Chapter 24 - A Taste Of The Past

Seto and Rose sat across from each other in the back of the limo, and as Rose had discovered, they were just going around in circles. Seto's questions had confused her, but none the less she answered honestly, and he sat back with his arms crossed, appearing to be deep in thought. Rose wasn't sure why he was so interested in her mannerisms, it was quite odd to her. This was especially because before she came to live in Domino, nobody had ever been interested in her. She had been ignored at the orphanage, and the same to an extent at her work, so to then come to this was quite surprising for her.

Seto unfolded his arms, looking at her carefully, "You're not like them," he said simply.

Rose had been caught up in her thoughts. "Hm? What do you mean?" she asked.

"The geek patrol," he said in his usual tone, "Normally I am not fond of anyone they associate with, so why is it that you are an exception to that?"

Rose was surprised, "I don't know," she shrugged. "They are my friends in case you're assuming they aren't."

"No I'm quite aware that they are friends of yours," he said. "However what is bothering me is the fact that you seem...different."

"Different?" Rose asked. He didn't respond, he'd said enough. She shrugged, "well, all I can say is that I don't know half of my past, so I can't help you. All I know is I grew up in Egypt and now I'm here with the Millennium Heart."

He nodded, "Alright, you can go back to hooning on your bike then." The limo stopped, and Rose looked out the window to see Roland standing next to her bike where she had left it before.

"Okay," she said, opening the door and getting out, "See you round, Seto."

"One last thing," he said, leaning over so he could see her outside the limo, "I'd rather that you didn't share the contents of this conversation with the nerd heard."

"Okay," Rose said with a shrug. How is she so easy going all the time? Kaiba thought. He nodded, as Roland got back into the limo, and Rose watched as it took off down the road, a quite confused expression on her face. "I am never going to understand that man," she said, shaking her head as she went back over to her bike. She figured that seems Seto wasn't one to make friends, his way of finding out about people was asking them blunt questions. Well, it gets the job done, she thought as she got back onto her bike. It roared to life beneath her, and she sped off down the road, back towards the game shop.


The next morning, Rose barged into Yugi's room as soon as she had woken up, "The millennium heart just gave me a dream!" she said.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Yugi asked as he sat on his bed, pulling his socks on.

"I mean I had a dream last night about my past! and the Pharaoh was in it!" she said.

"I was?" he asked, now paying attention to the conversation.

"Yeah, but you weren't pharaoh, you were still a prince, and I looked the same age as I did in the last vision we saw," Rose said.

Yami and Yugi both thought for a minute. "Maybe we can look into the millennium heart and find that memory," Yugi suggested.

"Good idea," Yami said, before swapping with him. "Ready?" he asked, holding the Millennium puzzle in his grasp.

"Yep," Rose nodded, a grin plastered on her face, "Let's find that memory."


"Ugh," Rose grunted as she sat up, "I forgot how disorienting this was." She shook her head, noticing they were in the same place as the last time they'd entered the confines of the Millennium Heart.

"You're not wrong," Yugi said, getting to his feet. The three of them looked up to the large door at the top of the beautifully designed staircase.

"Let's go," Yami said. They walked up the stairs and then through the door into the same corridor as when they first visited the Millennium Heart.

"Which door do we choose this time?" Yugi asked, looking down the corridor.

"Rose," Yami said, "Which one do you think is the right one?" he asked, "After all, these are your memories."

"Hmm," she said, looking around. She turned to the door opposite they one they had gone through last time, and the heart on her chest lit up. "It's this one," she said confidently. She opened the door and were blinded by light as they were pulled inside. They then found themselves floating above a large grand room filled with people. There were beautiful carvings on the surrounding walls, all in ancient egyptian hieroglyphics, and there were many pillars on the outskirts of the room.

"Where are we?" Yugi asked.

"Inside the palace, look," Rose pointed towards the throne of which the current Pharaoh sat, and right next to him, stood a young boy with Yugi's familiar spiky hair.

" that me?" Yami asked, staring down at the scene before them.

Rose nodded, "it is," she grinned at him.

"Look, there's Rose!" Yugi said pointing down below them. They all looked to the little girl kneeling before the Pharaoh.

"She has the Millennium Heart on her chest," Yami said, "This must be after the last vision we saw."

"Can you hear what they're saying?" Rose asked, trying to turn her head to listen.

"It's all muffled," Yugi said.

"I cannot make out what is being said either," Yami said. They were then pulled from the vision and woke up back in Yugi's room again .

"Was that what you dreamt?" Yami asked, helping her up.

Rose nodded, "But I didn't hear anything being said either." Yami sighed. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"Every time I come closer to knowing about my past, a whole bunch of new questions arise. It's almost as if we're getting nowhere," he said, sitting down on Yugi's bed.

"But we are!" Yugi said, "We just saw a scene from your past!"

"True," Yami said, "I just wish I could remember it."

So that's it for part 1, when i get more time i will probably go through all these chapters and rewrite them (because my writing is much better now, I'd like to think) and maybe add to this one so it's a bit more like the end of the first part, but at the moment the story just continues on with The Millennium Heart II: Waking The Dragons, which can be found on my profile :) Hope you're liking it so far! :)