"That's it! That's him!" she pointed out to the black ford ten meters ahead of them. "In pursuit of a black Ford Taurus, going westbound on Washington Crossing State, Arizona license plate 5-2-B-7-H-N" she put the radio down and held on to the interior handles of the SUV. Morgan's driving was excellent – not once has he ever caused an accident during these car chases, but it was still rough to be in the passenger seat. The car in pursuit was going crazy – swerving around other cars, zigzagging on the road. It was difficult for Morgan to keep up. He stepped on the gas, catching up to the suspect. But the car slowed down, into a stop, crashing into a red truck that had been parked on the side of the road. They were relieved the chase was over. JJ undid her seatbelt, looking forward into nothing; glad they didn't crash into anything.

Suddenly, the honk of a semi inched closer and closer to the agents' SUV. Agent Jareau shot her head to her right, staring into the headlights of the semi truck. But before she could warn Morgan,

It was already too late.