Castiel couldn't believe Dean said yes to lunch with him. Castel shyly smiled at him and they both walked side by side to get lunch. The walk was quiet. They both kind of felt awkward since they both had intense orgasms last night thinking of each other. The walk consisted of quick glances back and forth and some serious blushing from Castiel. Dean just smirked whenever Castiel blushed. He thought it was adorable. Dean thought everything about Castiel was adorable. He loved his gorgeous unruly bed hair, his slightly chapped pink lips, and his beautiful deep blue eyes that made his heart flutter whenever they made eye contact. Dean couldn't take the silence anymore and finally broke the ice.

"So how's your day going?" Dean asked while clearing his throat.

"It's okay. Getting better though." Castiel said shyly.

Dean couldn't help but just smile at him. "Well I'm glad, same here." Dean said warmly "So where are we going?"

"I was just going to get a soup and salad from this place but we can go somewhere else if you want."

Dean just stared at Castiel in disbelief. "Soup and salad? Who are you my brother? That is not real food. Let's go to Shake Shack! My treat." Dean said while grabbing Castiel's hand and leading the way. Castiel immediately got chills when Dean grabbed his hand. He couldn't help but feel that this just felt…right. He let a small smile form on his face and let Dean lead the way.

When they finally got to Shake Shack, Castiel let Dean order for him since he didn't know what was the best thing to get. Dean ordered them both two double smokeshack burgers with cheese fries and a soda. Dean carried their food to one of the open tables and sat down.

"Thank you Dean. This is…really nice." Castiel smiled

Dean loved it when he smiled. He didn't smile much at the bar last night so it was nice to see him show off those pearly whites. "No problem Cas." Dean took a bite of his burger and let out a low moan at how delicious it is. Cas heard him moan and couldn't help but get slightly aroused. Damn did he look attractive eating that burger.

"My god do I love this place." Dean continued digging into his burger as Cas finally took at bite of his and understood why Dean moaned.

"Dean, this is so delicious. I can't remember the last time I had a burger." Cas smiled as he continued to eat. Meg didn't really let him food that was unhealthy.

"Cas, you need to live a little. This is heaven." Dean mumbled with his mouth full. "So Cas, since I bought lunch, you have to tell me more about you."

Cas swallowed a piece of his burger and said, "Well…what do you want to know?" Cas started to feel nervous.

"For starters, why did you run out of the bar last night?" Dean stared into Castiel eyes, which made him even more nervous.

Castiel took a sip of his soda, trying to find an appropriate answer for Dean. Should he tell the truth? Lie?

Castiel sighed. "Well-"

"The truth Cas, please. Don't forget, this is 'some other time'" Dean smirked.

Castiel blushed at his smirk. "Well, honestly?"

Dean nodded.

"I just…I was scared of how attracted I am to you. I'm not really out of the closet. I guess I always knew I wasn't straight but I tried to ignore it. Push it down. I was ready to continue to ignore it but then I saw you behind that bar and realized I can't lie to myself anymore. I am what I am. The only person that knows it my brother Gabriel, and that is why be brought me to that bar. That was his way of being supportive." Castiel managed to get out. He looked down at the table, not wanting to see Dean's reaction.

Dean just stared at him. He knew he was telling the truth and felt horrible that he couldn't be himself. Dean reached across the table and lifted Castiel's head up. He looked deep into Castiel's damp eyes and said "Cas, its okay. I understand. I can help you out with this if you want." Dean smiled at him and just wanted to bad to lean over the table and claim his lips in a kiss but he resisted.

"Thanks Dean. I do have to get back to work though." Castiel said while looking at his watch.

"Of course. Ill walk you back." Dean got up, threw out their garbage and walked Castiel back to his office.

When they arrived at his building, Dean gave Castiel his phone number. "I have yours from your business card so I think it would be good if you had mine."

"Thanks Dean." Castiel gave a small smile.

They stared at each other for a few seconds before Dean pulled him in for a hug. He loved the feel of Castiel in his arms. He was only slightly less muscular than Dean but he still felt his pecks against his chest. He wishes that he could feel it while they were both shirtless. Dean let go of Castiel and Cas started walking into his building. Before he entered he heard Dean say, "Hey Cas?"

Castiel turned around looking confused and said "Yes Dean?"

Dean smirked and said, "I'm scared of how attracted I am to you too."

Castiel stared at him with wide eyes as he watched Dean walk away.

When Castiel got back to his office, he couldn't wipe the grin off of his face. Dean thought he was attractive too.

Castiel finished up the rest of his work and finished earlier than he expected. He was about to head home early when his office phone rang.

"Castiel Novak."

"Hey baby how's your day?"

Shit. It was Meg. He actually completely forgot about her. How could he forget was suppose to be getting married to this woman in three months!? Oh yeah because he was distracted by the beautiful bowlegged man with the green eyes.

"It's fine. How's yours?" Castiel muttered.

"It's going well. I have the night off and I thought it would be good for us to have dinner tonight. It's been awhile." Meg said.

Castiel knew what she meant by it's been awhile. She wasn't talking about dinner. Just as he was about to say "sure", he cell phone buzzed. It was a number he didn't recognize but knew who it was when he saw the message.

Hey Cas, I know we just saw each other but I have the night off tonight. Wanna meet me at my apartment at 7 and get a drink? I still wanna know more about you. ;)

Castiel stared at his phone and groaned. He knew whom he wanted to see more.

"Castiel? You there?"

"Yeah. Listen honey, I can't tonight. I have to work late and afterwards I promised Gabriel I would hang out." Castiel lied. He hated lying but he wanted to see Dean again.

"But tonight was the only night I had off and I really wanted to spend it with you." Castiel could hear the annoyance in her voice but stuck with his plan.

"How about I take you to brunch on Sunday? I know you only have off on Thursdays and Sundays." Castiel compromised.

"That sounds great. I'll be home by 6 if you change your mind. Love you." Meg said while hanging up.

Castiel sighed in relief and texted Dean back.

Hello Dean, I'd love to. Text me your address and I'll see you at 7.

Castiel was so excited. He couldn't wait to see Dean again. He got up from his chair and left his office to go home and get ready before Meg came home. On his way out he figured he would call Gabriel to tell him what he was up to incase Meg called him. Gabriel picked up on the third ring.

"Hey Cassie! How's it going?" Gabriel said eagerly.

"Hey Gabriel. It's going well. Um, I need to ask you for a favor."

"What does your heart desire baby bro?"

Castiel was silent for a moment before cleared his throat and said, "Well, remember the bartender from the bar we went to last night?"

Gabriel thought for a moment and shouted"Oh yeah! The green eyed man that you totally had the hots for." Gabriel snickered.

Castiel rolled his eyes but he was right. "Shut up Gabriel. Well anyways, I'm hanging out with him tonight but I told Meg that I'm hanging out with you so if she calls can you-" Castiel was interrupted by his brother.

"Say no more baby bro, I got your back. I do expect you to call me afterwards with the deets!"

Castiel sighed. "Fine Gabriel. I will call you afterwards."

"Awesome. Have you decided what to do about your wedding? Are you going to cancel it?" Gabriel asked.

"I…I don't know. I just have to see what this thing with Dean is first. I'll call you later." Castiel hung up the phone. He didn't want to think about his wedding or anything else besides Dean. Castiel left his building and headed home to get ready for his date with Dean.

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