Crossing Tails

Chapter 11


Author's notes: I don't own H20: Just Add Water or Mako Mermaids: An H20 Adventure. I apologize for the long wait. My depression is back full force and I have a hard time writing. But I decided to give this next chapter a shot. I hope you like this. :)

The merfolk were all training with Rita harder than ever. They had to be prepared for when the comet arrived.

Every morning and afternoon they practiced with their powers. They had to have absolute control over their abilities.

Meanwhile with the Mermaid council...

"Oh no!" Turquoise exclaimed.

"What is it?" Alima asked worriedly.

"It seems the prophecy has been misread." Turquoise responded.

"What do you mean?" Another council member spoke up.

"It says Mermen, as in more than one, not a Merman." Turquoise told them. "Also it indicates here that they will be natural-born merman, not a land people transformed into a mermen."

The Mermaid council all exchanged uneasy looks. What if the other merman of the prophecy wasn't as friendly as Zac? What if he was like the other mermen before him? What if he was greedy, evil, and ruthless? What if something went horribly wrong?

"That means there is another merman out there somewhere that we need to find as well as the two other mermaids." Alima spoke up. "We need to tell Rita about this new discovery."

"Wait, look at this line here." One mermaid pointed out. "It says magic gone wrong shall turn another."

"That means either there's another mermaid or merman that's a part of the prophecy as well." Turquoise told the council. "In addition to our very own Eva."

The mentioned girl looked up at the mention of her name. "Excuse me?" The other members of the mermaid council turned to look at her, "I've made my decision on what I want to do after we destroy the comet." She took a deep breath before continuing. "I want to go home with the other mermaids and their friend. The ones from my world." She clarified.

The other mermaids looked saddened and disappointed by her choice.

"It's not that I don't like it here." She said quickly. "I really do, and you all have been so kind to me. You took me in when I had no where to go. You took care of me when I needed someone to care for me. You became my family. But I don't belong here in this world, in this time."

"We have no idea what will happen when you decide to go back." Turquoise reminded her. "You might go back to your time period. It is a possibility but you might also be sent back to the same time that the other mermaids are from."

"It's a chance that I'm willing to take if it means I'll see my family again. My other family, my parents." Eva said firmly.

"Zac we need to talk." Evie had approached the merman in the Ocean café.

"What about?"

"Lyla." She replied curtly.

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "What about her?"

"I know that you and Lyla are together." The brunette girl crossed her arms. "I just wish you had broken up with me before you started seeing her. "

"I'm sorry Evie." Zac said sincerely. "It's just that there's so much going on right now. I haven't had the time to talk with you about it."

"Merfolk stuff?" She guessed.

He nodded in affirmation.

"So I guess I wouldn't be any help there."

"Not really." The merman told her. "Sorry."

"It's okay. I understand." She gave him a sad smile. She then turned to leave but Zac stopped her.

"Evie?" She turned to look at him. "We can still be friends right?"

She gave him a small sad smile. "Of course we can." She then turned and went to work.

Rita sighed when she got the news from Alima of the Mermaid council. She was with Zac and the girls in the Grotto.

"What is it Rita?" Sirena asked worriedly.

"Oh, it's nothing Zac, girls." She said. They looked to her waiting for her to go on. "It seems that there is another Merman that is part of the prophecy in addition to Zac. As well as another Mermaid or Merman."

"So do they know who they are?" Zac asked hopefully.

"No, they don't have any idea." Rita informed them.

"So they could be anyone?" Lyla asked her.

"Yes, they could." The principal said thoughtfully.

"Well that's great," Nixie commented sarcastically, "Just great."

"We'd better get you back to your training." Rita told them. She paused for a moment. "Where are the other girls and their friend Lewis?"

"I think they might have gone back to Mako for more answers." Sirena offered. "They seemed pretty set on finding a way to help us find out when the comet will arrive, and how we can destroy it."

"Well, Eva used her powers the first time around to make a tower of light to push the comet away." Rita said. "Maybe she could give you some advice?"

"Who's Eva?" Nixie said in complete confusion.

She sighed before she began to tell them the story. "Long ago, before any of you were born, when I was a teenage mermaid with my friends, a young mermaid appeared before the pod in a flash of light. She told us her story and we could tell she was telling the truth. But her story made no sense. The Comet hadn't been seen for centuries.

We all wondered how this girl could have faced this comet only the day before when there was no sign of it. Then the mermaid council revealed to us a prophecy. It stated that a mermaid from another world parallel to ours would arrive. After pushing away the comet on her own in her world, she would appear in ours. She would be the start of the prophecy."

"What prophecy?" Lyla asked taking a seat beside Nixie and Zac. The merman took her hand. She smiled at him in return before focusing back on Rita. In the middle of the story the other Mermaids as well as their friend Lewis, and Cam had arrived taking seats and listening to Rita.

"Eva's comet first appears

sending the girl into a state of fear

A attempt to stop only pushes away

And magic gone wrong pulls her astray

Into a parallel world she goes

five other mermaids friends not foes

Come by magic's pull into our world

All together there will be ten girls

Magic gone wrong will turn another

two natural mermen join, one a brother

A northern mermaids long lost twin

The children of Nerissa united once again."

They all looked at each other once Rita finished reciting the prophecy. "Wait a minute." Cam said. "The prophecy says two natural mermen, Does that mean born as mermen?"

"Yes that's exactly what it means." She responded.

"But then how can Zac be a part of the prophecy?" Cam protested. "He was changed into a merman not born as a merman."

The elder mermaid glanced away from them.

"Rita, what aren't you telling us?" Zac asked.

"I don't know if it's my place to tell you." She shook her head.

"Rita, what's going on?" Cleo wondered outloud.

"Zac, has a connection to the sea. Like all natural born mermaids and mermen do." Rita said. "I thought maybe it was because he was changed into a merman. But my friend Diane who is close to a member of the mermaid council told me something very interesting."

"What was it?" Emma asked.

"A Northern mermaid who had joined our pod was banished."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Rikki demanded.

"I'm getting to that Rikki, Have patience." She cleared her throat and went on. "Her name was Nerissa."

"Like as in the Prophecy?" Lewis connected the dots. "The Children of Nerissa united again."

"Yes," Mrs. Santos affirmed.

"Wait a minute..." Lyla began, "Mimmi!" She shot up suddenly pulling Zac with her who was still holding her hand.

"What?" Bella said confused.

"Mimmi is a mermaid in the Mako pod." Sirena told Nixie.

"I know that. What has she got to do with the prophecy?" Nixie demanded.

"Mimmi is the daughter of Nerissa." Sirena told her.

"So that means she must be a part of the prophecy." Charlotte finished.

Rita nodded in response. "I'll let the mermaid council know."

"Wait a minute what about me?" Zack questioned her. "What were you talking about earlier? I'm totally confused here."

Rita's gaze softened. "Zac, your mother was Nerissa. You're Mimmi's twin brother and a natural born merman."

Zac's eyes widened and his jaw went slack. The others had the same reactions. "What? But that's not possible. I'm human. I was born in a human family. My parents..."

"Zac," Lyla began. "It makes sense."

"No, it's not true. It's not!" He let go of Lyla's hand and ran. "You're lying!"

"Zac!" Lyla called after him.

Zac ignored her, diving into Rita's underwater entrance and swimming off.

The young mermaid looked heartbroken at the place where he had dove into the pool. "I...I have to go after him."

"Lyla, You should give him some time." Sirena said gently.

"He needs me. I have to go after him." She argued.

"Lyla, he just got the shock of his life. He needs time to process everything." Nixie told her.

"What if he does something stupid?" Cam pointed out. "Someone should go after him."

"Why don't you go Cam." Sirena said suddenly.

They all looked surprised at the statement, including Cam. "What? Why me?"

"You're his best friend aren't you?" Nixie pointed out.

"Well, I was. I don't know if he still considers me his best friend. I mean after everything I did..." He trailed off. The blonde haired boy shifted his weight nervously.

"You know him better than anyone else though." Lyla realized. "You've known him the longest. You're the only normal one out of us. He might listen to you."

Cam nodded, "I'll try but I don't know it it'll do any good."

"Thank you Cam." Rita smiled at him thankfully.

He gave her a half smile in response and went to find his best friend.

Author's notes: I don't own anything. Sorry if this sucks. It's been a while since I wrote for this fanfiction. I'll try to add more to this soon, including Rita's explanation to how she knows about Zac's heritage and stuff.