Over the next week, a lot occurred. For starters, a "small" party was held celebrating both Julia's recovery and the engagement of Bill and Marie. There were not as many people guests as there were at Mavis' parties, but it was still a fantastic celebration, more than Bill or Marie could have hoped for.

There were a few snags of course, especially when Marie's parents were told of the change in plans. They were more worried about Marie getting married at such a young age, but Marie made sure to correct them that they are engaged, and will not actually tie the knot until after they finish college. Some qualms were raised about Marie not going to school in the US so she could visit, but her parents respected her wishes. Marie wanted to tell her parents in some way that she was marrying a Vampire now, though he was still the same person he was when he was human, and her parents seemed to like him well enough from the few times they met. Marie figured the time to tell them would be when they arrive for the wedding ceremony.

After a few months, Johnny's parents had found a comfy home living near Wayne and Wanda. Ann and Wanda became inseparable always having fun together, with Ann brining in a lot more current technology and fashion into their lives. Mike joined the same company where Wayne worked and they become great friends.

Johnny and Mavis decided to continue living in the hotel for the time being. For one thing, it had always been Mavis' home, and second, they both wanted to keep Drac company when they were not busy with some kind of travel plans.

Matt and Aimee found a nice home about 30 minutes from the castle where they could raise Julia, and also make it easy for them to visit the hotel. Dracula loved being able to spoil her rotten with affection and gifts.

Bill and Marie were accepted into the same monster college and Jake transferred his college classes to the same school. There were some rumblings about allowing a human to enroll into the school, however with everyone realizing that Marie was engaged to a Vampire, and the great Count Dracula himself vouched for her, she was quickly accepted. They both shared the same apartment not far from the campus but never hesitated to visit the hotel or their parents.

Tim decided to remain human for at least a while longer while he decided what he wanted to do with his life. He went back to the US to at least complete his schooling to become a lawyer and knew he wanted to return to Transylvania when he was done. He would worry about turning into a Vampire later if he wanted to at all.

Jim enrolled into a monster high school where he had no issues fitting in and even met his first girlfriend who was a werewolf. It was only after they started dating that he found out her parents were good friend of Wayne and Wanda which only seemed to make the relationship more special… more "meant to be."

John continued his bachelor life style but always made sure to visit once and a while.

Four years pass and Bill, Marie, and Jake are out of college. Bill and Marie decide to hold their wedding at the hotel just as Mavis had. Many monsters showed up including the many friends they had made in school. Marie's parents were invited and arrived at the hotel with nearly the exact same reaction Marie had years back. Marie's mother fainted in the spot, and her father just kinda froze in shock for a few hours. As expected they flipped out once they recovered from the initial shock, but they did eventually relent and accept the marriage when they realized that she had been with her Vampire fiancé for over four years, and all the other monsters they met were so friendly. It warmed their hearts to see their daughter so happy. Marie had decided to be turned after the wedding reception. Marie wanted Bill to turn her, but he did not feel comfortable doing it. Bill asked Mavis to do it which she gladly did. It made her feel full of pure joy that he would give her the honor of turning his now wedded wife. Marie's turning went without issues and the two left on a flight to Paris for their honeymoon compliments of Mr. Dracula.

It seemed like life was now perfect. Johnny was with his loving wife, and did not have to worry about his family passing away in front of his eyes while he aged slower. Drac now had a more fun in his life and even managed to loosen up considerably. Everything seemed like it could not get any better… that is until Mavis announced she was Pregnant.