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**IMPORTANT** This story takes place in 6th year and Ron, Harry, and Ginny didn't go to the Burrow for Christmas break.

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When the rainbow light subsided the occupants of the room saw two figures. One was the ever so lovely Luna Lovegood, looking bright and cheerful and odd as usual. The other was Neville Longbottom, who looked mostly confused and a tad frightened. Luna spotted everyone first.

"Hello!" she said happily.

Neville glanced at Luna, then the group. "Um, hi guys." He said quietly. "Where are we?"

Harry sighed and explained what had happened. The whole thing made Neville look even more confused and Luna more cheerful.

"Oh, this is fun!" Luna said as she twirled around the room. "I can't wait to watch your life, Harry. I'm sure it'll be interesting and sad. Heroes' stories always are."

"Er, okay, Luna," Harry said.

"So let me get this straight," Neville interrupted. "We're here to watch a parody musical about your life?" he pointed at Harry.

"Yeah, pretty much."


"We aren't very clear on that," Ginny said.

"I think she wrote it was for entertainment," Hermione said.

"So this girl is just making you watch this for her entertainment?"

"It's not just hers, Neville," Luna admonished. "It's for loads of people's entertainment!"

Neville just blinked at her. "Okay." No one else bothered asking how she knew that.

"We should probably eat again, before we continue watching." Ron said.

Hermione rolled her eyes affectionately. "Always thinking about your stomach."

"To be fair, I think we're all hungry," Sirius pointed out. "It's been a while since we last ate."

"Alright, alright, let's go."

Remus and Sirius volunteered to cook, but after they nearly burnt the kitchen down Harry and Hermione stepped up. They didn't make anything fancy, just some dinosaur chicken nuggets and frozen pizza Hermione pulled from the freezer, and Harry made homemade macaroni and cheese.

Ron and Sirius ate most of it. Luna played with her chicken. Fred and George were making their chicken dinosaurs fight each other, complete with sound effects. Neville tried pizza for the first time. Ginny nearly spilled her macaroni all over Snape. Malfoy refused to even touch the pizza or the chicken. Harry and Hermione explained what had happened in the musicals so far to Neville and a barely listening Luna, resulting in them hardly eating much. Dumbledore was having too much fun magicking his dinosaurs into actually walking and flying. Snape sat there scowling, but still eating the food, which made for a very funny sight.

After assigning Ron and the twins to cleaning the dishes, Harry promptly decided to make brownies. You know, those Betty Crocker ones. After another hour, two gallons of ice-cream, and a spoonful of ice-cream hitting Malfoy in the face, everything was cleaned and put away.

"So, we can probably get through at least half the musical tonight," Hermione said. "and then finish it tomorrow morning so we won't be as tired when we go back."

"We go right back to where we were before though, don't we? So does it really matter?" Ron asked.

"Well, no," Hermione admitted. "But I'm already getting tired so I would like to sleep here one more time and prolong the inevitable going back. I actually had fun doing this with everyone."

"I agree with Hermione," Ginny said. "I think I'll kinda miss this, even if I don't remember."

"But we will remember it," Harry reminded them. "Just not right away."

"Yeah, okay," Ron said. "I guess that's fine. Let's get to watching then."

The group trooped back into the watching room, where the couch the Trio had been originally sitting on had expanded. Fred, George, and Sirius plopped back down on the bean bag chairs, while Dumbledore and Remus sat back in their chairs. Snape and Malfoy sat down quietly on their couch, while Luna spun around in circles around the room, before falling over onto a bean bag chair next to Fred. The Trio sat on their customary couch, with Neville and Ginny. Neville sat by the edge net to Harry, who was next to Ron, who was next to Hermione, who was next to Ginny.

A note appeared on the screen.

Okay, this is the last one. Then you're free to go. This musical is about Harry finding out who he is, and takes place in his seventh year. It is a staged reading, so try not to be bothered by the scripts they're holding. Luna and Neville have bigger roles in this musical than they did in the previous two, so that's why they're here. Also, pretty much everyone loves them. Dean, Seamus, and Cho also have plenty of screen time, but I don't think they'd appreciate the musical as much as the people already here…

Anyways, I hope you enjoy A Very Potter Senior Year!

"Well," Harry said. "Let's get it over with."

The Starkid logo popped up, swiftly followed by a brief explanation of it being a staged reading, and the disclaimer. Then came the title sequence and man's voice started to speak…

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