I was surprised to see it was Beck. I smiled up at him. I was happy he finally showed up.

"Hey! You finally came" I said looking up to him. He smelled of very strong cologne. But yet he still smelled great. I took a second to inhale his sent before he answered.

"Yeah" he smiled "I said I'd be here didn't I?"

I nodded knowing he did say he'd be here.

"So where's jade?" I asked looking around.

He sighed "She didn't want to come. She'd rather be at home"

I sighed. I know jade hates me and all but she loves parties. And she loves Beck to much to even leave him alone with me. We...technically I wasnt alone with him but still.

"So..." I said.

"So..."Beck said back.

We sat there looking in awkward silence. Well...between us.

Beck held out his hand for me to take and said "Would you like to dance?"

I smiled. I absolutly wanted to dance with that boy. He was gorgeous. But what would jade think? She'd hate me forever. But jade didn't have to find out. It was just one dance right?

I took his hand and he led me to the dance floor and we began to dance.

At first we danced randomly to a fast upbeat song. But then the song changed to a slow song and we danced. It was nice being in becks arms. I felt safe and secure. I felt...happy. I wished he was mine but he belonged to jade.

As my head layed on becks shoulder he gently squeezed my hand and we continued to sway back and forth. I pulled back to look up at him and he smiled a bright smile down at me, I couldnt help but smile back. Before I knew it Beck was leaning his head down, his lips just centimeters away. He paused briefly, making sure I was okay with it. Then he crushed his lips to mine softly. His lips were soft and tasted great on mine. It seemed as I kissed him that we had been there for hours, just embracing each other.

We pulled away a few seconds later.

Beck leaned down and whispered in my ear "You're mine tonight"

He pulled me closer until my body had no space between us, and he brushed his lips against mine once more. I knew it was wrong to stand here and kiss him, but somehow it felt right. Like he belonged with me. I knew we did. He just couldn't see it.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::

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That was my last thought before everything went black.