Moments with the Strange Percy Jackson by Lovetheday


Yeah, I shouldn't be starting a new story, should I? Well, it's okay, I just am a tiny bit renunciate. I just really, really wanted to write this! I haven't seen too many of this stories, and I was like, 'Hey, what the hay? I can do this!' and here I am, writing a story when I should be typing my short story for school. I've watched The Big Bang Theory's new episodes and they were pretty good,and they make me feel smarter, because I actually know what they are talking about most of the time. They're also good brain juice and motivation. You should try it. Okay, okay, now I'm rambling.
Without farther ado, Moments with the Strange Percy Jackson's first chapter.


Paul was worried. His girlfriend had reassured him about her fourteen-year-old son; he was nice, loyal, and modest. But Paul couldn't help thinking, Seven schools, manhunt, several disappearances. For these small things were things were on Perseus Jackson's record, and Sally had still claimed him to be a saint. A Nephilim do-gooder. Paul was not so sure about this 'family' dinner.

Walking over to apartment 97, Paul knocked a polite three knocks on Sally's small Manhattan pent house.

Sally's muffled voice came within. "Percy, honey, can you please get the door?"
"Sure, mom," a boy said. Percy. It had to be.

The door opened to reveal a tall teenager with jet black, unkempt hair, with a peculiar gray streak in the front, and green eyes that reminded Paul of the sea. He was a loner type of handsome, something that Paul saw a lot when teaching high school.
His smile turned up. It was just a little broader, he knew his manners. "Hello, my name's Percy."

Paul stuck out his hand. "Paul Blofis."

Percy took it. He was a little stronger than Paul had expected. Percy was tuff, he didn't really look it.

"Come in," Percy said, walking back in to his home.

Once entering his house, Paul noticed a few small things about Percy. He was incredibly tired for starters, for middle, he couldn't stand still, and ending his eyes were lined with grief. Unusual things to be about a kid of only fourteen (except, maybe, the lack of sleep). Paul was found of this boy, even if he had only met him a few seconds before with an awkward introduction.

Percy's eyes were distant while Paul looked at him expectantly. He looked at Paul with a look that purely said, What ya looking at? He seemed to realize what the look meant. "Oh, yeah. Please sit down. My mom will be right out, she's just finishing dinner. We're having blue soufflé."

"Blue, huh?" Paul said, sitting down.

"Yeah, it's my favorite colour. Plus, my mom's cooking is the best. She's really good," Percy said, eye's bright with hunter green.

"She does seem like she'd be good at cooking," Paul said. He wasn't sure what to say to the boy.

Percy gave him a weird look, but kept talking, "She makes the best chocolate chip cookies too. I think she may make some of them tonight; that would be great."
Still pretty unsure of how to talk to the fidgeting boy, Paul said, "Oh, yeah. I'm sure they'd be great."

Paul was saved from any more awkward conversing with the sudden appearance of Sally.

"You guys ready for dinner?" Sally asked, walking over and kissing Paul on the cheek.


As it turned out, Paul still didn't get out of the tension of trying to talk to a teenage boy whose mother you're trying to date. You should try it sometime, it probably won't be the piece of cake your imagining.

As the growing tension and awkwardness became more and more obvious (I swear, you'd have to be pretty damn oblivious to not see or feel it), Sally brought up a topic of interest. "Do you like Greek mythology, Paul?"

Paul smiled, Sally knew very well that he did. "Yes, very much. I try every year to fit it in the curriculum for at least one module."

"You do?" Percy said. His eyes green, green; not just bright, but pleasure-filled."It's about the only thing I ever understand in school. 'Cause, you know, dyslexia can be a burden."

Paul didn't know he had dyslexia. He'd stash that away for later. He'd 'save' Percy later when he would have trouble with homework.

"My favorite story is probably Medusa's," Paul said, "I like how Athena assessed the situation."

Percy gave his mother a look. Then full-heartedly laughed. "It is pretty funny isn't it? I mean snakes. Why not just kill her, she already killed her social life, that's for sure."

"Not that smart, if you'd ask me." Paul paused, trying to word his next question in his head. "I couldn't help but notice that your name is Perseus. Is your name from Greek mythology too?"

"Yes," Sally answered, smiling. "He was the only hero with a happy ending."

"What about Hercules? He had a happy ending," Paul asked. In his opinion, Hercules did have a happy ending to his story.

"He became immortal. Is that really a happy ending?" Percy asked. He suddenly seemed wise, cool, and driven.

If Paul ever had any swaying feelings before, they were all swashed then. Paul was definitely going to like this strange, strange kid.


Sorry that it's short. I'm tired. The story's a tiny bit choppy, but I think that's okay because it's only supposed to be a moment in their lives. That's literally what the story's called, Moments with the Strange Percy Jackson. I'm not too sure if I'll continue, but I like Paul so I might. Maybe I won't, I dunno.

10/23: Yes, my dear readers, I am editing this story. As brought to my attention by Valdis-Supernova. I did have a few errors here and there (oppssies).