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Sunny and 75 degrees. Just how I like it.

Slipping on my Ray-bans, I got out of the limo and looked at the track in front of me. The race track to be exact. Us Cullen boys absolutely loved coming to the track. With the sit down being in 3 days, we decided that we needed to have a little fun.

Coming to the track was just about the only thing that Carlisle did for fun with us. He didn't believe in taking time off for 'fun things'.

I guess thingshat's where I get it from. I lived for my work, which is why I didn't do relationships. They were messy and they effected how clearly one thought. Take Emmett for example. He was the oldest at the ripe age of 26. He should be next in line. But he's not, for the simple reason that he doesn't think straight all the time. He jumps into situations guns blazing, literally and metaphorically speaking, and doesn't think of the repercussions. Rosalie was an example of this. He came home one day going on and on about how he had met "the one."

I had thought it was a load of bullshit. Mainly because I didn't believe in that type of stuff. But, lo and behold, within a week, he had blabbed nearly all the family secrets. Father hadn't known at the time, but when he found out, he was furious.

Of course, he had the right to be. We can't just go around airing our dirty laundry. Sure, if you google us, there's a long line of allegations that try to connect us to what people call the Mafia, but nothing is ever proven. Unless you count uncle Joe, who served two years for a trumped up drug charge. But that doesn't mean anything. And we'd like to keep it that way.

If you google'd my name, you would see that I own a very large investment firm that I had inherited from Carlisle, who took an early retirement.

I was co-owner of a successful bakery business that my brothers and I opened, and for the women who looked, they would see that I was 2nd on the Illinois most eligible bachelors under thirty list.

Which is why, I have decided to yet again, to drop any and all thoughts regarding Isabella Swan. It was quite simple really. Dad already hated her because of her father, so that would stop her from being around too much. And I had other things to occupy my time. Like fast cars, hot women, and sampling the merchandise that's shipped in from Columbia, if you know what I mean.

Those columbians didn't play around when it came to their Angel Dust.

Breathing in the fresh air, I looked over towards my brothers and grinned before speaking,

"So boys, you ready to get your ass handed to you on the track?"

Before either of them could respond, my old man cut in

"Oh Edward, it's cute that you think you're going to win with me here today."

Feeling my competitive side flair up I replied

"Oh I don't think pops, I know I'll win"

He laughed before speaking again

"Care to make a wager?"

Emmett took that opportunity to jump into our conversation

"Oh hell yeah! I want in!"

I smirked before placing our usual bets.

"Ten thousand buy in, Em vs Japser, winner vs me than winner vs Dad. Winner take all"

Dad scoffed and mumbled under his breath 'Childs play and chump change'

We all agreed and I went over towards the garage that held some of the cars we had brought out for this, oh so special occasion.

I ran my fingers over my baby. She was a blue Porsche 911 Turbo S with a Akrapovic exhaust system. She had 645 horse power and went from 0-60 in just under three seconds.

I had added the new exhaust system since the last time we were here. I was confident that no one, not even my father could beat me. He was really my only competition. I was a better driver then both my brothers and I was fairly certain that I was better then my father. But, he taught me what I know which makes him my best source of competition.

Adjusting my leather jacket, I looked out to the track. One mile. That's all I had to get up to speed and pass the other racer.

Jazz and Em had their cars lined up at the starting line. Both deciding to pull American muscle. Jazz was racing a Challenger and Em a Charger.

I loved both cars, but the issue with American muscle, was that it was heavy. With such a short track, its harder to get the advantage against a more lightweight car, like mine.

A long legged red head, with towering heels and a form fitting dress, walked right in front of the cars. Looking at both my brothers, who were now strapped into their cars, she nodded her head before dropping a white handkerchief and yelling go.

The cars lurched forward and I watched as Em took the initial lead. Jazz kept right behind him and at the last minute Jazz released his Noz take. Sending him catapulting forward, past Em.

Jasper let the car glide to let the rest of the noz wear off before turning around and parking next to a very pissed off Emmett.

Jasper lazily got out of his car and looked over at Emmett with a smirk.

Emmett slammed his car door and started mumbling under his breath while walking over to me. Jasper laughed as he followed behind him.

"Now now brother, don't be so upset. It's only ten thousand. Oh, and bragging rights, of course."

Emmett set his mouth into a hard line before speaking.

"You little shit, I had you!"

I decided to cut in this time, bringing attention to Emmett's flaws.

"Em, you let your noz go to early. You should've waited to use the little boost."

He turned to me and glared. Shrugging my shoulders, I walked towards my car which had been put at the starting line. Jazzs' car having been lined up again.

Not bothering with the ridiculous harness seatbelt, I started my engine and felt the comforting hum of the engine.

Emmett knocked on my window, and I rolled it down. He leaned in and threw a wad of cash onto the passenger seat before speaking

"An extra ten grand for you to smoke his ass"

I grinned " Dear brother, you should know that that's going to happen with or without your money. But thanks for the insurance policy"

I winked and rolled up the window. Revving the engine, the same red headed bombshell walked out in front of us. Making a mental note to get her number, I took a deep breath a cracked my neck.

As soon as the handkerchief was dropped, I upshifted and floored it.

I realized Jazz was a good length behind me, due to the heaviness of his car. Narrowing my sights onto the finish line, I up shifted once more before pressing the orange button on my steering wheel to release one of my tanks of noz. Just for good measure.

Crossing the finish line, I turned my wheel and spun around to face the direction I came from.

Letting the car idle, I got out just as Jazz stomped his way up to me, while yelling at the top of his lungs.

"You son of a bitch! You went before she said go!"

Rolling my eyes I responded in a bored voice "Just because you lost, doesn't mean you need to be a sore loser and say that I cheated"

Looking over at the busty redhead, I winked before lining up to race my father.

He pulled up next to me and looked over at me through his black wrap arounds. Not saying a word, he revved his engine and I rolled my eyes looking at the girl who was now preparing to drop the little white object.

Before I realized it, we were racing down the mile long track. We were nose and nose until he released his storage of Noz.

Too soon old man

A few seconds later I hit my Noz button and flew past my father over the finish line. Not bothering to stop, I whipped my car around and flew back down the track before screeching to a halt in front of the red head.

Tilting my head, she opened the door and slid in. Glancing over towards my brothers, I noticed my father was walking up behind them. He was shaking his head and Em and Jaz just rolled their eyes.

Not saying a word, I hit the radio button and let music fill the car as I drove towards one of my closer apartments. Looking over at the girl and taking in her barely there dress, I gave her a smirk before flooring it.

I hope she can keep up.


"So Bella, are you excited?"

Looking over at my extremely perky room mate, I pulled my track pants over my leo and looked at her with question in my eyes.

"For your competition out of the country!"

"Oh, that. Yeah I'm excited. I'll be more excited when I have my routines down better"

I was so beyond stressed. Tokyo was literally right around the corner. I had to perform well. On top of that I had to figure out how to tell Alice I was leaving. And I had to do it within the next 4 days seeing as how I was set to move out next week. I really enjoyed her friendship and I didn't want to lose it.

Grabbing my bag off the floor I checked my watch noticing I had to leave now if I wanted to get to practice on time.

"Well, we're going to dinner tonight. You and I. You have yet to tell me about mystery boy and you, missy, are not getting out of that one!"

Rolling my eyes and shaking my head I nodded to her and sped walked out the door. Walking out of the dorm and through campus, I looked around at the everyday hustle and bustle. I realized that going through with this deal meant giving up this life.

But what other life did I know besides gym? I told myself that coming out here I would be starting a new life, but I knew I would be kidding myself if I thought that I could get away from gym.

I'm not saying I ever considered quitting, however I fooled myself into thinking that I could have both. Not if I wanted to be an Olympian. And that's what I wanted. I've sacrificed so much in my life, what's a few more things.

Tonight at dinner I would tell Alice. There is no more time to waste. If she can't handle it then I don't know what else to tell her. I'm hoping she'll still want to be my friend. I'm not gonna lie, it's nice to think that someone wants to be there at meets. Or at least watch them on tv when they're broadcasted.

I may not have known Esme or Roaslie but having them there after my meet, to congratulate me, meant a lot to me. I didn't even realize it till I thought about coming back from Tokyo. It would be nice to come back to them here waiting for me.

God I'm turning into a sap.

Walking through the door of the gym, I breathed in the smell of chalk and sweat. This is where I belong, and although I've always loved school, a classroom is not where I needed to be at the moment.

"Hey Bella!"

Looking over to the smiling face of Angela, I dropped my bag and walked over to her responding,

"Hey doll, how're you?"

"Well, I was a lot better before I found out you're leaving us" She frowned and replied.

"Oh don't worry, you're not getting rid of me that quickly, I'll still be training here, just not with the team"

"I know but you're hours will be different, and it just wont be the same. But I am so excited for you! I can't believe I personally know an Olympian. And you're gonna be famous! Well, I mean you already kind are and know you'll be doing press stuff and-"

I cut her off chucking

"Whoa slow down Ang, I'm not an Olympian yet and I am not famous! IM just trying to a lot more time to training and now with this agent I'm basically gonna be a slave to the gym world"

She rolled her eyes

"What serious gymnast isn't, really."

Laughing, I took my sweatpants off just as coach came in and started talking

"Well, women, it's a beautiful day for a run don't you think?"

Collective groans could be heard around the gym. We may be fit, but I know I personally hated running. Knowing there was no room for argument I went and grabbed the tennis shoes I kept there in my locker and slipped them on. Coach continued talking

"Lets shoot for 6 miles. Three there, three back."

I had no idea where we'd be running so I just hoped Ang did. Grabbing my headphones as well, I started stretching as Ang came next to me and did the same while talking

"Ok so lets agree to just jog. I know you don't know where you're going, but we run through the city down towards the water."

Great. People and tourists to go through.

About 25 minutes later found me bent over, out of breath, and sweating from head to toe. The Shorts and sports bra I changed into were drenched already due to the "jogging" pace we kept and the damn heat in the city today. Pausing my blasting music I gave ang the death stare.

"Thats jogging pace?! I think I'm dying. I HATE running."

She laughed. Before she could speak again, I heard my name being yelled.

Looking over my shoulder I saw Alice and Jasper. And Rose and Emmett. And of course the handsome devil himself along with a guy I had never seen before. Mildly cute I suppose.

Alice came bounding up to me smiling bright as ever.

"Bella! Oh my god you're so sweaty. Is this normal?"

Laughing I replied

"Yes, Alice, sweating is what happens when you exercise. You may have experienced mild forms of this while carrying those shopping bags around."

Jasper cut in

"No, she makes me carry them"

"Damn right I do!"

Emmett started whootin and hollering at this point

"Whoohooo monkey girl has got some abs on her!"

Rose smacked him upside the head. Edward had yet to acknowledge me, but his friend was looking at Ang and I realized I hadn't introduced her yet.

"How rude of me, Ya'll this is Angela, she trains with me at the gym."

She smiled shyly and then they all introduced themselves. Even Edward was cordial.


The new guy introduced him self as B. Just B. Weird.

"So Bella were still on for dinner right?! I need to hear about mystery guy!"

At this Edward pursed his lips and I couldn't see his eyes but I could feel the hole they were burning into my head. Rose cut in

"Um I know nothing of this new guy. I'm coming"

Emmett decided of course to start talking then too

"What? New guy? That guy that came into the gym?! I wanna know"

He put this pouting look on his face and resembled a puppy. I laughed

"Well, it's girl time and unless there is something you and Rose would like to share, I don't think you qualify for girl talk. Maybe next time."

Looking down at my watch I saw Ang and I needed to get going. Telling them I would see them later, I put my headphones in and started off towards the gym. I thought back to the brief encounter. Edward didn't say a word the entire time. Granted the little chat lasted all of 5 minutes but still. It kinda bugged me.

I don't know what it is about him that got under my skin so much.

Probably because he was a ragging asshole who thought he owned the whole effing city.

But I needed to not let him get to me. I had decided that he was an incompetent narcissistic fool.

Returning to the gym, I grabbed the my water bottle and downed it. Looking over at Ang, I asked her if she wanted to join us for dinner later.

She was one of the few genuine friends I had made here and it would be nice to have her.

She agreed and we went to the floor to stretch.

Although tonight would be full of questions, I was oddly, looking forward to it.

The next chapter will have dinner, most of the meet and the start of Edward and Bella encounters! Im so excited for that. It'll be unexpected and I think ya'll will like it:) This chapter was basically just a filler and I promise the next one won't be this short or this boring hah. It will be at least 7,000 words instead of 3100, sooo let me know you want it and ill continue to work on it! Till next time y'all