My computer broke down so I have to type up my stories at the library or when I'm allowed on my mother's computer. If I was slow to begin with then I'll be even slower now but please do not give up on me. Now that the computer's down, I feel more determined to write these stories and get the out.

The Lord of the Western Lands walked through his territory in a strong stride, his three large paws crushing trees as his canine eyes scoured his land.

Sesshomaru hadn't had any reason to be out other than he had simply felt bored. 'Patrolling' his land had seemed more appealing than sitting in his palace doing nothing. Though Rin and Jaken's bickering provided some amusement, it wasn't enough to keep his foot from tapping on the floor. So he left his palace and strode over his territory. Walking was almost enough to end his boredom but he hoped to find some sort of demon or oni who was idiotic enough to oppose him. Killing something would ebb his boredom even more.

And Sesshomaru's hope was answered as he suddenly felt a small prick on his neck. He let out a short hiss as he turned his head.

Sesshomaru saw no one. His eyes narrowed.

'A demon who wishes to play cat and mouse, hmmm?'

Sesshomaru was annoyed with any demon that was idiotic enough to challenge him but what annoyed him more was a demon that hid and attacked when his back was turn.

Sesshomaru turned his body sharply and slammed his one front paw down on a small patch of forest. When he felt nothing but trees under his paw, he snorted. The demon had gotten away. For a moment, he thought of chasing after the impudent demon and make him pay with his life. But then he decided something like that wasn't worth his time.

He turned around and strode off in the opposite direction.

He froze when he felt a sting on his tail. His eyes glint with malice as he turned his head. He still saw nothing.

'Impudent fool.'

Sesshomaru vanished in an array of white light and landed daintily on his steel shoed feet in a clearing that his canine footstep had made moments ago.

The silver-haired demon looked around without moving his head.


Sesshomaru's right arm automatically flashed out as he turned, his fingers being pulled together so it looked like a blade while a golden strand came from the tips.

The golden strand slashed against the ground, imbedding deeply into the soil before vanishing.

"You are, extremely, rude! Quit attacking me before I have a chance to say anything!"

Sesshomaru turned and looked up into the tree branches of an oak tree.

Sitting perched on a branch was Byakuya of the Mirage, looking extremely crossed.

"What do you want?" Sesshomaru asked. He turned his back on the black-haired man.

He felt annoyed with Sesshomaru's rudeness and now the demon lord would disrespect him by turning his back to him?

'Don't turn your back on me!' Byakuya metaphorically bristled. 'Just because I'm not exactly a fighter doesn't mean I'm not a threat!'

When Byakuya remained silent, Sesshomaru stated, "If you have nothing to say then don't bother me." And began to walk away.

Byakuya clenched his teeth, at the end of his rope of tolerance. 'Don't think I'm not a threat!'

Byakuya leapt down from the tree and charged Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru easily heard him coming and when Byakuya went to punch him, the demon lord ducked to the side. Byakuya flew past and Sesshomaru grabbed his striking wrist. The illusionist's eyes went wide and he went to hit Sesshomaru with his free hand, this time trying to escape. But Sesshomaru anticipated the strike and, releasing his already caught wrist, grabbed that one and pulled it behind his back—snatching the other one on the way so he held both with his one hand.


Sesshomaru's sclera's turned red as he leaned forward, glaring down at the moth demon imposer.

"My claws are filled with an acidic poison." Sesshomaru said. "All I have to do is piece your skin."

Byakuya stared up at Sesshomaru, wide-eyed. Then realization hit him. "Then why aren't you?"

Byakuya knew that Sesshomaru wouldn't waste time explaining his attack—he wasn't that kind of person—he would have just done it if he wanted to. Yet all he did was hold him.

Sesshomaru didn't answer, just stared down at him, his eyes narrowing as they turned back to gold.

He then released Byakuya and turned around.

"What is the reason Naraku sent you?" Sesshomaru asked.

Byakuya didn't answer, his fists clenching.

When the silent continued, Sesshomaru looked over his shoulder at him. Byakuya still refusing to speak, the demon lord turned forward.

"If you can't relay Naraku's request then leave—"

"Naraku didn't send me." Byakuya muttered.

Sesshomaru paused for a moment then turned around and looked at him.

Byakuya looked up at him, the determination in his light purple eyes making Sesshomaru suspicious.

"Naraku doesn't know I left." Byakuya walked up to him. "And even if he did, it doesn't change the fact that I'm more than Naraku's errand boy."

"If Naraku didn't send you then why are you here?" Sesshomaru asked as if Byakuya hadn't said anything.

Byakuya's eyes narrowed and he stood as close as he could to Sesshomaru, looking up at him. "You see me as nothing but a piece of Naraku, right? But I'm more than that. I can be a lot more than that." Byakuya scoffed. "But I'm guessing that someone like you doesn't care about that."

"Your reason?" Sesshomaru's voice was stern. "Don't waste my time one useless prattle."

Byakuya chuckled in frustration, rolling his eyes.

As suddenly as the illusionist showed up, The Man of the Mirage wrapped his arms around Sesshomaru's neck, stood on his tip toes, and planted his red lips over the demon lords.

Byakuya exploringly probed Sesshomaru's lips with his tongue, and when his tongue wasn't refused he let the dainty muscle dive deep into the demon lord's mouth. Byakuya moaned slightly as he raised himself a bit higher so his tongue could go deeper.

Unable to hold his breath any longer, Byakuya parted. His arms were still around the demon lord's neck though he stood flat-footed. The Man of the Mirage's face was flushed and he was panting slightly. Sesshomaru's face remained its normal pale whiteness and his breath was nowhere out of place.

"Sleep with me." Byakuya said, his eyes malicious and seductive at the same time. "Let me serve you for one night."

Sesshomaru stared at him and said nothing.

The silence made Byakuya lose confidence in what he was doing but he didn't let it show on his face.

"Well? May I serve you, my liege?" he added the honorific with slight sarcasm.

Sesshomaru remained silent, staring at the moth demon imposer with narrowed eyes. Then he turned around, catching Byakuya by the wrist and strut off. Byakuya's eyes widened as he was tugged roughly. The illusionist lost his balance for a moment but quickly rightened himself before Sesshomaru had a chance to look back with scrutiny, though it was obvious the demon lord heard him stutter-step. Sesshomaru didn't even glance at Byakuya as he walked to the end of the clearing then brought Byakuya to his side, wrapped his arm around the illusionist's waist, and became airborne.

Byakuya wrapped his arms around Sesshomaru's neck as his feet left the ground. His stared up at the demon master. 'Well, what's your answer? Are we going to do it or are you going to drop me?'

Byakuya didn't want to ask. Sesshomaru seemed like the type of person to have an idea in his mind and as soon as someone states or ask if this was the idea, he'll change it out of spite.

Sesshomaru flew on for five minutes or so, neither looking at nor loosening his grip on Byakuya. He then slowed and descended into a thicket of trees. Byakuya held him tightly.

The demon master released Byakuya as their feet touched the ground. Then he turned, holding onto Byakuya's wrist, and walked through the forest.

Byakuya remained silent, unsure of what the demon lord was doing. 'I hate that I can't read what this man's thinking. Everyone else is so simple to figure out.'

After walking for a short distance, a shack came into view. For a moment, Byakuya thought that the hut belonged to a human but then he noticed Sesshomaru was heading to it.

'Eh? Are we going to do it in this shack? You're kidding.' Byakuya's eyes narrowed into a glare. 'Does he think so lowly of me that he'd rather do it in this shack than be seen with me? Or he could be taking me here to kill me and dispose of my body in there.' Byakuya sighed. 'I wish he would stop being silent all the time. He may actually be better than everyone but he doesn't have to keep silent and make everyone guess what he wants or what he's doing. Such pride could be the death of him…then again probably not. Either or way, it's still annoying.'

Byakuya sighed again as Sesshomaru pulled him into the shack. Sesshomaru stared at him in response to the expel of breath then ignored it. To the Man of the Mirage's surprise, the shack was actually clean and it was quite a lot wider than the outside appearance—most-likely a reduction illusion or something—and it held a very cushioned and spacious bed toward the back.

"Hah." Byakuya voiced before realizing it. "I was expecting dust and cobwebs."

Sesshomaru glared down at him, insulted, then dragged him to the bed and tossed him onto it.

"Hey," Byakuya started but then didn't decide to finish it in case it pissed Sesshomaru off more.

Sesshomaru ignored Byakuya as he let his cuirass fall to the ground. He climbed majestically onto the bed.

Byakuya stared at him, almost in a trance state from the lithe movement of the larger demon. Sesshomaru started taking off his kimono.

"Hey, wait." Byakuya said, snapping out of his daze. "I said I'd serve you."

Sesshomaru stared at him, his eyes narrowed. He then smiled sadistically, his eyes still narrowed, and lied back on his rump. "Then serve me."

'Cocky ass.'

Byakuya straddled the demon lord's legs and started taking off his kimono, pushing the mokomoko off Sesshomaru's shoulder. Sesshomaru raised his hand from the bed so Byakuya could take the sleeve off then placed it back down. When the kimono fell around his waist, Byakuya studied the body that was exposed to him. His face flushed.

The Man of the Mirage looked up at Sesshomaru. His hands were prone to touch the demon lord's chest. But hesitant. His light purple eyes were looking at Sesshomaru expectantly, as if begging for permission to touch.

Sesshomaru saw the unread message and chuckled. "Servants aren't even allowed to look at their master, let alone touch."

Byakuya's eyes narrowed then they closed and he sighed inward. He reached for Sesshomaru's obi.

"But," Sesshomaru said, "I shall make an exception this once."

Byakuya's eyes widened and he stared at Sesshomaru incredulously. 'He…actually gave me permission…?'

"Well," Sesshomaru said, starting to look exasperated, "don't let my offer slip past your reach."

Byakuya jolted to attention then he smiled, his eyes narrowing seductively.

Byakuya's hand rested on Sesshomaru's chest, his fingers curling onto the demon lord's collar bone. His fingers rubbed against the delicate bone, feeling how fine it was then rubbed down and touched his abs. He felt every muscle. Byakuya bit his inner lip lightly. He rubbed his hands up—making sure not to touch the demon lords nipples in case he wouldn't like that. He cupped his shoulders. The muscles under his hands were firm yet smooth and delicate. Then his hand trailed down Sesshomaru's arm, the hand on his left shoulder stopping at the nub. He froze as he stared at the shortened appendage then rubbed his hand over the end of it.

"Though it was a cut," Byakuya said his voice low, "the blade wound is smooth. There isn't even a noticeable scare unless you look for it."

Sesshomaru said nothing. Many demons who had seen his arm had insulted him and thought his as weakening because a half-breed got the better of him. This was truly the first time a demon was gentle with his words towards his wound. It made the demon lord a little happy though he would never such a frivolous emotion.

"I heard," Byakuya continued, "that it was Inuyasha who cut it of—"

Byakuya's words died on his lips as Sesshomaru grabbed him by his throat and pushed him down. The demon lord looked over him while his sclera's turned red and iris's blackened.

"Eh?" Byakuya started only to stop as Sesshomaru leaned down and covered his mouth with his own in a harsh kiss. "MM!"

'Okay, so he doesn't want me to mention it.'

Sesshomaru parted and looked down at him, his eyes golden again. "A servant should only speak when spoken too."

Byakuya's eyes narrowed into a glare then he sighed in defeat again.

"Yes…my lord." His honorific was laced with bitter sarcasm.

Sesshomaru ignored the sarcasticness of his tone and leaned back, sitting on his rump. Byakuya sat up and stared at the demon lord for a moment then went back to undressing him, guessing that he probably lost his privilege to caress the powerful demon.

Byakuya took off the demon master's steeled shoes and tossed them on the floor. He worked on the obi. Once the obi was off, the Man of the Mirage took the rest of the kimono off. Then he worked on the hakama's. Sesshomaru raised his hips slightly so Byakuya could take them off.

And then he sat before the illusionist, naked, leg's spread slightly, his pale body exposed entirely to Byakuya's eyes.

Byakuya's cheeks flushed as he scanned the demon lord up and down.

'Oh, wow. Everything about him is perfect.' Just the sight was making Byakuya feel dreamy.

Sesshomaru let Byakuya stare for a moment longer then he grabbed the illusionist's haori and jerked it slightly so it fell of his left shoulder. Byakuya blinked a few times as if coming out of a trance then realized what Sesshomaru wanted. He started undressing.

Byakuya was naked in two minutes flat—making sure to strip quickly enough that he didn't irritate the demon lord but slow enough that he didn't seem like an eager child. He sat in front of Sesshomaru with his hands in between his legs and his pale cheeks red.

'Wahh! This is really happening. My body is exposed to Sesshomaru…I never thought it would be this embarrassing! Inuyasha can do it so easily.'

Sesshomaru looked at Byakuya then gestured with his hand for the smaller man to move his own hands.

"You got to see all of me. Don't think I'll let you get away with not paying the same favor." Sesshomaru said.

Byakuya's blush deepened till it spread to his ears, staring at Sesshomaru wide-eyed. Then he tilted his head down and tucked his bottom lip in between his teeth softly. Just the thought of moving his hands away was embarrassing enough to make the blush move down to his shoulder.

'It's…it shouldn't be that hard…'

Closing his eyes, Byakuya took his hands away, planting them by his hip, and spread his legs.

Byakuya started to tremble with embarrassment and his blushed had reached down to his entire body.

Sesshomaru chuckled, making Byakuya's eyes open with a glare.

"Don't laugh at me!" Byakuya yelled, his knees closing.

Sesshomaru chuckled once. "You are acting extremely bashful, considering you are the one who came to me."

Byakuya clenched his teeth. 'Just because I came to you doesn't mean I actually know what I'm doing. I'm just guess, for shit's sake.'

"Shut up." The illusionist said.

Byakuya leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Sesshomaru's shoulders, planting his lips over the demon lords. Byakuya's erection rubbed against Sesshomaru's stomach. He blushed at the contact. Then the purebred laughed through his nose.

Byakuya separated his lips and glared down at the silken-haired demon. "What's so—"

Byakuya's words died as Sesshomaru touched the illusionist's erection with his finger.

"You become aroused from a simple kiss and undressing." Sesshomaru reached up and rubbed his thumb over Byakuya's bottom lip. "You act as if you're a virgin."

Byakuya's eyes narrowed. "Yeah, and how many virgins have you done it with to know what they act like?"

Sesshomaru just stared at him and let his smile leave his lips. Then the smile returned as he let out a monosyllabic laugh. "I would prefer not to state."

Byakuya's face flushed, this time with anger and he huffed. He told himself not to get angry, not to get emotion over something he already knew. But hearing it come from the demon lords lips pissed him off greatly.

Byakuya pulled back then put his head in between Sesshomaru's legs. Trying to prove he wasn't a virgin, Byakuya put his mouth over Sesshomaru's half-erect member and went down as far as he could go.

Sesshomaru stared down at the black-haired man, spreading his legs a bit so Byakuya could move. Byakuya's blush returned when he felt the demon lord spread his legs—spread his legs!— and he moved up and down Sesshomaru's length.

The illusionist wasn't able to take the member all the way into his mouth. He was only able to get half the length in his mouth and he was hesitant to actually put his tongue on such a dirty thing but he ended up doing so. He didn't know what to do with his hands so he just placed them on the curve of Sesshomaru's inner thigh and crotch.

While Byakuya was busy clumsily trying to pleasure him, Sesshomaru look the liberty to scan his eyes over the illusionist's back. He noted how thin the moth demon imposer was and Byakuya had such plump, luscious ass cheeks. His thighs were small with no excess fat and his calf's were even smaller. And his feet were even smaller.

If Sesshomaru hadn't known who it was, he could have easily mistaken the detachment as a woman.

It took Byakuya a while to get the half-erect member to become hard, and even then it wasn't rock hard aroused. Byakuya's blush moved back down to his shoulders as he felt the member thicken in his mouth. When the member was hard enough, Byakuya released it and sat up.

Byakuya straddled Sesshomaru, wrapping one arm around his neck while the other spread his own ass cheeks. He lowered himself.

Sesshomaru suddenly brought his hand up and put two fingers in Byakuya's mouth. Byakuya's eyes went wide and he pulled back, falling on his rump in between Sesshomaru's legs while the fingers fell out of his mouth.


Sesshomaru pushed Byakuya onto his back and spread his legs. He rubbed his saliva covered fingers over his entrance.

"Un." Byakuya moaned, his hands folding over his mouth and his eyes closing. 'So dirty. I didn't think he would actually take control.' "I-I said…I'd serve you…uh."

Sesshomaru rubbed the entrance till it was completely wet then pushed in two fingers. Byakuya twitched and withheld a moan, his toes curling to grip the blanket. Sesshomaru spread his fingers then he pumped them.

"Yah…un hah."

'He knows what he's doing. Dammit.' That realization pissed him off because it reminded him that he had only the basic idea of sex and also showed that the demon lord must have slept around a lot with both males and females.

Sesshomaru's fingers rubbed over a sensitive spot inside him. Byakuya turned his head and moaned loudly, his eyes closing and legs quivering from the contact.

"Ah! Oh!"

Sesshomaru liked hearing Byakuya's moans so he pumped his fingers once more—making sure to touch the illusionist's prostate again—then pulled them out. He spread Byakuya's legs more and leaned down in between them, positioning his member to enter.

Byakuya felt Sesshomaru perked to enter and his eyes went wide.

Suddenly, Byakuya grabbed the pure bred's shoulders and flipped him over so Sesshomaru was under him. The demon master's eyes widened slightly in surprise.

"I said…I'd serve you…" Byakuya said.

Sesshomaru's stared at him for only a moment longer then his eyes narrowed and he chuckled. "Alright. Serve me."

Byakuya's eyes narrowed. 'Arrogant…'

Byakuya left the thought unfinished as he stood on his knees that were placed on either side of Sesshomaru's hip. He put one arm behind him and grabbed the silver-haired man's cock. He rested on his other arm—which rested on Sesshomaru's waist—and lowered himself. Sesshomaru's cock poked his entrance and he hesitated for a moment then he lowered himself more.

Pain wracked Byakuya's body and his eyes widened as he saw white for a moment. Byakuya trembled in pain and he let out a small noise that alerted Sesshomaru though he didn't show it.

Byakuya exhaled then groaned. "Ow…"

"You should be thankful." Sesshomaru said. "If I hadn't prepared your virginal body, it would have hurt more."

Byakuya opened his left eye and looked at him then chuckled. "So, you noticed…"

"It is extremely obvious."

"Oh, really? How so?"

"You couldn't use your mouth properly, you're extremely bashful, you didn't know that preparing the body is the proper way, and you refuse to let me be in control."

Byakuya felt like was being stab by metaphorical knives with ever example Sesshomaru gave. But chuckled a little to hide that. "I was hoping you wouldn't notice. But I guess I didn't play that right."

Neither said anything for a moment then Sesshomaru asked, "Why did you wish to lose your chastity to me?"

"Eh? What's it matter why?"

"I could have killed you just by you being in my presence, but you risked it anyway. Why lose it to your enemy instead of Naraku? I doubt Naraku would feel a fatherly attachment to you."

Byakuya looked down at him and he smiled, closing his eyes. 'You wouldn't believe me if I said I loved you so…' "I just wanted to see if you would let me do it. Besides, Naraku's too busy with 'I'm going to kill Kikyo and Inuyasha' for a sex life."

Sesshomaru let out a monosyllabic chuckle. 'If your master is too busy to have a sex life, then how do you have the time to be away from him, unable to answer his order as soon as it's given?'

'Ha ha, he bought it.' Byakuya thought, thinking Sesshomaru laughed at how true his statement would be if they were a year in the past.

"Well," Sesshomaru said, rubbing Byakuya's hip, "you came to serve me. So, serve me, virgin."

Byakuya glared at him then huffed. "Considering who I came from, you should be proud of my chastity."

Byakuya raised himself then lowered. "Yah."

"Considering who you came from—and the way you look—I am actually quite surprised you're still a virgin."

"What's that—yah—suppo-supposed to mean—uhk ah!"

"I have heard that moth demons are confused as mortal women by other demons and oni's. You don't usually fight and as far as I can tell, you only ever observe. I'm sure there have been a few demons who have seen you and wished for 'service'."

Byakuya stopped moving and he fell silent, staring down at the demon lord. "You're kind of a dick, you know that?"

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed dangerously.

Before Byakuya could react, the silken-haired demon wrapped his hand around his throat and shoved him down. Sesshomaru rose while Byakuya fell so the demon lords' member remained in the moth demon's depth.

Byakuya's eyes went wide as pain shot through him. "Ah—AHH!"

Sesshomaru stared down at him, his eyes narrowed menacingly.

"Do not forget that we are still enemies." Sesshomaru said. "Do not think that you are at liberty to say what you wish, worthless leashed servant."

Byakuya's heart ached painfully at Sesshomaru's words and he wasn't sure if it showed on his face or not. After the initial heartbreak, he glared at him and grinned. "Saying shit like that doesn't disprove what I said."

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed more and he thrust.

"UH!" Byakuya moaned in pain and he gasped as he dug his nails into Sesshomaru's shoulder.

Not liking a miniscule amount of retaliation, Sesshomaru grabbed his wrists and tossed them down one after another. Before the illusionist could grab him again, he pinned them above his head.

"Yah! AH! St-st-stop!" Unable to push him away, he knew that being a smart mouth would just cause him more pain. So he resorted to verbal protests.

"Don't forget." Sesshomaru said with a sadistic smile. "You came to serve me."

"Ah, ah! Not-not like this! Stop!"

"Don't try to duck out halfway."


Byakuya gasped, trembling in pain. His eyes were tight shut as pain racked him, tears leaking out the side of them.

Sesshomaru thrust hard.


Sesshomaru felt the smile on his lips turn into a grin at the scream.


Sesshomaru's smile faded and his eyes went wide at the plea. He stopped moving, leaning up to look at Byakuya's face.

Byakuya's face showed nothing but complete pain. Tears streamed his eyes and he grimaced tightly. "It-it…hurts…please stop…"

Sesshomaru was silent, eyes remaining wide. He knew Byakuya was too prideful to ever beg. His ego wouldn't let him. Yet he was in tears and pleading.

And Sesshomaru was the one who did this.

The demon lord's stomach knotted after seeing the expression. 'This feeling…is it guilt…? No. Impossible. I, Sesshomaru, have never felt any guilt for anything I have done but…I have never felt such emotion before…why…?'

Sesshomaru released Byakuya's wrist and pulled out, leaning over him. Byakuya put his hands in between his legs and curled his toes. His hands pushed on the throbbing pain of his entrance as if hoping applying pressure will make it stop.

"Uh, nn, kh. Hah…"

Sesshomaru watched Byakuya's pained face for a moment then he leaned down and gently kissed him.

Byakuya was in so much pain, he couldn't feel the kiss till he went to moan and felt his breath return to his lips. Once he realized what was being done, his eyes went wide.

'Eh?! He—gentle…'

"Mm!" Byakuya put his hand on Sesshomaru's shoulders and moaned. He let the euphoria take him over.

Sesshomaru parted from him and stared down at him.

"Why…?" Byakuya breathed before he could think not to.

Sesshomaru was silent.

"Was…" Byakuya started then smiled and looked away. "Can I take that as your apology?"

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed and he automatically grabbed Byakuya's hips and flipped him on his stomach.


Sesshomaru raised Byakuya's hips and positioned himself to enter.

"Wait, no—"

His protest was cut short and Byakuya moaned as Sesshomaru slowly pushed in. Sesshomaru pushed in till the hilt then waited a moment, letting Byakuya get used to it.

Byakuya looked over his shoulder at the demon master, quite surprised Sesshomaru was being so gentle.

'Does he…really feel guilty for hurting me?'

As if reading Byakuya's mind and denying it, Sesshomaru thrust.

"Yah!" Bykayua dug his nailed into the bed as he felt a euphoric burst.

Sesshomaru leaned down close to Byakuya so their skin touched as he thrust.

"Hmph. Mmph!" Byakuya attempted to suppress his voice.

Hearing the muffled moans, Sesshomaru reached up with his hand while balancing on his legs and squeezed Byakuya's cheeks so his mouth was forced to fall open.

"Don't muffle your voice." Sesshomaru demanded.

"Hah! Yah! Un, ah!"

Sesshomaru's thrusts were gentle and slow, making Byakuya's pleasure rise greatly and steadily.

"Huh, uh! Wait-wait." Byakuya—still facing forward—reached back and gripped Sesshomaru's shoulder, making the demon lord pause.

"What is it?" Sesshomaru asked.

Byakuya's eyes went wide. 'He actually asked? That's not like him at all.'

"I…" Byakuya blushed, shaking off the thought as he focused on what he was saying. "I…feel like I'm going to piss…"

Sesshomaru's eyes went wide at the innocent statement.

Then he chuckled.

"Don't laugh—" Byakuya started only to break off his words as Sesshomaru flipped him onto his back, the demon lord pulling out before he did so."Eh?"

Sesshomaru spread the illusionist's legs.

"What are you doing?" Byakuya asked.

"A servant shouldn't make a mess of the bed."

Byakuya stared at him with a glare, then hmphed and turned his head away. 'The hell is he talking about? Whatever it is, I don't like it. Quit calling me a servant already.'

Sesshomaru saw the look and he stared down at Byakuya then leaned down and kissed him.

Byakuya eyes widened for a moment then they narrowed to half-slits and moaned as Sesshomaru's tongue pushed into his mouth while the demon lord's cock pushed into his entrance. Closing his eyes all the way, Byakuya wrapped his arms around Sesshomaru's neck and he spread his legs a little more.

"Mm! Mm-hm!"

Byakuya half-wrapped his legs around Sesshomaru's hips and his grip on his neck tightened. He arched his back, breaking the kiss gasped while taking in deep breaths.

"Ah! Hyah, un some-it's coming…out yuh!"

Sesshomaru chuckled—if Byakuya's mind had not been pressure ridden, he would have glared at him—and bit lightly on his ear lobe.

"YAH!" Byakuya tilted his head back, his ponytail scrunching painfully against his head but he couldn't feel it as he splattered his own torso along with Sesshomaru's with whiteness.

Sesshomaru smiled at Byakuya's orgasm then felt his own orgasm approaching. While Byakuya lied in his afterglow, Sesshomaru painted the younger demon's insides white.

Sesshomaru folded over Byakuya, basking in his afterglow without letting it show while Byakuya lied panting underneath him, holding him loosely.

Once Byakuya had enough sense to speak, he said:

"Instead of making a mess of the bed, I ended up making a mess of the master."

Sesshomaru suppressed a chuckled and just smirked.

Byakuya didn't remember falling asleep. And when he woke, morning amnesia held him. So when he turned his head expecting to see a light drapery falling over a window—enough that the sun didn't burn him but exposing enough to let the sun shine on his face to wake him—and had seen a wooden wall, his eyes went wide and he bolted up.

"Eh—ah…" pain shot through his lower back and he fell over onto his side, holding his back while his face screwed up in pain. "Ugh, shit…"

'Wh-what happened…?'

Byakuya looked around the room, scanning every corner of it. For a moment longer, he couldn't remember how he gotten to such a place. How did he get there? Did Naraku send him here?

Then everything came back to him.

'That's right. I…I finally lost my virginity to the man I wanted to lose it to.'

Byakuya looked around.

And realized the room was empty.

He was alone.

It was silent.

'Did…Sesshomaru leave…?'

He felt a stab of pain in his heart when he saw that his thought was answered. All of the demon lord's clothes were gone.

'Don't…don't take it to heart.' Byakuya told himself as he grit his teeth and held his shoulders as if to hug himself. 'I knew that this was nothing more than a one-night stand. Besides I only did it with him so I could fall out of love. With that dick move he pulled yesterday—or last night? What time is it anyway?'

Byakuya wrapped the blanket around himself and looked for a window. When he realized there were none, he went to the door, annoyed.

'What kind of shack doesn't have windows?'

He took a few more angry steps to the door then stopped moving as he thought of an answer.

'…A shack that someone doesn't want people peering into.'

That thought made Byakuya's blood go dry and his heart hurt. He placed his hand over the organ hidden under his chest.

'He knew exactly where he was going when he brought me here. And considering he's a demon lord, he must have female demons begging to bare his child left and right. But a man like Sesshomaru wouldn't take any of those women seriously. He'd probably only do it if he was with another dog demon or if the mood struck him. And if he was in the mood, he'd just fornicate with them then leave…like he did me.'

Byakuya felt tears come to his eyes as he was hurt by his own words. Then he shook his head furiously.

'Stop it! You knew you weren't the only one and you knew he felt nothing. There's no reason to feel as if you were used. And yet…'

"Kh." Byakuya wiped the tears away with the back of his hand but they were just replaced by more tears.

'Whatever, forget about it. This is what you wanted. With him hurting you yesterday, then ditching, and the fact that he obviously sleeps around a lot, and the point that you're nothing to him is more than enough reasons to fall out of love. That's what you wanted…but I didn't know it would hurt this much. To be heartbroken…'

Byakuya wiped the tears from his eyes and inhaled deeply. He tossed the blanket on the bed. Then he turned around and started gathering his clothes. Placing his clothing on the bed, he rummaged through them and absent-mindedly grabbing his haori. He fiddled with the underlining for the haori for a moment then started to put it on.

"You're going to dress without bathing first?"

Byakuya gasped. His eyes went wide. His heartbeat hitched.

Without even attempting to hold his composer, he turned to the voice.

His eyes fell on the silken-white-haired man who stood in a doorway Byakuya hadn't seen before.

"You're…still here…?" Byakuya voiced.

"Why would I leave?" Sesshomaru asked.

"But you…you're…"

Byakuya fell silent.

"Were you upset that I wasn't there when you woke?" Sesshomaru sneered.

Byakuya blushed and his eyes went wide with a glare.

"Shut-shut up! Fuck you!" Byakuya yelled and rushed pass the demon lord.

Averting his eyes, he entered the room, seeing that it was a bathhouse—most-likely under the same reduction illusion the shack was—and slammed the door behind him. Panting slightly, he leaned back against the door. He glared down at the ground.

'Dammit. Had he been there the whole time? Did he see me crying?' He blushed at that notion then clenched his teeth and closed his eyes in anger. Sesshomaru had seen him as a sappy fool. How could he ever look the demon lord in the eyes again?

'Dammit! Dammit! Don't joke with me! Don't fucking joke with me! The only reason you're still here is because you wanted to get clean first! When I come out afterwards, you'll be gone! Long gone! I know you will!'

Byakuya glared at the ground for a moment longer, pissed at himself though he blamed Sesshomaru. His hands shook slightly.

The illusionist then closed his eyes and forced his scowl to vanish. He breathed in deeply to calm himself. Once calm, he opened his eyes and stared at the bath. He gazed at the pretty blue water for a moment longer, then took off his haori and dropped it onto the ground. He walked over to the steaming water. He dipped his foot into the water, retracting when it was hotter than he expected, then stepped in and lowered himself till he was into his chest. He exhaled as the warm water relaxed him. He leaned back against the wall of the tub and tilted his head back. His shoulders slacked. His body became loose.

Byakuya let himself soak for a while, basking in the warm liquids, then opened his eyes. He started to wash the semen off his body. He blushed when he realized that he had stormed by Sesshomaru with an embarrassing white splotch of liquid on his chest and stomach. He gritted his teeth back and forth then decided to forget about it.

Suddenly, the illusionist's eyes widened when he felt a cold liquid seep out of his entrance. Byakuya leaned forward and looked over his shoulder. It was more semen.

His blush deepened.

'Se-Sesshomaru did cum inside so it shouldn't be so surprising that it came out…'

Byakuya was silent and he stared at the stained water for a bit longer before deciding to get out.

Byakuya reached for his haori then froze went a towel was held up to him. He looked to see a small green creature hold the towel over his head. He—at least Byakuya assumed it was a he—only had three digits on both his hands and toes and his had a triangular beak as a mouth while he was daunted in a flimsy loincloth around his waist.

Byakuya stared at the oni for a moment, noting that it looked like an imp like Sesshomaru's vassel—what was the name of that little oni? Joka? Jokans?—then took the towel.

"Thank you…"

The oni made a gibbering noise then turned and scurried off.

'So it can't talk…'

Byakuya decided not to spend time thinking about an insignificant oni.

He stood and climbed out of the water. He started drying off. Behind him, he heard the imp—definitely more than one now—starting to clean out the bath.

He sighed as he got a few droplets off his chest and grabbed his haori. He was scared to leave the bath house and see Sesshomaru gone. He didn't want to feel that painful wrench in his heart he had felt earlier.

But he decided to do it quick and easily, like tearing off a scab.

He exited the room.

He kept his eyes to the ground then raised them to the bed to look at his clothes. Then he saw a pair of steeled boots.

His eyes went wide when he saw Sesshomaru sitting on the bed. He stared at the demon lord for a moment till Sesshomaru stared back at him. Byakuya blushed at being caught looking then he huffed and turned his head away. He headed to the bed, keeping his head high to show he wasn't at all ashamed or intimidated. He started dressing.

The room was completely silent as Byakuya dressed. The illusionist wanted to break the silence with a conversation but he thought best not to. It would only make things more awkward. Besides what could a servant and a master possible talk about?

Once dressed, he turned without gazing at Sesshomaru and headed for the door.

'So, you're not going to say anything?' Byakuya thought. 'Just watch me leave without a word?'

Byakuya closed his eyes tight shut in pain then opened them with conviction.

'No, that's perfectly fine. I don't want you to chase after me. I had done what I wanted.'

Byakuya was halfway across the room.

"Byakuya." Sesshomaru said.

The illusionist stopped. His eyes widened, blushing to his ears and his heart fluttering at hearing his name fall off the demon lord's lips.

"I request you to return to this place again." Sesshomaru stated. "When the moon is a quarter filled."

Byakuya didn't answer, eyes remaining wide. His heart thud against his chest repeatedly and he could hear it in his ears.

'What do I do? I'm actually really happy—no! The point of doing this was so I could forget about him! Not become his sex partner! Be-besides, I'm just another warm body to him. I'm not anything special.'

Byakuya didn't answer and he made his way to the door.

"I'll be waiting for you at that time." Sesshomaru said.

Byakuya said nothing, closing his eyes tight shut as he stepped out of the shack.

As soon as he was outside, he took an origami crane out of his haori and rose into the air. He didn't stop to think of his situation. He just wanted to leave that shack as quickly as possible. Get away from the straining position he was put in.

He quickly returned to the manor and—feinting calm—went to his sleeping quarters.

The hallways were dark and quiet. Byakuya automatically felt calm from the silence. He smiled to himself.

His eyes caught the figure of a man standing up against the wall. Knowing who it was, he continued on.

"Where have you been?"

Byakuya stopped and looked over his shoulder at Naraku.

"…Out…" the illusionist stated.

"Out? Where?" Naraku's red eyes were narrowed with suspicions.

Byakuya chuckled at being suspected. He turned so his side was facing the red-eyed man and smiled at his creator. "Don't worry. I'm not conspiring against you or anything. I just needed a breather. Feel the wind in my hair. You know. Besides, I want to see some of the wonders the world holds. I am only one-year-old."

Byakuya's eyes narrowed cynically yet his smile held as he stated his unnatural age. It always made him chuckle that he was only a year old chronologically when his appearance was that of a seventeen-year-old youth with a highly advanced mindset.

Naraku stared at Byakuya then smiled. "I guess that's true."

Byakuya smiled then walked on.

"Byakuya," Naraku said, making the illusionist stop. "Don't forget though. You and I have a stronger bond than any of my other spawns. If you're hiding something, it won't stay hidden for long."

Byakuya though over what he said then chuckled. "Is that a threat? Come on, Naraku. Don't you trust me? Even a little? Haha, don't worry yourself. Unlike Kagura, I don't feel imprisoned. I like it here. I don't mind being your servant so really don't fret, darling master."

Naraku chuckled. "I guess so." He then turned and walked away.

Byakuya went to his quarters and leaned against the door, exhaling. 'That's right, I don't feel imprisoned or chained. Naraku had no reason to imprison me. He's never treated me badly. I love it here.'

He tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling.

I am Kagura's replacement. I don't know anything about that woman—why she felt entrapped or how she died—but I do know that I will not betray Naraku.'

Byakuya tilted his head back down and walked to his padded futon. He flopped down on it and brought the pillow to his face. He inhaled then turned his head to the side, his eyes half-closed as he was lost in deep thoughts of a silver-haired man.

'So, to return to that shack, to return to Sesshomaru…'

His eyes tightened shut.

'It would be pointless. I slept with him to destroy my feelings for him…and that's what I did. I don't feel anything for him anymore. I don't love him anymore. He's rude and a dick and selfish. He'd never love me like I love him. And it's obvious that he sleeps around. I don't love him anymore. And slept with him and got rid of my feelings for him. I did it and now I can do what I need without anything holding me back. I can be utterly loyal to Naraku.'

Byakuya's eyes opened into a determined glare. He had made up his mind. There was no maybe.