A/N: Just wrote this one for the fun of it. Hope you like :)

The Fairy Tail guild was particularly lively today. Shouts of annoyance and laughter echoed across the guild, as Master Makarov watched from his perch on the second floor railing, a large smile cracking his face as he watched his children fumble around.

A particularly large group in the corner of the guild was gathered, drawing the Master's attention. He narrowed his eyes to get a closer look. Enlarging his ear so he could hear the commotion, he heard something very amusing and listened on.

"Nooo," The small, digital high schooler pouted, "Come with me,"

Lucy watched as the wide, green eyes of girl on the screen filled up with un-shed tears. She leveled a glare at Natsu as he tried slamming his fingers on Levy's keyboard to no avail.

"Natsu!" she exclaimed, "What are you doing?!" she gestured to the small digital girl, her blue hair tied up in matching pigtails, "You're making her cry!"

Natsu's eyes were wide and his brow was furrowed in concentration as he tried figuring out this death contraption that was Levy's video game, "I don't know!" he snapped back, jabbing an accusing finger to the small girl on the screen, "She wants to go shopping with me, but I don't wanna!"

"Well take her shopping then, damn you!" she retorted, reaching her arms out to snag the laptop from him, but he just shoved her hands away with a scoff.

"I aint going bra shopping with no one, you hear?!" he growled.

Lucy groaned, rocking back onto her heels and running a hand through her soft blonde ribbons, "I give up on you. There's no way in hell you'd ever be able to hold a relationship in reality,"

"Oh, Lu-chan," Levy whispered off from her side, daintily touching the older girls shoulder.

Gajeel grunted a laugh, which they all ignored.

"What?" Lucy exclaimed, " It's true! Look at her! She's in tears and he still won't go with her!"

Everyone directed their gaze back to the screen, and sure enough, the girl turned from Natsu, tears streaming down her cheeks, and slowly ran away.

"Wait!" Natsu called out desperately, lunging forward, and catching the screen of the laptop in the palm of his hand, "Come back!"

"She's not going to come back now," Lucy snapped, glaring at the dumbstruck dragon slayer, "You broke her heart, after all…"

Natsu frowned and leaned back in his chair until the front two legs were hovering off the ground. With a huff of annoyance he crossed his arms over his chest, and looked away stubbornly, "I didn't want her anyway," he spat.

Levy gasped from Lucy's side, and Lucy just shook her head, a smile threatening to split her face as she watched him refuse his loss.

"Natsu.." she groaned.

Elfman slapped him on the back, startling all of them, "Turning down bra shopping is man!" he declared, turning his proud gaze to Natsu.

"What?!" Natsu protested, glaring at everyone in turn, "I'm too good for her anyway!"

Gray barked a laugh, "Yeah, sure,"

Suddenly Natsu shot up in his chair, turning to glower at the ice princess taunting him, "Whatddaya say you fucking ice prick?" he growled, a permanent scowl imprinted on his now pissed off expression.

Gray immediately straightened, holding his head up high at the approaching dragon slayer, "I'm simply saying that you have no chance what-so-ever with any female," he boasted, crossing his arms over his chest while a smug grin took control of his pleased face.

Natsu scoffed, "I think it's the other way around," he turned his head away, flashing a crooked grin at Lucy when he caught her watching.

Gray growled low in his throat, and smashed his forehead against the pink haired mage's, "You wish," he spat, "I've bedded more girls than you can count,"

Natsu ground his forehead into the ice mage's "Fucking ice ballerina," he growled.

Gray's deep blue eyes flashed with anger as he bared his teeth at Natsu, "Fire breathing dope," he spat.

"Popsicle princess!"

"Flame brain!"

"Block headed pervert," Natsu snapped.

Gray laughed bitterly, "I bet you haven't even kissed a girl," he drawled, rocking back on his heels, expression relaxing.

"I have!" the fire mage objected.

Gray cocked an eyebrow at him, " Oh, yeah?" he challenged, "Who?"

Natus stiffened, eyes flicking between Gray and crowd of people that had gathered around them, looking on with mild interest. Gaze settling on Lucy, a cruel smile slipped on his face as he turned abruptly on his heel and strode towards the stellar mage.

Lucy's eyes widened and she took a tentative step back as she watched him approach, eyes darkening. She was just beginning to turn and bolt from the scene when she felt a strong arm wrap around her waist and draw her closer, fiery hot lips smashing against hers.

A collective gasp ran through the onlookers, and Lucy's eyes slammed open.

Natus's movements were curious and unsteady, and she could easily tell that this, in fact, was his first kiss. She was still in a state of shock when he pulled her closer, pressing his body closer to hers.

Lucy groaned quietly low in her throat, and her eyes slowly drifted shut as she let her senses over power her.

A warm tingle erupted down her spine as one of his arms moved from its spot around her waist and trailed up her back before tangling in her hair, sending small pricks of pain through her.

Lucy almost groaned against his mouth when she felt his tongue flick across her lower lip before her brain slammed into over drive and she pushed him away abruptly and breathless.

It was like the air had left her lungs in one giant woosh. She leaned over, bracing her hands on her knees when she heard Levy squeal, "Oh, my god!"

Her face flamed, the weight of what had just had happened weighing down on her. Lifting her face, she stared at Natsu in disbelief before raising her hand and bringing in down in one resounding slap that echoed throughout the entire guild hall.

Emotion sat thick in her throat as she panted, hand burning from the impact.

Natsu was staring at her wide-eyed, slowly bringing a hand up to clutch his bright red cheek, covering up Lucy's hand print.

Tears pooled and threatened to fall. Natsu had just stolen my first kiss. Her lower lip began to tremble and she turned and practically bolted from the scene.

Natsu blinked, watching her retreat before turning back to Gray, who had an expression of disbelief painted across his face.

Gray smacked him upside the head, "What the hell was that you moron?!" he snapped.

Natsu grinned crookedly, "My first kiss,"

Gray just stared at him for a second, then rolled his eyes, "You're such a moron," he groaned, before turning and walking away.

"Lu-chan!" he heard Levy call, and turned to see a mass of blue hair running away after the celestial mage.

Natsu stared after Lucy, who was just entering the hallways towards the washrooms, her sobs echoing in his ears.

He frowned, he had never meant to hurt her. Hell, she kissed him back! With a small shrug, he turned and walked towards the table Gray currently occupied.

Makarov sat with wide eyes, watching the dramatic scene before him unfold. After a moment of silence, he blinked and turned his head towards where Natsu sat, a silly grin plastered of his face.

Makarov scoffed, the boy would just never learn.