I looked in the mirror, and shuddered at what I saw. They were the eyes of a demon; evil and dark, the eyes of my father. They were yellow with streaks of orange running through, and resembled those of a cat. Is that what I was to become? Evil, dark; was I going to use my abilities to kill and destroy, and consume the souls of evil mortals? I blinked slowly as my eyes slowly changed back to their original grey. I sighed; only two more years to go, only two more years of fear and emotionless behavior. Then I was gone, I don't know where yet, but anywhere has to be better than this hellhole.

"Vera" called my grandmother "If you do not hurry you will be late." I heard her shuffled steps as she walked down the hall.

"Veradisia, what are you doing?" She scolded as entered the small bathroom. I shrugged,

"Nothing." I mumbled. How could I tell her I saw my father's evil eyes instead of my own? "Just brushing my hair." I slipped past her and grabbed my black book bag off the mantle by our door. "I'm off to school; I'll see you when I get back." I called rushing out the door before she could bombard me with questions about my strange behavior, which isn't really all that strange if you ask me.

I am really not the one to be bothered by people, and tend to stare off onto space when I get distracted, leading to strange tricks of the eyes, like seeing my father's eyes instead of my own. I suppose that I have been more distracted than usual lately, and the strange eye tricks, and visions have been more concentrated. Maybe that means something big is happing soon, or I could really be going crazy as everyone said.

The walk to school was quick, ten minutes at most, but that did not help the irritation I felt while walking. It's not that I don't like walking; in fact I find it very calming and calm is something much needed for someone of my unique condition. The only real problem I have with walking to school is the rain. It always rain in the never sunny reservation of Lapush Washington. There was a slight drizzle as I got to the only high school on the reservation.

'Great' I thought sarcastically. There were a group of football player's, and cheerleaders standing by the double doors I always entered. I tried to be invisible as I briskly walked past them.

"Hey, look!" said one of the cheerleaders obnoxiously, "It's the reservation's very own zombie!" I gritted my teeth and kept moving.

"Keep calm, keep calm, show them nothing, feel nothing." I muttered so low that I barely heard it for myself.

I walked down the overly crowded hallways of the school, to my undersized locker.

"Hey Vera." said a small mouse-like voice.

"Hello Annie" I replied. Annie Lahote was one of the only people of the school I associated with; she was quiet, sweet, and respectful, probably the exact opposite of her older brother Paul, who was one of the giants and the schools temperamental badass. At times I felt bad for her, people didn't really mess with her out of fear of her brother; but they weren't nice to her either. Sometimes I hear people call her names, or push pass her making her books fall in the hallway. I hate it, honest to god I would do something, say something, but it's too much of a risk.

We walked side by side to our first period; science. We were lab partners, which was another reason people picked on her. She was friends with the Lapush Zombie. People would start more things with me but I was like a zombie; I never reacted, again too much of a risk.

"Did you do your science homework?" she asked her voice barely above a whisper as we slipped into our seats at the front of the class.

"Of course," nothing else. I felt bad about it; she really didn't have many friends, and she chose to try and be mine, but I couldn't risk being emotionally involved.

"Oh" she whispered, as the teacher walked into the class and began the lesson.

Halfway through the class I felt something hit the back of head, and saw a paper wad hit the floor. I bent down and picked up the crumbled paper and opened it to the words

'Zombie Freak'

Hastily written. I rolled my eyes and threw the note away, as I turned back to my seat I saw the same girl I saw this morning giggling with a boy I assumed was her boyfriend, by the way his hand was traveling up her thigh. 'There stupid and immature' I told myself mentally as I took my seat next to Annie.

"Are they starting again?" she asked, I shrugged.

"Doesn't matter" I said with an eye roll, but in truth I knew this was going to be a long day.

I'm not really sure why they were messing with me today, maybe they needed a new target for today and when they saw me this morning thought I was perfect, or I did something to piss them off, who knows, but in each class someone from the cheering squad, or football team did something stupid to try and make me mad, or show an emotion other than bored. In English a football player pushed all my books off my desk, and Jared Till disconnected himself from Kimberly Connweller just long enough to help me pick them back up and glare. Math; Trixie Lament tripped me, and talked about me loud enough the whole class laughed. By lunch I was thoroughly irritated, and my head was pounding for me to release my magical energy, so I put my sunglasses on so nobody could see my eyes, that were probably flashing, though nobody could tell. I had been able to keep my nonchalant attitude all day so far, but I had no idea how much more I could take before I snapped. I quickly walked to the lunchroom, and ran into Annie.

"Vera, would you like to eat lunch with me?" I was going to decline, but she looked so hopeful.

"Messing with you too?" I asked cocking an eyebrow. She nodded slowly,

"I don't really want to be alone."

"Why don't you go talk to your brother?" She froze up, and shook her head wildly.

"He would be so mad; I really don't want him to get into another fight." I sighed, what could possibly go wrong with one lunch?