena hit the gas pedal harder than necessary.

Elena looked at her mirror to see Angela panicking and slowed down slightly, "It's the man from the road! The one I hit, he was just at the grill!" Elena explained as she turned down their street.

"What? Did he say anything?" Angela asked as she started looking out the window frantically, to see if they were being followed.

"He called me, but I can't remember when he said." Elena lied as she pulled into their driveway, not wanting to worry Angela anymore than she already was.

Angela looked confused as she stared at their house and stirred in her seat so Elena could see her, "Elena, we should get Stefan."

"No, we aren't going to do anything.. You're going to go inside, while I drive to Stefan's." Elena whispered as she unlocked Angela's door allowing her to get out.

"What? Elena, no, I'm coming with you!" Angela refused as she relocked the door and put her seat belt on.

Elena looked at Angela regretfully and shook her head, "You're already too involved in this as it is.. Please, just go inside."

"But Elena-"

"I'll see you soon. Okay? Just promise me you'll stay inside.. It's safer here." Elena said, as she once again unlocked Angela's door.

Angela nodded reluctantly, and sighed at her sister's stubbornness as she got out of the car, "Just.. Be careful? And text me if you need anything!" Angela said as Elena nodded and drove off. Angela waited until the car was out of sight before she entered the house. When she did, she saw Jenna sitting on the couch applying makeup, and sat next to her.

"You look nice." Angela murmured distractedly, trying to keep her mind off Elena.

"Oh, thanks! I'm chaperoning the dance, so I figured I should go all out! Are you coming?" Jenna asked excitedly as she put her lipstick down.

"I don't think so." Angela replied as she checked her phone for a text from Elena.

"Oh." Jenna said, looking disappointed, "Are you sure?"

Angela shrugged as she set her phone down, "Yeah, I'll probably just stay here.. Play some dumb video game with Jeremy, who knows."

"You don't know?" Jenna chuckled as she began cleaning up her things.

"Know what?" Angela asked, confused as she handed Jenna her mascara that had fallen.

"Jeremy is serving drinks at the dance to bring up his grade." Jenna smiled as walked into the kitchen.

Angela laughed, imagining her brother, at one of their school dances and followed Jenna, "Well, there might be a reason to go after all." Angela joked as she got orange juice out of the fridge and poured it into a glass for herself, "You want any?"

Jenna shook her head and smiled as Angela put the juice back, "I don't know how you can drink that at night."

"I didn't know there was some sort of Orange juice rule." Angela teased as she took a sip.

"Speaking of rules, you can use my car until we get yours sorted out... just no driving at night." Jenna cringed thinking how close Elena was to getting hurt.

"Oh, thanks, but I get just get a ride from Lauren if I need to go anywhere, I don't want to take your car from you. Don't you need it?" Angela asked as she put the glass down next to the sink.

"Well, I don't need it all the time. How about you just take it for emergencies?" Jenna asked as she started to rinse Angela's glass for her.

"You didn't need to do that, I would've gotten it." Angela smiles as she leans against the counter and stares at Jenna before letting out a heavy sigh, "I'll take your car, if you really want me to, but just emergencies! So, I probably won't use it often- if ever."

"Great, it's settled! Now, I still have a few more things to do before tonight, do you have any hair spray I can use?" Jenna asked while she dried her hands.

Angela's eyes widened, as she tried to think of the last time she saw any hair spray, "Uh, I think Lauren might have left some of her's in the bathroom.. Let me go look."

"No, that's fine, I'll look around for some." Jenna said as she quickly walked past Angela.

Angela goes to follow when her phone rings, Angela answers it immediately, hoping it would be Elena, "Hey, what did Stefan say?" Angela whispers.

"Stefan? Ange it's Jer." Jeremy laughs as he walks up the road.

Angela clears her throat and nearly kicks herself for almost letting something slip, "Right, I'm sorry I thought you were Elena... What's up Jer?"

Jeremy pauses for a second and frowned, "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine.. Now what did you call me for?" Angela asked as she sat on the couch and hoped he'd drop it.

"Come on, what's wrong?" Jeremy demanded, seeing right through her.

"So, you're going to the dance huh? Need advice for outfits? I suggest not doing a pompadour, I don't think your hair could take it." Angela joked, she knew he meant well, but she just didn't want to keep lying to him.

Jeremy sighed at his sister stubbornness as he continued his walk, "Fine, I need advice.. Girl advice."

Angela perked up, "Girl advice? Is it the one you told me about?"

"No, I have several girls, all in different cities." Jeremy laughed, "yes its the one I told you about.. I just, I don't know what to do, I mean I like her, but after everything with Vicki... Do you think I should get into something right now?"

Angela's face dropped thinking of Vicki, "Jeremy.. I know it's tough, but you deserve to be happy.. So, I say go for it. What's the worst that can happen?"

Jeremy smiles, "Thanks, you're right... So, are you coming to the dance?"

"Nope, no poodle skirt for me, thanks." Angela cringed, at all the pressure she was getting.

"Poodle skirt?" Jeremy asked, confused.

"Nothing.. Never mind, I just don't feel like it." Angela sighed as she turned the tv on and turned the volume on lowly.

"Well, if you don't want to go, don't." Jeremy advised.

"Yeah.. Thanks Jer. See you later." Angela whispered as she looked at the TV and saw Mrs. Banks photo on the screen and hung up the phone to turn the TV volume up.

"Any news on the missing woman?" someone from the crowd asked.

"We are doing everything we can do find the location of Claudia banks." The mayor announced.

"Are there any leads?" A man yelled.

"Do you think she's still alive?" someone else asked

"What exactly are you doing to keep this town safe?" A woman cried.

"We are doing all we can at this time, thank you, and no more questions." The mayor finished evasively as he walked off the stage.

Angela turned off the TV and lay on the couch feeling sick with herself, wishing she had done something to prevent what happened.

Angela falls asleep on the sofa, she doesn't know for how long, but she's awoken by Elena yelling her name and she tiredly goes to see what's going on.

"Elena? What's happening." Angela asks once she see's Elena frantically grabbing her phone and rushing downstairs.

"Elena wait!" Angela rushes after her, but stumbles once she reaches the stairs and has to hold on to the railing for support.

"Where is he?" Elena fearfully asks, while signaling Angela to wait.

"He's on his way to you. Forgot his phone." Damon told her begrudgingly.

Elena stops in the living room and sighs as Angela follows, "Oh, thank God. This compass was spinning. Stefan must be here. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Not even a second after Elena hangs up the phone, Angela spots Noah hovering over Elena. "Elena look out!" Angela screams, but not soon enough, Suddenly, Noah jumps down from the ceiling as Elena spins around and gasps. Noah grabs Elena and extends his fangs, getting ready to bite her neck. Angela tries to get him off of her, but is flung across the room, the couch softening her fall. Elena screams, Before Noah can bite her, Stefan yells from the kitchen and rushes in.

"Elena!" Stefan pulls Noah off of Elena and throws him over the couch. Angela screams and Stefan turns just as Noah grunts and gets up from the floor and speeds out of the house. When Stefan is certain that Noah won't be returning, Stefan dashes over to Elena. Elena pushes herself off the floor and hugs Stefan.

"Are you OK? Are you OK?" Stefan keeps repeating as Elena stares at the door in fear.

Angela stares at the horrified faces of her sister and once again felt useless and she stumbles over to them clutching her side, "Elena, are you alright?"

Elena and Stefan look at her and Elena gasps, "You're hurt!"

Angela shakes her head, "I'm fine, it's just a bruise, it'll be fine." She kept reassuring Elena as Stefan excused himself to call Damon.

Angela and Elena are sitting next to each other on the couch as Stefan opens the door for Damon. "Everyone OK?" He asks once he enters. Stefan nods as he goes to sit next to Elena.

Damon paces around the living room while Angela watches him in silence, "How did he get in?"

"He was invited in." Elena replies shakily.

Angela looked at Elena and sighed, "He said his name was Noah."

Damon looked at them questioningly before Stefan answered for them, "He posed as a pizza delivery guy last night."

"Well, he gets points for that. Did he say what he wanted?" Damon asked, looking between the two girls.

"No. He was too busy trying to kill me." Elena scoffed, irritated.

"And you have no idea who this is?" Stefan asks unconvinced Damon was innocent.

"No. Don't look at me like that. I told you we had company." Damon said, as he glance as Angela and saw had flinched when she touched her side.

Angela shook her head, silently telling him not to make a big deal about it, as Elena turned to Damon, "You think there's more than one?"

"We don't know." Damon said as he sat on the arm of the couch.

"Like hell we do." Angela whispered bitterly. Everyone looked at Angela confused, and waited for her to explain. Angela sighed, "Look, if this isn't the guy... There's still someone else out there, who murdered Mrs. Banks, or have you forgotten?" Angela asked them harshly.

"Of course we haven't." Elena whispered as she reached for her sister's hand.

Stefan sighed as he looked at his brother, eager to solve the problem at hand first, "Damon, he was invited in."

Damon nods, understanding what Stefan is hinting at, "Then we go get him tonight. You up for it?"

"What do I have to do?" Elena asked cautiously.

"Let your boyfriend take you to the dance. We'll see who shows up." Damon said as he looked at Angela to see if she was coming along.

"That's a bad idea." Stefan said, irritated that Damon would suggest it.

"Till we get him, this house isn't safe. For anyone who lives in it. It's worth a shot." Damon said, looking at Angela meaningfully.

"I'll do it." Elena agrees as she grabs Stefan's hand.

Angela sits up and looks at the three of them and nods, "I'm going too."

Stefan looks anxious. Damon nods, agreeing, but Elena shakes her head, "No, you stay here."

"Elena, you just heard Damon, it's not safe here, plus I'd be here alone." Angela reminded as Elena bit her lip, weighing the pros and cons of the situation, before nodding.

Elena squeezes Stefan's hand in her own and looks at him. We'll be with the two of you. We'll be safe." Stefan nods and looks up at Damon, who shrugs his shoulder.

"Okay, I'm going to change, it'll take like, five minutes." Angela decided as she got up, and carefully walked up the stairs as the others nodded, agreeing to wait.

When Angela gets in her room, she quickly texts Lauren that she'd meet her there, not wanting her friend anywhere near her house tonight. Angela smiled at the excited reply she got, as she grabbed the blue poodle skirt off her bed and changed into it. She didn't know what shirt to wear with it and sighed, knowing there wasn't any time to spare, so she put on the first black sleeved shirt she could find.

Once she was dressed, Angela searched her bag for a black scrunchie to match, when she heard a clatter as something fell out of it. Confused, Angela bent down, to see a medium sized key on the ground. Picking it up, Angela noticed strange markings on it and remembered it was the key to the Veterinarian office Mrs. Banks had given her. "I haven't even gotten a chance to use you yet." Angela whispered to herself as she got up and placed the key on her dresser. Then, suddenly, it was like something had clicked and Angela thought back to the day Mrs. Banks was attacked.

Angela waited by her car as the Sheriff told her deputies to declare the Veterinarian office as a crime scene. "Don't lose the key." Angela turned around searching for the owner of the voice.

"Hello?" She called as she walked toward the woods. Suddenly Angela begins to hear static and she clutches her head, to drown out the noise.

"Don't lose the key." the voice repeated before fading away.

Angela picked up the key and noticed the markings looked exactly like the writing on Mrs. Banks Grimoire and took it out of her drawer to compare. Angela held the book and the key side by side, realizing the writing was nearly identical.

"Angie? You almost ready?" Elena asked as she knocked on the door.

Angela stared at the door in panic and quickly locked it before Elena could come in, "Yeah, I'll be a second!" Angela called as she promptly shoved the book and the key into one of her drawers and slipped on a pair of flats and put her hair up into a pony tail as she unlocked the door and met Elena.

"Hey, nice skirt! Sorry, I didn't mean to rush you-" Elena paused as she looked at Angela's outfit and cringed once she was the bruise that was forming underneath Angela's top, "That looks like it hurts." Elena whispered.

Angela shrugged as she closed her door behind her, "It's fine, really. You ready for this?" Angela asked as Elena linked her arm with hers as they descended the stairs.

Angela and Elena reached the bottom of the stairs and Stefan smiled as he linked his arm, through Elena's and opened the door, "You ready for this?"

"I think so." Elena whispered as she walked with him to the car.

Angela went to follow but was cut off by Damon's arm in front of her's, "What?" Angela asked, confused.

"Come on, you don't want to be the third wheel do you?" Damon asked as he extended his arm to her.

Angela looked at him suspiciously, but linked her arm with his, "I think you just don't like being a third wheel... or... forth wheels.. We're forth wheels."

Damon laughed as they got in the back seat, Stefan eyes them suspiciously as he began to drive to the school.

When they arrive at the school, everyone was wearing their best 50's outfits. Stefan and Elena walk over to Bonnie and Caroline, with the arms linked, causing Angela to immediately remove her arm from Damon's. "I'm going to go talk to my brother, let me know if anything happens?" Angela asked as Damon nodded, watching her leave.

"Hey Jer." Angela said once she arrived at his table.

Jeremy looks up and smiles at his sister, "Hey, looks like you came.. Poodle skirt and all."

Angela grabbed a cup full of punch off the table and held it up to him threateningly, "Don't laugh! Or I'll... splash this at you.." Realizing it was an idle threat, Angela took a sip of the punch.

"Ack, gross, what is this?" Angela asked as she put the cup down on the table.

Jeremy shrugged, "Some kind of red.. Possibly orange? And I wasn't laughing.. You look nice."

Angela smiled as she started pushing the items on the table over so she'd have room, "Thanks Jer."

"What are you doing?" Jeremy asked once Angela started to push herself up onto the table.

"I'm sitting, what does it look like?" Angela as she began moving more things further away from her.

Jeremy rolled his eyes, "You'd better not get in trouble.

"Since when are you worried about getting in trouble?" Angela joked.

Jeremy nodded, but suddenly had a sinking feeling in his stomach, he didn't know why he cared... he had never cared before.

"You neglected to mention this was a theme party." Anna said as she walked up to them.

"What are you doing here?" Jeremy asked, surprised as he put the punch down.

"Who are you? Who's this?" Angela asked, looking between the two.

"Well, seeing as you also neglected to invite me, I took matters into my own hands, and hey, I'm Anna." Anna smiled as Angela shook her hand.

"Oh, this is Anna?" Angela smiled as she looked at her brother.

Jeremy ignored her as he stared at Anna, "You're doing that thing again."

"What thing would that be?"

"That thing where you pretend we're dating, even though we're not." Jeremy says as Angela pinches him when Anna wasn't looking.

"Oh, you mean stalking. Yeah. Get over yourself. Come on. I've never been to a school dance before. Humor me." Anna laughs and Jeremy smiles at her, making Angela feel like she was ruining the moment, so she excuses herself.

"I'm going to go... Somewhere else.. Oh look, there's Lauren." Angela says as she jumps off the tabled.

"It was nice meeting you!" Anna says causing Angela to smile.

"It was nice meeting you too, I'm sure I'll see you again!" Angela says, causing Jeremy to roll his eyes at how not subtle she was being.

"Hey." Angela whispers as she appears behind Lauren.

"Hey! You came! And you didn't wear your brothers awful shirt!" Lauren grinned as she took a sip of her drink.

Angela laughed and nodded, "Yeah, I didn't think it would match the skirt."

"That's not the only thing..." Lauren trailed off as she took another sip of her drink.

"What?" Angela asked as Lauren shook her head.


"Right.. So, where's Wes... didn't he take you?" Angela asked, as she looked around for him.

"Oh, he just went to get us drinks." Lauren said as she fixed her hair.

"But you already have a drink?" Angela said, narrowing her eyes.

"Angela, would you like to dance with me?" Damon asked as he stepped in front of Lauren.

Angela looked at him and rolled her eyes, unsure if he was being serious or not, "No thanks. I'm not really a dancer."

Lauren giggled and pushed herself in between the two of them, "She's a great dancer! You should go dance!" She exclaimed as she pushed Angela closer to Damon, mouthing at her to 'go for it'

Angela sighed, and looked at the cup in Lauren's hand, "Did you bring alcohol in here?" Angela whispered as Damon laughed and took Lauren's cup and drank from it.

"Hey!" Lauren squealed as she tried to get her cup back.

"Oh yeah, there's definitely alcohol in this." Damon grinned as he took another sip before handing it back to Lauren.

Lauren smiled back at him as she finished her drink, "Okay, just because I've had something to drink, doesn't mean you can't dance with him!" Lauren insisted.

"I like her style, I'm sorry have we met?" Damon asked as he extended his hand to shake hers.

"What's going on here?" An irritated voice interrupted.

Everyone turned around to see Wes carrying two cups, and Angela sighed, knowing how prone to jealousy he could get, "Nothing, this is my friend and he was just leaving. Weren't you Damon?"

"I'm not leaving without anyone to dance with." Damon pouted as he crossed his arms, standing his ground.

Angela rolled her eyes, and smiled when she thought he wasn't looking. "Okay, you want to dance? Hold on." Angela turned around and started looking through her fellow students until she saw a blonde from her math class she recognized.

"Hey Julie!" Angela called, causing the girl to look at her confused before walking over.

"Uh.. Hey, what's up?" Julie asked cautiously, not having spoken to Angela that often.

"This, is my.. Friend, Damon... he's totally shy, will you dance with him?" Angela asked as she grabbed Damon's hand from behind her and pulled him forward.

Julie was about to decline, saying she was here on a date, but her jaw dropped when she saw Damon and she instantly smiled and pulled him to the dance floor.

Damon turned around and smirked at Angela's tactics before he began to dance with Angela's classmate.

"So how do you know that guy?" Wes asked as he put his arm around Lauren.

Angela shrugged, "kinda a long story."

"Well are you two.. Dating? He looked kinda old Ange." Wes said harshly.

Angela scoffed at the implication, and grew angry that he thought he had a right to say so, but before she could say anything, she was surprised when she saw Lauren take his arm off her, "Why do you care what she does?" Lauren asked annoyed.

"I don't I'm just saying that-" Wes mumbled. Lauren scoffed and walked away from him, "Angela wait!" Wes called after her, and stopped dead in his tracks once he realized what he said.

Angela stared at Wes, with wide eyes, she had thought they were becoming friends again, she never imagined he'd do something like that. "I think you should go." Angela whispered. Wes nodded as he went to find Lauren and apologize.

Angela turned around to find Stefan or Elena for any news of the vampire when she saw Tyler sitting in the corner drinking out of a flask and walked over to him, "Are you crazy?"

Tyler looks surprised as he tried to cover the flask before realizing it was Angela, "What? It's nothing you haven't done before."

Angela frowned as she sat next to him, "I didn't mean.. I wasn't judging." Angela said as she took the flask from him and took a sip.

Tyler smiled as he took it back from her, "What's got you in a funk Gilbert?"

Angela sighed, "Nothing.. It's.. Complicated.. what are you doing here? I thought you hated these things."

"A party's a party." Tyler shrugged as he turned the flask over and noticed it was empty, "Damn Angie, did you drink all of that?"

Angela looked at Tyler guiltily "There wasn't much..."

Tyler grinned and stood up, extending his hand for her to take it, "Come on!"

Angela looked confused as she grabbed his hand, "What are you doing?"

"We are going to Dance." Tyler told her as the walked to the dance floor.

"Wha- no no. No dancing!" Angela whined as she tried to walk away.

"Yes dancing! Come on, who doesn't love dancing with me?" Tyler asked as he placed his hand on her side.

"Don't be cocky- ah." Angela hissed once Tyler put pressure on her side.

"Are you okay? What the hell? Why do you have a huge bruise?" Tyler asked angrily as he gently brushed it with his thumb.

"Ty... it's not that bad." Angela tried to explain.

"It is that bad! Did someone hurt you?" Tyler asked quietly.

Angela hugged Tyler, not wanting him to see her face as she lied to him, "I swear I'm fine, but thanks for going in crazy protective mode." Angela whispered in his ear.

"Promise?" Tyler asked, as they swayed to the music.

Angela nodded as she leaned against his shoulder, "Besides, everyone knows you'd kick their ass if I asked you to right?" Angela joked.

"Damn right I would." Tyler chuckled as he spun her.

Angela smiled at Tyler, until she saw Elena rush out of the gym and grew concerned very quickly.

"You okay?" Tyler asked suspiciously.

Angela nodded, "Oh, yeah... um.. Excuse me, I have to... go to the bathroom." Angela said quickly as she hurried out of the gym to find Elena.

"Elena? Are you here?" Angela calls through the empty halls. Suddenly Angela hears a faint scream and takes off running through the hall, searching for her sister. "Elena!" Angela yells once she reaches the cafeteria and see's Elena thrown across a table.

Elena lands hard on the floor Noah tosses the table aside and strides towards Elena. Angela rushes to help Elena up, as Elena grabs a pencil from the floor. Noah tosses Angela aside and pushes Elena against the wall. He extends his fangs and prepares to bite her, but Elena stabs him in the stomach with the pencil. Noah, unprepared for this, takes the pencil out of his stomach and starts towards Elena again. Elena prepares to attack again and Noah raises his hand to defend himself, but Elena's pencil weapon goes straight through the palm of his hand.

Angela gets up, refusing to just sit idly by, while another person she cares about gets attacked and grabs one of the books off the floor and hurls it at the back of his head causing him to turn around. While he's distracted, Elena stabs him with another pencil and pushes Noah to the floor. As Noah struggles to get up, Elena walks backwards and bumps into a mop bucket. Angela quickly runs forward and shoves Noah into the desk and stabs him with another pencil, giving Elena time to grab the mop from the bucket and use her knee to break the handle in two to create a stake.

Noah shoves Angela to the ground as he advances towards Elena, she thrusts the stake towards him, but he is too quick and grabs her wrist. Noah takes the stake out of her hand and tosses it aside. Angela tries to reach for it as he goes to bite Elena, but it's too far away. Elena screams, but before Noah can bite her, Stefan rips him away from her and tosses him to the ground.

"Hey, dickhead!" Damon yells as he walks toward Noah with a stake in his hand, distracting him. "Nobody wants to kill you. We just want to talk." Damon says as Noah smiles and rushes toward Elena. Thinking fast, Damon throws the stake to Stefan, who grabs it and stakes Noah in the stomach. Noah grunts and falls to his knees. Damon walks over towards Angela, Elena and Stefan so they can interrogate Noah.

"Now you feel like talking?" Stefan asked as she kept a hand firmly on the stake.

"Screw you." Noah coughed.

Stefan digs the stake in deeper as Noah groans in pain. "Wrong answer. Why are you doing this?" Stefan demanded.

Noah laughed as he spit blood out of his mouth, "Because it's fun."

Stefan angrily digs the stake in a little bit more, "What do you want with them?"

"She looks like Katherine... And she, well she has just been something to pass the time." Noah said, his eyes flickering between the two girls.

Angela looked disgusted as she took several steps away from him, Stefan noticed and stepped in front of her protectively, "You knew Katherine?" He asked, changing the subject.

Noah laughed, "Oh. You thought you were the only ones." He paused, taking a sharp intake of breath, "You don't even remember me."

Damon leans over towards Noah, "Tell me how to get into the tomb. Hmm?"

"No." Stefan leans back down and thrusts the stake in deeper, tired of his mind games.

"The Grimoire!" Noah gasps.

"Where is it?" Damon asked, letting out a frustrated sigh.

Stefan drives the stake in deeper, "Check the journal. The journal. Jonathan's journal. Jonathan Gilbert's." Noah yelled frantically.

"Who else is working with you?" Stefan demanded.

"Who else is there?" Damon repeated.

"No. You're going to have to kill me."

Damon looks at Stefan, rolls his eyes, and nods. Stefan removes the stake from Noah's stomach. Stefan waits for a moment, then just as he's about to stake Noah, he's surprised when Noah starts laughing. "What? What's so funny?" Stefan asks as he lowers his guard.

"Katherine isn't the only thing I know about." Noah paused before staring at Angela, "Shame what happened to poor little Claudia huh?" Noah taunted.

Angela looks shocked for a moment, and then angrily walks up to him, "What do you know about that?" Angela demanded.

"I know she stole something from someone very important, and I know the dumb bitch-" Noah was cut off by a sudden slap and smirks once he see's Angela was enraged.

"Shut up." Angela whispered harshly.

"I also know, more people are going to come for it." Noah threatens, and smiles, thinking he has the advantage.

"Alright, enough of this." Damon growls, taking a step closer, to finish this once and for all.

Angela nods as she attempts to grab the steak from Stefan, but he foresees her move and stakes Noah in the heart. Elena gasps in shock as Noah falls to the floor and begins to desiccate.

Angela stared at the body coldly and kicked it, to make sure he was dead.

"What do we—how are you going to find the others now?" Elena cried, looking between the two brothers.

"He had to die." Damon said as he watched Angela with curiosity.

"But..." Elena trailed off, confused.

"Elena, he's been invited in." Stefan explained.

"They're right Elena... It was the right thing." Angela whispered as she walked over to them. Stefan watched her concerned, knowing if she had the chance, she was going to try and stake him herself.

They hear a door open and see Alaric coming through one of the door's windows. Stefan looks at Damon. Angela held her breath at the sight of him, panic rising in her at the thought of being caught in the midst of all this.

"Go. I got this." Stefan says pointedly to Damon.

"I'm going to go see if Jeremy is okay.." Angela whispers, though she suspects neither Stefan nor Elena were paying attention as she trotted off behind Damon.

Angela leaves the cafeteria and makes her way back to the Dance when curiosity gets the better of her and she turns around, going down the opposite corridor and spots Damon and Alaric standing face to face. Worried, Angela walks closer to them, in an attempt to hear their conversation.

"Do you know what I am?" Damon compelled.

"You're my student's brother." Alaric stated factually.

"Is everything you're telling me the truth?"

"Yes." Alaric said monotonously.

Damon grinned, "Then forget we had this conversation."

Damon walks away from Alaric, toward Angela and nudges her to follow. Angela looked back at her history teacher, and Jenna's new crush and grew angry, at seeing him compelled and snapped at Damon, "You can't just compel everyone you feel like Damon!" Angela snarled as the rounded the corner.

Alaric still shaken by the encounter, drops the vervain in his hand after Damon and Angela leave and stands, surprised, mouth agape that Angela knew, and seemed to accept vampires, he questioned if she knew the genuine extent of what Damon was capable of, and balled his hand into a fist.

"It had to be done, had to find out if he knew anything." Damon shrugged, as they were almost to the gym.

"Well, now that you know he doesn't will you leave him alone?" Angela asked, sighing as she knew the answer awaiting her.

"I will if he continues to meddle where he doesn't belong, but otherwise, the guy is of no interest to me." Damon said as they halted outside of the gym.

"Really?" Angela asks with a surprised smile as she goes to open the door.

"Mhm," Damon murmurs as he leans over her, taking hold of the doorknob first and looks at her, crinkling his eyes. "You okay?" Damon asks, referencing to what the vampire in the cafeteria had said..

Angela sighed and rubbed her neck as her eyes started getting moist, she stared at Damon, wondering if he even cared, before clearing her throat, "mhm, just fine."

"Come on, tell me." Damon said as Angela leaned against the wall.

"I feel... useless, I couldn't do anything to help Elena, just like I couldn't do anything to help Mrs. Banks. I'm just a waste.. I try to help and-"

"You did help, you gave Elena more time, before Stefan showed up." Damon said cutting her off.

Angela sighed, "I want to do more than just stall for time Damon... I want to.. I don't know.. forget it. Please? It's fine."

Damon nodded though they both knew she was lying. Angela looked away from him and started rocking back and forth on her heels, "Now uh.. If you'll let me pass, I need to find Jeremy." Angela whispered.

Damon's eyes widened in realization and he opened the door allowing her to step inside. Angela nodded curtly as she stepped past him, into the loud gymnasium, music blaring, she turned to say thank you as one hot tear streamed down her face, but he was gone. Angela wiped the tear away as she went in search of Jeremy when she ran into Lauren dancing with Wes.

"Hey, are you having fun?" Lauren asked, as she and Wes slowed down, just swaying lightly to the music. "What happened to Tyler? I saw you dancing with him earlier and-" Lauren paused when she noticed her friend looked upset and untangled herself from Wes's arms and walked over to Angela and lightly touched her arm,"Are you alright?"

"No, I'm not actually... have you seen Jeremy?" Angela asked as she looked through the crowd in an effort to spot her brother.

Lauren shook her head, and looked at her friend in concern "No, I haven't sorry. Why? What's going on?"

"You alright Angie?" Wes repeated as he threw one of his arms around her in order to console her.

Angela felt her shoulders tighten and shrugged his arm off of her, "I just need to go home.." Angela trailed off as she tried to walk away from the pair.

"Ugh, I'm sorry, it's my fault you came to this thing anyway, I shouldn't have pushed you." Lauren told her with regret.

"Hey, uh, Angie, you need a ride home?" Wes asked as he stepped in front of Lauren.

Lauren looked hurt by Wes's eagerness and Angela felt uneasy by Wes's stare and shook her head politely, "No. Really, that's fine. I'm just going to find my brother..or my sister." Angela said quietly as she turned around and went back out the door she came in, completely ditching her search for Jeremy, and hoping Elena and Stefan hadn't left yet.

Stefan and Damon are leaning against a doorway, facing each other, in a corridor, as they talk about the night's events. "There's no way that idiot was working alone." Damon says irritated as he tries to come up with a plan in his head.

"You are." Stefan pointed out as Damon grimaces at him. "So, the Grimoire... That was Emily's, right? That's what you need to reverse the spell. When the founding families burned her, they took her things, and you were hoping that dad's journal would tell you where it is."

"Look at you putting the pieces together. Good for you. I was half-right. Well, it's out there now. Let the games begin." Damon says mischievously.

"My offer still stands." Stefan says, silently begging him to take it.

"Yeah, with some hidden caveats, no doubt." Damon scoffs as he shakes his head.

"No. Nothing hidden about it. No lies. No deception. I'm there when you open up that tomb, you and Katherine go, and the other 26 vampires die."

"If I agree?" Damon asks as he rests his face on his hand.

"I'll help you." Stefan says as he leans against the wall.

"Why should I trust you?" Damon asks curiously.

"Because I'm your brother." Stefan says exasperated.

"No, that's not going to cut it." Damon says, as he clicks his tongue, waiting for the catch.

"Because I want you gone." Stefan finally admitted.

Damon pauses for a moment, looking hurt, before giving a grim nod, "OK. "Stefan nods, as well sealing the terms of their agreement.

Angela clears her throat as she walks over to them, declaring her presence. Damon stiffened, but said nothing as she walked in between the two brothers. "Hey..." Angela whispers, waiting for one of them to say something.

Stefan looked Damon up and down, confused by his sudden shift in demeanor, before turning to smile at Angela, "You alright?" Stefan asks.

"Can you take me home? I didn't end up finding Jeremy." Angela says with a shrug.

Stefan nods and links his arm between hers as they go to meet Elena in the car. The ride home was a silent one, Elena tried to make small talk on the way, her hands fumbling with her scarf the entire time, but Angela stayed silent as she looked out the window, recalling the night's events, and couldn't help but feel usless, regardless of what Damon said.

"I'll go make some tea." Stefan whispers as they enter the house, and Elena and Angela sit on the couch.

Elena sighs as she begins to take off her scarf, Angela tries to give her a reassuring smile, but she stopped, feeling exhausted as she leaned against the arm of the couch.

"Doing OK?" Stefan asks, as he grabs some ice and wraps it in a towel for Angela while he waits for the water to boil.

Elena looks at Angela and then turns to look at Stefan as she thinks about her answer, "Is it weird if I say yes?"

Stefan looks at her in disbelief, "Is it true?" he asks, as he goes to get the tea, waiting for Angela to chime in.

"I should feel more upset or scared or something, but I... feel kind of exhilarated." Elena explained to him quietly.

Angela smiled sadly at her sister, wishing she had done more, until Stefan chimed in, "It's the adrenaline. You'll crash soon enough." He said as he walked back into the living room.

"Yeah, I guess." Elena smiles and looks at Stefan, "I fought back tonight. It felt good." She exclaims proudly.

"I wish you didn't have to fight at all." Stefan says as he sits down next to Elena.

Elena nods, looking dejected, "Still..."

"No, you're right. Elena, you did great!" Angela reassured as removed her legs from the couch and stood up.

"Thanks Angie." Elena whispers as Stefan hands Elena the mug of tea which she gratefully takes.

"I think I'm going to head to bed, I'll see you guys later." Angela said tiredly as she headed toward the stairs.

"Wait, I got you some ice." Stefan says as he walks over and hands it to her.

Angela smiled as she held the ice to her side, "Thanks Stefan."

"You sure you don't want tea?" Stefan asks, worriedly, making her look up at him with tired eyes.

"No thank you. You were right... adrenaline.. It's wearing off." Angela attempted to laugh as she made her way up the stairs.

Elena watches her leave and puts the mug to her lips to take a sip. Stefan walks over to her once he was sure Angela was out of hearing distance and places his hand on her leg. "I need to tell you something, and I don't know how you're going to feel about it."

Elena pulls the mug away from her mouth and looks concerned, "What?"

"I told Damon that I'd help him get into that tomb to bring Katherine back. But it was a lie. I let him believe that he could trust me." Stefan whispers as he leans closer to Elena.

"Well, then why would you be worried about telling me? And why are you whispering?" Elena asks, confused as she narrows her eyes at Stefan.

"Because he can be very persuasive, and you have bonded lately.. All of you." Stefan answered vaguely.

Elena scoffs at the notion, "That doesn't mean I trust him. It's going to take a lot more than just a road trip and a rescue for me to forget who Damon is and everything he's done, and what do you mean "All" of us?"

Stefan cranes his neck as he tries to explain,"Angela.. Her and Damon... they've gotten friendly, and I don't know what she'd do with this news.. Look, I don't want to be his enemy, Elena, but I can't let him do it."

"Then don't, and I'll help you, whatever it takes. OK?" Elena said as she took Stefan's hand in her's, even though she was going to hate lying to Angela, she knew it would be for the best.

"OK. Come here." Stefan wraps his arms around Elena and pulls her in. Elena snuggles into Stefan's shoulder.

Angela walked into her room and changed into more comfortable clothes. Once she had, she locked her door and turned on the lamp next to her bed, before grabbing the Grimoire and key from her drawer. For hours Angela sat on her bed, with the Grimoire laying open as she turned the skimmed through the pages. Determined to find out everything she could about the key, since she found out so many were interested in it. Angela picked up the key and turned it through her hands, she wanted to know what was so important about this tiny key, that Mrs. Banks was willing to die for it.