Happy Birthday, Dipping-Sauce!

By lisbeth-dragon

A little Gravity Falls fic for you guys. Enjoy DISCLAIMER: I own nothing from Gravity Falls or Disney

Dipper sat on his bed and sighed. It was October 31st and they had been back at home for a couple months now. Things in California were… average. A little too average for a guy like Dipper. He needed the excitement and mystery of Gravity Falls. Fortunately, his parents said that he and Mabel could go back to Gravity Falls over Christmas break.

No matter how ordinary things were, today was still an important day. Not only was it Halloween, it was Dipper and Mabel's 13th birthday. There was a big Halloween/birthday party, and all their friends were there. Dipper was dressed as a magician and Mabel was dressed as Tinkerbell. When the party died down & everyone left, Dipper grabbed a sack of candy and went back up to his own room to think.

A few minutes later, Mabel knocked on the door.

"Can I come in, bro?" She asked happily.

"Sure," he said opening the door for her.

She sat down on his bed and shook some glitter out of her hair.

"Did you really need to fill the balloons with glitter and pop them?" Dipper asked laughing.

"It was a really fun idea, Mabel giggled. Her braces finally came off and she had a perfect row of teeth.

"Are you still thinking about Gravity Falls?" She asked.

"Yeah," Dipper said. "We had so much fun this summer. I can't wait for Christmas break so we can go back."

Mabel giggled again and played with her fairy wings. "It's gonna be sooo fun! I hope Grunkle Stan's taking good care of Waddles. I wish Mom and Dad let me bring Waddles home."

Dipper wrapped an arm around his sister. "We don't have enough room to take care of a pig, Mabel," he explained. "You'll get to see him again soon."

Mabel smiled a little. "Yeah... OOOOH and I almost forgot to give you your birthday present!" She screamed. She ran back to her room and hurried back in a dash of green glitter.

"I hope you like it," She said.

It was hastily wrapped in pink wrapping with a sticker that said "For Sir Dipping sauce." Dipper carefully unwrapped it. It was a sweater. It was dark blue, with the words "best brother EVER!" written in blue glitter.

He liked it. Mabel knit all of her sweaters and always put a lot of effort in each one she made.

"It's amazing," He smiled at his sister.

Mabel wrapped him up in a bear hug, "I knew you'd like it!" She squealed in joy.

Dipper tore away from the hug to go to his closet. He brought his sister a little shoebox. "It's for you," he explained. "Sorry, I couldn't find wrapping paper."

She opened the box. Inside was a Snapback hat that looked like Dipper's (except her hat was pink) and it had a little shooting star on the front. Her eyes lit up again.

"I LOVE THIS!" She yelled happily. "Where did you get it?"

"There's this place downtown that sells custom-made Snapbacks," Dipper explained. "You tell the guy the design you want on your hat and they make them."

"This goes perfect with the shooting star sweater I have!" Mabel smiled and put on the hat. She and Dipper reached into the candy bag and ate some candy.

Dipper smiled. "Happy Birthday, Lady Mabelton."

"Happy birthday, Dipping sauce," Mabel replied.

Hope you guys enjoyed. A little Pines Twins fic for ya. I might write some more Gravity Falls stuff, so keep posted. See ya later