Titans Confusion

I do not own any part of the teen titans, though I do wish I was in it.

I groaned as my eyes cracked slowly, my vision blurry. I couldn't really see much of anything in the room except for the blinding light hanging over me, a soft beeping was resounding through the room, my body was numb, I couldn't feel anything except for the throbbing in my head directly behind my eyes. I could feel someone or something watching me, but I couldn't lift my head far enough to see who was there, straps restrained my head, legs, chest and arms, whoever these guys were they made a big mistake, they didn't encase my hands in energy cancelling gloves. My flesh started to dissolve as my hands turned to pure energy, I curled my fingers and squeezed against the metal cuffs, disintegrating them as soon as the tips of my middle fingers came in contact with them, I raised my hand and destroyed the clamps around my head and chest next, slowly sitting up and touching the cuffs around my ankles and I swung my legs off the table, the flesh returning as the energy slowed and vanished, I attempted to stand and my head swam from the use of my power, one of my weaknesses, I couldn't use one of my most powerful abilities for very long, but it is extremely useful to escape from a building and also very deadly if needed, though I didn't plan on killing anyone any time soon… yet.

The door slowly slid open and I quickly sidestepped into the cover of the shadows, watching the seemingly green young man step into the room and stare at my holding bed and piles of ashes that used to be my cuffs. He quickly pulled out a communicator and opened it, the face of an actually human appeared on the screen "Uh Robin…. He escaped…" The man said in a light and boyish voice. I slowly tried to slip out of the room unnoticed "Maybe not." The green man said and pocketed the disc communicator and spun, yelling and diving at me.

I grunted softly and shoved him away, the augments in my arms increasing the power of my push, slamming him into the wall, I watched him slump to the ground unconscious with a sick satisfaction before I walked out of the room and looked around, frowning as I saw that most of the corridor was dark, using my second power to will a flashlight into existence, flicking it on.

"Nice trick." The purple cloaked woman said as she was lit up by the flashlight, floating forward as she glared at me "Now, where's Beast Boy?" She snapped as she raised her hands, black energies covering my arms and lifting me up, slamming me into a wall as the door opened and the green man named Beast Boy stumbled out, holding his head

"Raven, let him down, he's not a threat." A new voice said as I was dropped unceremoniously to the floor, I raised my head to see the apparent commander leveling a staff in my direction, I slowly stood as I glared at him as two more people walked in, well one floated in, the other looked like a walking futuristic Frankenstein, part human, part machine, the other, a female, she was absolutely stunning, her face framed by red hair, her green eyes clear and innocent, was she young? No, she seemed not of this Earth at all, the way she looked at me, at her friends, with open admiration to them, with unabated confusion towards me. I shook my head, I must stay on task… escape, maybe a little mutilation to the leader…. But… No I couldn't, I could never hurt anyone close to her, until I knew what she was like at least