This story ran away from me. I had originally planned this to be a oneshot, but it's pretty clear with how much I've written at this point it can't possibly be that.

This is based on the Kick-Ass movies. I have taken liberties with the timing- Mindy's date took place on a Friday night, because I honestly don't think she has time enough to get everything ready (dress, makeup, sick stick etc,) by the next day as shown by the movie, as she's already spent most of the night walking to Dave's house. Not to mention getting a chance to sleep. Also, I'm pretty sure you can't legally adopt a child if you're single, so I had to create a wife for Marcus, who you'll meet later on in the story. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kick-Ass. Mark Millar does.

Dave never saw Mindy as anything more than a true superhero to look up to. That is until she snuck into his room wearing a skirt. The only other time she'd been in his room, she was dressed in her Hit-Girl costume, and she was all business. Now, she was dressed to impresses, and his eyes went to her very short skirt, which showed off her toned legs. Mindy's Hit-Girl costume had a barely there skirt also, but she wore a full body padded unitard underneath it. But one look at her beautiful face, with tears on the verge of spilling, broke his heart. She moved tentatively, something he'd never seen her do, and he held out his arms. She latched onto to him, telling him of her disastrous first date. Everything spilled out and he said what he thought was the best thing to say in this situation. Seeing the most powerful person he'd ever met crying in his arms almost drove him to tears also.

Holding her, she seemed to relax, her sobs lessening. But she was also close enough to smell the shampoo in her hair and the perfume she wore for tonight. Other thoughts, ones he'd never considered, were starting to form. Yes, he'd just been dumped in spectacular fashion in front of what felt like the entire school, but Mindy needed him now as a friend, nothing more. Her hair brushed his cheek, its coldness making him flinch slightly. It was then he noticed that wasn't the only cold thing about her. He rubbed her arms slightly.

"How long have you been walking?" he asked, finally breaking the silence.

"A while," she said quietly.

Dave loosened the hug and brought the back of his hand to her forehead. "You don't feel hot." He reached over his blanket around them, making sure it covered more of her than it did him. "Better?"

Mindy nodded, and pulled him close again. "Thanks." She said finally, "To tell the truth, I was ok with before, but this is better."

Dave nodded, and continued holding her close. He shifted a bit, and felt cold steel at the small of her back.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot about that."

Reaching gently, Dave pulled the gun out of where she'd tucked it into her skirt at the small of her back. "Did you seriously go out on a date packing heat?" he asked, incredulously.

She let go, and Dave was relieved to see a small smile on her face. "Marcus frisked me before I left. I got that on my walk here."

Dave quirked an eyebrow.

"C'mon Dave," she sighed, "I'm a little girl walking alone in the middle of the night. A bunch of dumb shits thought I was easy prey."

Her confidence was returning, and he couldn't help but smile as the old Mindy was coming back. "I didn't see any blood on you. Good to see you haven't lost your edge, considering what you've been through tonight."

She shrugged, "You can't beat reflexes." She backed away and flicked out her right arm. Out popped a switch blade she'd tucked into the sleeve of her cardigan. "They had a whole lot of crappy weapons on them. That snub nose Colt was the best of the lot." She pressed the button and the blade snapped out. "I only kept this piece of crap cuz the gun only had two bullets."

During training breaks, Mindy taught Dave on guns. His hands moved confidently, opening up the top breaking revolver. The extractor ejected 2 hollow points and 4 spent cases. He gave Mindy a questioning look.

"He obviously didn't have enough bullets to reload & it looks like the empties were fired a long time ago." She took one of them and held it to Dave's face to get a better look at it. "If you're holding someone hostage, you want them to think you've got a fully loaded gun. If he had only loaded the 2 bullets, you'd see light through the empty chambers & know that's all he had. By keeping the empties in the chambers, you could fool someone into thinking you have a full load."

Dave nodded sagely, "I still have much to learn master."

"Indeed you do Grasshopper," she waved dismissively.

By now, she was truly back to her old self. Absently, she began rubbing her foot. He took a look at the shoes she'd kicked off when she came into his room. "Scoot back a bit."

She leaned back to the headboard, his blanket still wrapped around her. She gave a questioning look.

"My mom was a nurse, so she was on her feet a lot. My dad gave her foot rubs."

She nodded, and he took one of her feet, gently massaging it. She sighed and relaxed against the headboard. "I'm so glad I didn't wear high heels."

Dave chuckled, "You haven't seen the kinds of heels Katie-" He stopped himself short out of reflex. But it was just that, a reflex. There was none of the pain that had accompanied her memory before.

"Sorry about all that by the way," She said quietly.

"Totally my fault, I was the one who brought her up. Besides, if it didn't happen, I'd still be in the dark to her seeing someone else," He sighed, switching to her other foot.

Mindy closed her eyes and sank down further down the bed. She sighed breathily, "You're really good at this."

Her movement bared even more of her legs and Dave wondered if she heard him swallow his breath nervously. He turned his eyes away, for a second, but realized he wouldn't be able to see what he was doing. Instead, he focused on her feet, ignoring his peripheral vision. In hindsight, he realized this was probably how his dad got his mom in the mood. His dad would massage his mom's feet for only a short while before they went back to their bedroom.

Shaking his head, he noticed the clock radio beside his bed red 12:56. "Mindy, what's your curfew?"

"Hmm?" she sighed sleepily, rolling onto her side.

He looked towards her and froze. He'd never imagined her wearing frilly lace panties, but he found it suited her. Did she wear them in the off chance her date would even get that far? Was she wearing a matching bra?

Dave stood up & walked as far away from her as he could. Facing a wall, he placed his hands on it and hit his head on it. "This is so fucked up." He whispered, closing his eyes. He took a couple minutes and took a deep breath to steady himself. He walked to this side of the bed, making sure not to stare at all she was baring in front of him and knelt beside her.

"Mindy, wake-"

He didn't get far before her hand shot out, just stopping an inch in front of his throat. She cracked an eye open, "Sorry, instinct." She sat up and adjusted her clothes, which Dave was thankful for.

"What were you saying?"

"Curfew. Your dad must be going crazy by now."

She fished out her phone and nodded, "It's been on silent the whole night. I should get going." She stood up and walked past Dave, meaning to head back out through the window.

"Dad's got the car," Dave called out to her. He stood up, "You've walked enough for the night. I can take you on my bike."

Mindy turned and leaned against the window, "Marcus is probably staking out the door. He'd notice I'm not coming home on a bike with a different boy that picked me up."

"So we explain the whole thing."

"Does that include our 'extracurricular activities'," she said, using air quotes.

Dave shook his head, "Not the Kick Ass part. Just what happened tonight. You got ditched and I came to your rescue."

"A warm blanket & a foot rub hardly counts as a rescue," Mindy countered.

"Maybe we can use tonight to smooth things over with him. You can't like the fact that we can't see each other anymore. I just want to go back to training with you," he said, pausing before saying, "And hanging out with you." He thought of the down time between exercises & when they were going home together. Just those times being with Mindy were quickly becoming the highlight of his day, even more than the time he'd been spending with Katie. Until their breakup that is. "I kinda miss you."

The darkness hid her blush, "You can be such a pussy sometimes."

"Even the insults. And the ass kicking to a much lesser degree."

"If you really want, I can probably mod my Hit-Girl costume into something more S&M," Mindy teased.

The image of her scantily dressed with a whip flashed in Dave's mind before he shook it off, "Um, no."

"Just fucking with you. C'mon," she said, leaving his room and climbing up the stairs.

Dave smiled, sure that the old Mindy was back.

The night was cold, so he loaned her one of his old jackets. Mindy rode side saddle on the rear rack of his bike. During the ride, they went over what they would say to Marcus. Dave hoped their cover story had enough options depending on where the conversation led to. As they got closer to Mindy's house, she said less and he wondered if she'd fallen asleep, but her arms around his waist still held firm. For a moment, Dave wished their bike ride could last forever.

Sure enough, Marcus saw them riding down the street. His arms were crossed, but what Dave focused on was that he was wearing his police shoulder holster on. Dave stopped just in the driveway, just short of where Marcus was standing.

"I know, I know. Let's talk inside," Mindy said, jump off the bike and brushing past both men. She walked straight into the house, not bothering with a backwards glance at them.

It was a quiet street, so every nervous rustling of clothing was easily heard. Marcus narrowed his eyes at Dave, who tried to look as non-threatening as possible. Dave popped out his kickstand and leaned his bike onto it. Finally, Marcus turned, with Dave following behind. They came upon Mindy, already seated comfortably on the living room couch.

"Not here," Marcus said. He didn't wait for any confirmation and continued down to the basement.

Mindy walked by Dave, lightly elbowing him, "We've got a nice home theatre down there- all soundproofed and everything. If he shoots you with a suppressed 9 mil, my stepmom shouldn't hear anything."

Dave watched her disappear down the stairs. He stood rooted to the spot & took a look at the front door.

"I get it, I get it. 'Just fucking with me'," he whispered under his breath.

Coming down the stairs, Dave admitted that it was a nice basement. Marcus was behind a bar, nosily mixing up a drink, while Mindy sat at the corner stool. Her legs were crossed, but her skirt still showed quite a bit of leg. Dave looked away as soon as he realized Marcus caught him staring.

"I take it you're the boy I saw Mindy sneaking off with last Wednesday?" Marcus said, pouring out the contents of the cocktail shaker into a martini glass.

"Yes sir. Dave Lizewski," he said, offering his hand.

Marcus simply continued mixing his drink, adding an olive and pouring off a bit of olive brine into the glass.

Dave lamely put his hand into his pocket, seriously thinking of blowing the whole thing off. His eyes wandered to the gun in Marcus holster. Marcus would have plenty of time to draw, aim & fire well before he made it to the top of the stairs.

"Dave, sit down," Mindy commanded, patting the seat beside her, "Marcus, lay off he's just a friend."

"It's rather unusual for a high school senior to be hanging out with a freshman, isn't it?" Marcus asked, finally giving Dave a once over. Now that the focus was on him, Dave wished Marcus was still busy mixing his drink.

"She reads comics. Most people in my circle of friends read comics too," Dave reasoned.

Marcus nodded over to Mindy, "From what I've seen, Mindy's not into older guys. So the question is, are you into little girls?"

Dave shook his head, holding his hands up, "No way. I'm just a friend." He took a sidelong glance at Mindy, "Her first day of school was legendary. She beat up two guys a year older than her. If I even think of putting any moves on her, which I wouldn't, I might add; she'd probably beat the shit out of me."

Mindy & Marcus shared a look. Dave was pretty sure Marcus didn't know that he was Kick Ass. To Marcus, he must have looked like some dumb kid who managed to befriend Hit Girl without realizing it.

"You better believe it," Mindy said, twiddling a cocktail skewer between her fingers.

Marcus simply hmm'd and took a leisurely sip of his drink. Dave got the idea that playing poker with this man would be a bad idea.

"So, how about you telling me what happened tonight?" Marcus finally said.

Dave looked at Mindy and she gave the barest hint of a nod. She swiveled her seat to face Marcus.

"It was a prank the new girl kinda thing. They date ditched me in the woods a few miles out," Mindy admitted. "Dave's house was closer, so I took a break before heading home."

"Should I be calling parents right about now?" Marcus asked.

Mindy stared back at Marcus, "Hell no. I'll be handling this myself."

"No body bags." Marcus countered.

"Shit," Mindy smirked, "It would have been all kinds of ironic to dump their bodies the same place where they ditched me.

Dave snickered, drawing attention to himself, "They do deserve it. If it had been anyone but Mindy, bad things could have happened to some other girl."

Mindy continued, "How about life in a wheelchair?"


"Injuries requiring extensive reconstructive surgery?"

Marcus shook his head.

"Triple digit hours with a psychiatrist?"

"That I can live with," Marcus relented.

Marcus finished his drink in one final draw and placed, it on the counter, "Fine. You can have your revenge. Just make sure there's no lawsuits."

Mindy was beaming and Dave could almost see the gears running through her mind. It was dangerously close to the devilish grin she gave when dealing with lowlifes.

"Mindy, you can go to bed, I'll show Dave here to the door," Marcus said in a tone of finality.

Dave gave a pleading look to Mindy, who returned one that said good luck. She climbed up the stairs; both men listening to her footsteps grow fainter.

"So, what's with the trip to the mall on Wednesdays?" Marcus asked.

"New comics day," Dave said confidently. This had been one of the things he and Mindy had practiced. "I usually go after school, but Mindy and I got to talking about vampires, and I brought up that there was this one comic series where Batman became a vampire. She got really interested and we made a date of it."

Dave's face fell. He felt like he just stepped on a landmine. Marcus' eyes narrowed and he leaned in slightly.

"Fuck! Shit! Slip of the tongue!" Dave half-screamed, waving his hands wildly. That seemed give Marcus pause, and Dave continued, "Sorry, this whole thing is just freaking me the hell out. I'm meeting Mindy's freakin huge adopted father, who's a cop, who just happens to be carrying his gun with him. Cut me some freaking slack. I don't have any intentions towards your daughter."

Marcus leaned back, finally cracking a smile, "You only live once, and I'm going to enjoy freaking out every single boy that takes her out past her curfew." He drew his gun, to which Dave flinched to, and showed it had an empty magazine.

The situation was too much, and with his mind reeling, Dave let out a single relieved laugh. Marcus joined in, and within seconds, both men were laughing together.

After the laughs died down, Marcus asked, "Feeling better?"

With the tension broken, Dave relaxed into his seat and nodded.

"But I could have sworn I saw you checking out Mindy out earlier."

Dave fell out of his chair. Marcus made no move to help him out, and by the time Dave righted the seat, he noticed Marcus' expression hadn't changed.

"C'mon, it's a guy thing," David said, standing his ground. "All my friends are a bunch of comic book guys. Of course, I'd prefer looking at the girl in the group instead of a bunch of guys I've known since kindergarten. Besides, she's never dressed like that before. I wasn't expecting it." The image in his mind alone was enough to distract him. There were a few moments before Marcus snapped him out of his thoughts.

"I thought you said you weren't interested."

"I'm," Dave took a minute to think, "confused."

"How so?"

"Some people saw I was hanging around Mindy a lot and someone started a stupid rumor that we were doing it, which we already established were weren't," Dave said quickly. "People don't know why we always took off on Wednesdays. So anyway, my girlfriend dumped me, so now that I'm single." Dave sighed, "I am looking at Mindy a little differently."

Marcus didn't look angry, so Dave continued.

"I saw her as the kid sister I never had, someone who I wouldn't even consider because I already had Katie," Dave laughed, "Saying her name doesn't even affect me anymore."

"This sounds a little like you're rebounding."

Dave shook his head vehemently. "I'd never treat Mindy like rebound girl. She deserves better than that. I'd never do that to her."

"That's good to hear," Marcus said, standing up. "I think it's time you headed home." Marcus walked around the bar and ushered Dave up toward the stairs.

Pulling out his cell, Dave saw it was nearly 4 in the morning. "Thanks for the talk. And not killing me."

At the doorway, Marcus held out his hand, "Thanks for taking care of Mindy."

Taking his hand, Dave shook it unsteadily, "I really didn't do much."

"I know Mindy," Marcus said with a far off look. "She could have easily gone straight home without any sort of break. Instead, she chose you to lean on. She doesn't trust many people, remember that."

Nodding, Dave got on his bike, sparing a look back at Marcus seeing him off. He could have sworn he saw a curtain move in one of the second floor windows, but it could have just been a streetlight reflecting in the window.

Part of the reason why I wrote this is seeing Marcus reaction to the failed date. I had expected someone to use it at some point but nobody ever did, so I went and did it myself.