Eight by Eight

2. Rivalry

"Miwako is with me and that's that. Hiroyuki it's over between us, and between her and you." Sharp clicks rasped through the small hall way both males where in, a female student running down the hall. More than likely it was the girl currently being talked about between the brunette and the blonde. Both chose to ignore her in favour of clipping the bonds between then, putting an end to it rather than letting it drag through the mud.

"Arashi… I wouldn't be so sure, I won't give up…"Stepping forward the tail lanky man grabbed for the others forearm. "Please. Don't do this." Hiroyuki could feel tears slipping down his cheek wetting his cardigan, this was not happening. This man was not telling him to break all the ties with the two people he was closet with. "I can't accept this! This rivalry is beyond stupid! How could you do this?!" Sadness slipping into anger Hiroyuki felt his hand being pried off by the other.

"Hiroyuki, what we had is over. What was between you and Miwako is over. She is not your friend anymore and nether am I. Love or not, it's over." Dropping his hand to his side Arashi sighed feeling this was going nowhere fast, "I'm sorry," picking up his bag the blonde slung the pack over his shoulder starting down the hall way. "For everything." He knew it was stupid to end something so important over something so foolish.

Miwako was worth this and so much more, and both of them knew it. Even if neither of them where happy with it, this was what rivalry did. It destroyed friendships, the tears dripping down the blonde's face where proof of that enough. Nothing would be the same as this ever again. "Goodbye Hiroyuki." With that the taller male he walked down the stairs leaving the other man sobbing in the hallway, trying hard as he could not to let his own mimic. "Goodbye"