Beth was laying next to Merle in the tiny bed, their bodies pressed against one another. "Merle, Are you awake?" Beth whispered. When Merle didn't answer she figured he passed out from all the alcohol he consumed. She shifted a little trying to get comfortable. She felt Merle's arm snake around her waist. She let out a little gasp. Merle started mumbling something Beth couldn't make out. "Merle?" Beth said. She felt awkward laying there with his arm wrapped around her. Although she did enjoy the warmth, they didn't have a blanket, and it was starting to get really chilly outside nowadays. "Yea darling." Merle drawled out. Beth jumped a little not expecting an answer. "Did I wake you?" Beth questioned him. "Nah." Merle mumbled. Beth felt his shift in the bed causing it to creak his arm never left her waist, she blushed. She's hasn't been this close to a boy since Jimmy even then it didn't feel give her the butterflies she was getting with Merle. "Oh..." Was all Beth could reply. Merle didn't replied he just laid there. Beth shifted again, a spring was jabbing in her side, but she didn't want to say anything so Merle would continue laying there warm against her back. "Merle, do you think everyone will be mad at me when we get back?" Merle shifted a little moving himself further away from Beth leaving a small gap between them, she felt her skin go cold from Merle's body heat being moved away from her. "I don't guess they will suga, they been worried sick bout' cha ass." Beth heard what he had said, but didn't reply. She was to focused on that fact of how much it bothered her he had moved away from her leaving her back to get cold. Beth scooted herself back against him not thinking. She heard Merle grunt. "Darling ya tryna to kill me?" Beth took note of the huskiness in his voice it sent tingles up her spine.

"I'm just cold Merle." She said, moving her body back towards him more. "Girl ya needa quit what ya doing, you don't know what ya getting ya pretty lil self in ta." Beth was glad the room was dark, her face turned bright red at his words, but she was so tired of being treated like a child, she wasn't going to act like one, especially in front of Merle. "What would that be?" Beth asked quietly.. "I can show ya better an' I can tell ya." Merle said roughly. She felt him move closer to her, her breathe caught when she felt his lips touch her neck and he started placing kisses along her jawline and back down. She couldn't hold back the moan she let out. "Merle.." Beth moaned. "Ya want me ta stop?" Merle drawled out. "No!" she almost screamed causing a chuckle to come from Merle before he continued kissing her neck. She felt his hard member pressing against her backside..

Merle couldn't believe this was happening. He was shit faced right now, but he could slowly feel his mind, coming back telling him to stop, Hershel would kill him, Maggie probably help the ole' man. Daryl would be furious at his stupid choice, but he couldn't bring himself to stop. He had this hot little number laying in bed with him he didn't know when he would ever get another chance to make love to a sweet thing like this, it was the end of the world for Christ sake. He continued kissing along her neck and arm. He heard her moan his name again. "We gotta stop darling, ya pops and sista would kill me." He heard her sigh, suddenly he felt her raise up, he felt Beth put her hands on his chest and shoved him onto his back. "You listen to me Merle Dixon. I am not a kid anymore. I might of been back then, but I'm not anymore." Beth didn't know where she was getting this burst of confidence, but she liked it and Merle had her way to turned on to just quit. She shoved her mouth onto his. "Merle didn't kiss her back at first, but finally his lips started moving with hers.


Merle woke up with a hang over from hell. His head was throbbing and his throat was dry. He couldn't remember shit that had happened last night. He looked around the room and didn't see Beth anywhere. His heart skipped a little. "Beth?" Merle yelled. When he didn't get a reply he got up and headed to check the rest of the house. He finally found Beth sitting on the front porch. The sun was just beginning to come out. "The hell ya doin out her girl? What if'a walker come out, how would you protect ya self?" Beth looked back over her shoulder from her seat on the step. "Sorry," Beth stood up and walked towards Merle, placing a hand his chest, "I was just getting some fresh air." Merle looked at her hand, and moved back a little. "Well ya need to be careful. Let's get headed back to the prison while we still got daylight."


When they arrived Beth walked in behind Merle, Beth's small figure was lost behind him. "Merle, damnit where have ya been?" Beth heard the rough voice of Daryl call out. "I found the damn girl all y'all was looking for. That's where I been." Merle drawled out. She heard her father Hershel speak then. "Is.. she..," his voice sounded as if he were on the verge of bursting into tears. "Where is she?" Beth then realized that no one could see her standing behind Merle. "I'm right here Daddy." Beth called out stepping out from behind Merle. Maggie ran and grabbed Beth into a hug and Hershel stumbled forward on his crutches crushing Beth into a hug. "Bethie, I thought we lost you!" Hershel cried out. "I'm fine Daddy. Merle saved me! I was in the woods, and I just wanted to go outside the prison walls to prove to everyone I wasn't a kid anymore! No one treats me as a adult, I went to far... and.. I.. I am so sorry Daddy.." Beth begin to cry. "Bethie don't cry you can explain later, I am just so glad you're home. I've missed you so much." Merle in all the awkwardness of this family reunion snuck out of the room and back to his cell to try and sleep off his hangover.


Merle had been avoiding Beth all day since this morning when she showed up in his cell again talking more non sense. Merle didn't remember a damn thing that happen that night at the cabin. He racked his brain for hours to try to remember something, anything that could tell him that was happening with that girl. Merle was sitting in the guard tower on watch, while Daryl went over a plan to go scavenge more food and supplies for the group with Rick. He saw Beth a couple times, but made an effort to be as quick a possibly to head in the opposite direction. He didn't need her giving him those damn looks as if she was about to take him right then and there. He had to admit though, he had the hots for her and for some damn off reason he had a soft spot for the girl. There was something that has always drawn him to her, but her Daddy and sister would have his head if he even tried to touch the girl. Yet it was the end of the world, there are no laws.. Merle glanced back at the prison and saw Beth sitting hanging clothes on the line.


Beth saw Merle look at her from the guard tower, she shot him a smile, but doubt he saw it. The guard tower he was perched in was to far away. Maggie came up behind Beth and grabbed her shoulder. "Beth what do you see him in?" Beth told Maggie all about what happen at the cabin when Merle saved her. She was mad at first, but she wanted her sister to be happy, even if it was with him. "Merle Dixon isn't the best person to be trying to have a relationship with Beth." she said grabbing a shirt from the basket and hanging it up on the line, "let alone, have sex with in a cabin and he doesn't even remember it?" she said. "Maggie, I just... He is misunderstood, behind that wall of roughness, there is some softness, and for the sex I wanted that, I took control he wanted to stop! It wasn't like I lost my virginity to him." I said the last part in hushed tones so no one over heard. Maggie laughed, I always knew you were fucking Jimmy, Dad was always oblivious, but I wasn't." Beth's cheeks heated up, but she laughed a little in her awkwardness. "It didn't fell the same with Merle, I always felt like I had to force myself to enjoy myself with Jimmy." Beth picked up the basket and started back towards the cell block with Maggie behind her. "Why don't you just tell him what happen?," Maggie asked, "Maybe he will come around, and not avoid you like he has been doing all day." Maggie chuckled. "I planned on telling him tonight actually." Beth admitted. She still felt unsure of speaking about it to the Dixon, but she thought she should. Even if he didn't want a relationship, maybe fooling around once in awhile wouldn't hurt anything..


Merle walked into the area where everyone ate and watched as his brothers woman handed him a plate of what looked like slop. "Fuck's this shit woman." Carol paused from grabbing another plate to pass out. "It's food." Carol replied turning and continuing to pass out plates full of the nasty looking shit to people. "Think ya fuckin' funny, mouse." Merle said as he walked away taking his usual seat on the steps watching as everyone sat eating and speaking around the table. He was looking to see where Beth was at, but he didn't see her yet. He scooped a spoonful of the "food" and stuffed it into his mouth. It tasted like mash potatoes and some other shit mixed together, but food is food. Hell, ain't like there were any 5 star restaurants around anymore. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Beth walk into and take a seat next to some guy that came into the group a couple months ago. His name was Lewis or some shit. He couldn't help, but feel jealous. Something about Beth just made him feel possessive. He had a soft spot and didn't know why.


Beth saw Merle staring at her from his usual spot on the steps, she was nervous about tonight and telling him about what happen that night at the cabin. She could feel her heart flutter whenever she thought about it.. She walked over and sat next to Lance, a member who can into the group when Glenn and Maggie found him hiding out in an gas station.. "Hey Beth!" He said gleefully as he noticed her presence next to him. "Hey." She replied looking at her plate of food trying to figure out what it was. "I heard they were going to be training people soon, after you got lost Rick figured it would be a good idea. I wonder who we will be paired with. Beth glanced over at Merle, and a small smile came to her lips. Maybe I could get paired with Merle she thought to herself. "When are we going to find out who gets paired with who?" She asked as soon as Rick stood and from his seat at the front of the table and cleared his throat. "I realized lately that some members of the group aren't as strong as other, if we ever got separated they wouldn't be able to protect themselves. So we're going to be pairing everyone up. Those who are less experienced with someone who is." Rick spoke and looked around the table at everyone. "Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Michoone, Carol, Jason, myself," He paused and looked over and Merle and Merle nodded his head in approval, "and Merle will be taking someone to train for a week and we will rotate to new people, everyone will get trained." Rick spoke and waited for anyone to speak up.. "I will take Carl to train first, the rest of the group members who are training go ahead and pick who you will train first.." Rick said as he sat down and continued to eat his food. Beth glanced at Merle and noticed he wasn't in the room anymore. She scanned the room until she felt someone poke her in the side. "Hey suga. Looks like I'll be training ya."

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