It was a peaceful night at the Hotel. Everyone was going about their regular activities. However the scars form what happened a year before still lingered. Areas of the castle walls were new and the seam between the old stonework and the new was clearly visible. Everyone still remembered what happened in great detail, as if it only happened a few hours ago. What happened a year ago was not what the monster community expected when they thought about exposing their existence to humanity.

Mavis and Johnny began to go on their trips around the world about 3 months after the incident. The entire time Johnny slowly started to gain his Vampire abilities. The first was to walk on walls. He used this to his heart's content, spending nearly all his time on the ceiling. Mavis gladly joined him, but did not really enjoy sleeping on the ceiling all that much. The next ability was to turn into mist and re-appear. Johnny excitedly would nearly always pass through doors by turning into mist and going under the door. That was until he gained the ability he desired the most… turning into a bat. Drac helped him a bit teaching Johnny as he did Mavis. Soon after learning how to fly, Johnny and Mavis would spend nearly every sun rise and sun-set flying together in sync watching the beauty around them. Johnny would always try to sneak up behind Mavis while in bat form to surprise her, but no matter how hard he tried, she would always hear him coming.

"You really need to learn to be stealthier. I can hear you flapping a mile away." She would always joke. Johnny would always wine jokingly with her pointing out he has not had as much practice as she had.

It is now one month before Johnny and Mavis' wedding and everyone is extremely excited. Wanda and Eunice have been positively exploding with joy and excitement in helping Mavis plan every little detail of the wedding. Johnny does have some say of course in how the wedding is being planned, but in his usual character, he just rolled with whatever the three women decided upon but to the enjoyment of Wanda and Eunice.

In a surprising announcement Drac had told everyone he was going to take a 2 week vacation leaving the hotel in the hands of one of the armors. He originally wanted to have Mavis and Johnny run it, but with the wedding plans, he did not want to bother them. Nearly everyone did not initially believe Drac when he said he was going on vacation as he had previously never left the hotel for more than a day. Everyone wondered where he was going, but he would not tell anyone. Most believed it had something to do with the wedding and there were many, many rumors floating around as to what the reason might be.

The sun was beginning to set and Johnny was lying in bed. Drac eventually allowed Johnny to share Mavis's room, and even helped get a larger bed so they could both comfortably sleep together. Johnny cracked open his eyes when he rolled over and could not find Mavis next to him. Suddenly he felt something land on the top of his head.

"Morning sleepy head." Mavis said in her bat form resting on his head with her head leaning over and looking into Johnny's face upside down.

Johnny yawned and said. "Hey you, where have you been?"

Before she could answer Johnny quickly changed into a bat and wrapped his wings around her and kissed her. Mavis gladly returned the kiss and could not help but giggle.

"Today is the day my dad is supposed to get back. I could barely sleep, I am too excited, and I wonder where he has been?" Mavis said.

"Don't worry Mavy, we will find out soon enough. Now… I suppose I should get dressed… you know you still have never answered by multiple attempts in asking you if our clothes disappear when we are in bat form…" Johnny said.

Mavis blushed so much it was even evident through her fur.

"Oh hah ha! So you are hugging me as a bat which makes you think you are hugging me while naked is that is?" Mavis replied jokingly.

Johnny just grinned and hugged her again.

They both got dressed and headed downstairs to the dining room to get breakfast. It appeared that many of the guests also could not sleep as the dining hall was already quite full. Everyone wanted to be there when Drac got back so they could learn where he was at. Most where there for curiosity, but of course a few bets were being held and those that participated wanted to know if they won.

After a few hours, everyone was getting ready to leave the dining room when they saw Drac turn the corner. Everyone rushed over as fast as possible and began grilling him with questions. He did not answer anyone until Mavis and Johnny came up and asked themselves.

"How was your trip." Mavis asked.

"Yea and where did you go?" Johnny added.

"The trip was great. It was the first vacation I have had in 120 years and it did me a lot of good." Drac replied.

"Uh huh… but where did you go?" Johnny asked again.

"I had to pick up a few extra guests for the wedding." Drac replied.

Everyone looked around to one another confused. Before Johnny could ask for more details, his jaw dropped, his eyes nearly popped out of his head, and if it was still beating, his heart would have stopped as several people turned the corner slowly.

"Hey Johnny, did you really think we would miss your wedding!?" Ann said.

"M… Mo… Mom… D… Dad…" was all Johnny could say at first. "Mom, Dad! You are here! But how!?"

"That is a long story." Drac said.

"You owe me a hundred bucks" someone said in the background.

Author's note:

Ok… so this is a short chapter, and is not that great in my opinion, but it gets the story going.