Alright, first I would like to tell you that this story has Contestshpping. *Puke* But it is the first story out of two or three so there WILL be Advanceshipping. And also this was written a couple months ago so the grammar may be bad but no too bad. I was inspired by many fanfics for this one and this was a test for how Ash would be if May betrayed him and stuff like that. Anyways, enjoy!

In the Kanto Region...

"Team Rocket! Give me back Pikachu!" Shouted a 16 year, old raven-haired boy. "Or else you're going to regret it...again!"

"Never twerp! And this time we got something that's going to knock you right out!" Shouted back an unknown age, purple haired woman. She and the other rocket members stopped.

"What are you doing Jessie? We should run!" Said a mid-twenties year old blue-haired man.

"James, Meowth, watch this." Jessie pulled out a gun.

"JESSIE!? Why do you have a gun!?" Asked James.

"I'm fucking sick of always losing to the twerp so I bought a gun. If he surrenders I won't kill him and we can keep him captive! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"James, I tink dat gun got to her head..." said a talking Meowth.

"We never did anything this extreme before..."

"I found you Team Rocket!"

"He found us!" Shouted James.

"Perfect." Said Jessie calmly. She then walked outside there little hideout which was a cabin and saw the twerp standing at the door, furious.

"Hold it twerp!" Jessie pulled out the gun. "Surrender and I won't kill you." Jessie said with a grin none of the rocket members have seen. Ash's eyes widened when he saw the gun. He quickly put his hand up in the air.

"Smart choice. Smartest choice you've ever made." Jessie lowered the gun, and stopped at his leg. She fired. Ash screamed in pain and she fired a few more times. "This gun is really the best thing that happened to Team Rocket."

James and Meowth were watching with wide eyes as they looked at the laughing Jessie and the twerp who was clutching his bloody leg. Jessie then knocked him out and tied him up.

"There. We have the twerp that has been a thorn in our side for too long. The boss is going to be thrilled! And we even have Pikachu!"

"Yay...Promotion!" James said un-enthusiastically, still shocked at what happened.

Ash woke up at midnight. He saw that he was tied up, but his legs weren't. He tried to stand but failed to the pain in his left leg. He then saw something move towards him. He saw Meowth. Fully awake and his claws ready.

'Is this the end?'

Ash decided to look Meowth straight in the eyes and Meowth charged towards him. Ash was ready to feel the pain but only felt a slight scratch. He looked down and saw the ropes have been cut. He looked at Meowth who already knew what he was going to ask.

"Listen twerp. I don't know what happened to Jessie but she never did something like this before so I'm letting you and Pikachu go because I'm also leaving Team Rocket."

"But Meowth, why are you helping me?"

"Because I'm leaving Team Rocket to the side of good! And I wanted to ask you a favor..."


Meowth left then came back with an object in his hands. Ash recognized it as the gun Jessie used. "Destroy this gun. Completely so it will never be used again!"

Ash looked at the cat that had tears in his eyes.

"Don't worry Meowth. I need you to bring Pikachu and my Pokemon here. I can't stand on my own."

"Okii dokie twerp!" Meowth left and brought Ash's Pokemon to him.

"Thanks Meowth. I choose you Sceptile!"

"Sceptiillle!" Said the green lizard that appeared from the red and white sphere who instantly went into battle stance when he saw Meowth.

"Hold on Sceptile, Meowth is helping us escape and I need you to help me up. I can't walk."

Sceptile looked at Meowth then at his master and nodded. Sceptile helped Ash up and the four (Ash, Meowth, Sceptile and Pikachu) headed out of the hideout. When they were far enough away from it, Ash released Infernape, who growled at Meowth but Ash calmed him down.

"Meowth put the gun on the ground," which Meowth did. "Alright, Infernape, give that gun your best flamethrower...Or a good flamethrower!"

Infernape did just that completely destroying the gun where there was no remains of it. Meowth felt relieved, Jessie would (hopefully) be back to normal.

"So Meowth...why did you quit Team Rocket?"

"Huh? Oh see, while chasing Pikachu for so long from Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier, Sinnoh, Unova, Decolora Islands, and Kalos you twerps were saying that I can do much more with my life and I then found Team Rocket boring. Chasing after Pikachu so much. I mean, how on earth can we steal the Kalos League Champions Pokemon anyway? Anyways, I decided that it was time to quit, and after seeing today, I now really do want to quit."

"So...what are you going to do now then?"

Meowth sighed. "I don't know twerp-I mean Ash, I don't know..."

"I-I know this seems completely absurd Meowth but, what do you think of traveling with me? In 10 years there's going to be a Champion Tournament and a new friend won't hurt," Ash said with a smile.

"Y-you would take me as your Pokemon, as a friend after all I've done to you and Pikachu!?"

"Yeah, after all, you're really a kind Pokemon at heart. You wouldn't even think of hurting anyone as badly as Jessie hurt me."

"You mean that?" Meowth asked, tears in his eyes.

Ash just smiled. "Yep. I only have Pikachu, Sceptile and Infernape on me right now about it? I'll train you to be the toughest Meowth in the world. And I- no all of my Pokemon will be your friends!"

"I accept Ash!"

Ash smiled even more. "Alright! Welcome to the team Meowth!" Ash tossed a Pokeball in the air which Meowth jumped too and then became Ash's Pokemon. Ash turned to Pikachu, Sceptile and Infernape.

"Guys, we have a new friend!"

2 Days later

Ash was finally back in Pallet Town. With Pikachu on his right shoulder and Meowth on his left. Meowth hated Pokeballs just like Pikachu so he also rode on Ash's shoulder.

"Well Meowth, we'll be seeing everyone soon...It's too bad they didn't come to see me win the Kalos league but mom said that everyone is going to be there!"

"I'm kinda nervous boss. What if they don't accept me?"

"Don't worry Meowth. You're my friend and you've now joined us so they will accept you!" Ash said and Pikachu went to Ash's other shoulder to comfort Meowth.

"Thanks Boss, thanks Pikachu. I don't know what I would've done if I didn't meet you two...sniff" Ash and Pikachu just smiled to each other than Meowth.

They were at Ash's house and the three could hear shouting and laughter on the other side. Ash then entered the house and his mouth dropped and his eyes widened, as well as Pikachu.


The people in the house were Brock, Misty, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Tracey and Gary. All close friends of his. Ash didn't have any travelling companions in Kalos. He traveled on his own there. Everyone in the house looked fine. The house on the other hand...not so much. All of his companions favourite Pokemon were out. Geodude, Marill, Glaceon, Grovyle, Piplup, Axew, Azumarill and Umbreon. The house was a mess. Pillows torn, glass cups broke. One of his moms favourite vases were broken, it was like a tornado hit his home.

The guests on the other hand stared at Ash then looked around and saw the place was trashed.

"Hi Ash, so how was Kalos?" Asked the blunette Dawn.




Everyone was in utter silence.

"D-don't worry Ash, we didn't do anything to your mom's room or yours..." said May.

Everyone then saw the Pokemon on the ground look away.

"Oh no..." said Ash who rushed upstairs.


Hours later...

"I think we're done cleaning..." said the doctor, Brock.

"I've never seen Ash this angry before..." said a Pokemon connoisseur who arrived after Ash's rant. His name was Cilan and his Pokemon was Pansage.

Later Ash finally came down with Pikachu and Meowth on his shoulders, and for the first time the group noticed Meowth.

"Okay," said Ash who took a deep breath. "Let's forget this ever happened and just sit down."

They all sat down in the living room.

"So Ash, finally claimed victory eh? How long has it been? 6 years?" Said Brock.

"Yep! But let me tell you, fan girls are crazy! How did you ever deal with them Gary?"

"What can I say? I know how to handle woman," replied Gary, earning a few glares from the girls. Meowth was tempted to say something but didn't. Ash told him not to talk until they were asked the question that would bring it up.

"What about you Max? You started your journey while I was in Unova, how'd you do in the Hoenn league?"

"I did awesome!" Shouted Max.

"Oh please, you only made it into the Top 16." Said May, making Max depressed.

"Don't worry Max, that's awesome! The Top 16 is nothing to be ashamed of! I would be proud if I were you! Just keep practicing and you'll be champion in no time!"

"Thanks Ash!"

"So Dawn, how'd you do in the Johto Grand festival?"

"I made it into the finals again..." Dawn said, glumly.

"Jeez, why is everyone so depressed of their awesome places? You and your Pokemon worked really hard! Keep practicing and you'll win in no time!"

"I do keep practicing Ketchum! I have been practicing for 2 years! And I didn't win, unlike her!" Dawn shouted, then pointed to May.

"Oh yeah, Congratulations May! I was going to cheer for you but the Kalos League was starting on the same day so sorry about that," Ash said, rubbing the back of his neck. May smiled, although she was a bit surprised since she never wanted to go see Ash in Kalos because she thought he forgot her.

"It's alright Ash, but to think, both of us achieving our dreams at the same time!" Said May.

"Yeah I know! How you doing becoming the best Pokemon doctor Brock?"

"I'm getting there slowly but surely Ash," said Brock.

"You'll reach your dream soon Brock, don't worry! So how are you doing on your dreams Iris? Cilan?"

"I think I'm almost there Ash," said Cilan.

"I'm not even close to becoming a Dragon Master. My Gible is a pain," said Iris.

"You have a Gible!? Awesome! Then there's someone I'd like you to meet!"


Everyone looked at the Meowth on Ash's shoulder.

"Sorry Meowth. Well everyone, you know Meowth and he knows you."

"Ash, why do you have Meowth with you?" Asked Tracey.

"He's done with Team Rocket and is now on my team!"

Everyone looked at Ash and Meowth with disbelief.

"Come one guys it's true! Meowth is now one of the family!"

Brock was the first to approach the cat.

"I'm glad you're with us Meowth." Brock held out his hand and Meowth shook it, he has never been happier. Everyone soon came to accept Meowth.

"Let's go to the lab! I want to see my Pokemon!"

At the lab...

Ash was greeted by his Pokemon and then everyone growled at Meowth. Ash explained everything and soon Meowth became friends with all of Ash's Pokemon.

Right then Ash was greeted by a giant land shark.

"Iris, I would like you to meet my Garchomp!"

"Wow Ash! You have one too! Maybe you're not a kid after all!"

"Stop calling me a kid! I'm now a champion!"

"I'll think about it!"

It was nighttime and Ash's mom returned home from...groceries? She greeted Ash with a bone crushing hug and asked why one of her favourite vases had duct tape one it. Ash explained everything and she seemed fine with it. She then gave sleeping placements for everyone. She made Ash sleep outside because he was the most used to it and there was no more room for him. Ash just grumbled and placed his sleeping back in the backyard. Ash's house was right in front of a beautiful lake where Ash would always go when he was a kid.

Ash was staring across the lake with Pikachu and Meowth when someone interrupted him.

"Ash?" Ash turned around to see who called him and it was none other than May.

"May? What are you doing up?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing...mind if I sit down?"

"Of course not." May took a seat next to Ash.

"You were full of surprises today."


"First with the rant, then telling us Meowth from Team Rockets Meowth joining you, which I have nothing against!" Meowth just shrugged. "But what surprised me the most was your care in my Grand Festival..."

"Why was that a surprise?"

"Because...for 2 years Ash, you haven't contacted me! We haven't talked and I thought you forgot about me so...I tried to forget you. I even tried to throw away my Terracotta ribbon. But I just couldn't...A force prevented me from doing it...and I think that force was my heart..."

"May, I'm sorry that I didn't contact you for this long but you did the same. You didn't contact me either. But I am sorry. Please tell me...we can still be friends?"

"What...type of friend?"

"Girlfriend..." Ash mumbled under his breath. Yep. Ash Ketchum likes-no loves May Maple. Ash thought that May didn't hear him but he was dead wrong. Meowth and Pikachu heard it too and looked at him with wide eyes and May did the same, except her face was red as her Blaziken.

" you mean that-"

'Crap she heard me. Might as well finish where I left off. I hope that she doesn't hate me after...'

"Yes. May. I love you. I just hope that no matter what your answer is we can stay as friends." Ash was now red. But surprisingly May's entire face could be mistaken as a Blaziken. Too bad she didn't have the beak...

"Ash, I-I love you too...I think that's why I couldn't throw away the ribbon..."

"May, you mean that?"

May responded by attaching her lips to his and after a long make out session, they were interrupted.

"I'm so happy for your boss! I hope I find my love soon..."

"Pikachu Pika pi!"

Ash just looked at his Pokemon and smiled and May did the same.

The next day they announced that they were officially a couple and everyone was happy for them. Just then a limo drive up in front of the house.

"Who is that?" Asked Iris.

"I think I know who." Said May.

Just then a boy came out of the limo. The Green hair on his head shamed the colour. It was none other than Top Coordinator Drew.

"Drew!" May rushed outside and gave Drew a big hug which Drew responded and hugged her back and quickly gave her a peck on her cheek. Nobody noticed this. Nobody but Misty who was furious.

"Hey Drew, no offence but why are you here?" Asked Ash.

"Well, I wanted to see May and congratulate her," Drew said, flicking his hair.

"How did you know she was going to be at my house, heck how do you even know where I live?"

"Harley told me."

May, Ash, Max and Brock stared at him.

" did he know where I live?"

"Don't know."

"Oh Ash! Who is this boy?"

"Mom, this is Drew, he's...May's friend. Drew this is my mom."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Ketchum." Drew said politely.

"Oh he seems polite! You could learn a thing or two from him Ash!"

"No thank you mom."

The next day.

Everyone was doing something of their own. Ash brought back Charizard, Squirtle and Gliscor to have some fun and Ash started playing with all his Pokemon. Iris was training with Ash's Garchomp which was powerful without the need of his trainer and Cilan, Tracey, Gary and Dawn were watching. Max was with Ash. And May and Drew were catching up.

'I have to make sure that Drew doesn't steal May from Ash' thought the only red-headed girl at the house. She secretly followed May and Drew and saw that they were staring into the lake.

"May, I've wanted to ask you this for 3 long years..."


"May, I love you with all of my heart, will you give me the honor of being your boyfriend?"

"Of course Drew!" And then they kissed. For a very long time. They were so into their kiss they didn't hear the click of a camera.

'I'm sorry Ash but I'll have to show you this so she doesn't hurt you more...'

The next day...


"What is it Misty?"

"We need to talk! Just us two!"

"Umm, sure okay."

The two were in the woods, far from earshot.

"Ash, remember that you're like a brother to me. One I care about and that I have to annoy."

"Same with me Mist. A sister that I care about and have to annoy."

"Good. So remember that I'll be here for you no matter what."


"Ash, I'm so sorry...take a look at this picture."

Misty handed the camera to Ash whose eyes widened and tears started forming.

"M-Misty, is this some kind of joke..." Ash looked at Misty to see her mad, furious. Probably at May. And Ash knew it was no joke. He collapsed on the ground crying.

"What's da picture?" Asked Meowth. Misty showed him and Pikachu and they then went to their trainer and tried to comfort him.

"Ash, I'm sorry..."

Misty pulled Ash in an embrace while he just continued to cry.

A couple hours later at the lab...

"Hey guys Misty and Ash have been gone for a while don't you think?" Said Max.

"I'm sure there fine Max, don't worry," said Brock.

Just then Misty returned.

"Hey Misty! Where's Ash?" Asked Brock.

"Not now Brock! I need Ash's Sceptile, Charizard, heck I need all of his Pokemon!" Misty shouted.


"Don't ask why just get them for me! Even all of his Tauros!"

Brock came back with a bag of Pokeballs. Misty then grabbed the bag and ran back in the woods with all of the Pokemon.

Back in the woods...

"So you're leaving?"

"Yep. No point in staying here when those two are around. Well, this is goodbye Misty. Who knows how long I'll be gone."

"Are you able to keep contact?"

"Sorry Misty but no. I don't want someone to know where I am. But know this, no matter how much time has passed, I am still alive. Never lose faith."


"Well Meowth, Pikachu, let's go. Bye Misty. I love you. As a sister!"

"Bye Ash! I love you too! As a brother!"

Ash disappeared as he flew off on Charizard.

"I wonder if I will even see him again..." Misty said to nobody as a tear ran down her cheek. "I just hope your heart heals Ash..."

When Misty returned to the lab.

"Hey Misty! Where's Ash?" Asked Cilan.

"He..." Misty gave a short glare to May. "He left. He decided that he needs to continue training. He went alone though. He also said to not worry about him and he'll be fine. "

"Oh, how do you feel about this sis?" Asked Max.


"You know, your boyfriend left without telling you!"

"Oh, I think we need to break up..."

"Oh yeah May, he told me to tell you these words specifically." Misty cleared her throat. "May it's over you fucking slut. I never want to see you and rose boy again. I hate you so don't even think about searching for me. I'm training and am going to forget you so if we somehow do meet again, don't think I'll recognize you. Not like you'll care."

Everyone had wide eyes as they stared at Misty.

"What? That's what he told me to say! He even made me memorize the speech! Oh May, he wanted to give you this to show it's over!" Misty tossed an object to May who caught it. Max looked to see what it was and gasped.

May was frozen when she caught the item and looked at it. She couldn't move, couldn't think, and maybe even breathe.

"Why would Ash do that though!?" Asked Max, angry at Misty.

"I don't know, he just told me to tell May what I just said. I think May has the answers you need."

Everyone looked at May.

"Erm...You see I broke up with him earlier…and me and Drew became a couple later..." May said, lying but hoping it would work.

"So he's angry because you broke up with him!? He said all those things because you broke up with him!? He needs some control issues!" Shouted Max, which surprised everyone.

The only two who weren't entirely convinced were Brock and Gary.

Later that day, Misty was with May alone.

"You're sick May."


"I can't believe that you would cheat on Ash!"

"How did you two know!?"

"I found you and Drew making out last night! I took a picture and showed it to Ash. I just never thought that you would be the one to do something like this!"

"I- I can explain!"

"Maybe you can but that doesn't give you any reason to cheat on him! You just could've talked to him and say you need to break up! And he told me that you were the one who wanted to keep in contact with him! You broke him May, I don't even know where he is, no one is going to know! You are a person I never want to see again, so do me a favour and get you and your boyfriend's ass out of here!"

"Misty, you don't understand-"

"Understand what? You cheated on him. You broke him!"

"You were the one who showed him the picture!"

"Because it was the right thing to do! I think of Ash as the brother I never had and I know you weren't going to tell him the truth so I had to do the right thing, even if it pained me to do so!"


"Boss, where are we going?"

"To train. And we're going to train in a region unknown to most regions around here."

"Pika pika chu?"

"It's called the Oblivia Region."

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