My parents were off on a vacation with a few friends and left me and Trina here alone in our house. As usual I was the boss. Sure Trina was older but I was definitely smarter. There was just something wrong with her brain.

Since I was in charge me and Trina made a deal. We would have a party at our house with as many friends as we wanted, as long as she did her home work everyday after the party. Trina agreed and started making a list of people. I just layed back and flipped on the TV because I already knew who I was inviting. Unlike Trina, I wasn't looking for popularity. I was just fine with the friends I had.

~The next day~

I arrived at Hollywood arts around 8:30am and headed to my locker to get my things before class. As I was getting my things Beck came over to me and leaned on the lockers, facing me.

"Hey! What's up?" Beck asked me.

I looked up and smiled. "Oh you know...just getting ready. What about you?"

"Talking to you" he replied.

I chuckled. I then got an I dea. "Hey Beck,Me and Trina are having a party at my house. You wanna come?"

He gently ran his hand through his hair and smiled. "Sure. What time?"

"Tonight at 8" I replied, swinging my back pack over my shoulder.

"Cool. I guess i'll see you then?"

"Yep" I said popping the 'p' "Oh hey, could you tell Jade I'm inviting her too?"

He gave a small half smile and said "Sure tors". He then walked off to class and so did I.

The rest of the day I spent inviting all my friends, cat, Andre and even Rex. I'm sure Robbie wouldn't come if Rex wasn't invited.

After school was when me and Trina worked together to decorate the house, or shall I say organizing things. This wasn't a birthday party. We set up the drinks, food and got out our old radio and a few cds to keep everyone happy.

Our first visitor arrived around seven although I said eight. But whatever.

"I'll get that" I said to trina as she continued to look at her self in the mirror. She just nodded.

I sighed. I opened the door to find it was just Andre.

"Andre! Hey! So glad you could show up" I said as I leaned in to hug him.

He gave me a tight squeeze before pulling away. "Yeah me to. If you're throwing this party it outta be good."

I smiled "Thanks"

"No prob" He said giving me a nod.

We finished up the last of the organizing and sat down to watch a few movies before the visitors got here.

Our house was packed by the time it was nine. It looked like Trina invited the whole school. But with all the people somehow I noticed Beck and jade didn't show up. I frowned. I was really hoping he would. He was always the life of the party. But I still tried to have fun. I sat down and drank a few sodas and watched as everyone partied. Trina wanted me to buy a few packs of beers but I refused. This party was not gonna have any alcohol.

Someone grabbed me by my waist and turned my chair around. I was surprised to see it was...