The day when Orihime almost killed Isshin

Isshin was talking with his wife's portrait out loud, while putting food inside a picnic basket, whereas Karin was zapping through the channels, her finger quicker than a flash. They could hear Yuzu humming under her breath, inside the kitchen, cleaning the surfaces troughfully. Ichigo, however, was out of sight, until they heard steps coming from the upper floor, descending the stairs.

"Old man…" he called, stopping behind his father, with his hands inside his pockets.

"Yes?" Isshin replied, noticing the tone of his son's voice. He turned around to find the man with his eyes downcast and an unsure expression in his face.

"Can I bring another person today?" Ichigo asked.


"I'm asking if any of you mind if I bring someone else, today, with us…" Ichigo replied, slower and looking at his sisters. Yuzu came from the kitchen when she heard his question and Karin stopped her mindless search.

"Who?" Isshin asked and Ichigo looked at him, surprised. Was he being obtuse on purpose?

"Inoue…" Ichigo answered and saw his father's expression blank, making him unsure of what was happening behind his dark eyes.

"Of course Orihime-chan can come!" the former captain finally said after some seconds of silence, turning around to continue ordering the basket.

Ichigo looked at his sisters and both of them nodded their confirmation. He sigh with relieve and grabbed the basket that his father was extending him.

"I still have to finish the cleaning!" Yuzu said, grabbing the cloth with fierceness.

"Yuzu, that kitchen is so clean we could eat from the floor!" Karin huffed, turning the TV off and arranging her clothes.

"Let's go! We have a lot to walk!" Isshin said, with his fist raised.

He headed the group, grabbing the knob and opening the door at the same time someone was going to knock on it, ending with the older man falling backwards and a horrified female squealing.

"Oh my god! I killed Kurosaki-san!" a girl murmured with panic.

Yuzu ran to help her father, while, behind her, Karin was pounding on the wall, tears of laugh falling from her eyes.

Ichigo looked beside the craziness around him to see an auburn-haired girl with her face incredibly red and tears of humiliation ready to drop from her eyes.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me!" she pleaded, bowing profusely.

At hearing her panicked voice, Isshin jumped from the floor with a goofy smile, patting the young woman on the head.

"I was just kidding, I'm alright!" he said, while puffing out his chest and releasing a loud laugh.

"You idiot! She was really worried!" Ichigo grumbled, knocking on the head and circling him quickly.

"Let's go, they will catch us later!" Ichigo said, grabbing Orihime's hand and pulling her behind him, with her still bowing in regret.

"Tsk, don't worry. He is such a baby…" Ichigo said, when Orihime finally caught with his long strides.

"I didn't even have time to say good morning…" she replied and when Ichigo looked at her and saw how she was almost running to keep up with his longer legs he decreased his walking speed.

"Don't worry, you will have all day to say that. Believe in me, you will be sick of them by the end of the day…" the young man said, squeezing her hand.

"Don't say that! Besides, today is a day to be with your loved ones…" Orihime said, her big brown eyes shining with sadness.

"Hey, don't be like that. That's the reason I brought you too, okay? And I don't want to see you sad! We do this every year and finally you will see just how crazy my family is…" Ichigo said, while, behind them, they could hear the sound of the rest of the entourage talking.

"I brought something too!" Orihime said suddenly, noticing the basket in Ichigo's other hand. The boy looked at her with a blank expression, worried about what she might be talking about. "I hope she likes them…" and he saw her stopping to show him a basket full with different flowers.

"I'm sure she will love them…" Ichigo said softly, while his family joined them and peaked to see what Orihime had in her hands.

"They are lovely, Orihime-chan!" Isshin said, smiling softly at the girl. She nodded, relieved, protecting the flowers from the sun with a cloth.

The group started the last part of the road when clouds started to cover the sun. Orihime looked between the sky and Ichigo, biting her lower lip: she knew how much he hated the rain.

When they walked through the first row of white stones, Orihime inhaled deeply, ready to support any kind of reaction from the boy at her side when they reached their destination. Ichigo could notice her unease, but he thought of it as nervous at being with him here for the first time, rather than being worried about him.

"Hey mom…" Ichigo whispered, crouching in front of the tombstone. Orihime stood still, observing how his face opened in a sad smile, like the first time he told her about his mother, like the first time she saw him in June 16th, when Tatsuki told her his story. It was an expression filled with sadness and guilt, but at the same time, with such devotion it took her breath away.

"I brought someone today…" he was saying when the first drop fell.

Orihime looked up, seeing the grey clouds covering them and the water dropping at first slowly, but quickening suddenly. She looked around, to make sure no one was near and calling her fairies, she put her shield over them. Ichigo looked at her thankfully.

"As you can see, she is really resourceful… Just like you… Just like when you would take an umbrella out of nowhere whenever I lost mine…" Ichigo said. "And just like you, I love her very much…"

Orihime gasped at his words, but he didn't look at her.

"You know, she is like you in many ways… She is always happy and smiling; she makes everyone feel better when she smiles at them… She protects everyone, even putting her life in danger… and that's the thing she is so much like you that I'm scared I will lose her too…" Ichigo said and Orihime saw a small, lonely tear falling from his eyes. However, in the next second, he had that sad smile once again and there was no track of the tear.

When he remained silent, Orihime kneeled beside him and bowed.

"Hello, Kurosaki-san! I'm Inoue Orihime, your son's…girlfriend…" she said, blushing and Ichigo chuckled under his breath. "Hey, I'm talking with your mother here!" Orihime replied and seeing her fierceness, he had to stop himself from laughing out loud. "Well, as you can see, I can make him laugh, even when I'm not trying… I'm a bit of an airhead sometimes, but I worry about your son very much and do everything in my power to keep him safe, even when he doesn't hear my advices… I would like to thank you for having this wonderful son, because Kurosaki-kun makes me really happy and if I haven't met him I wouldn't be who I am today…" Orihime said, smiling at the tombstone, imagining the woman chuckling with her words. She didn't know why, but an image of Kurosaki Masaki laughing always warmed her heart.

"By the way, mom, can you make her stop calling me Kurosaki-kun? It's Ichigo." the carrot-top said, with fake annoyance and Orihime flushed again.

She looked at him and with her eyes downcast she said softly.

"Alright, Ichigo-kun…" and she smiled at him and it was like the rain was no longer falling. He found his sun once again, and could almost feel his mother giving this girl her previous job, while his body gravitated towards her, his heart binding with hers in an inexpressible way.

"I love you Orihime…"

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