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Law and Prejudice

Chapter 30

"What – What are you doing here?" Luffy called and quickly looked about, as if in fear one of his own kind would see them.

"We tracked your DNA. We were relieved to find you were out here and alone," Zoro called as the vehicle landed, and out stepped Sanji as well as Law.

"But… why are you here? Y-You could get in trouble with your superiors! Ah, your eye…" Luffy called, looking worried as he slid off his hover vehicle to approach them.

"I wouldn't worry about that. We're here under orders from the big dog and…" Zoro said as he reached up, running his finger down the scar over his eye which he had lost, but then he smirked. "I lost it fighting a worthy cause."

Luffy swallowed down hard, feeling those damned tears coming up, but he blinked them away as he smiled with a nod. He pointed to the scar under his left eye and said, "I got some of those too, and even here." He opened up his shirt to show a scar there on his chest.

"Awesome!" Zoro said with a grin, making Luffy grin as well. "So, want to come up and see the big dog?"

"The… The big dog, but… what about… you know, that guy, who tried to arrest us?" Luffy asked, looking curious.

Sighing deeply, Zoro glanced up and said, "Sakazuki did step out of line, but he was just doing what he thought was best. He takes his job seriously, and he protects the people. He did act on his own, but he did so, thinking it was for the good of all. I'm sorry about that, Luffy." He looked down at him again with a look that shared his sincerity.

"How's Ace, Luffy?" Law asked, wanting to make sure he was all right.

Luffy grinned and said, "Much better. He recovered quickly, thanks to all of what you gave to my Uncle Roger."

"That's good," Law said and finally smiled, as did the other two.

"So, what are your orders?" Luffy asked, looking curious.

The three glanced to each other with their smiles, but then looked back at him, and Sanji said, "We have a request to bring you and your family back up. The man in charge wishes to speak to you."

"What? Really?" Luffy asked and blinked, but then he nodded and said, "I understand. I'll call my family then." Just before he could, however, his den went off, alerting an incoming call. "Ah, speaking of which…" Luffy answered his den and called, "Hello?"

"Luffy, where the hell are you?"

Luffy instantly pulled the den away from his ear to his grandfather's yell, and the others smirked, hearing the yell as well. "Ah, gramps, I'm out of the city. What's wrong?"

"What do you mean, what's wrong? It's morning! We've got shit to do! Get your ass back to the city!"

"Ah, wait, gramps!" Luffy called before the old man could hang up.


Pulling the den away one more time, Luffy then said, "I need you to come out of the city. Just head west, and bring dad, Uncle Roger and Ace with you."

"What? Why? What for?"

"Just do it. It's important, and bring the flying vehicle with you," Luffy said with a snicker, feeling extremely happy to be going up. He would get to see Nami again, right?

There was silence on the other end, but then Garp finally said, "Fine! Be there in an hour." He then hung up, and Luffy slipped his den back into his pocket.

"They're on their way," Luffy said with a snicker.

In the time Garp said, they arrived and exited the vehicle, but were surprised to see Zoro, Sanji and Law. "What're you guys doing here?" Ace asked curiously as they approached.

Zoro chuckled and said, "The big man in charge of our city would like a word with you, that is, if you're willing to speak to him, of course. It's good to see you're well."

"Thanks," Ace said, opening up his shirt and said, "I got me a nice scar now as a souvenir! It kind of matches Luffy's, except I got a scar on my back too!"

This made the three laugh, including Luffy, though he mostly snickered. "That's awesome!" Zoro exclaimed and grinned along with Luffy and Ace. "So, you guys willing to make a trip up with us? I promise there won't be any alarms or anything," he said with a chuckle.

They all exchanged looks between each other, but then all eyes inevitably landed on Garp, waiting for his word, since he was their man in charge. "And we can trust him?" Garp asked, wanting to make sure. He wanted to keep his family safe.

"I trust Zoro, Sanji and Law. If they feel it's safe, then it's safe. They wouldn't bring us into a bad situation knowingly. I really think he just wants to talk," Luffy said and nodded his head to his grandfather.

"I agree with Luffy," Ace said and nodded slowly.

Giving a growling grunt, Garp then slowly nodded and said, "We'll meet with this man and speak to him."

"Excellent! Just follow us on up, and we'll take you right to him. Want to ride with us, Luffy, Ace?" Law asked with a big smile.

"Yes!" Luffy replied right away, leaving his vehicle there to go to them.

"Yeah, sure," Ace said with a chuckle and also headed for them.

Flying over Rain City and towards the back to what looked like rows of lavish houses, Zoro finally landed the vehicle near one of these homes and got out with the others. Luffy slowly followed as he looked about the lush green lawns with beautiful trees and flowers. It was all so very nice. Luffy and his family then followed them towards where they could see a pool, making Luffy's eyes widen. Beside the pool was a red headed man lounging and over his face was a straw hat. He appeared to be asleep.

Another man standing nearby came to greet them with a smile. He held his hand out to Zoro, who approached first and said, "I apologize, he fell asleep."

"It's all right," Zoro said with a smirk as he nodded to Luffy and his family. "This is Luffy, as you remember, his grandfather Garp, father Dragon, Uncle Roger, and you remember Ace too." Zoro then turned to them and said, "This is Ben Beckman, the man in charge's second hand man."

"Ah, it's nice to meet you!" Luffy said with a grin as he accepted Ben's offered hand.

"It's an honor to meet you, Luffy," Ben said and shook everyone else's hands in greeting, and from what they learned from Luffy, they greeted him in return. "I'll wake him for you," he said after the greetings and moved towards the sleeping man in the lounger. "Shanks," he called to the man, causing the man to snore loudly and lurch forward, the hat falling into his lap.

"Ah, I'm awake! I wasn't asleep!" he suddenly said, but then looked down at the hat in his lap. Picking it up, he slapped it onto his head and looked up at them.

"Riiight," Ben said with a soft chuckle.

Luffy's eyes widened, and he blinked, seeing three deep scars along the red headed man's left eye. The man looked as if he had seen a battle or two. He watched as the older man got out of the lounger and approached them. "Ah, you are Luffy!" he said, holding his hand out to Luffy with a smile.

"Ah, yeah," Luffy said with a nod and began to smile as well as he took the man's hand to shake.

"It's nice to meet you, Luffy! Name's Shanks, and I run this city," he said with a chuckle, and then he looked to the others as well, but his eyes passed over Roger last. His smile changed as he looked to them all again and said, "It's very nice to meet you all. I must apologize profusely for what happened. I can assure you Sakazuki acted on his own, because he felt he had to protect our city. He… has seen the wars and fought in them… just like some of us have. I know it wasn't easy for him." He nodded his head slowly to them, and there was something in his eyes. However, with the scar there, he did not have to say he was one of them.

"Yes, some of us did," Garp agreed as he regarded the man curiously.

"Those were… horrible times – hard times and best forgotten. This is our present, and we have a future to look forward to. We should never let the past get in the way of that. We all witnessed firsthand what was in Luffy's heart. I know I did, and I don't think I have ever been so moved before," Shanks said as he looked to Luffy, "except when I was a young lad." Removing the hat from his head, he showed it to Luffy and said, "You see this hat?"

Blinking at the hat, Luffy nodded his head once in reply, but still looked confused, but then he just looked back up at Shanks again. "Yeah," he finally replied, but gasped, when Shanks placed the hat on his head.

Shanks then smiled and said, "It belonged to a warrior once, a very long time ago."

"Oh?" Luffy asked, his eyes wide and curious now as he pushed his finger into the hat to move it up out of his eyes.

"That's right, one I met on the battlefield. He walked up to me without fear, but you see, I was wounded. There was no way I could fight him. I knew what carriers were like, and I knew I was dead for sure. He walked right up to me, just staring at me with those impressively intense eyes you all have," Shanks said with an impressed scoff, "but he looked at me, took off this hat, set it on my head and proceeded to patch up my wounds. You must understand my confusion."

Luffy's eyes widened further in his fascination with the story, and even Ace was engrossed as he listened. "And then what happened?" Ace asked, wanting to know the rest.

"After he was done, he offered me a grin, and then he turned and walked away. Never even got his name… I never saw him again… until today," Shanks said quietly as he smiled and his eyes lifted again.

"What? Today?" Luffy asked and blinked, but then noticed he was looking elsewhere, and so he looked as well. Roger was just smiling back at Shanks, his eyes showing his recognition.

Shanks moved past Luffy and held his hand out. "Shanks."

Roger smiled wider, took his hand in his to shake and said, "Roger."

"Roger," Shanks repeated and smiled wider. "I never did get to say thanks. Thanks for that."

"It wasn't a problem," Roger said with a chuckle.

"Wait, you guys met before?" Ace exclaimed, looking very fascinated and impressed as well. His father really did that? "How long ago was that?"

Roger laughed and said, "I think I was around eight, and it was hardly a wound. You fell down and scraped your knee."

"And if I remember correctly, I was five, and hey, at that age, a scraped knee is life threatening!" Shanks said and also laughed.

"Wait, that's not on the battlefield! You were just kids!" Luffy exclaimed with a purse to his lips.

Roger chuckled morosely and said, "Age didn't matter back then… not to our kind. What Shanks says is true, even at that young, you were considered a warrior if you could challenge someone and win."

Garp grunted and said, "It's true… No child was safe from us."

"But… not everyone was like the carriers we knew, obviously. I knew there had to be some… like the boy I met," Shanks said and just smiled. He then looked over to Luffy and said, "Your family is special, Luffy. You are special. I am sorry for what happened, but what I really want is for us to get passed our past. I'd like to offer a truce on behalf of our other cities. You see, it took a few weeks, but I met with all of the leaders from each city, and we took a vote. It took a while for some to make a decision, but the majority of us decided it was time to put the past behind us. I got votes from Edward Newgate, head of Cloud City, Boa Hancock, who runs Flower City, and by the way, she's really fascinated by you and wants to meet you in person, Cobra, head of Fire City, Vivi, his daughter, who runs Water City, Bon Clay, head of Light City, Crocodile – yes that's his real name - head of Dark City, Arlong, head of Ocean City, and Alvida, who runs Heart City, and she would also like to meet you and thank you personally. Quite honestly, they would all like to meet you, Luffy. We also voted that… you and your family are welcome to come up and visit our cities any time you want. If you think you can present our truce to your people, and if they are willing to agree, we'd like to trade technology with you. We could also help you rebuild your cities too. Maybe in time, our two races can trust one another, and they too, would be allowed to come up here."

Luffy's eyes grew much wider as he gaped at the other man, completely speechless. Did they really vote that? He felt his eyes brimming with tears quickly, and he reached out to take the other man's hand with both of his. "Th-Thank you… That… That means a lot to me."

"Are you kidding me? You're our hero, Luffy. You protected and saved us. We owe you so much. Many more of us would have died, if Enel's plan had been realized. He was planning to destroy our entire livelihood, just because real estate business wasn't going so well anymore. You see, we don't have much space up here, and we're growing. He wanted to ruin us, so we were forced back to the surface. If we had done that prematurely, more wars would have broken out. Luffy, we're hoping our two races can live peacefully together. Honestly, Enel was right about one thing. We're running out of resources and living space. We… would like more than anything to be able to return to the surface… It's… It's home. We'd like to come home," Shanks said quietly, and his expression saddened.

Luffy felt the tears returning, but he nodded his head quickly and said, "I'll do my best, Shanks. We've already begun rebuilding, and we're rebuilding a coliseum, like the one you have up here. There have been almost no fights since the rebuilding started. All of their energy is going into the labor. I honestly believe this future you speak of is possible, and if you do lend us a hand… I honestly believe they will appreciate it. I know we can do this… if we do it together."

Shanks smiled brightly, looking greatly relieved and grateful. "We'll leave it in your hands then, Luffy. I greatly look forward to this truce."

"As do we," Roger added, also looking just as grateful and relieved.

"I have to admit… it… would be nice," Dragon said and nodded slowly.

"Good, we'll speak more formally about it with the other leaders from the other cities. As I said, they want to meet you. Now, I'm sure there's one other thing you'd like to do, or rather, someone you'd like to see," Shanks said and smiled to Luffy.

Luffy nodded his head quickly and said, far too eagerly, "Yes!" However, his cheeks flushed, but he grinned with a snicker. "Yes, I would."

"Why don't you guys hang out by my pool, while Luffy takes care of business?" Shanks said and motioned for the others to follow him. "You guys want something to drink? You hungry?" he asked as Garp, Roger and Dragon followed along, the four of them talking, but Ace did not follow.

"I'd like to come with you, Luffy," Ace said and smiled to him.

"Yeah, all right," Luffy said, grinning at him and nodding.

"Come on, we'll take you," Zoro said with a smile and motioned him back to the vehicle.

Nami was lying in bed, dozing every now and then, but inevitably, like always, sleep did not find her. She was far too tired to move, and so she just lay in her bed. When the door buzzed, she sighed and called, "Leave me alone, Nojiko. I'm sleeping."

However, she groaned when the door slid opened and closed. "I said leave me alone, Nojiko. I'm really not in the mood for talking or going out or whatever else it is you suggest all the time," she muttered, pulling her pillow over her head.

When she felt the indention within the bed, she sighed. Nojiko could do whatever she wanted. However, when she felt a hard body press into her back and an arm wrap around her tightly, she stiffened and gasped. Turning around, she could only gape at the face, which greeted her, and her eyes quickly filled with tears.

"Will you talk to me?" Luffy whispered and smiled to her softly.

Surely she was dreaming. She had dreams like this before. The tears began to flow freely, and she reached out slowly to press her hand into his cheek. Closing his eyes slowly, he turned his head to press his cheek more into her warm hand, but then he turned it slightly to give her palm a kiss.

When he did this, heavy sobs wrenched her body, and she wasted no time wrapping him up tightly within her arms. "Luffy!" she cried softly, vowing never to let him go ever again right then and there.

"I'm sorry, Nami! I'm sorry I had to leave you!" he whispered, wrapping her up tight within his arms as well. "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too!" she cried, but still could not stop the sobs forced out of her. However, despite her tears, she pulled back and smashed her lips to his. That same desperation as before ignited within them, and they did not hesitate to become as one once again.

"Whoa, and here I thought these walls were soundproof!" Nojiko said from where she sat within the living room with the others.

Ace smirked with a snicker and said, "That's my little brother!"

Nojiko scoffed and said, "This is unacceptable!" Losing his smile, Ace looked over to her, already offended, but then her next words made him blink, "My sister is younger than me, and yet she's gotten some before me!"

Ace slowly began to frown, and then he said, "Oh yeah! So has Luffy! Well, shit!"

Looking over to him, Nojiko just started, but then she burst into laughter, and soon, his laughter joined hers. "I think we're all in that boat," Law said and scoffed.

"Mmm, the boat is crowded," Sanji muttered with a pout.

"I think so too," Zoro muttered with a purse to his lips, but then he shrugged. Not like he cared or anything. When the front door rang, he looked over to it, and Nojiko went to answer it.

"Ah, you guys came! Please, come in!" Nojiko said with a grin and moved aside to let everyone inside. Robin, Usopp, Brook, Franky, Sabo and Chopper stepped inside. "Ah, Luffy's busy at the moment, but Ace is here!" she said, motioning to Ace, who gave them a lazy smirk.

"How ya doin'?" he greeted to them. They all greeted Ace in turn as they came in and sat down to make conversation.

A little while later, Nami and Luffy finally made their way out, looking freshly showered. Their cheeks were flushed, and they looked extremely happy. "Oh! Everyone's here!" Luffy called, looking very happy to see everyone else again.

"Luffy!" Usopp called and moved to greet Luffy. They both clasped hands to shake as they laughed. "It's good to see you again!"

"Hey, Luffy!" Sabo called with a grin, making Luffy manage to grin wider. "Glad to see you looking well!"

"It's good to see you both too!" he called and went to greet everyone else.

"Ah, Luffy! I brought my violin. I thought I would play for you!" Brook said, lifting up a violin case.

"I'd love that! Thanks, Brook!" Luffy said and snickered. "Robin!" he cried and hugged the other woman, who smiled brightly for him.

"You look so happy, Luffy. I'm glad you didn't have to die or get locked up," Robin said, and Luffy laughed.

"Yeah, me too!" he said and snickered.

"We're uh… really glad to hear just how happy you really are," Zoro said and smirked.

"Oh shit… Let me guess, soundproof rooms, not so soundproof," Nami muttered, and her cheeks flushed brightly.

"Yup!" the all replied at once with grins or smirks.

Luffy laughed nervously to this with his own flush, but he looked too happy to care. He was back with his friends once again. "I never even knew you had it in you to get a woman. You were never interested before," Ace said, smirking to his little brother.

"That's because I wasn't interested before. Nami is different," Luffy said with a bright smile and laced his fingers with Nami.

"It can't be that hard to get a woman, especially if Luffy can do it," Law said and scoffed.

"It's not. It's easy," Zoro said and just nodded.

"Oh yeah? Then please, enlighten us," Sanji said and smirked to Zoro.

"You just have to be straight forward, that's all. You just gotta ask, and if it doesn't work out, big deal. You move on. If you find an interesting woman, then just ask. It's as simple as that!" Zoro said and nodded his head sagely.

"Oh please oh wise one, demonstrate to us how this simple task is done," Law said and just laughed. He knew Zoro was not serious at all.

"It's easy, watch," Zoro said and turned to Robin, since she was closest to him and pointed to himself. "Are you interested in me?"

Robin gave him a bright smile and said, "Yes."

Zoro then looked to the others and said, "See? It's that easy-Wait, what?" He quickly turned to Robin, his eyes wide. "That is not how I expected this to go."

Robin chuckled and asked, "Is it a problem?"

"Ah-Well, no," Zoro said, but he looked so devastatingly confused as he scratched the back of his head, that the others burst into laughter.

"Then good!" Robin said and looked to the others. "You see, it really is that easy!"

"Holy shit! It really is that easy! Let me try!" Ace said, looking amused, and so he turned to Nojiko, since she was the only available female, and asked as he pointed to himself, "You interested in me?"

"Hell yeah! You're sexy"! Nojiko said with a nod and a smirk.

"Whoa, shit! It totally works!" Ace exclaimed with huge eyes, and everyone burst into laughter again.

"Hey, what the hell?" Sanji exclaimed, his jaw dropping and his cigarette nearly fell out of his mouth to all the women suddenly getting snatched up, which made everyone laugh at him.

"Well, shit… and the boat is suddenly not so crowded… I think I'll just shove Sanji overboard though. I don't mind a boat to myself," Law said with a chuckle, and the others laughed as well.

Franky's laughter finally died down, and then he said, "We should celebrate! The theme park has been repaired and reopened! We should go there so Luffy can ride all the rides!"

"That would be awesome!" Luffy exclaimed with enthusiasm, and he nearly had stars within his eyes, which made everyone laugh again. "But I want to hear Brook play first!"

"Yohohohoho! It would be my pleasure, Luffy sir!" Brook said as he opened his case and immediately began to play for everyone.

Looking over to Luffy, who was listening intently with the others, Nami smiled softly, and she felt her heart flutter strongly. Her fingers, laced with his, gave a squeeze, and he looked over to her. Seeing her smile, he smiled in return to her and brought up her hand to kiss the back of it.

Reaching out, she cupped his cheek with the other hand and whispered, "Luffy, there's something I need to tell you."

"Oh?" he asked, reaching up with his other hand as well to clasp the one pressed to her cheek. "And what is that?"

Taking in a soft breath, she closed her eyes for a moment, but then she opened them and whispered, "I'm pregnant."

Luffy blinked a few times before his eyes grew wider, but then the brightest of all his bright smiles bloomed over his features, and his eyes glistened with tears.

The End…

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