Who's who?

Matt – 2p! Canada, Akbar – 2p! Prussia

Olivia – 2p! Nyo! England, Oliver – 2p!England

The Three Men with Akbar – His Fathers, R.K., Bowtie, and Big Guy. Yes, those are their names :D


Kindergarten can be frustrating when you're ignored so easily. It's boring to play by yourself. Matt didn't even bother trying to get the other kids to play with him anymore. Instead, he pouted in the corner.

Today, however, his pouting was interrupted by someone shoving a building block under his nose.

Looking up, he saw the culprit was a little boy with a huge grin. He had bright blue eyes and long white hair that stuck out in all directions.

He looked like a real weirdo to Matt.

The boy waved the block in front of Matt's face.

"Hey! You look sad!" He stated, rather loudly.

Miss Olivia, the pink-haired teacher, shushed them a bit, with a call of "Inside voices!", and then looked back to the kids she was reading to.

Matt's pout furthered. "I'm fine!" He shot back.

"My name's Akbar, who are you?" The other asked, completely ignoring Matt's words.

". . . Matt. . . ." He responded, looking down.

Akbar started waving the block back and forth in front of Matt again. "You still look sad, Matt. Play with the block! It'll make you happy!"

Glaring, Matt snatched the block away and then chucked it at Akbar's head, hitting him in the temple.

"Leave me alone!"

"Matthew! Apologize!" Miss Olivia gasped, putting a hand over her heart.

Matt huffed. "Sorry, Miss Olivia. Sorry, Akbar," He said begrudgingly.

Miss Olivia nodded, turning away. Akbar, on the other hand, stood up and walked away.

Matt returned to pouting. Now he felt bad. The first time someone was trying to be nice and he was mean in return. . . He pulled his knees to his chest, curling up into a little ball of regret.

Suddenly, a huge pile of multi-colored blocks rained down on him. After the downpour stopped, Matt looked up to find Akbar grinning widely at him.

"You seemed extra sad, so more blocks!" The other boy declared, plopping down across from Matt.

Matt blinked at Akbar, highly confused. Akbar was just smiling, building a castle out of the colorful blocks.

Slowly, Matt joined Akbar in the building, making little houses around the castle.

When they were finished, Akbar clapped and laughed.

"Our kingdom is finished! And we're the brave knights that protect it!" He said proudly.

Matt gave him a confused look. "We're the knights?"

"Yup! We are!"

oOo Time Skip oOo

At the end of the day, all the kids went home with their respective parents. But Matt and Akbar lingered just for a bit, having to put all the blocks away. They walked out of the building together, looking around for their families.

When Akbar saw his fathers, he jumped up, pointing in their direction.

"Matt! Look! That's my family!" He grinned, grabbing Matt's shoulder and shaking him.

"Congrats," Matt stuck his tongue out.

"They're awesome! But now I have to go home. . . You can't be with me at home. . ." Akbar thought aloud, rubbing the top of his head.

Matt pulled a sour face. "I have to go home, too, dummy. And if you keep me here any longer I'll get in trouble."

"Uh huh. . ." Akbar nodded. Then, without warning, he pulled Matt into a tight hug, squishing the blonde till he could barely breathe.

Matt's entire face turned red. "G-Get off me!" He squirmed, knowing full well his family was watching them.

Akbar giggled, letting go like he was asked. "See ya tomorrow, Mattie!" He called, running off towards his parents.

"Don't call me Mattie!" Matt yelled after him, still blushing madly. Stomping over to his own parents, he only greeted them with an angry snort.

"Looks like someone made a friend today~!" Matt's "mother", Oliver, chirped, pinching his son's cheek.

"I did not!"

Matt turned to look over where Akbar was, and saw him being thrown up into the air by a blonde man making kissy faces. Distantly, he could hear a baby voice repeating, "Did you make a friend~? Did you make a friend~?" and squeals and giggles coming from Akbar.

Two brunette men, one taller than the other, stood next to them. One was laughing, the other seemed unamused.

Akbar's family seemed even weirder than Akbar. . .

A/N: Akbar's parents are the Teutonic Trio my friend designed. They raised Akbar. Also they are perFECT. OT3 man, OT3~! I love them so much, and none of you even know they exxxxsssssiiiiiissssstttt.

But yeah, yeah, kiddie 2p!PruCan, cute stuff whateves.