The pleather of the chair was frayed and the thick plastic dug uncomfortably into Korra's back as she reclined back into it. Dissatisfaction was written all over her face as she nursed the over-priced, low quality sea prune smoothie that failed to give her any sort of comfort as she waited. The intercom echoed throughout the terminal announcing the final call for the departure of flight 146 D to Ember Island.

Setting the sad excuse for Southern Watertribe food aside, Korra looked once more at the clock on the opposing wall. The minute hand had moved only slightly since the last time she looked at it two minutes ago. She growled in response. Time was an elusive bastard.

It seemed she never had enough of it when she desperately needed it, but as soon as she had something to wait for it crawled by at a snail's pace. It was bad enough that the flight had already been delayed an hour due to poor weather conditions. She could not wait any longer for Asami to finally come home after almost a month away settling negotiations with Earth Kingdom Enterprises to establish an arms trade between Future Industries.

Her anxious fingers pulled at the flaking pleather as the time ticked away, teasing her as it moved towards the anticipated arrival of Asami's flight. Korra smiled as the fluttering in her stomach increased as her wait finally entered the ten minute mark. Asami was almost home after so long. And by home Korra meant with her: Korra's was with Asami and vice versa.

A month was too long to wait for a light laugh. A month was too long to wait for a kiss. A month was too long to wait for a touch. A month was too long to wait to see Asami.

Korra stroked her hair with twitching fingers, trying to mimic the way Asami would touch the brown strands fondly. Interrupting her fantasy, the sound of a stampede accompanied the group of passengers striding through the gate.

Surrounded by her associates and underlings, Asami strutted towards the waiting area a grin wide on her face as she spotted the waiting Avatar. After a moment, she shoved her bags in the hands of her assistant and broke away from her throng of followers in a wild sprint in Korra's direction. Her crisp business suit caught the dim lighting of the airport and Korra saw her. She shot up from her seat and called out her name as she jogged over to the edge of the permitted area.

An officer, tall and serious with dark hair and a stoic expression stuck his hand out knocking Korra back as she ran into the bar of muscle. "You can't go back there; restricted area."

"Damn it," Korra growled, standing on her toes to see over his shoulder as her lover ran towards her. Smiling, Korra waved at her wildly, hoping that maybe if she wanted it bad enough time would speed up and Asami would finally be in her arms.

Korra could hear her heels clicking loudly on the carpeted floor as she got closer. She shoved the officer away when Asami was finally within arms reach. Her arms coiled fiercely around Asami's waist and lifted her off of the ground.

"Finally," Korra breathed softly into her neck, "I missed you so much."

Asami pressed herself into Korra sighing at the smell of her dark skin, her lips dragged lazily across her neck. "Missed you, too."

They didn't say much as the stood together in their embrace. Lips pressed together softly and easily, fitting together seamlessly despite their time away. Asami's hands stroked Korra's hair the way that Korra had never managed to imitate. Korra's arms wrapped around Asami waist desperate to hold onto a home that had finally returned.

One of Asami's associates cleared his throat, "Mrs. Sato, we still have much to discuss-"

"All of that can wait until next week. I'm taking this week off to stay at home for a while." Her eyes cut in Korra's direction and she smiled.