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End Game

Here I am again..

Waiting. For the call to battle

I am ready

The battle approaches

Will I be needed?

Will I be chosen?

No matter, I shall be ready nonetheless.




I am drawn!

I claim victory

They disperse

Another challenges me

I strike

They fall.

Savor this.

It may not last…

Here comes another

Be ready


Him again!

I'm not ready for this yet!


I shall try.

A magic card!

I am improved

I am strong

I shall claim this duel!

Go now

Run and shatter him the way he's shattered me so many times!

Vengeance is mine!

I attack.

What's this?

Nothing happens..

He attacks

I fall.

I have failed..


So what'd ya think of my first duel monster poem? Oh, and the one referred to as 'him' in this is the Blue Eyes. As for who's point of view this is… well that's not certain. It may be Celtic Guardian, it may be the Feral Imp..or it may be Summoned Skull. Decide for yourself.