Cruel Summer: Prologue

She was sixteen when she remembered who she was. Minako Aino woke with a violent start, her ears still roaring from the force of the memory. She let out a shuddering sob and forced her hands to cover her mouth. Her face was wet.

She felt her chest constrict, tried to quell the panic that was quickly rising in her body. She took a deep breath. And another. Her heart was pounding loudly but it slowed as she tried to calm herself. The white cat that had followed her home sat at the edge of her bed, staring at her with unblinking eyes. Minako couldn't help it, another whimper escaped her and she hugged her knees to her chest, letting out the hurt that had been building in her chest with another rush of suppressed sobs.

When she was done, her body felt strangely cleansed, as if those were the last tears she would ever shed. She had been wrung out like an old rag, and now she could feel herself thinking clearly. Her task was as obvious as it had been in her past life, burning in her mind like a beacon. She had to find the Princess.

Hi everyone! I'm back! I've decided to try writing a more sexier Sailor Moon story... I think this one is kind of inspired by PGSM and a few other fanfics I've read out there where the cast is much more mature than in the anime. It's just an experiment, but it should be pretty fun! Please follow and review! I wanted to put this up as the prologue, just to get the ball rolling... Lots of love XOXO