Author's Note: All right, here it is! My newest fic! I had another dream, which inspired this. I hope you guys enjoy it, like you did Faceless Mask. Thanks so much for all your support throughout that fic! I hope to see the same support throughout this one. :) Just to let you know, it's another AU, because I've been enjoying those lately! xD Sorry… Anyways, I wanted to use some rock songs to inspire this one, but I ended up also using some other songs, which actually give me the futuristic feel, which is what I wanted too. xD This fic is much rougher around the edges, unlike the last one. :3 Mmm, Rough!Luffy! X3 I used Deftones' Xerces, Change and My Own Summer, Ten Years' Russian Roulette, Dying Youth and So Long, Goodbye, tyDi's Worlds Apart and a Studio Killers' Flawless and True Colors for this. Oh and one Chevelle song, The Red, hahaha, as well as the Oblivion song still! xD I should also warn that they're going to be OOC again. Sorry, but I have fun with that. :3 I usually always keep their base personalities; characteristics you can always recognize from them, but then I build around it with what I want and how I want them to be, which fits the setting of the story. Also, just to let you guys know, it's taking me longer to write this one. So, I may not post a chapter every day. Sorry about that. I've been finding it hard to find quiet rooms in which to write. :( Anyways, enjoy the first chapter! :D

Law and Prejudice

Chapter 1

Stepping out of the dilapidated building, Luffy looked over his shoulder at the one large word above the door; "Law". Facing forward again, he looked about him at all of the trash, debris, sparse or dead plant life and disrepair as well as the smoke. Something was always burning. The noises around him were loud and violent, but this was a normal day on the surface. This was their world. This was his world; disorderly and dysfunctional, but it was still his job to maintain as much order as was possible. That was what it meant to be a law man. He kept that law to the best of his abilities.

Slowly turning his head to the side, he noticed a fight had broken out. The participants did not care that they were close to the law building. Stepping down the falling apart steps, he then headed over towards them and called out with an irritated growl, "Hey!"

"Keep out of this lawman!" one of them cried as he ran in and rammed his shoulder into his opponent.

"Keep out of it?" Luffy growled out viciously and said, "Have you any idea who you're talking to!?" He then ran forward, leapt high into the air and double split kicked both to knock them away from each other. Both men went flying, one hit a building while another tumbled over a rundown vehicle and fell off the other side.

When the one, who hit the building, got up to come at him, Luffy instantly kicked him hard into his chest, sending him slamming back into the building. The other jumped over the car and onto Luffy's back. Grabbing him, Luffy pulled him over his shoulder, slammed him hard into the concrete sidewalk, pulled back his fist and plowed it into his face several times.

"Now, do you remember who you're talking to?" Luffy yelled down at him and looked up at the other man.

The one against the building sat up with a scowl, but then he slowly nodded. "Lawman Luffy," he called, but then he glared, "sorry…" he muttered, but then he scoffed and stood.

"Get out of here! Both of you! I better not see either of you around here again!" Luffy growled and jerked towards the man standing. The man jolted, but then turned and headed off. The other man stood, grumbling under his breath as he wiped away the blood, and headed the opposite way of his opponent.

Growling out in annoyance, Luffy then huffed and headed home. It was the same every day. Sometimes, he grew tired of it. There had to be better. Walking down the sidewalk, Luffy shoved a drunken man out of his way, the man tumbling to the ground and just getting back up as if nothing had happened.

At a crosswalk, he noticed other pedestrians bumping carelessly into an elderly man, and one bumped into him much harder, causing him to fall. Luffy quickly rushed forward, shoving the offender out of his way harshly and caught the elderly man before he hit the ground. The offender called out a growled utterance, but Luffy ignored him, and the man just continued on.

"Are you all right?" Luffy asked with a frown as he helped the old man to right himself.

Scoffing in irritation, the elderly man nodded his head shakily and said, "I'm fine, lawman." He then looked to the back of the man who shoved him and called, "Asshole! Watch where you're going! If I was in my prime, I'd kick your ass!"

"Fuck off, old man!" the man called over his shoulder.

"You're welcome," Luffy muttered sarcastically and helped the man the rest of the way across the street, despite his insistence that he would be fine, before heading off again. His jaw flexed as he looked about him at the people; his people, who lacked respect and manners, and who seemed to always want to fight.

Coming up to his apartment building, which looked just as dirty and dilapidated as the rest of the rundown, piece of shit city, Luffy looked up at it and one side of his nose lifted with disgust. What was sad was that it was one of the better looking buildings within the city. Scoffing, he then just got into his dingy hover vehicle, which he always left at home, since he worked not too far away, and headed out of the city.

He kept going for nearly an hour, driving through the wasteland, but finally, some trees began to dot the landscape. Seeing more of the green, he stopped his vehicle and stepped out. Going to the front, he pulled himself up to sit and just stared out. It was so peaceful there without a soul about.

Closing his eyes, he took in a deep breath and felt himself relaxing. He then opened them and lifted them to the skies. It was always cloudy, and he could only see bits of the sky through the gaps as well as the glass bridges connecting them. Slowly the clouds drifted, taking the sky cities with them.

The clouds served their purpose to hide their existence from those on the surface. It was the way they wanted it. However, he could see the specks moving through the glass tunnel bridges, which showed they did exist up there. Each cloud casted a shadow across the expanse of greenery, and each gap casted a large shape, usually square-ish from where the sun shined through.

Slowly blinking his eyes above, he had to wonder what it was like up there. Was it better than the shithole city he lived in or the other shithole cities around their planet? It was not much better elsewhere. His people were not the nicest or cleanest. It was the very reason those in the sky lived in the sky.

For thousands of years their two races had warred with each other relentlessly, and all of it had been started by his people. His entire race was naturally aggressive, and they always claimed to be born warriors. It was unfortunate for the sky dwellers to have existed on the same planet as them. He did not blame them for escaping to the skies. It was the only way they could each have peace; it was the only way for them to have peace from his people. They were just too different. For a little less than half a century, there had not been any more wars between the two races, but that did not stop his kind from fighting within themselves.

A strong wind blew past him, causing his hair to drift across his forehead and tickle his flesh. Sighing deeply, he lay down over his hover vehicle and closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep. He dreamt of drifting clouds and a bright, clean city. He wanted to live there.

Half an hour later, he woke with a gasp, when his den went off. He sat up quickly to see the sun was already setting in the horizon. Quickly fumbling within his pocket, he retrieved his den and answered it. "What is it?"

"Luffy, where the fuck are you?"

"Ace?" Luffy questioned and swiped a hand down his face. "Uh… out."

"Obviously! We have a situation on our hands! Get back to the law office!"

"Shit," Luffy growled, shoving his den back into his pocket and heading back to the shithole of a city.

"Why the fuck did it take you an hour to get here?" Ace asked as soon as Luffy walked in.

"I was out!" Luffy said and glared, but shoved passed to head inside. "So, what's the situation?"

"We got an escapee on our hands," Dragon said, just eyeing his son intently.

"An escapee?" Luffy said and frowned deeply. "Who?"

"Marshall," Garp said and turned to his grandson within his chair at his desk.

"Teach?" Luffy said and grit his teeth into a scowl.

"That's right," Garp said and slowly stood to make his way over to him.

"From what we hear, he had help," Roger said, moving to sit on a nearby desk and regard the youngest of the bunch.

"Was it one of his old crew?" Luffy asked, glancing to each of them there.

"Nope, and that's got us curious," Roger said and then slid a thin hologram image towards him.

Luffy pressed his fingers into it and slid it more towards him to look at the image there. The blonde man wore a cloth over his head, and his earlobes looked much longer than normal with earrings on the ends of them. His suit was clean cut, far too clean. Right off, he could tell the man was not of their kind. "A sky dweller? What is a sky dweller doing down here?" he asked and frowned deeply.

"Exactly," Ace said, folding his arms before him. "It obviously can't be anything good, especially if he's breaking out Teach."

"Why would he do that? The sky dwellers hate us," Luffy said, feeling his skin crawl. What was the meaning behind this? He did not like it one bit.

"And we most certainly hate them," Dragon growled out, staring intently at the image with a fire in his eyes.

"What's more disturbing is how he even learned about Teach. The sky dwellers never come close to our cities and only come down for unused resources, far from our cities. If he did come down specifically for Teach, there's only one reason he would want him," Roger said, looking amused.

All four men nodded their head in agreement, and then all five said simultaneously, "To blow shit up."

"But to blow what up, is the question?" Luffy muttered, still staring at the image.

"Well, if this sky dweller hated us enough, it could be us, and Teach would be more than willing to do it, since he just likes to blow shit up and people. This is why he's in prison to begin with," Ace said, scratching over his chest through his loose button up shirt.

"It would have to be that. The sky dweller obviously won't want to blow up the sky cities. That's his home," Dragon said and frowned deeply.

"Do we at least have a clue where he went?" Luffy asked as he looked up to the other four.

"Not yet. We need to head to the prison to meet the warden, who called this in," Garp said with a deeper frown as he glanced to the image.

"Well, let's get on this. The sooner we track him, the better, and definitely before he does start blowing shit up," Luffy said, though he looked deep in thought. However, he then just turned and headed out.

"Yup, let's head out," Dragon said, pushing off the desk and lifting up the thin image to turn off and stick into his shirt pocket.

"Jaguar, the building is under your command until we get back," Garp called as he also headed out.

"Ah, yes sir," Saul said and nodded to them as they left.

"See ya later, Saul," Roger said with a grin to the rotund man as they headed out.

To Be Continued…

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