Titans Savior or destruction?

I do not own Teen Titans or any of its characters, nor do I enjoy not actually being in Teen titans…. I wish I was… *Sigh*

Few people understand me, and the ones that do have tried to either recruit me, or kill me, the H.I.V.E. Already have tried to recruit me, and when I refused, they attacked, they failed though, now I turn to the only people who can help me, the Teen Titans.

Running through the massive canyon was the last thing I planned to do, much less doing it while being chased by three of the H.I.V.E. Students sent after me

"Get back here you snot!" The little computer whiz Shouted as he flew after me, several appendages of his hovercraft firing off energy shots at me as the other two fell behind, left in the dust, only to return on the roof of a bus. I growled as I jumped onto the side of the vehicle and started to climb up hand over hand, reaching the roof after a minute or two. I pulled myself up and stood to find myself face to face with the one they call Mammoth.

"Shit…" I said and ducked a massive punch thrown by the behemoth as I pulled out my Taser and slammed it into his chest, he laughed… Until I turned it on, arcs of blue lightning shot from the small black box into his chest, causing him to shake and jerk violently. He fell over, his hair standing on end as smoke poured from his mouth and ears, a small candle wick flame lit on the tip of one of the spikes of his charred hair. As the massive man keeled over and fell off the bus, a pink wave of energy hit the metal roof around me, causing it to corrode and collapse, I barely caught the edge of the next panel and pulled myself up. I sighed as my eyes connected with Jinx, the bad luck girl.

"You're going to regret trying to break into H.I.V.E. because now you have to deal with me." She said darkly as she swung her hand and sent a wave of energy towards my head. I ducked under it as I saw a blue laser seemingly fire out of nowhere and hit the roof of the bus, I was sent flying towards the cliff, the impact shook my bones and broke my nose after my face impacted with the rock wall.

"TITANS GO!" I heard a voice shout as five figures jumped into the canyon, landing in front of the three H.I.V.E. Students

"Your gong to regret this." Jinx said as she waved her hand and the battle started, my vision blacked out as I lost consciousness. It returned blurry and unfocused, leaving me with tunnel vision of a metallic half man half robot fighting Mammoth. My vision went black again as I fell out of reality again, waking up to see Jinx and the other two running off, leaving the five people who saved me standing there, the floating one in black floated towards me

"He's still alive, we need to get him back to the tower, I can feel his life force fading fast Robin." She said in an dark and foreboding voice as I felt hands lift me up from the hot, cracked ground. My head turned towards the person carrying me, my eyes half open only saw reddish hair and golden brown skin, my head was shifted again and I saw a boy with green skin before I blacked out again as my body finally lost the battle for consciousness.