Something Bigger

Written by: BadgerintheTARDIS & Keiko Fujiwara


While this is a Fanfiction,

CW still owns all rights to Beauty & the Beast, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow and Smallville.

Chapter One

~Beauty & the Beast~

"What are we doing here and why are we playing Batman & Robin?" JT asked as Vincent parked the light blue Hatchback away from the main road. "I thought you said we were picking up pizza!"

"Calm down, JT; this will only take a sec. I'm just following a lead for Catherine. Then you can have your pizza, yeah?"

"Using food as a form of bribery? That's even low for you, Vincent." JT accused his best friend as he shook his head in disdain. "Besides, I'm not a cop and we both know I can't handle dead bodies really well."

"Well…if you should know, Catherine is out with Tess and Heather so you're the backup plan."

"Gee…I'm honored you think sooooo highly of me," JT rolled his eyes and added, "W-why do you even need me? You're a freaking bloodhound and your spidey-senses can sniff things out faster than I can recite the elements of the Periodic Table."

"Just calm down before you have an ulcer." Vincent said nonchalantly.

"Forget ulcer! I'm having a freaking heart attack! Dark forests and potential beasts is a recipe for disaster!" JT retorted as Vincent got out of the car.

"I never said anything about potential beasts…" Vincent stated while looking at his roommate. "What gave you that idea?"

"You just have that...face…"

"What face?"

"You know...the face that spells: M-U-I-R-F-I-E-L-D!"

"If you have to know, JT, Catherine asked me to check up on a tip she received at the precinct. The only reason you're here is so you can take some samples if need be." Vincent confessed. "I know I'm sorry for not telling you ahead of time but I was sure you wouldn't want to come if I asked nicely."

"How would you know?!" JT fired. "A lot has happened since you were taken in by the EVIL ARCHES OF DOOM so you don't know what excites me these days."

"Can you honestly tell me that you'd go willingly if I told you ahead of time?" Vincent raised his eyebrow skeptically.

"I...I don't know… but that's beside the point! Anyway, this is Catherine's case; why didn't you just wait until she was free? Knowing you two, nothing spells romance like a murder case.

"Funny JT. But Catherine has a lot on her plate right now so I thought it would be good for her to have some time to herself while we help her out."

"B-but have…does it smell like the work of a Beast?"

"I'm not sure…. Anything is possible though."

"And brought me…. JT Forbes, the absolutely WORST candidate to fight against a beast! Unbelievable!"

"Stop being a chicken, JT. Feathers don't really suit you." Vincent replied while he popped the trunk. "Besides, don't you want to impress Tess?"

"Really, Vincent? You're actually going to go there?"

"Catherine told me about your little fling with her partner; don't tell me you're already over her?" Vincent chuckled lightly.

"Fling?! Tess freaking tried to shoot my hands off!" JT fired. "If there's anything I feel about Tess, it's fear, man! She's definitely a force to be reckoned with!"

Laughing, Vincent pulled out the tranq-gun, and smirked, "You want the gun or the bat?"

"Very funny, V. As if I'd risk my life with a bat."

"It wouldn't be the first time. By the way, have you taken your TUMS yet?" Vincent handed the tranq-gun to JT as he started walking into the woods.

"You failed to mention we were going on this little hunt when you asked me if I wanted to go for pizza. So, no and I blame you for it!" JT shouted as he followed Vincent. "I still can't believe you kept this little pizza detour from me! You know I don't do well w—"

"Shhh!" Vincent threw his hand back, almost smacking his best friend in the face.

"DUDE! Watch the glasses, will ya!" JT exclaimed but Vincent wasn't paying any attention to him. He could hear something—something inhuman. As if his body was responding to the call of the wild, Vincent's muscles rippled and his beast emerged, ready for the hunt.

"Do you hear someth—" but before JT could finish, Vincent took off into the woods, leaving a trail of flurrying leaves behind him.

"Okay! Sure! Just leave the boring biochemist, why don't you?!" JT yelled towards the beast, "This is how people get killed in horror movies!" He sighed with aggravation and headed back to the Hatchback to stop Vincent before he gets captured by Muirfield again.

Ever since Catherine and JT brought Vincent home, he's been somewhat lost. Even though he's back where he belongs and is grateful for everything his best friend and his girlfriend have done, he still needed answers. Muirfield tampered with his DNA (again); that much is certain. But everything they might have told him while being held against his will? Gone—all completely gone! JT believed Muirfield had created some kind of failsafe where if Vincent were to ever regain his memory prior to captivity, he would lose everything else leading up to the present. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.

No matter how twisted it sounded, Vincent was grateful for what Muirfield did to him. If it weren't for his recent upgrade, his Beast would still be an amateur. He wouldn't be able to run twice as fast or hear twice as far. He would never admit it but he felt weak before his captivity; he couldn't control his Beast at all times and felt ashamed of himself. However, all of his insecurities were erased when the new cocktail was installed. Now, he could protect Catherine better and if she were to ever need him, he could be by her side in seconds. If anything, he should be thanking Muirfield but just because they improved his Beast doesn't mean they're off the hook from everything else they've done.

Catherine was right to send Vincent on this hunt; whatever is out there, it isn't human. Although he felt sorry for leaving his best friend behind in the middle of a danger zone, he couldn't wait for him to catch up. He could smell blood; a lot of blood. While he was running towards the rotting stench, his phone buzzed within his pocket. After pulling it out and pressing the TALK button, he said, "Kind of busy right now; can I call you back?"

"Not really," his girlfriend replied, "Heather is in the bathroom and Tess is singing some lousy it's either talk now or wait until later."

"Okay…what's up?" he asked as he continued running.

"Just wanted to know if you've found anything yet? Like…anything related to…the evil arches, as JT puts it."

"No. Nothing definitive yet." Vincent replied, stopping suddenly. "But, I can tell you one thing."

"What?" he heard her respond as he crouched down and started sniffing his surroundings. The scent was coming somewhere nearby but he couldn't pinpoint its location. It's almost as if the smell was radiating from all around him. "Vincent, what is it?"

"Hold that thought." He replied sharply and jumped up into the trees for a better view. When he found a good and sturdy branch, he grabbed hold of the tree's trunk and scanned the area, using his night vision. "Hey Catherine! You still there?"

"And waiting."

"Okay, well, we may have a bigger problem, yeah?" Vincent stated as he stood up straight.

"That sounds…cryptic…. Why, what's wrong?"

"Well, in the midst of looking for that ominous creature you told me about, I stumbled on what I think is its feeding ground…or something…" he replied, repulsed. "What I mean to say is…this…whatever it is…is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Just from my location, I can see at least twenty decaying bodies scattered within a mile radius. I'm not sure if it finds these people first and then brings them here or if it just attacks randomly…. Who knows, maybe some of these people were a part of some kind of search party. Whatever you do, don't call it in until I take care of this…thing."

In truth, Vincent didn't know what to call this monster; the victims appeared to have jagged lacerations across their abdomens…or what's left of them…and deep gashes on one side of their necks.

"Can you take a picture of a body and send it to me? I would really like to know what we might be up against." Vincent heard Catherine ask as he examined one of the bodies.

"I don't…think that's a good idea." Vincent shook his head. "Sorry, Catherine, but…these bodies are in pretty bad shape. I'm glad I left JT in my wake because I'm sure he would have puked his large intestine out if he saw what I'm seeing right now."

"That bad, huh?"

"Yeah," Vincent replied. "Listen, I'm going to see if I can track this bastard down; from the looks of the damage, the serial killer can't be human…but I don't think it's just an animal."

"You think it's another beast?"

"I don't know…that's what I'm worried about. It doesn't look like the work of a beast…per se…. Hell, I'm not sure what may have caused this but I'll find out. Until I can further understand the situation, steer clear. I'll text you the coordinates to the dead bodies later…once I know the area is safe again." Vincent said as he tried to look for any sign of movement within a fifteen mile radius.

"How long do you think you'll be?"

"I hope to be back at the man-cave by tomorrow morning at the earliest. I'll keep you posted, though. I promise."

"Be careful, Vincent and watch after JT too. He's may be good with a tranquilizer but he's no match for this creature. Please call me as soon as you dispose of it."

"I will, Catherine; don't worry, I'll be back in your arms before you know it." he whispered to the phone.

"You better be." He heard her mutter. "I love you, Vincent."

"Yeah, I love you too. Have fun with Tess and Heather." Vincent smiled gently to himself before ending the phone call. Before he put his phone away, he googled his location and saved a screenshot of his current location so he could send it to Catherine later. Just as he slipped his phone into his pocket, he caught wind of a woman screaming and immediately jumped off the tree limb so he could follow the sound of her fearful voice.

As he neared the source of the scream, he was able to pick up the scent of fresh blood. Knowing he was going to be facing this thing very soon, he suppressed his humanity and allowed his beastly side to surface. Not paying attention to his surroundings, he didn't realize he wasn't the only 'hunter' in the mountains. Just as he was crossing the Catskill Mountains' main road, a dark black Impala practically knocked him off his footing and sent him flying into the woods. Almost instantly after he landed, he turned and looked back towards the main road, hoping he didn't cause some major accident. When he didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, aside from doors opening and closing, he whipped around, praying the woman wasn't dead yet.


As it glided down the dark and lonely road, the old car rumbled and its grill shined from the reflection of the headlights with the Ohio license plate, "CNK 80Q3," covered in a shadowy shroud. The rest of the black '67 Chevy Impala fell into the shadows as well, hiding from. Dean Winchester gripped the top of the steering wheel with his right hand in a relaxed manner and a "cool guy" expression on his face. At the end of the day, it was always Dean and his "Baby" cruising along the darkened road… and Sam, who would sleep soundly in the passenger seat. The younger Winchester had fallen asleep to the soft lull of Kansas' "Carry on My Wayward Son" on the radio, a few miles back. Every once in awhile, Dean would turn his head and check on his little brother, upholding a promise he made to his father many years ago.

The brothers had a long week of near death experiences as they raced against the clock in Middlebury, Vermont while hunting a djinn. Particularly, Sam had a difficult time. Yesterday, after they ganked the son of a bitch, Dean had told Sam to take it easy; they agreed to take the next week off and vacation in New York City. So, after everything that has happened, they found themselves driving down a long, lonely road in the dead of night, somewhere in upstate New York, to the quiet hum of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven."

Suddenly, a shadowy humanoid figure crossed the road directly in front of the Impala. Dean swerved a little so he wouldn't hit it. When the car shook, Sam jerked awake.

"Dean! What the hell!" he exclaimed.

Dean pulled the car off to the side of the road and parked it. "There was something in the middle of the road," Dean replied. "It was right in front of the Impala! What else was I supposed to do?"

Sam sighed. "Well…what was it?" he asked.

"I don't know..."

"Well…what did it look like?"

Dean thought back for a second. "It looked like a human… I think… it was most certainly a dude…though…I think his face was swollen…like a bee or something stung it…"

Sam listened to Dean's recount of what he saw. "You think it was something supernatural?"

"It's possible," Dean responded. "I think I saw it run into the woods; that way." He pointed to the right, where he had seen the "thing" run. "Let's go check it out." He opened the car door and started to get out.

Sam reached over to grab Dean's arm. "What? No," he said. "Dean, we just finished a case that pretty much beat us down. We're both tired and sore…I'm sure whatever it was it was just some dumbass running in the middle of the road."

Dean looked at his brother. "Are you serious?" he asked. "When is it ever just some dumbass running around in the middle of the road?"

Sam paused. "You're right…Let's check it out."

The brothers stepped out of the car and walked around to the trunk. Dean opened it up and propped open the lid of the secret compartment with one of the guns. He looked at Sam, who looked back at him, and they both grabbed their pistols. Additionally, Dean packed a bag with a pair of shotguns, a machete and the knife, as well as extra ammo. Sam grabbed a pair of flashlights and after Dean took the bag and slung it over shoulder, he closed the trunk. Sam handed his brother a flashlight, and then turned his on.

"Ready?" he asked.

Dean nodded. "Yeah."

They entered the woods, prepared for anything…

The brothers walked on in silence through the woods looking for anything out of the ordinary and for Dean's mystery creature. They had been through a lot in the past couple of months, from trying to close the gates of Hell for good, to semi-dealing with fallen Angels, to Sam almost dying as a result of the first situation, and finally to the djinn case in Vermont. Sam was technically still recovering from his very near death experience from a while ago and he insisted on helping Dean take on the djinn. After all the pair of them had slayed two djinn before, and Sam knew his brother would need his help. But as it turned out it was Sam that needed help this time. Dean of course was upset, but he put his brother's safety first as always.

Dean didn't like that Sam was up and about, he would rather have his little brother safe and sleeping in the passenger seat of the Impala, but he needed back up. They had no clue what they were dealing with and with Cas MIA, Sam was the only one who would be qualified to cover Dean. Dean tried to get his mind off of all the troubles that were on his mind, but everything kept flooding back. The Angels falling, Dean holding Sam against the Impala, Sam holding onto his brother trying to stay awake, just gripping onto life after abandoning the final trial; then there was Sam lying in the hospital bed, the visit in the hospital from the Angel Ezekiel…Dean just hoped none of this was going to bite them in the ass later on, but then again it probably would, with their luck and all. Dean sighed and moved his flashlight light over a patch of ground, that's when he saw it.

"Sammy," he called out. "Sam! Get your ass over here. I think I found somethin'." A second later Sam was at his brother's side as Dean crouched down shining his light on what appeared to be a set of footprints.

"Footprints?" Sam asked as he squatted down next to Dean. He ran two fingers along the outline of the print. "It's fresh. Couldn't have been here more than five… ten minutes ago…"

They looked at the shoe prints together then stood up slowly at the same time. Dean still held the light on the prints as they stood. "It's definitely a guy's shoe print. I've never seen a chick's shoe that big. And trust me, I-"

"I get it Dean," Sam interjected not really wanting to hear about how shoes played into Dean's sex life. "Anyway, it can't have gone far…" He moved his flashlight around shining it on different areas around the shoe-prints. And as expected he found more. "Dean look…"

Dean cocked his head to the right and slowly began to follow the additional prints. "What do you think this thing is? Werewolf?"

Sam shook his head as he followed behind his brother, light still on the prints. "It's not a full moon," he reminded his brother. "And the werewolves we've encountered usually are usually running on all fours."

Dean nodded. "Right," he said. He stopped at the base of a tree and shined his light up the tree. "I think this bastard can climb…"

"What?" Sam moved to where Dean was standing.

"The prints just… stop here," Dean explained. "Right at the base of this tree…" he narrowed his eyes and looked up the tree. "Check this out…"

Along the tree, there were scratch marks almost as wide as a hand, but a bit more spaced out, like claws. It appeared as if the creature had climbed up the tree.

"So…it has claws…" Sam pointed out.

"Yeah…skinwalker?" Dean suggested.

"No…I don't think so…" he said as he ran his hand along the tree trunk where the first marks were. "I think we can rule out shape-shifter as well."

"Yeah…A giant lizard?"

"Dean, really?"

"We've seen weirder…"

"You're right, we have…"

This one had the boys stumped. Dean walked around the tree flashlight on the branches, trying to see if was still up there. "I don't see anything, so whatever it was, it climbed up the tree and then disappeared," he said.

Sam had walked in the opposite direction around the tree, with his flashlight on the ground seeing if this thing was hopping between trees or if it jumped out of the tree somewhere. Sam paused with his flashlight on a mark in the ground. He saw shoe prints and in front of those, two hand prints as if the creature jumped out of the tree and landed 'Spider-man style.'

"Dean, I think this thing can jump out of trees," Sam informed. Dean came to see what his brother had found.

"I'll be damn…" Dean said as he looked at Sam had found. "Well…Spider-man, or something entirely different? I vote super zombie."

Sam looked at Dean with a quizzical expression. "Super Zombie?"

"Come on, Sammy, we've never ganked an actual Zombie... I can dream right?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "It looks like the prints disappear after this."

A scream sound off in the distance. The boys looked in the direction from which it came, then looked at each other. "That doesn't sound good," Dean pointed out.

"Nope," Sam replied and together the Winchesters took off running in the direction of the scream, unaware of what they would find when they arrived at the location of the source.

Running as fast as they could through the forest, which seemed to have gotten a lot darker, Sam and Dean could sense that they were playing a much bigger game than what they thought. Until he saw the claw marks on the base of the tree, Sam hadn't been entirely convinced that this beast his brother spoke of existed. He also knew he shouldn't be running because of his condition, but this was a special circumstance. Suddenly, one by one, two very different creatures ran past them. The boys stopped in their tracks, so as not to be run over by them. But there was something else. Sam looked down when he noticed a foul, putrid stench hanging in the air. It was as if death was all around them and as it turned it was. Dozens of mutilated bodies were spread out around the small clearing they found themselves in. Sam stood there aghast at what he was seeing.

"Dean…" he said, stunned.

"Yeah… I see it…" Dean gulped. "…And smell it." The elder Winchester put the back of his hand to his nose as if it would block the horrid smell.

Sam continued to stare, wondering what on Earth they had gotten themselves into. His thoughts were interrupted by the growling and snarling coming from the two creatures, which had made their way to the center of the clearing. It was almost as if by instinct that Sam and Dean whipped their pistols out and aimed at the creatures. "I've got sights on the one on the left," Sam told Dean.

"Then I've got bee-sting guy on the right," Dean replied.

"So that is what you almost hit?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, now shut up and shoot," Dean ordered. Sam hated when his brother got bossy during a case, but he did what he was told without a question. Sam found his target easily and shot the thing to the right of Dean's creature. It fell to the ground, with a hard thud. One thing was out of the way, now for the other, the only problem was that it turned its head at the sound the gunshot and was staring straight at the boys.

Much to their surprise, this thing shifted its appearance into something that resembled a human and started walking towards them.



"Shape shifter?" Sam muttered, hoping the creature wouldn't hear him.

Dean shook his head. "It can't be, it had claws…"

"I know, but…" Sam was at a loss. Aside from the ordeal with the 'Jefferson Starships', Sam had no inkling of what was now right in front of them.

"I would put that gun down if I were you," the manimal said, causing Dean and Sam to look at one another with surprise.

Dean held his ground. "Not till you tell us what you are and what you are doing here." Sam nodded in agreement with his brother. "And why you ran across the road, almost causing an accident," he added.

"I don't think you're in any position to be asking me questions right now." The being stated. "Believe me, you don't want to test the waters with me right now."

The boys kept a straight face. "We're not the one with the gun pointed at him," Sam said darkly.

"Who are you? Muirfield?"

Sam looked at his brother, who returned the look. "Who's Muirfield?" Dean asked slowly.

"Doesn't matter; if you don't know who Muirfield is, then don't bother asking."

"So what are you?" Sam asked. "Shape-shifter?"

"Skin-walker?" Dean added.




"Super Zombie?" Dean couldn't resist.

Sam looked at his brother. "Dean, does he look like zombie to you?"

Dean shook his head. "I just thought I'd throw that out there…" he said.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Okay then…"

As the boys bickered back and forth, the man-creature-thingy chuckled slightly and said, "Do you two need a minute? Cuz, I've gotta get back to my buddy before he dies of hunger."

The Winchester brothers looked at the creature and Dean exclaimed, "Woah, wait a minute! You ain't goin' nowhere!"

"Just answer our questions and then we might let you go on your merry way," Sam said calmly. He didn't want this thing to get away, yet he didn't want Dean to get trigger happy either.

"Okay," the creature surrenders. "If you tell me who you are and why you have a gun to my head, I'll tell you everything you want to know."

Dean cocked the gun but stopped when Sam touched his shoulder. "Dean," Sam stated, "Let's just do what he says. Besides, we're supposed be on vacation."

"Fine," Dean rolled his eyes, "but I'm keeping the gun out."

"Whatever." Sam replied and looked at the creature, "I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean. We're hunters; we hunt things that go bump in the night." The creature looks at them with confusion. "What?"

"What do you mean…by bump in the night?"

"It's a saying…you know…" Sam tried to answer but Dean cuts him off.

"It means we make it our business to butcher freaky things like you."

Sam glares at his older brother before turning to the humanoid. "What my brother means to say is: we hunt creatures that…have inhuman abilities much like yourself. But, mind you, we don't kill unless the monster has it coming…"

"Which ninety-nine percent of the time they do," Dean interjected. "Your turn. Talk."

"Okay," the creature started as he took a step forwards, "My name is Vincent; I am here on official business helping my girlfriend out on a case. If you're wondering, I'm not a monster, as you call it."

Dean scoffed. Sam looked at his brother, worried he might do something stupid. "Looks can be deceiving," Dean stated coldly.

"Okay, so I know it looks like I'm some kind of supernatural being, but, in reality; I'm not. At least I wasn't born as a freak. If you should know, my DNA was screwed up in some lame experiment and as a result, I occasionally turn into a beast. But that's beside the point. That thing you just shot was attacking a girl so—"

"So what? You decided to play Clark Kent and save Lana Lang?" Dean asked skeptically.

Vincent chuckled, "I guess you could say that; my girlfriend tipped me off about this place so she sent me here to sniff things out…so to speak."

Sam nodded sympathetically. "Dean, you can put your gun away, I don't think he's any danger to us now."

Dean sighed. "Yeah, alright," he said he reluctantly put his gun away. "Just one question though…How…does a thing like you get a girlfriend?"

Sam hit his brother's arm. "Dean! You just don't ask someone that!"

"What? I was just curious!"

"Believe me," Vincent regains the brothers' attentions, "I've been asking myself that same question every day for the past year."

The Winchesters couldn't help but smile at Vincent's comment.

"So, I have to ask," VIncent started, "Do you have any idea as to what that thing was back there?"

Sam and Dean looked at each other. "What?" they questioned together.

"I thought you two were some kind of experts on the supernatural," Vincent stated. The brothers looked at him slightly confused. Vincent sighed. "That thing Sam shot."

"Oh…" the brothers said together.

"Well...Let's go take a look and then we'll give you our deductions," Sam said. This was turning out to be an interesting night. He wasn't sure yet if he trusted this Vincent guy, but it was better if they put on the act rather than acting out. Sam shined his flashlight at the thing and led his brother and Vincent over to it.

The creature writhed as it lay nearly paralyzed by the silver-laced bullet from Sam's gun. It had the glowing yellow eyes of a werewolf, yet the eyes held the gleam for thirst of a vampire. Carefully, the three squatted around the creature, examining it as they tried to determine what it was.

"Give it some more silver, Sammy," Dean suggested. "That way, it calms down. The silver really seemed to have an effect on it."

Sam nodded and took his gun out and shot the creature again. Consequently, it passed out from the increased pain it felt. "Happy?"

"Yeah," said Dean who then turned to Vincent. "Most monsters can either be harmed or killed by silver. Obviously this is one of those monsters."

Vincent nodded. "I see," he said.

Sam lifted the creature's upper lip to see what he could find. Pointed the stereotypical vampire… but not like the vampires he had faced with his brother…

"I see you found one of my hybrids," a smooth British voice said from the shadows. Sam and Dean stood up quickly and aimed their guns in the direction of the voice. Vincent stood, slowly and calmly.

The voice's owner stepped into the light of the flashlights the Winchesters held with their guns. By the evil smirk on his face, there was no question that this figure was involved.

As Sam looked at his brother, he could see Dean's muscles tense up as the figure emerged from the shadows. "And who are you?" Dean ordered. The figure, or young man as he appeared, continued to step forward. "Don't come any closer or we shoot!"

The young man chuckled. "Really?" he challenged. "I'd like to see you try."

"Don't tempt me." Dean warned. "We've got guns and a science fair experiment...and you've got what?!"

"Teeth." the unwanted party grinned menacingly. "I knew we'd meet eventually...Dean...Sam...but I didn't think it'd be this soon."

This raised a red flag for the Winchesters. "How do you know us?" Sam asked. His expression hardened defensively.

The young man's grin twisted into a evil smirk. "Oh I know all about you. I like to keep tabs on the hunters who have it out for vampires," he said cryptically. "I'd prefer none of them catch up to me...But yet here. you. are."

What was this guy playing at? Sam wondered. Who did this guy think he was? Some big shot? "You're a vampire," Sam said. "We're not big fans of vampires."

The mystery guy kept his cool. "I know that. I also know you can't kill me, not even with those bullets of yours. So I'd put those away if I were you."

Dean held his ground. "I don't think so."

"Fine," the mystery guy shrugged. "If it makes you feel better, by all means, keep your gun aimed at me. It won't do you any good, though."

"So…" Vincent suddenly chimed in, "Edward Cullen, where are your fangs? Last time I checked online, vampires can't have a meal without some decent dentures."

"Does he look like he's a sparkling fairy princess, Captain Science Fair?" Dean asked.

The mystery man sighed. "I bloody hate those books…They tend to give vampirism a bad name."

"I can hardly believe that a thing like you would ever read anything written for a flock of preteen girls." Sam stated skeptically. "Hell, can you even read?"

"Believe what you will but before I became a vampire, I once was a filthy lowlife like yourselves. Also, to answer your first statement, I cannot help but feel slightly intrigued when books are written about my own kind. Also, with books such as those, it creates easy prey for us."

Dean scoffed. "Sam, I'm suddenly having flashbacks to that one case we worked when I almost became a vampire...Remember? You didn't have a soul. There's nothing I hate more than a vamp that uses stupid preteen vampire flicks to hunt down their prey. It sickens me."

The vampire tightened his smile. "That means we're doing our job," he said. "Clearly you haven't caught on yet to who I am, so I guess I'll have to spoil it." He took another step forward. "Niklaus Mikaelson, but I prefer Klaus."

Sam's eyes widened. He'd read about Klaus in the Men of Letters' archives back at the bunker. "One of the Original Vampires…"

"Very good!" Klaus claps his hands. "It looks like you have a brain after all."

Dean looked at his brother. "You can't be serious…"

"The one, the only," Klaus said.

Dean put his gun down. "Crap."

Klaus smirked and turned his attention to Vincent. "I know those two halfwits are weakling humans're different. You're not human...but you're not...anything else I've encountered. Intrigue me, if you will."

"You have a sharp nose." Vincent pointed out, smirking. "I'll show my fangs if you show yours."

"Charming, indeed. But I think we might have to put a hold on that request for a bit. I do believe we have some company coming our way. Perhaps a snack?" Klaus said and then looked off into the distance. "I'll be right back."

"Oh no you don't!" Dean hollered. "I don't see any pie, so it's not snack time!" He took a few steps forward and placed his hand on Vincent's shoulder, "Stop or I'll have the Incredible Hulk cut you into tiny pieces!"

Suddenly, a blue hatchback bounced along the rocky path as it slowed to a stop. "What now?" Sam voiced as everyone looked at the new visitor. As the driver opened the car door and stepped out of the vehicle, Sam muttered, "Please be human! Please be human! Please be human!"

"No," Dean whispered to his brother, "Last thing we need is a witness here...unless of course it's one with boobs."

"You're impossible." Sam rolled his eyes.

"It's about time you got here…" Vincent suddenly said as he approached the driver. "If you had taken any longer, I was going to call Catherine to send a search party for you."

"Hahaha, very funny." the visitor replied. "As it so happens, I was about to leave you behind but despite my VERY HUNGRY STOMACH, I still have a conscience and just couldn't leave you out here."

"How thoughtful." Vincent stated.

"Uhhhh...who's Mr. Four-Eyes?" Dean asked, causing Vincent and his friend to turn around.

"Oh. Yeah, um...this is JT…. He's my best friend." Vincent replied.

"Now that we all know each other," Klaus rolled his eyes, "I think I might save that little promise for another time. I've got places to go and people to eat." Before anyone could say or do anything to stop him, Klaus vanishes into the night.

~Beauty & the Beast~

"Well," the guy with the shaggy hair spoke, "It sure has been a...rather interesting night…."

"Damn right." the other one agreed. "So…, JT, are you him?" "Th-thing?! W-what thing!?" JT exclaimed as he tried to play it innocently.

"It's cool, man," Vincent stated, "They know. The one with the short hairdo is Dean and his brother, Sam, is the one with the longer hairstyle."

"Th-they know?!" JT snapped his head towards his best friend. "Do you mean to tell me that you've just added two more people to your "HI! I'M VINCENT AND I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!" club?! What's the point of hiding if more and more people find out about you?" JT shook his head in disdain. "Unbelievable! First it's Catherine! Then it's Evan, who gets himself killed by the way, THEN it's Tess, Gabe and his freaky girlfriend, Tyler, and now these two Ghost Hunter-wannabes?! Where's a TUMS when you need one?!"

"Hey! Watch it!" Dean glared at JT. "I'll have you know my brother and I are skilled in the art of...Kill!"

"Seriously?" Sam raised an eyebrow. "That's the best you could come up with? Kill?"

"What?" Dean shrugged. "It takes skill to kill...and that's pretty much what we do!"

"And here I was thinking you were weird, V." JT muttered to his best friend before stating, "Well, not that this hasn't been nice or anything but me and the Big Guy really need the head for home. I'm STARVING, no thanks to Vincent, and could use a decent pizza."

"Not so fast, Nerd Turd." Dean replied, "I want to know how the science experiment was juiced!"

"Science experiment?" JT raised his brow.

"I think he means me." Vincent said under his breath.


"Sorry boys; that's a story for another time. I really gotta get JT back home to NYC before he dies from starvation. So, I'm calling this meeting adjourned." Vincent stated and started pulling JT to the Hatchback.

"What part of 'Not so fast' do you not understand?!" Dean spat but Sam shook his head.

"Dean," he muttered, "Just let them go. It's been a long night and we need our rest too. Like Vincent said, we can save that part of the mystery for another time."


After JT hopped into the passenger seat, Vincent opened the car door to the driver's side.

"Just one question, Vincent." Sam said as he walked towards the former doctor. "How will we be able to find you again? Last I checked, New York City is a really BIG place."

Vincent smirked. "You two are hunters; you figure it out."

Before Sam or Dean could reply, Vincent slid into the Hatchback and drove away, hoping he will never have to encounter either one of the hunter brothers ever again.

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