It hung in the air between them, cool and spicy as Korra tasted its flavor. The freshness of it stung her nostrils and made her eyes water, but the mouthwash vapors that coated the inside of her mouth were welcome.

She breathed in, noting how it subtle it burned her mouth despite the coolness of the air. Once again, a gust of mint and breath fell onto her face and she smiled. Now, accompanied with the overwhelming warmth of a mouth, she tasted the mouthwash on her lips again as Asami kissed her.

The tongue that touched her own was icy and the tingle of the mint rinse coaxed her hair to stand on end. Teeth, just cleaned, pulled softly at her bottom lip and left her to savor the minty remnants of the kiss.

That fresh breath wafted in the space between their lips as Asami said, "Good morning, my love. Go brush your teeth, your breath reeks."