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Chapter 2: Oh my God, Really Guys?!

Boomer sighed when he saw the Greens and Reds fighting, and Bubbles trying to get them to stop, he cleared his throat to get attention, it didn't work so he readied his sonic scream(more like yell).

''STOP FIGHTING!'' He yelled.

Everybody stopped and looked towards Boomer, Buttercup had Butch in a Headlock and Blossom and Brick were fighting like Sumo wrestlers, clamping their hands together and pushing, Brick growled.

''why should I?''he asked irritated.

Boomer glared, ''because if you don't I'll eye blast you into next year.''he said.

Butch snarled slightly.

''I'll do it to you too''Boomer said.

Boomer walked over to them, the bell rang for lunch.

Boomer groaned and got his stuff and walked into the building, he was getting VERY annoyed, he got his lunch-which consisted of a veggie burger, tater tots and a banana-Brick and Butch followed suit but got different things-Butch got a cheese burger and fries while Brick got a spicy chicken sandwhich with a pear.

Boomer sat alone in a corner seat, his brothers sat away from him, and Bubbles sat next to him.

''Sorry about my Brothers..''he said kinda out of nowhere, and awkwardly.

Bubbles giggled a bit, ''It's fine, my sisters attacked first though.''

Boomer shrugged ''Either way I wouldn't have been surprised."

[on the complete opposite side of the Lunch room]

Blossom looked up when Buttercup sat down.

''hey where's Bubbles?''Buttercup asked.

''I don't know, she said she had to take care of something. ''Blossom said, then they noticed. Bubbles and Boomer were sitting together and their eyes widened.

They facepalmed.

[back to Boomer and Bubbles]

''So how's it been going?''Boomer asked Bubbles.

''Pretty good, a villain haven't attacked for a month.''she giggled.

''Cool.''Boomer said.

[on a different side of the cafeteria]

Butch and Brick were fighting, Butch had mashed potatoes over his eye and Brick had peas and Macaroni and cheese on his shirt.

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