"Paul!" I heard the moment I picked up the phone, before I even spoke, "Happy, happy birthday!"

"Nina," I said, smiling, "how are you?"

"Been better, you?" she answered, brushing off the question. She's just broken up with a serious boyfriend, who was one of my best friends, and just so happened to star on a hit teen drama with us.

"You know. Getting old, getting a divorce, getting fat," I said.

"You are not getting fat," she answered, ignoring the rest of my statement and continuing on, "You're still gorgeous, and just to prove it, we're going out tonight to celebrate!"

"Celebrate what?" I asked, facetiously, "The getting old thing or the divorce?"

"You're depressing me," she said, "We're going out and that's final. I need to be seen with people other than the Hough's, there's a rumor going around that Derek and I are dating."

"There's a rumor that Derek Hough is straight and interested in you? These things are getting a bit far-fetched, aren't they?" I commented.

"Exactly. Anyway, tonight; you, me, a couple of our nearest and dearest, and the best booze in town. You down?"

"I'm in," I said, "heading to the shower now."

"I knew I could count on you," she laughed, "You're the best!"

"I know I am," I said, "You're not too bad yourself."

I really expected to be picking up the piece when 'Nian' inevitably fell apart; turns out fate and my wife, or soon to be ex-wife, had something else in mind, now Nina and I had to share the responsibility of watching out for each other.