Kaname didn't come back into the room that night. Zero sat weeping on the bedroom floor till he finally dragged himself to bed and fell in to a deep sleep. He slept so hard that he didn't hear his Husband dress and leave for work earlier in the morning. Around noon an exhausted and heartbroken Zero awoke from his sleep just to find himself alone and busted out in tears again. He didn't understand why his Husband would do such a thing and why he would carry on like nothing happened. As he tried to pull himself together he heard his cell phone go off.

Desperately he dove over to the end table and pulled his phone off the charger. The heartbroken male stared at the name flashing across his screen. It was a message from Kaname. He took a deep breath and opened the text message. "Meet me for lunch at the Café down the street at 1."

Zero gently laid down the phone and wiped his eyes. It was nearly 12:15 now so he pulled himself together and got ready to face his 'loving' Husband.


He sat in the corner booth of the small café watching the door for any signs of the brunette. It was 1:15 and he had been waiting for 25 minutes. The only other people in the café were an old couple enjoying their lunch and a blonde server guy that kept asking if he needed anything. Zero fumbled with the zipper on his jacket as the server approached the table again carrying a tray.

"You sure look like you could use some coffee." The blonde gently sat down a white cup and saucer. "Its on the house."

Zero looked up and gave a weak smile. "Do I really look that bad ?"

"You look heartbroken, or someone just ran over your cat- "The server was interrupted by Kaname clearing his throat behind him. The Server turned around to see a glaring Kaname eyeballing the both of them. Without saying a word the blonde waiter just scooted aside letting Kaname slide into the booth.

"Do you need anything sir, perhaps I can interest you in-"The waiter was cut off by Kaname waving his hand in a shooing motion. The waiter nodded his head and left.

Zero stared down at the coffee in front of him, trying to not make eye contact with his Husband in front of him. But it didn't take long before Kaname started. "I told you that I don't tolerate you speaking to anyone without my presence."Zero bit his lip as he felt tears begin to rush to his lilac eyes, he slowly traced his finger around the white rim of the coffee cup.

"There will be none of that either." He paused to motion at Zero."And Regarding your mistake last night.." Zero snapped his head up to stare at his Husband in disbelief.

"My mistake? You are the one that was caught cheating." Kaname's eyes darkened and he reached across the table and roughly grabbed Zero's wrist twisting it in a awkward way, making the younger male yelp.

"Yes your mistake. You mistook the smell of the fabric softener as perfume." Kaname gave Zero's wrist a painful squeeze making the boy wince.

"No I didn't- OW." Zero let out a quick scream as his wrist made a loud pop. The Server looked across the café just as Kaname let go of his Husband's wrist. Kaname stared down at his Husband, who was now holding his sprained wrist. "Say it."

Zero's eyes started to tear up as he mumbled, hardly loud enough to be heard."I made a mistake. I'm sorry."

A wide smile spread across the brunette's face."Let's go home; I took the rest of the day off. I truly spoil you." He slid from the booth and made his way to the exit. Zero got up and followed in a daze holding his wrist. As soon as he got out in front of the café a warm hand gently grabbed his shoulder making him turn around.

"Excuse me Sir, you left your phone on the table." The blonde Server was holding Zero's cell phone and gave a worried look towards Kaname, who stood a few feet away at the curb watching them coldly. Panic began to rise in Zero's throat as he quickly grabbed the phone with his good hand and hurried to his Husband's side.

The short ride home was silent. As they pulled up in the drive way of their home Zero was yanked out of his thoughts, literally.

Kaname had a fist full of the Silver boy's hair and began to pull him across the enterer of the car and out the driver's door. Zero let out numerous yelps and pleas as he was dragged across the short drive way and through the front door. His scalp was on fire as Kaname dragged him up the stair case towards the spare bedroom. Once in the small room Kaname opened the closet and threw the smaller male inside.

Zero let out a loud scream as he fell on his already hurt wrist. He didn't even have time to fully sit up before pair of rough hands were around his throat, pressing him into the floor.

"You know I don't allow you to touch anyone, why do you misbehave? " Kaname spat into the younger boy's face then let go, standing up. "I will be back for you later." Then the closet door was shut and Zero was in darkness, gasping to catch his breath.

Zero sat up wiping the spit off his face with his sleeve, trying to calm his rapid breathing. His head was throbbing and he ran fingers through his hair, pulling loose chunks of silver hair out. He curled up on the floor and began to cry as silently as he could, if Kaname heard him then things could only get worse.


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