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Sakura could hear the whispers all throughout class; all of which were about her. Although she couldn't really be too upset about it, she was different and kids liked different. Something, or in this case someone that was not the same as the rest, always tended to be the center of attention, which at the moment was her. With her dull pink hair and its butcher cut, to her baggy dirty clothes, she knew she stood out.

Lifting her hand to her face she took in a deep breath through her nose, smelling her sweater to make sure she didn't smell. Standing out because of her looks was one thing, she'd hate to stand out because she was the smelly girl in school. There was no scent that really stood out, other than the fact she had to find a way to get detergent to clean her clothes properly. Maybe she could talk her mother into getting her the money…Sakura shot down that idea immediately; that'd never work, her mother is more worried over her precious money than if her daughter smells or not.

"She just wants attention and for people to feel bad for her."

"Shh!" Sakura glanced to her right, seeing the two girls who were currently talking about her.

The first, a brunette with chubby cheeks, had apparently forgotten how to whisper. Then again she probably wanted Sakura to hear. As if she wanted her to suddenly jump up and confess; saying she was rich but felt she lacked attention. If she were rich she sure as hell wouldn't be in this school!

It wasn't even half way through the school year and Sakura was already used to the whispers; maybe it's because her weight loss is more noticeable now. She'd never really been a big kid, she'd always been small. It just looked worse because she wasn't wearing her own clothes. No, she was wearing someone else's. One of her mother's ex's.

Sighing softly and leaning back in her chair, the pinkette looked across the room to the black board. Her teacher was writing an endless bit of babble. She should probably pay a little attention…then again she was too tired. Yawning softly Sakura looked out the window to her left, watching whatever she possibly could to make the time pass by faster.

Should I buy regular chips or flavored? Regular has a less likely chance to upset my stomach. She had enough money to buy a small bag of chips for dinner, being able to figure out what to make those chips were a huge deal. She could probably break into someone's locker and steal their money if needed though-


"H-hai sensei?" Damn her day dreaming.

"I asked if you'd be willing to help the other students tutor with Uchiha-san after school until exams?" She could see the concerned look on his face, and it tore her in half. One hand she was happy he was worried, but on the other she felt offended, like he didn't think she could handle herself.

"Yeah sure…" She could feel even more eyes on her now, but this time the room was silent; which was even worse!

Glancing to her right towards the front of the class she looked for her soon to be tutoring partner, he was kind easy to find. Not only were the girls closest to him ogling, but he was kind of attractive. Okay 'Kind of' might be an understatement, but thinking about anything but getting through school was a no go, that and finding her next meal.

If memory served Sakura well, which it usually did, his name was Uchiha Itachi. On top of being attractive he's also rather loaded. If any girl in the school should be running into his arms she guessed it should be her. Hell she wouldn't have a problem dating him if it meant getting a good meal every day. But she couldn't, not only does Sakura not know what kind of person Itachi is; but she can't let anyone know what she lives with. It's her secret and she'll take it to the grave…probably literally.

"I advise those of you who are failing or about to, not saying any names; you should know who you are…to come in this room after school for tutoring. I think an hour should be fine and make sure to come in every day!"

The man at the front of the class smiled at the sound of the kids groaning in protest. He lifted his hands and hushed them. "I'd like for all of you to pass this year along with the rest, so please try your best."

Lifting his arms up a little he announces the end of class, half of the students fly to the door in hopes that some of the information they were told would be left behind in the room. Oh if only it were that easy…

Running her hands threw her slightly damp hair Sakura let out a small sigh. After gym class she had skipped her Science class to have a shower, not that she minded. Her Science teacher was dating her mother after all and she hated the man, just as she did all the men her mother was with.

She had tried to make herself presentable, popping the lock off of a girl's locker and using a small comb on her hair. She was tempted to use the scrubbing sponge, body wash and hair products as well but she probably would have gotten caught if she had. That and she didn't know where the girl had been, she was well aware girls at her school are sexually active, they brag about it enough.

Itachi and a few of his friends were already in the classroom waiting for the others to arrive as Sakura ran the eraser across the black board. They'd been given permission to do what they needed as long as they cleaned up after themselves, which was no problem.

Sakura could feel the Uchiha's friends watching her, but they were rather content talking about a game or something. The two boys known as Deidara and Hidan were talking non-stop; only getting slight replies from Itachi and questions from the large boy, Kisame. Both Kisame and Hidan had been held back, why she wasn't too sure. Kisame seemed smart enough, and Hidan was a human dictionary.

"I can't believe we have to stay after school for a stupid tutoring session!" Go figure, the preps of the school were failing.

Turning as more kids filed their way through the door. Itachi stands and makes his way to Sakura's side; grabbing a few books that were left on the front podium for them. "What would you like to start with?" he asked her quietly

Yeah she could see why girls were all over him. His voice, though she's sure he's still going through puberty, was deep and smooth. "We can start with History and go in order to our classes." She answered.

With a small nod he opened their 10 pound history book to the correct page; glancing at the paper the teacher had given him stating specifically what to work on for each class. Their teacher was a happy man, at times, too happy. But he had a schedule that was a must to follow. No one ever wanted to see that man mad.

Grabbing a fresh stick of chalk Sakura nodded to Itachi to begin the lesson. Sakura wrote notes for the others to copy as he read. Though a little monotone it was nice to listen to him. It was just sad that she had to have him repeat a few times from the loud bouts of giggling coming from the back of the class. Oh how Sakura hated the preps…and judging from the looks on Itachi and his friends' faces, they really hated them too. Letting out a long breath and shaking her head; Sakura did what she could to tune them out.

Not even one of the preppy asses took notes, if they failed, it's not her fault. Then again they'd probably bat their eyes at their parents and magically pass. Sakura was almost done with her last sentence when Itachi's phone began to ring causing her to flinch slightly.

Looking back she could see him tapping away on his smart phone and closed the book. Frowning a little; Sakura wrote the last few words she had left. Itachi announced their one hour was up and that they could go home. The preps were the first to leave, go figure. A few other people followed and then lastly it was Itachi and his friends. Cleaning the board off quickly Sakura snuck out of the class, dusting her hand on her sweater front to get the chalk dust off. She made her way down the hall quickly, god it felt like her stomach was eating itself!

Itachi couldn't find the pinkette anywhere. He wanted to ask her if she wanted to take turns or something with the reading and writing; because god knows he damn near threw the book at the group of kids in the back. He didn't really like talking to people he didn't know or like, and reading that long from a book was downright uncomfortable. Though it was slightly more relaxing watching Deidara make an ass out of himself by trying to mess him up. More than once Deidara got hit on the back of the head for making faces, didn't the boy already know there's no possible chance to advert his attention? Ah oh well.

"You going to get a copy of Halo when it comes out Itachi, un?" That's right the new Halo game was coming out in a few days.

"Not yet, I'll wait for the price to drop."

"Why?" Hidan commented, "You could probably buy the store out." With the way he was looking at Itachi it was like he grew a second head. Why was it a big deal if he didn't want to spend his money?

"Leave him be guys, his brother's been bugging him about it. View it as punishment for asking every time they see each other." Kisame chuckled as they walked out of one of the side doors leading out of the school. The silver haired boy scoffed, murmuring something, money pincher perhaps?

"Should I not bring it for game night then?" Deidara said with a slight pout.

"Hell no, you're bringing it bitch!" Hidan shouted. Itachi sighed, Hidan always was foul mouthed.

Glancing to his side he could see Sasori texting on his phone. Possibly speaking to his baby cousin, Gaara. Poor boy was sickly, and both were really close. The red head worried non-stop for the young look alike, they were always asked if they were twins.

"He alright?" Itachi inquired.

Without looking up Sasori nodded, sending his message and putting his phone away. "He's sick again." He confirmed.

They were almost to the rack Itachi kept his bike locked to. Deidara and Hidan both dropped their skate boards on the ground when someone shouted somewhere to their left. Stopping mid step they turned, but didn't see anything. Glancing to each other they slowly made their way to the end of the parking lot; back towards the school. If it was some idiot falling for a prank again they'd leave it be, but this being a public school, bulling was more frequent then private schools. Especially when half the student body came from the rough side of town.

They were about to turned back from the lack of noise when suddenly the pink haired girl from history class fell out from behind the corner of the building. Several of the prep students from tutoring walked over to where she fell. All of them where smiling and a few laughing. She's a prime target for bullies. Itachi always wondered why but never really knew. He watched her knock a Senior out because he said something to her she didn't like.

"Sorry for pushing you over, it's just you know, germ freak and all." A tall boy spoke out boredly. What a poor excuse…

The boy talking to her kneeled down, holding onto the bag of chips she had just purchased from the vending machine. He was almost waving it, watching as her bright green eyes hungrily followed the bag; willing it to be in her hands and for her to be running down the street.

"Are you hungry Haruno-san?" She nodded slowly; not wanting to seem desperate but sadly her only meal in the past two days were in his grimy hands.

"Here…Take it then." He said holding the small bag of chips out to her. Sakura blinked, was he really going to just give her the bag? She doubted it, but she couldn't risk it. She slowly reaching up to the bag while glancing at his face. She frowned when a mischievous smirk crosses his features.

Snatching the bag away from her small, boney hand the guy stood up and opened one end of the bag. She gasped softly, her eyes wide as she watched him reach in and take a handful of chips before attempting to stuff all of them into his filthy mouth.

"You son of a-" Sakura gasped out; groaning as a sharp pain erupts in the small of her back.

"I'd watch what you say girl."

Sakura turns her head to look back, seeing the blonde behind her retracting her foot away from Sakura's back. That little bitch just kicked me! Sakura couldn't believe it; she hadn't done anything to these asses!

"Hey!" The small group around Sakura flinched, turning to see Uchiha Itachi and his friends walking over. It must have been the silver haired boy Hidan who yelled, which is safe to say seeing as he's the one leading the march on the preps.

"For fucks sake really…Let's go." The male prep with a mouth full of chips mumbled.

Looking back to the boy in front of her Sakura watches as he tosses her bag of chips, in which he defiled with his germs, to the ground, and proceeds to step on it as he walks away. Unable to help the small whimper from escaping her lips; Sakura clenches her fists tightly in anger.

Listening to the laughs gradually disappearing Sakura pushes herself to her feet slowly, shaking as she gets more and more angry. She wasn't exactly mad at Hidan, he had made them leave but that was at the price of her food.

"Are you hurt?" Sasori was the first to speak as they walked up to her. He couldn't see anything wrong but who knew, she was shaking after all.

"How about you mind your own damn business!"

And with that Sakura spun on her heels and took off toward the school gates. Standing there slightly stunned at the sudden outburst the pinkette had displayed; they watch her leave the school campus.

"What do you think that was for un?"

"Who knows." Hidan scratched the back of his head; thinking it might have been smarter to just sit back and watch everything unfold. She held her own in everything else in school, so she probably didn't appreciate the help to much. Sighing the group headed back towards the bike rack, waiting as Itachi unlocks his bike before they all walked out of the school gates.

"Dude I hope your mom made those kick ass cookies." Hidan muttered tiredly.

"Please refrain from using such language when speaking of my mother…"

"You know I wasn't talking about her."

"Again, don't use-

"-Ok, ok…Sorry."

She couldn't remember when her home turned out the way it did. All of her memories were filled with clean streets, friendly neighbors and playing outside. Now if you looked at the house next door for too long you'd find the barrel of a gun pressed to your forehead.

The sidewalks were cracked and broken, weeds sticking up and tripping whoever wasn't paying attention. People rarely mowed their lawns unless they were told to by the city and hedges were left to grow and frighten small children. Though whatever small children there are around this neighborhood would use the hedges to hide from their abusive parents or when their parent's dealers come to collect their debts. Speaking of debts…

"I need to pay the bills…"

Letting a long sigh out Sakura wonders how she'll be able to get the rent paid, they were behind by three months. She couldn't take too much out of the checks her father sent, or her mother would go on a rant of how Sakura was money hungry and destroying her life. Thankfully their landlord was a drunk, so he barely even knew how much money they owed him; that was their only saving grace.

Turning to the broken walkway to her front door; Sakura grabs her house key. Practically having to break into her own house her door is so crappy, she finally gets into the somewhat safety of home. She walks further into the house only to see her mother, along with several of her supposed friends, snorting cocaine. The woman in front of Sakura was, and in many ways is still a beautiful woman. With her deep green eyes, sandy blonde hair and flawless, though slightly less now, skin she could have been a famous model.

Mebuki having noticed her only daughter's lingering gaze, snaps out, "What the hell are you staring at?"

Tensing at the fact she had in fact been staring at her mother; she says nothing and hurries towards the stairs behind the couch. She could feel her mother's dark gaze following her, it was worse than at school, but she had to keep her head down.

Scoffing at how spineless her daughter is, Mebuki leans back in her chair and lights another cigarette. One of the women next to her giggling about her latest fling. Hearing her mother yell out a "If you think that's funny, let me tell you about the time…" Sakura pushes her bedroom door open and slips inside. She tossed her bag in the general location of her frameless bed before she picks half the door up and props it against the wall. It broke off of one of its hinges when her mother threw a fit and went on about her stealing money.

Money…where was she going to get more money? She was more of an adult than her mother at the moment. Shaking her head she makes her way over to the single window across the room from her door. Pressing her hands to the upper part of the frame, she opens the window as much as she can and moved two sticks to either side of the window to keep it open.

Taking in a large breath of air she slowly exhales; pulling away and to her left and flopping onto the mattress that lays on her nasty stained floor. She knew she lived in very unsanitary conditions, but she's begun to not care anymore; which in all honesty saddens her. Sakura winced softly as her stomach growled and twisted slightly in hunger. She presses her hand into her stomach which has always worked to hush it, even if slightly. She's had to sit in class with her fist in her stomach before.

Thinking back to the poor bag of now powdered chips laying by the school, she half wonders if she should have acted differently. Acting the way she had to Hidan resulted in her not eating. Although if she had let them know that was her only meal in two days the cops would have been called. Then again she'd probably have a full stomach.

I couldn't ever do that. She thought softly. Laying on her back and sighing again she tried to push the hunger pains out of her mind. Reaching to her right and grabbing her back pack; Sakura pulls out her homework and rolls onto her stomach. Immersing herself in school work relaxed her oddly, it helps her forget who she was and what she had to deal with. But sadly, reaching her third day of nothing to eat, her mind keeps going back to the group of boys who stopped the preps from bullying her further. Maybe if the head of the police forces son wasn't there she might have mentioned needing some money for food…


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