So far, the ride to Akbar's house was fairly normal and calm. Matt was staying on his toes though, not trusting the family already proven to be insane.

Matt stiffened when Bowtie turned around and winked at the three in the back of the car. Immediately after, he opened his window and started jabbering at R.K., all of it seeming to be completely pointless talking.

As soon as Bowtie did so, Big Guy rolled down the sun roof, leaving an opening in the top of the car. Scooping up the now unbuckled Akbar, he held him up through the sun roof. Akbar squealed and giggled, waving his arms as his cape blew behind him. Matt stared on in horror at the scene, questioning if it was even legal in his head.

The odd activity was halted almost as soon as it started, however. R.K. sucked in a breath when he heard excited giggling, glancing up at the review mirror.

"What are you doing!? I will pull this car over!" He yelled, looking mortified and angered.

Big Guy immediately brought Akbar back to his seat, buckling him up.

"Awww, Bowtie! You should have waited until after ice cream! Now we might not get any!" Akbar pouted, slouching in his seat and crossing his arms.

"Kid, you don't appreciate the dangers I face to make you happy," Bowtie sighed, chuckling a bit.

Matt sat rigid, not over his terror from the previous events.

One, did Akbar just think up his own punishment!? And two, these people were insane.

oOo Time Skip oOo

Finally, they had reached home. And despite all of Akbar's worries, they had gotten their ice cream. Matt felt a lot safer now that they were away from the minivan, but remained wary of the strange family. The only thought floating about his mind was that he was only stuck here until tomorrow afternoon.

He could survive that long, right!?

. . . Maybe. . .

"Matt! Come with me! We can play video games!" Akbar bounced, jostling Matt by shaking his arm up and down.

Matt stared at him, before just shaking his head. "Sure, Akbar, whatever."

"Awesome!" He chirped. Before they could move, a very dirty – and very angry – girl burst through the door.

"AKBAR, YOU STUPID WEAKLING!" She screamed, her face turning red.

Said stupid weakling blinked at her before grinning. "Oh, hi Akilah~"


"Ooo! Akilah said a bad word!" Akbar pointed at Akilah accusingly, wide eyed.

"BE QUIET, I'M YELLING AT YOU!" Akilah quipped.

"You know if you buried her in the garden she kinda has the right to yell at you. . ." Matt mentioned, glancing between the two white-haired children.

"I'm not angry because he buried me in the garden! I'm angry because I fell for his stupid trick! He pulled the old "Dig-a-hole-and-hide-it" trick! I shouldn't have fallen for his petty coward move! The only way he's allowed to beat me is with brute force! He just chickened out because he knew I'd beat him!" She glared, crossing her arms.

Matt pulled a highly confused face. "Th-That's why you're angry . . .?"

"IT'S A MAJOR INSULT TO MY PRIDE!" Akilah hissed, baring her teeth like an angered cat at Akbar.

That was when Bowtie cut in. "Alright, Akilah. I think you've had a bit too much fun for one day. Let's get you cleaned up," he chuckled as he scooped up the little demon that was kicking and batting at him.
Akilah hit his chest with her tiny fists. "I DON'T WANT A BATH! You're not a real man like R.K or Big Guy! YOU'RE JUST TAKING HIS SIDE CAUSE YOU'RE A GIRLY SISSY BOY, TOO!" She retorted, glaring daggers.
The blonde man gritted his teeth at her struggling when she elbowed him in the chin. "I think someone might need a time out." Bowtie sighed at her angry remarks to that. "What makes them so much manlier than me? I'll have you know I beat Big Guy in a fight just last week and I gave R.K. a run for his money."
"You look like a girl because of your stupid hair! That's why you're not a man." she smiled smugly when the man stiffened at that.
"All right, then. Now, you can have a nap." he said, sternly.
Akilah's face fell. "NO! NOT A NAP! I DON'T WANT A NAP!"
"Then you should think twice before you hurt someone's feelings," was all the man said as he carried her off to be cleaned, despite the screeches of the furious young child.

"So. . . That's my sister!" Akbar grinned wide at Matt, before grabbing his hand and dragging him to the living room. Matt was still too in shock to think. The longer he was around Akbar, the less things made sense, and he didn't know how long he could deal with this level of crazy.

oOo Time Skip oOo

Akbar put in the game, bouncing a bit.

"So what's my job, again?" Matt asked, looking at the controller.

"To heal me!" Akbar instructed, smiling wide once more.

"And how do I do that?"

"By giving me a kiss!" The other made a kissy face, falling towards Matt.

"Ew, ew, ew! No!" Matt cringed, pushing him away. "You have cooties!" He spat, pulling a sour face.

"But we're both boys!" Akbar pouted, crossing his arms.

"You have Akbar cooties!" Matt stuck his tongue out, waving his arms in a defensive manner.

Akbar's pout furthered, before he leapt forward and pounced on Matt, planting a big smooch on his cheek.

The blonde screeched, shoving Akbar away and grabbing his cheek. "He kissed me! I've got his cooties!" Matt rubbed furiously at his cheek, making the skin turn red.

"Now, you're all nice and healed~" Akbar chirped, grinning.

"Healed from what? All you did was infect me you're your psycho!" The other grumbled.

"From all your sadness and stuff~" He flashed a large smile.

Matt's face twisted into confusion. "What are you talking about, weirdo?"

"When we first met, you were all stuck up in the sad. If you keep being sad, I'll keep finding ways to make you happy."

Matt blushed brightly, his hand still on his cheek. "Tch, like something silly as kisses is going to make me happy. . ." He mumbled, averting his eyes.

"It makes my dads happy when they do it!" Akbar assured.

The blonde pulled a wildly disgusted face. "Ewwwww!" He shook his head rapidly, sticking out his tongue once more.

R.K. walked into the room, right then, sighing a bit. "Alright, that's enough," He admonished. "Besides, I come bearing food," R.K. added, displaying a plate of pizza bagels.

"Yay!" Akbar cheered, immediately digging in. "Snuck 'em past Big Guy, didn't ya?"

R.K. smiled at the boy. "Like a ninja. He'd have my head for this kind of junk food."

"Bleh. You're Random Knight, not a ninja. You're cooler than a ninja," Akbar shook his head, taking a bite of his meal.

"Is that what R.K. stands for?" Matt asked, beginning to eat his bagel as well. He gave a small look of confusion, thinking it a fairly odd name.

"Yeah! Cause he's absolutely boring!" Akbar grinned.

"You just said he was cool, now he's boring!?" Matt was completely mind-boggled at the changeover.

"He's both!" Akbar nodded, gnawing on his food.

The conversation was cut short by a ladle crashing down upon R.K.'s head. All three looked up to see a smiling Big Guy looking down on them.

"So what's that you're eating there?" Big Guy said calmly.

A moment of silence passed between them.

". . . I think Bowtie could use a hand," R.K. responded, jolting away towards the other side of the room, racing out.

Big Guy chuckled and sat down on the couch, grabbing a bagel himself. "And that's why you don't steal from my stash~" He chimed, taking a bite.

Akbar giggled. "Hah, he's just hiding in the garage~"

Matt stared between the two, growing more horrified by the second.

oOo Time Skip oOo

Bowtie glanced at the three sleeping in the living room, Big Guy on the couch, the two little kids leaning against each other and sleeping peacefully. The video game was still on the continue screen, the select arrow stuck on the no option.

The blonde shook his head, chuckling a bit. "Why are you little devils always cute when I'm not around? I get stuck with the demon~" He asked himself, walking over to drape a blanket over Big Guy and to scoop up Matt and Akbar.

Bowtie carried them up to Akbar's room, tucking them in bed.

"Night, cuties~"


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