Chapter 6: Go Where the Wind Blows

Kisame spoke to the cat often. He was a talkative sort of man but didn't often have a talkative companion. Most were wary of his appearance, and Itachi didn't speak very much.

The cat talked to him as well. It didn't communicate through words, no. It spoke through its large gray eyes.

"The Akatsuki disbanded today," Kisame said, "Lead - I mean, Nagato returned to Ame with Konan."

"I know," was the cat's response.

"I don't know what to do now. The Akatsuki was fun while it lasted," the shinobi said with his perpetual grin.

"...," for once, the cat had nothing to say.

The two sat in silence for a while before the cat stood and leaped away.

"What? Can't stand me anymore?" Kisame chuckled darkly.

The cat continued walking until it was a little down the road then it turned back to Kisame and sat down.

"...," Kisame stared, his grin gone in his confusion.

The cat gave him a meaningful look, "Come."

The grin came back full force, and Kisame sighed as he got up, picking up Samehada, "Well, I have nothing better to do. I guess I'll see where you take me."

That was how Kisame ended up at the Akatsuki-minus-two reunion.