The day he tried to concentrate

He was trying to study, he really was. His academy exams were nearby and he wanted to show all those bastards that he was more than just a punk with a flashy hair. But his mission was showing to be more difficult than he thought… And all because of a rather oblivious young woman beside him…

She was quite, looking more like a statue than a living human being, her eyes glued to a botany book and her pencil between her teeth. And that small object was the thing to blame. A thing made of wood, like the countless ones he had throughout his life. The thing that was, right now, gripping his nerves and twisting them into a knot. He hated to admit, but he was jealous of a simple wooden pencil.

And then she moved, or rather, her lips moved, touching the pencil with softness and her teeth bitten it and Ichigo felt like he was going to explode if she didn't stop her mindless actions. He swallowed and for some moments his head cleared. Until she sighed and hugging herself grabbed his attention to other part of her anatomy. Oh shit!

He tried to read again. The words were blurring inside his mind and all he could hear was her sigh repeating over and over inside his head. He could feel her warmness sipping through his jeans, where their legs touched. He could feel her shoulders moving according to her breathing pattern. He could smell her strawberry shampoo, strawberry, Kami! And he felt his last threads of sanity slipping away like water inside his outstretched fingers.

"I can't do this anymore!" Ichigo yelled, jumping to his feet and scaring the girl sitting beside him.

"What happened, Ichigo-kun?" she asked, shocked at his outburst. The young man was rumpled, his hair wilder than normal and his breathing was quickening with every second she looked at him with those eyes.

"Stop that!" he almost begged, noticing her body approaching his. The woman stopped immediately, confusion and a hint of hurt shining behind her brown irises.

"It was not for you. It was for me." he tried to explain, only confusing the girl even more.

He grabbed her pencil and put it into his pocket, while trying to collect his books and bag. Jumping to his feet he almost run from her, leaving Orihime with a shocked and worried expression all over her face.

When he reached the street and the fresh air cleared his mind he breathed deeply and let his body fall against a wall. He was going crazy with all this. He couldn't concentrate, he couldn't read, he couldn't study, it was like all his life rested over his next choice of actions. Watching her, kissing her, loving her physically and mentally were no longer enough, he needed more, he needed to be able of doing all those things every day for the rest of his life, he needed to hear her saying yes, he needed to hear her say I do.

So, squaring his shoulders and finally putting all his books inside his bag, he directed himself towards the nearest jewelry store. He was going to finish the academy in a month and then he could start his field training as a police officer and if he was lucky enough he would show how good he was and be given some good cases, and then he could reach the higher positions and become a detective… yes, that was the plan he draw while approaching the shop.

Entering it, he found an old man cleaning a long necklace against the light. Noticing the costumer, the old man put his things down and smiled at the younger one.

"Gold or silver?" he asked and for some moments Ichigo wasn't sure what he meant. His confusion showed and he the man smiled. "For the ring?"

For some moments, Ichigo wondered how he could be so sure that he was going to buy a ring, but finding out he wasn't all that worried about that, he stepped in front of the front desk.

"Silver, with a hibiscus pattern…"